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  1. Hey everyone, Here's my current build. I purchased this car a little over 2 months ago. It's a Ashen Gray Metallic 2013 Camaro L99 2SS, that had 19,500 miles on it. I was able to get this car for $21k and couldn't pass up the deal. I'd like your ideas on the project name for this by the way. I was thinking Project Nighthawk, but I'm not 100% on it. Post your suggestions. With my previous Camaro I got big into tuning and ended up purchasing HP Tuners as well ass tuning books specifically for Gen III and Gen V platforms. I plan on tuning this car from start to finish and post the results as I progress the build. I hope to share the knowledge I've learned as well as learn from other more experienced tuners, or even avid learners like myself. I took it out for the first time completely stock and ran 8.66 in the 1/8th (we don't have a 1/4 track close by). I've so far removed the torque management, and adjusted the throttle tables. I just installed my intake today and will start getting the MAF dialed in properly for idle and part throttle. From there I plan on ordering a wide band O2 so I can start doing WOT fueling. Once that is all dialed in I plan on working on the spark table to see what I can get out of the car with no knock. Future plans will be some FI route. I really like the ideas of turbos as my previous car was N/A with a cam. Current Mods: Cold Air Inductions intake Air Scope Catch Can BMR Sturt Bar Blacked out taillight bezels Tune
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