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  1. LS3 advice.

    so turns out that wonderful magna-ride crap goes bad and is on the expensive side. So bilsteins and prothane bushings for control arms going in next week. Have to add simulators for the factory shocks but still, 4 Bilsteins for the price of one gm mag ride. Also swapped to a suede sparco that allows for better view of the gauges.
  2. LS3 advice.

    Drag radials are next on the agenda. Car has no traction in first or second. Even the TC cannot stop the spinning.
  3. LS3 advice.

    love the wheels and the spacers improve the stance. If my car had a vagina I’d be complete.
  4. LS3 advice.

    As I sit here and think I am far more interested as to what it picked up under the curve and what its avg. gains where.
  5. LS3 advice.

    Ok, just heard from the tuner and seems the car is pulling about 2* of timing up high. Still has old gas from last year in it which may be the culprit(which is what he thinks). Don't have the full dyno sheet yet but in a nutshell it made 400whp at 6150 and was falling off to 6500 because of knock. This is on a mustang dyno and he says he generally sees 415-420 with the simple mods mine has. Headers, cold air, exhaust. I was thinking it would probably do around 420 which would be around a 35whp gain with headers and tuning. Between my two stock runs of 378 and 385 it should have picked up more. I honestly think I need to get some good gas in it. I cant pick it up until Sat and then Ill get the Dyno sheet.
  6. LS3 advice.

    None yet.
  7. LS3 advice.

    Dropped it off at the tuner today. Big3 racing in Hinckley. Going to get tuned first and then learn to drive again. Drag radials are next thing I need and just bought a shift light because the gauges are hard to see and the tach in the heads up display sucks. BTW what should I expect to pay for a can install? This place wants 3500 including most parts(BTR can kit). If I want to get a better timing chain etc obviously extra and probably good time to do oil pump.
  8. LS3 advice.

    Ok had my production manager help.
  9. LS3 advice.

    I will try and get a sound clip this weekend. Very happy with how it turned out. Chrome be damned!!!! 20mm spacers really helps too. Still havnt decided on cam.
  10. LS3 advice.

    Nope. Went with speed engineering. Fit like a glove and went on super easy. Honestly these look almost identical to kooks and would not be surprised if they are exact copies.
  11. Red Baron

    I am seriously digging the vinyl roof.
  12. LS3 advice.

    Got the headers/exhaust on. When I get it home I will do a sound clip. It is stupid loud. Also put the spacers and wheels on, msd plug wires and new plugs. Few other little things. I think I may get drag wheels and tires before the cam as well as get it tuned.
  13. LS3 advice.

    So here are some of the choices: Custom Cammotion Grind: 226/236 duration@.050" lobe lift with a 115 degree lobe separation angle, 111 degree intake centerline and .621".604" valve lift Cammotion Titan 3: 227/237 @ 050 113 LCA .621".604" valve lift BTR Stage 3: 229/244 .615/.595 113+4 TS Stage 3: 231/246 .640/.615 LCA choice 111 to 115 Any others please chime in and let me know your thoughts!
  14. Any estate executors here?

    I am named executor and have power of attorney for my dads estate when he passes. We had a good lawyer write his will and basically make it iron clad. as in iron clad there is a section which states that should anyone contest his will that person/s is automatically out of it and will not benefit. I also have total control of all assets and cash that remains and control over asset liquidation. Use a lawyer. If you are executor you need the ability to make decisions without a bunch of yammering by people only looking to get.
  15. LS3 advice.

    Headers mid(X)-pipes going on this week. 1 7/8", no cats through Billy Boat Bullets. Should be obnoxiously stupid louder than it already is. Now I need a cam. This is where things get confusing and the range of opinions is vast. What I am looking for out of the car. For now (this year) going to remain NA on stock heads/intake and want to keep this drivable and fun. I am not looking to see what peak horsepower can be, I want to see gains under the curve across the power band not just be able to say it made this much. There are a ton of off the shelf cams that are ground very close and I am considering a couple. I also don't want to get to close on P to V clearance. A few from Brian Tooley and Texas Speed have options on where to set LSA. Recommendations?