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  1. Random thought thread

    Neither. I have a 6 speed.
  2. The Challenger is Home

    Chrysler was smart enough to avoid paying royalties.
  3. Random thought thread

    Girls and old men choose automatics.
  4. The Challenger is Home

    More thoughts. 1. People don't know what T/A means. 2. People don't know what 392 on the fenders means. 3. I keep having to explain both. 4. Most people seem to really like the car. A guy at the gas station, a place I seem to be visiting more often, was really excited about the car. He asked me if the 392 was horsepower. I told him it was cubic inches. He really liked that they put 392 on the fenders instead of 6.4L. He liked the old school vibe of the car. I told him that I have wanted a Challenger for 15 years and finally got one. He told me that he was glad I have it and told me to enjoy it. He seemed genuinely glad someone else was enjoying his new ride.
  5. Random thought thread

    This has to be the most beautiful car I’ve ever seen.
  6. The Challenger is Home

    The Brembos are awesome. They're the best brakes I've ever had. Mine are the 4 piston front calipers. There's a 6 piston upgrade. I can't imagine how good the 6 piston calipers are. I have just never seen so much brake dust. I don't know who makes the pads. I'll keep them for now, but next time, I'm going to research some better pads.
  7. The Challenger is Home

    Man, these Brembos make some brake dust. The lower body and rear bumper cover are coated in black brake dust. I have to do a light wash every time I drive the car. Other than that, I can't think of anything I don't like about the car. I keep looking for excuses to drive it. We tried out a restaurant on the other side of the Tennessee River last night and took the Challenger. It was so much fun just driving it there and back. I also got to see a nice 67 Mustang and a 71 Duster sitting in the parking lot.
  8. The Challenger is Home

    The First Person View of actually being in the car is way more fun.
  9. The Challenger is Home

    Listen to this car! I love the exhaust. I made a camera mount that uses the license plate bolt for my Mobius Action Cam.
  10. The Challenger is Home

    Those kind of people drive automatics.
  11. The Challenger is Home

    Did you actually think I'd get one with an automatic?
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  13. The Challenger is Home

    I took the Challenger out for a ride on my day off. I taped an adjustable iPhone holder to the passenger window.
  14. TESLA

    Electric cars are becoming more impressive, especially those built by Tesla. However, I will be interested in electric vehicles when they are easily fueled and are the same price as he internal combustion powered alternative. I'm not a global warming believer or environmental wacko. I do believe we should protect the environment and cut back on pollution. Electric cars are made out to be the savior of transportation when they pollute more than their IC counterparts. It's like they don't know where the material from the batteries or the electricity comes from. I think we need to develop alternate manufacturing and fueling solutions before electric cars are the answer.