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  1. Thinking About Getting A New Car

    The 392 isn't as cheap to modify as a GM LS engine. People do heads, cam, intake, and tunes. Most people are satisfied to do simple stuff like cold air intakes, exhaust, and a tune. Personally, I'm not into drag racing like I used to be. I am 100% sure I won't be street racing. I would be looking into Hellcats if that were the case. I imagine I will be satisfied with the stock power level. I don't plan to do many mods when I get one. I might do Eibach lowering coils and the typical easy mods. 485-500 horsepower would suit me fine. They sound awesome from the factory. I just want a strong car that will be fun to drive and listen to while I'm rowing the 6 speed. I could possibly change my mind. I thought about getting a 5.7 R/T, but my brother's car isn't that fast. It is fun to drive and probably fast enough, but it doesn't kick like I thought it would. You could probably supercharge a 5.7 and make more power than the 392 for less money, but it would be marginally faster than the 392.
  2. Thinking About Getting A New Car

    I'm still looking around. I'm going to wait until April or May before I get really serious. I'd have to take out a loan if I buy one now. I don't know if I will get a low mileage (<10k) used Scat Pack or order a new one. Canned?
  3. Thinking About Getting A New Car

    The more I see this color, the more I like it. I'd like to have this car.
  4. Thinking About Getting A New Car

    Brass Monkey on white.
  5. Thinking About Getting A New Car

    My heart isn't set on the T/A package. I don't have to have the leather seats either. I really like the Brass Monkey wheels with the 275s out back on a white or Triple Nickel car. I am starting to like the Triple Nickel. I really don't want to spend too much over $40k. I could get the T/A with no leather or the Scat Pack with leather and Brass Monkey wheels. Both would have the 275s out back.
  6. Thinking About Getting A New Car

    I could live with this.
  7. Thinking About Getting A New Car

    About living...I am working toward getting the heck out of my job as soon as I can. I am hoping that I can work another 5-6 years, add on my sick leave balance, and walk out the door with 30 years credit for a full retirement. I'd like to work for a consultant for 5 years after that and then be able to wake up every morning with no agenda. I used to like my job, but they have made it where I dread going in every day. I feel like I work for Gilligan and Skipper. I sure can't depend on my supervisor and his supervisor for anything. I do not trust or respect either one of them. I still can't wrap my mind completely around the ordeal I had to go through back in 2014-2015 with two horrible employees that those two bozos made worse. I still have bad feelings toward 5 people that I am trying to get out of my mind. I think if I was gone from there, I would have an easier time letting it go.
  8. Thinking About Getting A New Car

    If I buy one brand new, it will be a T/A. That package brings back thoughts of the original 1970 T/A. It also has 275s out back. I'm still undecided on the color. I like B5 blue, white, and PCP. However, the black looks the best. There is something about flat black stripes on a black car, but I'm over black. My truck has been a pain to keep looking clean for 21+ years. Triple Nickel and F8 green are cool too. I don't hate the widebody, but it takes away from the retro lines of the car. I kinda want the suede/leather seats, but you have to buy two packages of stuff I don't want to get them. That's $2790 just to get $500 worth of seating. The shaker hood is cool, but it isn't worth $2500 for something that is basically a hood ornament. I have thought about getting the base Scat Pack and opting for the Brass Monkey wheels. Oddly, it won't let you get the shaker hood with the Brass Monkey wheels. Those wheels come with 275s, but the gold/bronze wheels only look good on a white car to me.,DEC,TW8,WRR,HD,AXM,UAS,X9,PW7,23G,3EJ,APA I wish you could delete stuff off for a credit like the old days. I don't care for the infotainment stuff, heated power seats, or the back up camera. Heck, I'd delete the console, power windows and locks, and the stereo completely if they'd let me. I have been looking at used ones online. I've found a few that I'd like to own that have under 10k miles. The car I looked at Friday was awesome and priced under book, but it was red with 245s. Red, orange, and sublime would be deal breakers for me. An automatic transmission is too. I'd prefer leather, but the cloth seats look good. I don't know much about Carvana or Carmax, but they seem to have some decent deals. The funny thing about all of this is I have made myself nervous anxious, selfish, and guilty. I felt very nervous and anxious when shopping for and buying my wife's Grand Caravan 3 years ago. I feel guilty/selfish in a way thinking about spending the money on a car FOR ME that I will drive once a week. I probably need to quit looking until I am ready to buy one.
  9. Thinking About Getting A New Car

    You mean Camaro with alternate sheet metal? Pontiacs don't have Chevy motors.
  10. I haven't been on here in a while. I have been thinking about getting a new toy and thought about the forum. I made a mistake and drove my brother's 2015 Challenger R/T Plus 6 speed last Saturday. Now, I really want a Challenger. I've wanted one ever since rumors of them started flying around 2006. I have my heart set on a 392 Hemi 6 speed car. I have been pricing new ones online and started looking at used ones a couple days ago. I checked one out at a dealership down the road from the office yesterday. The owner took me for a spin in it and now I want one even more. That 392 pulls like crazy and sounds unbelievable. I'm leaning toward the T/A 392 package, but I don't have to have it. I have been out of cars for the last 11 years. Kids will do that. We have sacrificed the wife's income to raise them. We have also lived a meager lifestyle so that we could pay off the house. We paid it off April 1st and Leah is teaching again. Being completely debt free is wonderful. I haven't bought a new vehicle for myself since 1998 and Leah has given me the green light. In 6 or 7 months, I'm going to buy a Challenger. I don't want a car payment. I know people might try to steer me into a 5.0 Mustang or even a Camaro. Both of those cars have kinda moved away from the muscle car genre. It seems to me like they are trying to be more European. I liked the Mustang until the latest reskin and GM had to reassign the Pontiac Aztek designers to the Camaro team. I also know the Challenger is heavy. I don't care. The 392 will hold its own and the Challenger has more room and is more of a true muscle car in my opinion. It has the other two beat in looks by a long shot. Besides, I'm not into drag racing anymore and don't care to street race. Hellcats are nice, but I don't need one or the extra cost. Don't even mention automatic. I'm not interested. I just want a fun stick shift car with some good punch. Watch this video and listen to that 392.
  11. Photobucket Fix

    Photobucket must have changed their policy. I noticed that my pictures came back in my 1972-1993 Dodge truck lowering thread on Moparts.
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  13. RC Toys

  14. FPV (First Person View)

    I have another video transmitter and camera that I run on my plane. The picture isn't as good as the all in one in this video, but the transmitter is stronger. I was hoping I could fly between trees and land the plane with the goggles on, but it is too grainy to do that. I think I'm going to by a better camera.
  15. FPV (First Person View)

    I burned a motor on the "tiny whoop" quad. I bet I have put at least 60 batteries through this quad. Half of them were carrying the camera. I ordered a replacement motor set. I saw the quad on sale for $13.99 and bought another. I think I have gotten $14 of fun out of this one.