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  1. LS3 advice.

    Ok had my production manager help.
  2. LS3 advice.

    I will try and get a sound clip this weekend. Very happy with how it turned out. Chrome be damned!!!! 20mm spacers really helps too. Still havnt decided on cam.
  3. LS3 advice.

    Nope. Went with speed engineering. Fit like a glove and went on super easy. Honestly these look almost identical to kooks and would not be surprised if they are exact copies.
  4. Red Baron

    I am seriously digging the vinyl roof.
  5. LS3 advice.

    Got the headers/exhaust on. When I get it home I will do a sound clip. It is stupid loud. Also put the spacers and wheels on, msd plug wires and new plugs. Few other little things. I think I may get drag wheels and tires before the cam as well as get it tuned.
  6. LS3 advice.

    So here are some of the choices: Custom Cammotion Grind: 226/236 duration@.050" lobe lift with a 115 degree lobe separation angle, 111 degree intake centerline and .621".604" valve lift Cammotion Titan 3: 227/237 @ 050 113 LCA .621".604" valve lift BTR Stage 3: 229/244 .615/.595 113+4 TS Stage 3: 231/246 .640/.615 LCA choice 111 to 115 Any others please chime in and let me know your thoughts!
  7. Any estate executors here?

    I am named executor and have power of attorney for my dads estate when he passes. We had a good lawyer write his will and basically make it iron clad. as in iron clad there is a section which states that should anyone contest his will that person/s is automatically out of it and will not benefit. I also have total control of all assets and cash that remains and control over asset liquidation. Use a lawyer. If you are executor you need the ability to make decisions without a bunch of yammering by people only looking to get.
  8. LS3 advice.

    Headers mid(X)-pipes going on this week. 1 7/8", no cats through Billy Boat Bullets. Should be obnoxiously stupid louder than it already is. Now I need a cam. This is where things get confusing and the range of opinions is vast. What I am looking for out of the car. For now (this year) going to remain NA on stock heads/intake and want to keep this drivable and fun. I am not looking to see what peak horsepower can be, I want to see gains under the curve across the power band not just be able to say it made this much. There are a ton of off the shelf cams that are ground very close and I am considering a couple. I also don't want to get to close on P to V clearance. A few from Brian Tooley and Texas Speed have options on where to set LSA. Recommendations?
  9. LS3 advice.

    9a at 143 and I will evacuate my colon!
  10. LS3 advice.

    Please explain. I need all the info I can get
  11. LS3 advice.

    As the cars hibernate for the winter I bought just a few things. I bought stainless speed eng. 1 7/8 headers and cat-less x-pipes. Going to have them ceramic coated before they go on. Also bought a new set of 19/20 Black Corvette "cup" wheels and Michelin Pilot AS3 tires. Damnnnnn tires are expensive. I had planned on getting a cam too, and call it a day. After seeing Johns results I may seek boost. Depends on a few things non-car related if I do or don't. I get more indecisive everyday as to if or what I want from this vette. Probably an age thing.
  12. 2010 Camaro SS

    I need to just mimic this and call it a day. John do you have a full list of parts and cost?
  13. SEMA 2018

    IT WAS AWESOME! Honestly the pics you will find online of the cars and event are better than what I took. Sisters company sponsored the Counts Customs after party. Ill try and post a pic or two. Met most of the guys from counts except for Danny. Guess he doesn't do much public stuff. Met Gene Winfield, and several other folks I have seen on tv but honestly had know idea who they were aside from horny Mike. He is exactly as expected. Must have been close to 3000 invited guest. Also saw Chip Foose, Leno, the group from Street Outlaws. Farmtruck is a dinky dude and big chief is one big SOB. Also saw the diesel bro's and lots of the TV show folks from velocity. I don't get star struck so I didn't ask for any autographs. I did get drunk with the guy who built this truck that was at my sisters booth. He was offered several hundred thousand for it at the show. Turned it down. Many of the cars/bikes are under sponsorship and contracted to be at other events through out the upcoming year. Then they go to auction. So SEMA is huge, indescribably huge and I only had two days to see what I could. To take your time and actually talk t the reps and ask questions about new products as well a see the show would easily take the whole week. I plan on doing just that next year. Many of the cars are outstanding and details are spectacular. Others, lots of others are WTF? I would say this has to be a bucket list event for any enthusiast . Just be ready for sore feet.
  14. Random thought thread

    Found out a couple weeks my grandchild is going to be a girl. My son and I are both ecstatic! Now to convince his girlfriend that the names she is picking are dumb.
  15. What kind of phone do car guys use?

    Currently both an Android and an iPhone. Android is my personal phone, company provides the iPhone (7). Will be getting rid of android (Samsung edge) at the end of this month. The worst phone I have ever had.