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  1. Photobucket Fix

    Photobucket must have changed their policy. I noticed that my pictures came back in my 1972-1993 Dodge truck lowering thread on Moparts.
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  3. RC Toys

  4. FPV (First Person View)

    I have another video transmitter and camera that I run on my plane. The picture isn't as good as the all in one in this video, but the transmitter is stronger. I was hoping I could fly between trees and land the plane with the goggles on, but it is too grainy to do that. I think I'm going to by a better camera.
  5. FPV (First Person View)

    I burned a motor on the "tiny whoop" quad. I bet I have put at least 60 batteries through this quad. Half of them were carrying the camera. I ordered a replacement motor set. I saw the quad on sale for $13.99 and bought another. I think I have gotten $14 of fun out of this one.
  6. FPV (First Person View)

    I finally decided to get into FPV. I have tried it out on my rc cars, an rc plane, and a mini quad that you can fly in the house. When I first started this, looking into a screen that is strapped onto your face made me feel a little queasy. I've never had problems with motion sickness in my life before this. I finally tried it on my foam trainer plane and really enjoyed it. I got a little bold and tried a roll. I had to hand my transmitter to my spotter and let him land the plane. I felt sick for the next 15 minutes. I think I'm used to it now because I'm not feeling nauseous anymore. I had to modify the goggles so I can wear my reading glasses. That has really helped with the motion sickness. I thought flying the quad would be easy. It is a steeper learning curve than I initially expected. You have to get used to "threading the needle". I flew the thing without the camera quite a bit to get used to it. I kept bumping into stuff with the FPV camera on it. You have to be able to maintain elevation while moving and that takes some practice. I'm getting to the point where I can fly it anywhere in the house. You can get a complete budget setup for under $125. Here's what I have: Furibee F36 mini quad copter: Eachine VR D2 goggles: Eachine TX03 camera: As you can see, the video quality gets grainy when obstacles are between the transmitter and receiver.
  7. RC Toys

    I bought a budget FPV (first person view) setup and have been running it around the house. Here it is on my Hunter short course truck. It has a pretty decent picture if you are in line of sight. Trees, houses, cars, hills, and most other solid objects interfere with the signal if they are between the transmitter and receiver. FPV goggles/receiver: Camera and video transmitter:
  8. 2018 Mustang "refresh" released

    Not for a while. I'm hoping to sell off the GLHS and the D150 in the next few years. The house will be paid for in 3.5 years. After that, I'm saving up for something cool. I really want a 1998 Viper GTS.
  9. 2018 Mustang "refresh" released

    I think the new Camaro looks better than the last generation from every angle.
  10. 2018 Mustang "refresh" released

    I don't like it any more or less than the current Mustang. I like it. I'm also getting to where I like the latest Camaros. The last generation just never grew on me. I still want a Challenger SRT-8. I don't care if they weigh over 2 tons, they still look awesome.
  11. RC Toys

    Here's my latest RC toy. It is a DHK Hunter BL ( It runs about $250, but I got it on sale at $200. I read the reviews and most folks think it's better than a Traxxas slash for half the money. I know it takes a beating and keeps on going. I'm thinking about buying another for the kids.
  12. Random thought thread

    This slow motion video is mesmerizing.
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  14. Random thought thread

    I watched that woman say "nutsack" 10 times.
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