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  1. In an attempt to relive my youth I'm thinking about the ultimate high school car for anybody my age. I had a shitty 79 Toyota Corrola in high school and then an S-15 Jimmy that I wrecked. I always coveted other peoples coupes, but mom wouldn't let me buy a mustang on payments. So, I haven't bought a car yet, but I'm close. I have crazy ideas for new projects all the time, but this one has been on my mind for a while now and I'm moving with it. I have some parts that I've had left over for years and Joey (higherpowerracing) tempted me with a few more. So, I have a pile started. I've been looking half heartedly for a while for a nice fox coupe. That's not been as easy as I thought. Most everything is overpriced or has shitty paint. I want a simple project this time, but really I just need solid paint. I can fix anything else as needed. I remembered my friend (engine builder for my GN) has a coupe he was going to put a v6 in. He bought another car to do that with, so the coupe has been sitting. I asked him about the coupe the other day and he says he will sell it. I'm going to go look at it, but most likely this is my new project. Does anyone know what this color is called? It's a 93 and as far as he knows it's an original color. It's not calypso or reef blue. It looks like bimini, but I don't think that's a 93 color. It could be a 91 or 2 I guess. It has grey interior, subframes, a bolt in 4 point cage and a 5 lug conversion. No engine or trans, but the wiring and a9l computer are still there.
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