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  1. So my son knocked up his girlfriend. Pretty sure he knew what would cause this. Happy and irritated at the same time. Ahhhhhh, life.....
  2. LS3 advice.

    So how would this work in conjunction with a tune? Is table a left alone? Do you tune to work with the vitesse? BTW, anyone know of a good LS tuner in my area, NE Ohio Western PA? Long shot but thought I would ask.
  3. Justice Kennedy Retires

    I have to be very honest. I have thoroughly enjoyed this presidency and the entertainment it has provided. The by products of a good economy, conservation restoration of greatness is the icing on the cake. Now the opportunity to solidify constitutional conservatism on the scotus?!!! Btw anybody ever hear from that bearded subie guy from the old board? Nick? I miss him, would love to catch up.
  4. LS3 advice.

    Yep they have them for the SS. My understanding is that they can be used in combination with a tune. Has 9 settings and response gets more immediate with each. At the highest it is instant and takes very little gas to spin the tires and is a bitrosy. What little have played with in the time I have had it it seems setting 6 is good daily fun. .
  5. LS3 advice.

    Added a Vitesse throttle throttle controller. Wow, that is some serious responsiveness! Makes stock seem super laggy.
  6. LS3 advice.

    My fastest cars were running high 11's around 115 and that was a long time ago for me. One a small block on nitrous and the other a BB ford. I'm not going to be stupid. I know my limits and plan on doing things in a smart way. I plan on several more trips to the track and continue getting better at driving. My first thing will probably be drag radials. Once I get the hang of that then look at adding some more POWA!! My mind works like this. If part A adds efficiency to part B I should use part A. So I think that if I go the ECS system then headers and a cam to take advantage of the boost should be used. Now that is provided they make since on 93 octane.
  7. LS3 advice.

    My guess is the poo would fly at 1000. Just a wet fart at 700-800. If I go boosted I think headers and cam should be on the list. I like the ECS system, http://www.eastcoastsupercharging.com/store.html?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=389&category_id=699 or the A&A. I want to run pump 93. May do meth later but not at this point. E85 is out cause we go none around here.
  8. LS3 advice.

    I agree with Disney. It's like we could be soul mates. I will be building a house soon (architect still doing the drawings) so that will take priority but I think I may start collecting the parts needed for a pump gas build with a centrifugal supercharger. I like the ESS system or the A&A. I will probably start the build on paper and go from there. What can the stock bottom end handle power wise? Or just plan on a crank and forged pistons?
  9. LS3 advice.

    Been looking at the TF 255's. Honestly I think I may plan a boosted build the more I think about it. Dad thinks I should build a simple street/strip car and leave the vette alone. I'm so confused!!!!
  10. LS3 advice.

    Well my driving skills are the suk. Had wheel hop, shifting skills are meh just basic nerves since it had been 14yrs from the last time I was on a track. I was hoping to touch the twelves without drag radials and hit 110-112 trap speeds. 13.29 at 106.5. Cant seem to upload timeslip. Ill try later.
  11. Random thought thread

    My company "car" is a 15' Silverado LT 4wd with the V6. I thought getting 22mpg was good. I also thought it had plenty of power. It doesn't.
  12. LS3 advice.

    Well someone was damn close. On a mustang dyno 372whp and with the WCF 385.8whp. Pretty happy with those numbers and the factory tune is pig rich. Torque was 345.2 and 358.2 with WCF. I was expecting more torque.
  13. drove mine to work and I now have a nice smattering of bug guts and a layer of pollen enhancing the finish.
  14. LS3 advice.

    Going to dyno on the 29th. Mustang dyno so I expect to be heart broken. Just want a base line as it sits and will go from there. Guesstimates?
  15. This is where they were when I closed the garage last night.