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  1. ITSASIX 1966 Mustang Turbo

    351W is a tight fit, but it does fit. However, headers for application leave almost no extra working room.
  2. Drove the '65 today....

    So, despite needing an alignment, a new clutch and various other items, I took the '65 out for a little ride earlier today. I forgot how STIFF the clutch is in the car! Driving it has motivated me to get it to the point where it can be driven/cruised comfortably.
  3. Drove the '65 today....

    Auto? Blasphemy! No, we're sticking with the T56, but definitely changing out the clutch to one which requires less pedal effort. The current unit is a McLeod street twin intended for high HP applications and is overkill for the n/a setup in the car. Likewise, the cam profile is too aggressive, so the bumpstick will get swapped. From there, better braking and perhaps air conditioning.
  4. Drove the '65 today....

    Thanks, I'll let my wife know you think so!
  5. Union Hill tonight?

    Looks like good weather, anybody going to Union Hill tonight?
  6. Union Hill tonight?

    Congrats Matt!
  7. Union Hill tonight?

    If I go, I'll be in the Raptor. I'd just like to see what the little ttV6 can do in a 5600lb truck!
  8. Post your best slips and video!

    So close to the sevens. I hate when I'm so close to something but can't seem to break through. Get that 60ft down and you're there!
  9. 1988 F150 4x4

    Truck looked great in person!
  10. Ram Restoration

    Looks great. Hard work and attention to details to wonders!
  11. ITSASIX 1966 Mustang Turbo

    Always good to enjoy driving your car versus having to track down issues.
  12. IMG-0885.JPG

    From the album Nostalgic1

  13. 99 Ford Lightning "The Fridge"

    10SecL Nice!
  14. 99 Ford Lightning "The Fridge"

    Looks great. Can't wait to see what it does!
  15. Random thought thread

    Nope, still shopping.
  16. Random thought thread

    Just turned 17K in the R.
  17. 2018 Mustang "refresh" released

    Congrats, John.
  18. Merry Christmas all!

    Merry Christmas!
  19. Happy Birthday To....

    Bunch of whipper-snappers. GET OFF MY LAWN!
  20. As some of you know, I have owned several Mustangs throughout the years, ranging from a n/a foxbody GT to a twin-turbo GT500. The last track-focused car I owned was my 2013 Boss 302, and that car was a joy to drive. After only 100 miles with my 2016 GT350R, I can tell you without a doubt, this is by far my favorite. Everything about this car makes you want to drive it! Like some of you, I read the magazine reviews of the car when they came out long after I had put in my order with Ford of Franklin but reading about something and actually experiencing it are two different things. Let me say, none of the hype this car received is overblown! The first thing that hits you when you push the red button on the left of the shifter is the sound. It sounds like no other Mustang I have ever owned, aftermarket exhaust or no. And that's without activating the active exhaust! Flip that toggle and it really rumbles. The clutch is light, almost too light, IMHO, and the Tremec tranny shifts with great action. Now, there is a lot of talk of how the car lack low-end grunt. It's a myth. Sure, it does not have the low end torque of the LS7 in the z/28, but it does not need it. Get into the throttle, and it pulls. And pulls and pulls and pulls! I've yet to have it over 6K RPM at this point, but I have no doubt it will pull like a freight train to it's 8200 rpm redline. And the brakes. The car stops with authority, but they are not grabby at all and amazingly smooth. And lastly, the ride. I have experienced the Gen5 z/28 and compared to this car, the z feels like a go-cart. The spring rate is firm without being harsh and the magnetic ride setup is amazing. The car rides like my GT with performance pack did. Oh, and lastly, yes, it was stuck with a gas-guzzler tax, but the average MPG during this first 100 miles is right about what the GT/PP was getting.
  21. Random thought thread

  22. NewER DD 2015 Mustang GT

    Just caught this. Congrats! I knew you were jonesing for one when we last spoke.
  23. First 100 miles in my 2016 GT350R

    Well, when you've had cars on the showroom floor for almost two years unsold, you might recognize that something needs to be done to move them. That is not happening right now with the GT350 and as long as that is the case, dealers will look to make what they can on them.
  24. First 100 miles in my 2016 GT350R

    I think they're actually asking 3-5K under MSRP now.