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  1. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    I would not put any T-5 behind a 351. They just won’t last. I’d at least use a Tremec TKO 500/600.
  2. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    I’m a fan of McLeod’s products. It’s their twin disc setup I just put in the ‘65 and used their RXT line on both of my GT500’s in the past with no issues.
  3. Back in the game I guess..

    I drive mine daily. I’ve put about 18K miles on it in the past 12 months. I’m averaging about 16mpg, but can pull down 21-22mpg on the interstate.
  4. Back in the game I guess..

    You’d likely love it. I know I do mine.
  5. 2019 50th Anniversary Bullitt

    Lap1, Turn1
  6. Happy New Year All!!!

    Happy New Year!
  7. Random thought thread

    I was not. Transmission is out of the fastback while a new clutch goes in. Hasn’t seen the road in a couple of months.
  8. Random thought thread

    Congrats and welcome the classic Mustang club!
  9. Back in the game I guess..

    Congrats, Chris. What’s not to like, ZL1’s are beasts. I think you’d hate a ZL1 1LE as anything but a showpiece or track car.
  10. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    I have a 393W stroker in the '65, and it is a tight fit. It will not go under a stock hood and you'll need custom headers.
  11. Garage Purge

    Getting ready to purge the garage of misc car parts collected over the years. Going as a lot for $200. I'll post the list of items included in a few. No delivery, you must pick up. 1986 302 HO block Cloyes true roller double timing set for 5.0 Edelbrock tall aluminum valve covers 87-93 aluminum crank and water pump pulley set Holley 4150 carb elec choke 2000-04 Lightning driveshaft loop 2010-12 GT500 driveshaft loop 2007-2009 GT500 front splitter 2007-2008 GT500 rocker panels Set of 2010 GT500 stock mufflers Lots of stock front suspension parts for 65-66 Mustang (UCAs, LCAs, shocks) 65-66 chrome shock tower caps 65-66 chrome alternator (2) Stock 07-10 GT500 heat exchangers Lots of other stuff I won't list.
  12. Garage Purge

  13. Random thought thread

    Not sure you'd enjoy it. It's performance is awesome, but driving it anywhere but on a track will require kidney transplant surgery and new fillings 200 miles down a regular highway.
  14. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    351W is a tight fit, but it does fit. However, headers for application leave almost no extra working room.
  15. Drove the '65 today....

    So, despite needing an alignment, a new clutch and various other items, I took the '65 out for a little ride earlier today. I forgot how STIFF the clutch is in the car! Driving it has motivated me to get it to the point where it can be driven/cruised comfortably.
  16. Drove the '65 today....

    Auto? Blasphemy! No, we're sticking with the T56, but definitely changing out the clutch to one which requires less pedal effort. The current unit is a McLeod street twin intended for high HP applications and is overkill for the n/a setup in the car. Likewise, the cam profile is too aggressive, so the bumpstick will get swapped. From there, better braking and perhaps air conditioning.
  17. Drove the '65 today....

    Thanks, I'll let my wife know you think so!
  18. Union Hill tonight?

    Looks like good weather, anybody going to Union Hill tonight?
  19. Union Hill tonight?

    Congrats Matt!
  20. Union Hill tonight?

    If I go, I'll be in the Raptor. I'd just like to see what the little ttV6 can do in a 5600lb truck!
  21. Post your best slips and video!

    So close to the sevens. I hate when I'm so close to something but can't seem to break through. Get that 60ft down and you're there!