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  1. Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating

    I had a choice of 1,2 or 5 yr protection. I went with the 1 because wanted to see how it did and the mark up on a 2 yr guarantee was $250. My guess is it last more than a year especially not driving it daily. Car will be finished tonight. I'll take some more pic this weekend. First car show is Sunday. Rims:
  2. Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating

    My drive to work is a bug gut gauntlet so I am hoping this stuff works! What are you using to dry the car? I use my leaf blower and then a micro fiber cloth. Just want to make sure I do not scratch the paint.
  3. I am having the paint corrected on the 11' GS. I have already had the front bumper cap license plate removed and repainted. Now to have the rest of the car done. Paint obviously had years of neglect and lots of swirl marks and micro scratches. I met the owner of Typhoon Detailing last year at a show I had my 62' at. He was telling me about the ceramic coatings and I thought that may be the way to go. So getting full detail, paint correction and the ceramic coating done. I hope the coating does as promised and deflects bugs, dirt and makes cleanup much easier.Not to mention it supposed to bring out the shine more. So far so good.
  4. Random thought thread

    Just took this pic out of the front office window. Friday it was 78*, I had the top down and got my noggin burned.
  5. Return of Raceall

    My free time and car time pretty much ended in 2004 and just returned. I had lost interest in as well but it will come back. I am even to the point were I am now picking up a wrench vs having things done. Enjoy the kid and the time you have with family as it WILL GO FAST and then they are off and running.
  6. 2010 Camaro SS

    Sounds awesome. I like!
  7. LS3 advice.

    Oh I still like em.
  8. LS3 advice.

    And I deserve a supermodel girlfriend. Somethings just ain't gonna happen. I may still do kooks. See some occasionally pop up on other forums. But why are they worth double of other headers?
  9. LS3 advice.

    LOL, still here. My job keeps me busy. I have been working a little on the car. Had a friend remove the front plate holder and repaint the nose and splitter. Also installed MGW Flatstick which is possibly the most satisfying $390 investment I have ever made for a car. GM should be ashamed of the flimsy stamped crap they install on these cars. Absolutely no comparison with shift action. Hardest part was unplugging the electrical connections in the console. As far as headers I have not made up my mind about headers. I have been looking through reviews of the speed engineering and honestly for the price difference I am having a hard time justifying the Kooks. Also may hold off as I may start building a 4 car garage behind my house. And now there is the question of boost............eventually.
  10. LS3 advice.

    I like the Kooks aside from the cost. I was considering Hinson also but need more info on them as to how they compare. Seems most people do the 1& 7/8's. The car has what looks to be 3" straight pipes from the cats back with no mufflers. Nice exhaust but haven't gotten a good enough look to see the brand but all stainless. Love the over run pop pop pop! Put a AFR dry filter on it tonight. Had the factory clogger in place not sure how those breath as dense as they are.
  11. So whats new?

    Lets see....still bald, still fat and still sexy. Finally graduated last spring with 3 degrees. Two bachelors and they threw in an associates. Now I am back to work running a rotational molding plant about 40 miles from where I live. We make stuff like fuel tanks for Dixie Chopper mowers. Actually where I work is located in Ashtabula Ohio on Lake Erie. Think butt loads of lake effect snow. I don't get to Nashville very often as my son moved up here to live and go to school at Kent State and my daughter goes to UTK. Funny, my son was a freshman and I was a senior at Kent. YES we passed each other occasionally at school. His reaction was priceless. Still have the 62'. Put an electric power steering unit/cloumn on it over the winter because no power steering started to suck. I think my Dad who is 78 will actually find some interest in driving it too, though he seems to really like the GS. Still go to lots of car shows and plan to take the 62' on some longer journeys this year. I only put about 800 miles on it last summer and that is a travesty! Honestly buying the grand sport kinda sparked my curiosity so here I am. I have had the itch for a long time to build something and get back into driving something relatively fast. But had to slam through school because the gatekeepers demand the paper, so pretty much that has been my focus and even at my age it has proven worth it.
  12. LS3 advice.

    So I bought this: 11' Grand Sport 6spd manual. Previous owner put a cat back straight pipe exhaust on it. Aside from that its stock. Factory shifter sucks so I have a MGW flat stick on the way. Not sure what route to take. Thinking heads, cam and headers and calling if fun and done......wouldn't know what setup as there seems to be plenty of stuff to choose from. I need to get a baseline dyno done and lucky for me there is one here in the town where I work. BTW, chrome old guy rims are not long for this world.
  13. So whats new?

    Haven't been on in a very long time. I see Pate is in MS now, be honest did he get kicked out of TN?
  14. Sloviper...finally a nice day car wash pictures

    Why? Chicago voters are already dead.
  15. Random thought thread

    Had front row seats to Joe Walsh last night. Awesome show. Living legend. BTW, the youngsters I am in school with have no idea who Joe Walsh is.