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  1. Demon carb tuners?

    Anyone know someone who could do a good job fine tuning a Demon carburetor? I have pretty close, but I’m no pro when it comes to tuning this particular unit.
  2. Drove the '65 today....

    I had forgotten about this thread, LOL. Here is an update on what took place over the past few months: 1. New McLeod RST twin disk clutch installed along with new flywheel. (Much easier on the left leg but plenty strong.) 2. TCP front adjustable coilover suspension installed along with GlobalWest tubular upper, tubular lower control arms and adjustable stabilizer bars. 3. CompCams HighEnergy 270 retrofit roller cam installed (replaced the 294 RF roller that was in the car. (I’m sure it lost some overall power as a result, but it is a much more street-friendly grind.) 4. After several years of being installed in the dash, I finally got around to wiring up the radio. Doubt it will get used much but at least you can have tunes if you want them. 5. New Michelin tires on all four corners replacing the 10+ year old BFG’s that have been on the car since we first got it running. Still great tread on them (only 4000 miles on the car since 2005, but I’m sure the integrity of the rubber was suspect.) Car is much more fun to drive now and handles/rides much better. I still need to track down some rattles in the car and retorque the headers once we’ve put a few miles on it, but these are things you always have to deal with in a 50+ year old car!
  3. Finally getting busy on Nathan's foxbody...

    Here’s the (almost completed) gauge setup in the car. Oh, and an initial startup!
  4. Dyno Day

    I’d expect low 8’s/high 7’s in the eighth with sticky tires in the ‘66.
  5. Dyno Day

    What’s the final count for the morning? Are we just meeting there at 9am?
  6. ‘65 is almost ready to come out of hibernation

    New rubber is on, so now it just needs an official alignment.
  7. Dyno Day

  8. NewER DD 2015 Mustang GT

    ‘03 ZL1? Or ‘13?
  9. ‘65 is almost ready to come out of hibernation

    It’s alive. Started right up with no issues. I need to re-examine the rockers though, as it seems to have a little slop in a couple of them. After that I’ll need to top of the fluids, check for leaks, put the hood back on and take it for a test drive.
  10. ‘65 is almost ready to come out of hibernation

    I went with GlobalWest upper/lower arms and adj. stabilizer bars along with VariShock adjustable coilovers.
  11. New suspension is in, motor is back in and new clutch installed. All that is left is rocker adjustment and exhaust reinstallation. Could be running by dyno day!
  12. Dyno Day

    I’m not a fan of drag radials on any dyno. I’ve seen more than one blow on the rollers.
  13. Dyno Day

    Looks like the coupe will not be ready in time for the May 12th dyno day. To keep the price at $75, I can always bring the Raptor and put it on the rollers.
  14. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    I won’t need a performance tune, but I have thought about having Taylor provide a “ghost cam” tune for the car. Here’s a clip of a stock coyote with one: Doesn’t do anything for performance but it sure would sound wicked. As for not showing up, the only way that would happen is if the coupe is not road ready/legal by that date.