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  1. If you guys are like me, you like to see pics of fabricated parts. Post up your fabricated parts. Here was this weekends project. Nick (nukeworker on Tennesspeed) is building an older fairlane with an austrailian ford inline 6 with a turbo and megasquirt. He needed a way to get a crank trigger wheel adapted to the balancer. The mustang I recently finished. I changed it from a single 88mm to twin 76's. It needed new headers, a custom radiator and fan shroud, a crankcase vent catch can and a few other odds and ends. Some buick stage 2 turbo headers I built for a guy in Canada earlier this year. A buick stage 2 tunnel ram intake I did some work on. It had already been converted to efi, but the throttlebody mount was way ugly. So I fixed that and made a new top for it. Another buick stage 2 intake. I converted it to efi and made an elbow for it to use the stock style throttlebody and other accessories.
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