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  1. The Bootlegger

    So the S10 rolled out two weekends ago. Still had a pile of parts from it. I only made it 8 days before it was replaced. We spent the weekend at Crater Lake National Park camping and naturally had to hit up CL to see what was down that way. Made some arrangements to look at a car so we camped on the flatbed trailer in a tent at a campground. Early Sunday afternoon this happened.... So the car was a 400 4Speed but has no drivetrain....but I have the 350/T56 (I picked up a dual sync distributor hoping that solves some issues) It needs floors but came with brand new pans to install. Has a posi that is beat and shitty gears. Already have a line on a 30 spline Torsen for it. There is a small hicky on the quarter by the tail light but other than that a straight rust free "California" car (came from <30 miles of the state line) Currently the front clip is off it for media blasting and epoxy primer and once the Toyota gets out of the garage this weekend it rolls in for the subframe to get pulled and go on a loaner rotisserie for floor pans and more media blasting. So the build plan for this right now is as follows: 350 / T56 from my S10 (will need custom aircleaner base for shaker hood) Torsen Diff with 4.10 gears 12" B-Body spindles, Blazer Rear Discs, Hydraboost S10 fuel tank ring added to a repo 21 gallon tank to accept a GM pump module (I have a S10 one with a 255lph pump already) Carb plate still nitrous DSE weld in subframe connectors with solid mounts ZQ8 S10 steering box trunk mount Optima I am still trying to figure out my suspension plan. I am leaning towards some Global West bushings in the stock arms with some drop coils and fresh tierods. Rear might get some new leafs or maybe just some drop blocks for now. Overall minus seats and drivetrain it is a complete car. has a uncut dash, decent driver quality door panels, rear interior panels, all chrome, decent roller tires and minimal body issues for $1200. Even the front brake rotors are brand new (not even rusty yet)
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