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  1. Random thought thread

    In my nearly 5 months of Challenger ownership, I have joined a few Challenger groups on Facebook. I enjoy them all, but I've noticed that a large segment of Challenger owners are what I would lump into the group we used to call "ricers". Lighting seems to be huge. These guys/gals put lighting in the interior, under the car, in the grill, in the hood scoops, in the wheel openings, etc. Multicolored Halo lights are big. Cat scratch decals on the nose/bumper are big too. Is this trend something that's specific to late model Mopars or do Ford/Chevy/Import guys do it too. This phenomenon isn't as prevalent in the T/A and 392 Hemi/Hellcat groups.
  2. The virus

    I'm of the firm belief that 40% of the population is somewhere between worthless and evil. I may be off +- 10%, but after my trip out, I think my estimate may be too low. I went out to pick up 5 things. I had to go to 2 stores to get 4 of them. Guess what I couldn't find. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen in my life and I work for the government. I hope some of these hoarders get stuck with $5000 worth of toilet paper etc. I am wondering if I should have bought a new car in October. I have the money to finish paying it off, but I am holding off to see where this goes. I'm still getting paid, we have electricity/water/phone/internet, and there's food at the grocery store. I can hop in the shower if we run out of toilet paper. I'm not too worried yet. I'm a tad concerned about how people will be the longer this goes on. If you don't have any money and you have mouths to feed, you might get a little desperate. I sure don't want any desperate people showing up at my door with guns in hand.
  3. The virus

    If Obummer was still President, we'd be truckin' along like normal, except the economy would be naturally bad. I am just blown away that a common cold virus has shut the world down.
  4. The virus

    We were told to stay home between 3/18 and 3/31. I still have to go in to get some paperwork done. I went in today for a few hours to print some stuff our and bring a few things home to do. I will probably go in at least once a week. I still think this whole thing is way overblown, but I may be proved wrong. I hope we are back to normal soon.
  5. The Challenger is Home

    I have thought about it. Leah's Grandparents live in Bowling Green. I could drop here and the kids off and check out the Challengers.
  6. Random thought thread

    What amazes me in all this hysteria is the Tennessee Department of Knee Jerks...uhh...I mean Transportation isn't telling us to stay home.
  7. What are your ET goals this year?

    I hope to run somewhere under 16s.
  8. Prayers

    I drove back to the office down Rosa Parks to Centennial Wednesday. I guess I crossed over the path of the tornado twice. It was devastation as far as you could see. What a mess.
  9. Prayers

    They can't even predict now. I got about 5 miles from work this morning before they sent out the message not to come in. They knew hours beforehand. I didn't see any west Nashville footage before I left the house. John C. Tune airport and the old state prison got hit hard. It must have barely missed our complex on Centennial Blvd.
  10. your favorite restaurants

    The same way Red Robin compares to McDonalds.
  11. your favorite restaurants

    The Gladiator rules. You are a real man if you can eat one slice by yourself.
  12. Random thought thread

    They don't look bad. Try driving one. Terrible. At least I ain't paying for it, except when I buy gas for my personal cars.
  13. Random thought thread

    My question was more rhetorical than serious. It is my new work car. They bought 6 of them and upon first look, I thought they were going to be decent cars. I got mine yesterday and was immediately unimpressed. The seat is amongst the most uncomfortable that I've ever sat in. The road noise is almost unbearable. The little 1.5 turbo (yes, the exhaust driven supercharger) buzzes as well as any underpowered 4 cylinder ever built. I pulled in the driveway yesterday with 110 miles on the odometer and smoke, not steam, was coming from the grill. Something was smoldering. It didn't do it this morning, but it smells like something is burning. This is the worst brand new car I have ever driven. I like it better than the 2001 Taurus I drove for 3 years, but that car was a hand-me-down. I can't imagine anybody pulling into a Chevrolet dealership and taking one of these cars home with them. The car I had, which is a 2013 Dodge Avenger, with 164,000 miles on it, is 25 times better even with all those miles. I've had two of those cars and I have no clue why they got such bad press. They were the most reliable cars we had in our fleet. I think I will be driving the year old 4 door Silverado a little more often.
  14. Random thought thread

    How in the world do they sell these cars?
  15. What Cars Are You Thinking About?

    I keep thinking about a Chevy 454 SS with a very stock looking 502 under the hood. 1st generation Ford Lightnings are 2nd on my truck list. Oddly enough, a late model Hemi swapped into a mid/late 90s Ram shortbed is 3rd on my truck list. Oldsmobiles really catch my attention too. Muscle era 442's and mid 80's Cutlass (Hurst/442) specifically. Other cars on my list aren't hot rods. I am on an Underappreciated Survivors page on Facebook. People post pictures of hated/unloved cars in good to excellent shape. I find myself lusting after early 90s Chrysler Imperials as well as other Chrysler K based cars and Volvo station wagons in stock condition. I also would love an SRT-4 swapped Omni GLH. I am thinking about finding the drivetrain from a wrecked late model 392 Hemi powered Challenger/Charger and trying to get it to work in my 1980 Dodge D150.