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  1. LS3 advice.

    Replacing headlight lenses SUCKS! But it is worth the time and effort. Hopefully have it back together by Sat.
  2. LS3 advice.

    Splitter, front splash guard's and lights done. Waiting on some LED's that fit behind the headlight dust covers to get here so I can start putting back together. Also threw up a small tv I had laying around and a roku to go with it.
  3. LS3 advice.

    If the paint was in better shape I'd leave it alone. I also like the idea of having a non-factory color.
  4. LS3 advice.

    Oh hell no! Sending out. Looking at BMW Azurite Black which has a wicked blue hue to it. Or possibly a deep emerald green.
  5. LS3 advice.

    This is what happens when you make a car guy stay at home. Headlight resto, new splitter, side skirts and hoping to do a color change wrap too. Paint is old and rough.
  6. The virus

    I get frustrated with Americans in general. I think many are so ensconced in their daily lives and living a dream built on debt and instant gratification they don't think to the future. Then the stupid wave hits and they are convinced they will need to wipe their ass every 20 minutes for the next 10 years. Personal responsibility and self reliance are a thing of the past. Then their is the addiction to media and ease of being conned by communist hacks is shocking to me. Despite that I also think that when **** hits the fan and all goes to hell, many who wouldn't or couldn't step up and we help our neighbor. I made a car payment for a friend and will likely help others as well. I tip far more than 20% now and try to order in as much as possible. Little things add up.
  7. The virus

    My opinion may not be popular but: I cannot agree with mandates that subvert every amendment in the bill of rights. Yes, we should use caution and act appropriately following the prescribed behavior changes to avoid spreading the virus. We should not allow both the COTUS or the economy to be severely damaged in order to stave off a risk that is no wear nearly as deadly as many other aspects of life we live with daily. Yes, aged and sick people could die if they contract it. Many more will die of other causes. The trade off and the willingness of Americans to not even question the directives is chilling. We are past antipathy and heading straight for dependence. The mere fact that we have become so dumb that we deem we must hoard toilet paper means we have likely past the point of being deserving of the sacrifices made to give us this nation. Jumps off soapbox.
  8. The virus

    Well, so far I have had one employee test negative. Took three days for results. We have put "extreme" cleaning measures in place and are doing our best "social distancing". I nominate "social distancing" for new phrase of the year. We have stopped all visitors to the office. Only truck drivers may come to the plant and they must adhere to a specified spot to pick up paperwork. I have sent home employees who show up for work sick or with symptoms. With Ohio shutting more things down daily we are expecting to be shut down any day now. Some states have designated Plastic production as essential business so we may be ok. We have notified all of our customers of potential delays due to the virus. Personally I am so freaking bored because the gym is closed, the bar is closed and I don't have a lady friend. I need at least two of the three to survive! Joking aside, I will not visit my Dad until this thing passes and at 80 he is hunkered down and pretty much stay at home when not working. Went to Finn Feather and Fur and bought a couple guns yesterday. Ruger LCR 38sp and a Springfield Armory Saint 5.56 with about $600 in multiple upgrades already on it. BUT, delayed due to overwhelming the application system. I hope they are not closed before I can pick it up. They are selling 200 guns a day and place was packed, many first time gun buyer's. The only 9mm ammo they had was target rounds. If we shut down I'm going to finally get some stuff done on my Grand Sport. New lenses on headlights and finally put the new splitter and side skirts on. Not that I took out the old splitter on a curb or anything like that...…..
  9. Prayers

    Just saw the news. Hoping all is well. Of all the places I lived including Kansas, Nashville seems to be a tornado magnet more than any.
  10. LS3 advice.

    One calculation says at that DA it's should be 12.6 and 116mph so seems about right. MPH would indicate an high 11's and I suppose if I could drive half way decent that may happen. Planning supercharger and cam next year anyway but I may go ahead and get DR's for the fall.
  11. LS3 advice.

    Went to the track last night. The DA was 3544, temp was 78-80* with 95% humidity. I think my car weighs probably ~3800 with me in it. I'm currently 279lbs. Had 3/4 tank of gas. It made 400whp with headers and tune on mustang dyno. Street tires Michelin PS AS3's I suck at driving. Best ET was 13.00 best mph was 112.75 which it seems to do regardless of how bad I launch. To little rpm=bog, to much=wheel spin through first. Sixty foots were 2.2-2.4. Only ran 3 passes because place was packed. How much did the DA effect the runs? How accurate are adjusted times using DA? Yep, I need drag radial's. 20" street tires do not like drag racing.
  12. LS3 advice.

    so turns out that wonderful magna-ride crap goes bad and is on the expensive side. So bilsteins and prothane bushings for control arms going in next week. Have to add simulators for the factory shocks but still, 4 Bilsteins for the price of one gm mag ride. Also swapped to a suede sparco that allows for better view of the gauges.
  13. LS3 advice.

    Drag radials are next on the agenda. Car has no traction in first or second. Even the TC cannot stop the spinning.
  14. LS3 advice.

    love the wheels and the spacers improve the stance. If my car had a vagina I’d be complete.
  15. LS3 advice.

    As I sit here and think I am far more interested as to what it picked up under the curve and what its avg. gains where.