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  1. LSx Nova Build

    Well I am getting my nova in a couple months and need to start planning out the build. I want to do all the work that I can do myself. Idc if it takes forever or I mess up a lot of stuff in the process. I want to learn and this car has a lot of sentimental value to me and I would be happier if I built it. First is getting rid of the 406 SBC and powerglide. If any of you know anyone who wants an alcohol 406 that runs 5.90s/9.80s let me know. The engine hasn't been raced in about 3 years so i would refresh it with new bearings and rings. On to good news. It already had a mini tub, heidts front end, adjustable suspension and a leaf spring set up built and designed Ron Rhodes. I was going to do a 4 link but its cutting 1.2x 60 ft times. Also has a line lock and cage nhra certified to run in the 9s. My question is what computer set up to go with. I am thinking Holley efi. I am going to do either a 370 or 408 ls engine with ls3 heads. I also want to do a turbo 400 built by Cameron powers (built barry's trans guy). Idk who to build at least the short block. I was thinking Texas speed or Thompson motorsports. If anyone can help me I would appreciate it
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