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  1. RC Toys

    I went looked myself, looked like several different suspension and steering mechanisms.
  2. How to Wire a Relay for Trans Brake???

    its better to activate 12v+ versus 12v-, Ive seen issues where a chaffed wire hit ground and activated erroneously causing problems.
  3. RC Toys

    Who infringed on what? havent heard or saw anything about that.
  4. Express Success

    $384.79 on Rockauto for Sealed Power KC1573
  5. Random thought thread

    That Holden Counterpart can be a monkey wrench at times, same was true with a GTA I had years ago.
  6. Eclipse

    I got robbed by a cloud mass that just blocked it entirely otherwise I did get to see the beginning partial and ending partial.
  7. Random thought thread

    LOL Chris he's a Corrections officer at one the jails/prisons
  8. Eclipse

    #12+ shade and call it a day maybe gold over green.
  9. Random thought thread

    uh oh Matt @66Sprint6 looks like some competition
  10. Random thought thread

    Of the three I had two a Windsor and Cleveland, the M is its own kind of monster plus an uncle had one that was lousy about oiling so I didnt bother sourcing one, with mine I had the Cleveland needed less to finish up where as the W was missing the intake and one head was cracked.
  11. Random thought thread

    back in 2002 I did have 77 Mustang II, 351C(yes it fit) and a t5 with 3.73 rear
  12. Nova build and questions

    My big concern would be heat in that congested area behind the fender, hot exhaust on the back side of the paint job cant be good.
  13. Random thought thread

    And Pate packed up and moved to Tupelo MS Not to mention where/what ever happened to Grimey
  14. Random thought thread

    12v with a compound turbo
  15. Random thought thread

    he was saying if he had to swap from the LT 5.7 to an LS 5.3/6.0 variety