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  1. LS3 advice.

    Hmmmmm may have looked at those. Drove a 19' E63s last week. Omg fast, great seats, rode like total crap and road/tire noise was terrible. Also looking at M5 but probably just chill through winter. Selling Dads SLK55 AMG too so we may get something together. C8 is high on the list now that the style has grown on me.
  2. LS3 advice.

    Only drove it a couple times a year and just kinda lost interest. Sold it to a 78yo guy from the other side of the state. Actually just put it out there to see what the market was like not really thinking it would sell, turns out its pretty good
  3. Renewing my 08' Silverado

    Got see what the cam and headers do for it but yeah, have been looking at the turbo kits. think I will do gears first. Plan on new wheels and slightly bigger tires next spring and need it to still pull a trailer. 4:10s would make it much better.
  4. LS3 advice.

    Going in hopefully by end of month for custom ground cam package at Hutter performance which is in Charden OH. At 102k miles I obviously drive the car as my daily in summer so didnt want to go to big on the cam and place unneeded stress on the valve train. Maintain fair drivability while making gains under the curve was priority over peak numbers. Doing oil pump, timing set, etc and trunnions.I also just sold the 62' so possibly, just maybe some boost to come. Specs on cam are 232/238 .574/586 with 112LSA they use a mustang dyno so hoping somewhere around 460whp but avg gain is where I hope we see some nice improvement.
  5. Thought about a new truck even though I really love mine. After looking at what new trucks cost and what used are bringing I decided to do some much needed tlc. So because Ohio she got some rust in the fenders and rockers. Had a friend replace the rockers,remove the dents, paint what was needed. Just sealed the rear fender rust and if it gets worse I'll just get a new bed. For now not to worried as inner box and fenders are mint. Then he wet sanded and buffed it out. De-badged it too. Hasn't looked this good since I got it back in 2012. Have a complete Texas Speed stage 2 truck cam kit for it with DOD delete sitting on the shelf and new headers and exhaust as well. Once I get the Vette back from its cam swap Ill take this one in. 235k miles and looks like it's going to stick around for another 200k.
  6. Went looking at new trucks because mine had rocker rust and the dod lifter tick. At 235k miles I thought meh, why not see whats out there. FAH-------k that! No way would I pay what a new truck is or what used trucks are going for. So it sits at my friends body shop getting new rockers and some Jamtoy dents out of it. Never knew about the DOD issues on these until I asked the kid working on my truck. So I now have a TSP dod delete and stage two truck cam, speed engineering headers and ebay cold air intake to go on after it gets back from the body shop. Still have to decide on exhaust. Then probably new wheels/tires and maybe bumpers. Interior is mint aside from carpet and headliner is kinda dingy. Truck is still my winter daily and will pull a car trailer occasionally. 2008 LTZ with only 235000 miles.
  7. This is gonna be sic! Great wheel choice and LS is just better, even in mustangs
  8. Jamtoy is heading home. Need Location Help

    You're young. Do it now and build it the way you want.
  9. Jamtoy is heading home. Need Location Help

    Update: Put my house on the market and it sold in ONE day. Closed and put all my crap into storage. Moved in with Dad and have been busy working with one agent in the Maryville area and now another because the first one apparently felt answering emails in under 7 days was just to much of a burden. Anyway, settled on the Maryville area. Spent some time down there moving my daughter back to UTK and then looking around. OMG the roads are so smooth! Houses move crazy fast and looks like I have to build to get what I want. So looking at acre plus lots. Convinced Dad that we do not need 3000-5000 sqft even if I remarry some day. I had a home designed and plans drawn a few years ago. 2000 sqft, 3 bd/3bth ranch w. basement and 6 car garage. (priorities) Going back down first week of Sept to look at lots and meet with builders. My daughters boyfriend took her on the dragon Saturday (Dad I got dizzy). Found out my brother lives on 129 and is like 20 minutes from the dragon. He wont drive it anymore because he gets car sick. BTW if any of you know good recruiters that specialize in manufacturing would appreciate their info. Boredom is setting in and the market is obviously week with the covid.
  10. Jamtoy is heading home. Need Location Help

    Well heck, looks like the area I am looking at is where us129 starts. Looks like I will be able to find some roads that my Grand Sport actually likes. You know, roads with curves.
  11. Nashville Riots

    My son works for a convenient gas place in Murfreesboro and he said he noticed a ton of out of state folks coming in and asking directions. Pretty obvious they were not comng in as tourist.
  12. Nashville Riots

    My spell suk
  13. Nashville Riots

    When you have a situation where the country has been locked down stress is already up. They you have an urban culture already believing systems are rigged against them. Add to that a media that perpetuates many myths and the race industry as a whole all it takes is one event to trigger a nationwide eruption. Aside form that I believe we need to see a overhaul of how we police and who we allow to police. You have inherent traditions of "protecting" the bad cops because he may need to have your back one day and snitching is a potential career ender. This officer should have been removed years ago and had the DA acted quickly and made the obvious choice to arrest and charge some of is may have been mitigated. HOWEVER, rioting and looting are not excused and I have no doubt there are instigators and well funded Soros agitators working to fuel the flames. One of my friends who is a Warren cop told me that there are potential issues brewing in our area too. Again, my guess is people who are not from this area are coming in to make trouble.
  14. Jamtoy is heading home. Need Location Help

    I had a great boss up until December when he left. He had enough of the BS from the guy I work for now too. He listened, trusted me and let me run the place as needed and we did well.
  15. Jamtoy is heading home. Need Location Help

    Area first, then house then job. I'm to the point I could do just about anything as long as I don't have to deal with the stress of making a plant profitable and everyone happy too. matter of fact I am actually thinking of selling cars again. The stress of financial obligations is a major factor when selling cars as you tend to focus on the sale and not the customer. I think not having that stress, at my age and maturity I would be pretty good and be better at focusing on the customer. I was never like that when I was younger and stupid. I wouldn't even mind the hours as long as I have time for the gym and other stuff. Just have to find the right dealer, atmosphere, and sell Chevy