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  1. 1 year, 1 month and 9 days later its home..

    Not true. Especially on a car like that. Other than window tint and a separate set of wheels/tires for it, it stayed in it's as-delivered form. Likewise wiht the Raptor. Maybe I'm just getting old or maybe the new cars factory performance is just that good.
  2. 1 year, 1 month and 9 days later its home..

    Iconic Silver. Nice!!
  3. For Sale: 2006 Ford Taurus SE

  4. For Sale: 2006 Ford Taurus SE

    Selling a 2006 Ford Taurus SE. Silver with grey cloth interior. 180K miles. Car belonged to my mother-in-law, who picked it up used about 3 years ago. Mechanically sound car, but this would I would recommend it only as a work beater. Paint is good (no clear coat lift) but has some minor dents and dings. Tires have decent tread on them, but the front right seems to have a slow leak. A/C is cold but sometimes the flapper will not direct air through the dash registers (blows up top/defrost). Could use an balance/alignment. $1,000
  5. Drill press

    Anybody have a drill press with a 9-10” swing (reach). Mine is too short to accomplish a project I am working on.
  6. Random thought thread

    I’m not a fan of the styling but love the mid-engine setup. The Z06 trim is going to be ridiculous.
  7. Random thought thread

    I’d be in.
  8. The Challenger is Home

  9. The Challenger is Home

    Thanks for bringing the car by today and letting me check it out. I can see why you’re in love with it.
  10. The virus

    Until there is a vaccine, or we build a herd immunity, it’s not going to stop spreading. The “shutdown” was to reduce the rate of infection, not prevent the contraction of the disease. It was an effort to prevent an overwhelming of our healthcare providers, not to reduce the mortality rate. This is an active disease. It will continue to spread regardless of whether we shut everything down or not. All we’ve done is slow down things, not prevent them.
  11. 2020 GT500. 1000+ rwhp w/boltons

    No. Just thought it was a great gain for so few mods.
  12. 2020 GT500 Longtubes E85 Injectors Throttlebody w/CAI Ported stock blower 1038 rwhp
  13. The virus

    Our. infectious disease protocols were put into effect back in early March and we’ve had 100% of our employees working from home since then.
  14. For Sale: 1965 Mustang Fastback

  15. For Sale: 1965 Mustang Fastback