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  1. SEMA 2018

    IT WAS AWESOME! Honestly the pics you will find online of the cars and event are better than what I took. Sisters company sponsored the Counts Customs after party. Ill try and post a pic or two. Met most of the guys from counts except for Danny. Guess he doesn't do much public stuff. Met Gene Winfield, and several other folks I have seen on tv but honestly had know idea who they were aside from horny Mike. He is exactly as expected. Must have been close to 3000 invited guest. Also saw Chip Foose, Leno, the group from Street Outlaws. Farmtruck is a dinky dude and big chief is one big SOB. Also saw the diesel bro's and lots of the TV show folks from velocity. I don't get star struck so I didn't ask for any autographs. I did get drunk with the guy who built this truck that was at my sisters booth. He was offered several hundred thousand for it at the show. Turned it down. Many of the cars/bikes are under sponsorship and contracted to be at other events through out the upcoming year. Then they go to auction. So SEMA is huge, indescribably huge and I only had two days to see what I could. To take your time and actually talk t the reps and ask questions about new products as well a see the show would easily take the whole week. I plan on doing just that next year. Many of the cars are outstanding and details are spectacular. Others, lots of others are WTF? I would say this has to be a bucket list event for any enthusiast . Just be ready for sore feet.
  2. Random thought thread

    Found out a couple weeks my grandchild is going to be a girl. My son and I are both ecstatic! Now to convince his girlfriend that the names she is picking are dumb.
  3. What kind of phone do car guys use?

    Currently both an Android and an iPhone. Android is my personal phone, company provides the iPhone (7). Will be getting rid of android (Samsung edge) at the end of this month. The worst phone I have ever had.
  4. TookaDueceCoupe

    Ahhhh, "natural patina".....I use that term when picking up middle age hotties.
  5. SEMA 2018

    iPhone is ready! I hope to have multiple brushes with greatness....
  6. SEMA 2018

    One of my bucket list items is going to be scratched off. I am going to SEMA this year. My step sister is the marketing guru for Sherwin Williams automotive division and is in charge of SEMA. Gong with her and my brother in law. Also get to go to a party at Counts Customs and meet the celebrity types. Will only be there for a couple days so I am planning my floor travels early. I am going to try and get some show buys as well.
  7. NewEST DD 1985 LTD WagonTF????

    This pegs the cool meter! Minivans do not even register on the cool meter.
  8. LS3 advice.

    Also looking at an OMP suede wheel too. Kinda silly to have two but figure if the car keeps moving in a direction I did not originally intend might as well have a good race wheel. OMP is not as fun to say.
  9. LS3 advice.

    Momo. Because it’s fun to say Momo
  10. 2010 Camaro SS

    I have the drones too. Car came with BB bullets.. Sounds amazing wide open and love the crack snap pop when decelerating, but DAMNNNNNNN, the drone is terrible. Most C6 guys go back the stock NPP exhaust. I am going to stick with this because I want to see what it sound like with headers and a cam.
  11. LS3 advice.

    Went to the track again wed night. This time to an old racetrack, Thompson Raceway that has been around for a long time. They are known for a national gasser race. Anyway, previous best was a 3.26 at 108.0. Last night I went 13.19 at 111.11. DA was about 2600 so not all bad considering. Still need tires, yep need tires. Sixty foots were 2.3.. and car was wheel hopping after hitting second gear. I had forgotten how much fun this is....
  12. I was in Nashville two weeks ago to take my daughter back to UTK. What I noticed is small, dinky little townhomes start at 200+ in Antiochhoodville. Traffic is now possibly the worst I have ever experienced. I loved living their in the early 90's when it was growing but not GROWING. The $/value ratio is getting way lopsided in my opinion. My kids mom and stepdad are building a big sweet home out past Las Casas. Out there is nice and it seems many others are figuring that out. That's the only way I would ever consider that area again. Now what has happened up here in the rust belt is kinda crazy as well. Trump is smart and understands economics which has had a direct effect on our industrial base. Houses are going up well over 10-15% for existing homes and there is very little inventory. Real estate agents are telling people that they better have a place to go if they list their house because depending on the market segment most sell with in days. I was planning on building but it seems Dad found someone who made an offer we couldn't refuse on the lots I was going to build on. Besides, with garage I was looking at roughly $180 per sqft. It was a way cool garage though. There have been more new construction in the last year than in the last 10 years in Trumbull County. Instead of building I am in the market for an existing home and for 250-350k you can buy a BIG sumbich (about 1000-1500sqft bigger than what I planned to build) and that is usually at 75-95 per sqft, That is for a nice updated well built house. Yes, NE Ohio is not glamorous but I can live well, breath easy and have stuff. What's crazy is if you look at the cost of living calculators its says it would add an extra 13% to the cost of living, yet comparable salary is -2.2% for like position for me to live/work in Nashville. Not to mention every time I am driving in Nashville I get overwhelmed by the desire to choke the **** out of someone who desperately needs it.
  13. Summit Racing Mustang Show

    This is my very good friends 97'. Bought it new. 393" Windsor. I would love to be able to drive it but my fat ass cant get past the roll bar.