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  1. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    Now, if only a certain Camaro were to be able to make some passes before fall is over.....
  2. 2010 Camaro SS

    Hope you get it back soon.
  3. 2010 Camaro SS

    Any updates? Are you driving the car again?
  4. Good hardwood floor repair

    I checked the subfloor, and it is pristine. It is literally just the end of that one board. Neither of the adjacent boards show any signs of water intrusion.
  5. Good hardwood floor repair

    Anybody know a good company/person who could repair a bad board in my hardwood floor. For whatever reason, this one small area has rotted out near the door.
  6. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    We noticed this on my 2010 when Dynospeed was datalogging the stock setup at Memphis Motorspirts Park in preparation for the Hellrsiser setup. IIRC, the stock tune was pulling a few degrees of timing for a few seconds every time it went WOT. They were able to take this out with the tune and it made a world of difference.
  7. Random thought thread

    That “sales doesn’t matter” stuff is what gets regurgitated over on Camaro6, but as someone who has been is corporate sales his whole career, there is not a business where sales doesn’t matter. If the Camaro is shelved again, it will be because of sales, or lack thereof. And halo versions of both cars are made to drive sales of the lesser models. And it works.
  8. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    Are you still running the stock tune? If you are, there is torque management built in that you cannot get rid of, even if you turn off all the traction control stuff. A tuner can turn it off and it makes a huge difference, in my experience, at the track.
  9. Happy Birthday, Disney!

  10. For Sale: 1965 Mustang Fastback

    The floorpan has been like it is since 2004, so no immediate need. I’m away on business but can get some pics for you when I get back.
  11. Random thought thread

    Yeah, about that. The 850rwhp was on the 93 octane “safe” street tune. There was a “race” tune that increased boost and timing that hit four digits on the Dynospeed dyno. I never felt comfortable running that tune on the street though. At the end of the day, Matt’s car is capable of making a lot more power reliably that any Gen5 SS Camaro is, for all the reasons you listed. I hope you get your issues with the car straightened out so you can enjoy it. Otherwise, why have it?
  12. Random thought thread

    I took my stock internals/stock transmission/stock rear end 2010 GT500 from 475 rwhp to 850rwhp with the Hellraiser compound boost setup with only upgraded injectors, boost-a-pump and it drove like a factory car with zero issues up until I sold it a year and a half later.
  13. For Sale: 1965 Mustang Fastback

    Someone really needs to put this car in their garage. Serious offers considered.
  14. New to me ride