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    I hate when someone creates a build thread that is rarely updated, so I'm making my own! Also, someone needs to fill the void in this sub-forum. I'm currently on track to install mundane mods on my STi so I feel more confident when passing left-lane lollygaggers (does that phrase mean something else?) on my daily work commute while maintaining speeds in which THP doesn't ticket (70-85 MPH). MODS PURCHASED: Blouch Dominator 1.5 XT-R turbo ETS top-mount intercooler To Be PURCHASED: Supporting mods (injectors, boost control, intake and exhaust stuff, etc.) Ringland failure prevention The plan is to buy all remaining parts this summer, install them, then have it tuned in middle-TN. I'll be happy if I can make 330 WHP on a Dyno Dynamics and we can laugh and joke about its imminent ringland failure. In an attempt to avoid ringland failure, I'm going by what I've found so far: Good-quality fuel--I typically stick to Shell or the top-tier brands (not ready to go E85 only) Install a catch can (air-oil separator) to prevent oil blow-by from recirculating and diluting the fuel mixture After-market exhaust manifolds apparently lower temps because they increase flow Proper tune (uhhh, duh?) Regular oil changes (check oil level every other week, don't let a modified Subaru go past 5k miles on oil) This is a picture of the car on the lift I'll be using: Insert this into your bay (it's not much, but it's all I've got): The site I've scoped to buy everything else from seems to have good holiday sales that result in significant savings for large orders; July 4th is probably the next major sale so I hope to be sweating my ass off in the garage some time between July and September 2019.
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