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  1. Long Term build RD400

    Figured I would start my thread here a little bit since I have been putting some work in on this. So back in 2006 I think it was I found a 1976? RD400 online for $75 with no title. I thought I needed more project so picked it up. On the way home (I picked this up when I was taking a rider safety course....spent the whole evening running to pick this up and had it in the truck for class the next day) The next week I had it out in the sun and started cleaning up things on it.... Like this awesome solo seat conversion someone did: So I got it to this point first..... And tried flipping the bars on it... Big guy on a little bike... So you might note the homemade rearsets.....crappy potmetal pegs in place of the OEM passenger pegs with home built linkage....the shifter was a box end wrench with the box end as the pivot, a bolt welded into the open end, and some bent up rod and a cut off shifter as the linkage. So I stripped it down and cleaned up the frame and had the wheels powder coated:
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