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    I hate when someone creates a build thread that is rarely updated, so I'm making my own! Also, someone needs to fill the void in this sub-forum. I'm currently on track to install mundane mods on my STi so I feel more confident when passing left-lane lollygaggers (does that phrase mean something else?) on my daily work commute while maintaining speeds in which THP doesn't ticket (70-85 MPH). MODS PURCHASED: Blouch Dominator 1.5 XT-R turbo ETS top-mount intercooler To Be PURCHASED: Supporting mods (injectors, boost control, intake and exhaust stuff, etc.) Ringland failure prevention The plan is to buy all remaining parts this summer, install them, then have it tuned in middle-TN. I'll be happy if I can make 330 WHP on a Dyno Dynamics and we can laugh and joke about its imminent ringland failure. In an attempt to avoid ringland failure, I'm going by what I've found so far: Good-quality fuel--I typically stick to Shell or the top-tier brands (not ready to go E85 only) Install a catch can (air-oil separator) to prevent oil blow-by from recirculating and diluting the fuel mixture After-market exhaust manifolds apparently lower temps because they increase flow Proper tune (uhhh, duh?) Regular oil changes (check oil level every other week, don't let a modified Subaru go past 5k miles on oil) This is a picture of the car on the lift I'll be using: Insert this into your bay (it's not much, but it's all I've got): The site I've scoped to buy everything else from seems to have good holiday sales that result in significant savings for large orders; July 4th is probably the next major sale so I hope to be sweating my ass off in the garage some time between July and September 2019.

    I reckon after I hook up the Bully Dog I'm gonna go with a 6" exhaust piping to a 12" tip. We'll sell watermelons out of it in the summer. Also, I never considered E85 as an additive, guess I'd have to log after tuning to determine if it would be effective, but I'm hoping that the tuner knows what is safe for 93. If lowering exhaust temps helps, I'm wondering if I should go with an external wastegate since that would likely flow more than the internal gate. I'm going with an Invidia catted DP, but the cat sits close up enough to the turbo that an EWG could probably be routed back into the piping after the cat to spare me the noise but retain most of the benefit.

    I want to believe the ringland failure is more of a user error type issue, but pretty much what Ashley P said. A catch can or air-oil separator is recommended to prevent blow-by oil from recirculating back into the intake and reducing the fuel octane, a custom tune is recommended and an equal-length exhaust manifold is suggested to keep all cylinder temps consistent since one side typically runs hotter on the unequal-length manifolds. I know very little about tuning, but I get the impression that if ringland failure occurs because of detonation or high temps, how 'bout not tuning it too aggressively for what it is? User error? Anyway, if mine goes, I'll just buy a basic short block with upgraded pistons and rings and then have it tuned more aggressively. It might've been dumb luck that my last WRX is still running, but I think if I heed the warnings, follow the advice, and keep my oil topped off, I'll be fine.
  4. Cleaning out the garage. This stuff is in Murfreesboro, you come get it or I throw it away. 3/8" thick 4x8 sheet of particle board in great condition. I also have some scraps! Air conditioner service hoses, probably from when I was trying to get AC working on a 1988 Civic. Does not include assortment of women's shoes (barely seen below), but it might because I could probably throw some in and no one would know they were missing. ¬_¬ Jack pad for vehicles with pinch welds. The bottom diameter is 4". Searching part number ABN 0624 should get more details. Just remembered that I probably also have some heat wrap (I think DEI brand) and I know I have the spray to go along with it but the can felt a bit light. I'll need to check on what's left of that and update.
  5. Photobucket Fix
  6. Random thought thread

    Leaded fuel smells sweet, no problem with that, it's the daily driving with 93 that stinks.
  7. Random thought thread

    Watched that video, just remember emissions testing is going away, who doesn't need to have a standard ECU in their vehicle anymore? This guy. Then again, I think reflash tech may have come far enough to run built blocks in Subarus while retaining OEM ECU, though I'm not sure about that. Isn't VP110 leaded? Don't think I'm dumping all my cats, got tired of smelling exhaust.
  8. Here is one of those electric car mods

    Looks like it might be fun on a go-kart track.
  9. You're going to need those wings as a place to mount the radiators required to cool the electrical components that are gonna be at risk of getting fried because more than spec voltage is being pushed through them! I can see it now, this is the future of electric cars... I don't know anything about Winter Onederland.
  10. Definitely. That electricity is coming from somewhere, could be coal, could be hydro or solar, quite possibly a mix of the three. I saw something recently about how terrible those container ships are in regards to emissions; I just skimmed the information, but even I thought it was quite significant. If I could get 300-350 miles out of an electric vehicle, I could see it being reasonable as long as it was priced in line with gasoline vehicles, my fear is that they would no longer be fun, but by the time they take hold, I'll be too old to care about fun. If everyone drove XYZ electric car, drag racing would simply come down to milliseconds worth of driver response time on hitting the accelerator, then we would complain that there is lag in our electrical system that caused our pedal to react slower... not to self: be first on the market with EV sport grounding kit.
  11. Spoke too soon, still $2.49 for 87, now 3.29 for 93, went to another Shell close by and paid $3.13. New management up to old management's tricks.
  12. I would typically avoid the Shell station at the corner of Church and Middle Tennessee (near a Mapco and SunTrust Bank) because the 93 prices were higher than other stations, this past week I noticed the lights out after dark, thought they might have closed. I needed to get gas today, decided to go by and check their price and found that 93 was 0.30 higher than 87, it was $2.79 whereas most stations I've seen are asking around 3.19; perhaps ownership changed recently. Needless to say that I filled up, I didn't go in and ask, but I was wondering if it was still Shell gas; Shell labeling and documentation is still everywhere, so I'm guessing that ownership changed and they decided people weren't going to pay a premium for premium when other every other station within a few miles is selling 93 at a lower price.
  13. Ricer Jeeps on I-24

    I commute to work on I-24 west in the morning and there are two different Jeeps that have removed their perfectly functioning OEM headlights and replaced them with little LED strips that are great at shooting light everywhere, just like an HID retrofit kit in a 1992 Honda Civic's yellowed halogen headlight housing. GET WITH THE PROGRAM, why not stretch some under-sized tires over those rims, drop the rear a bit, and bolt a 6" diameter tip to the exhaust pipe.
  14. Eclipse

    I work near the Nashville zoo, the sun was unobstructed during the entire process when I started observing it around 11:20 AM; it was surreal. Did anyone else notice, an hour or so before totality, the lighting was weird? It's like we were in the shadow of the shadow; the sun was shining but there was a dark tint. While waiting for totality, I kept peeking out of my glasses until I could bare the light, the sky was dark blue and the light from the sun was a pure white white bleeding out from around the moon; being able to look straight at it was awesome. This is stuff people used to panic over hundreds of years ago because they didn't understand it.
  15. Catalina Wine Mixer Track Rental

    Only street tires on the STi... no go.
  16. Beech Bend Track rental in November

    It will need to be a cold day in hell before I get my stock junk to the track, a cold day on Earth would probably also work; I forgot how bad these stock intercoolers are in the heat. I'll go if Disney tows me.
  17. 2017 Subaru STi

    2017 Subaru STi
  18. 2018 ZL1 1LE Blitz Nurburgring in 7:16.04

    The Motor Trend YouTube channel really is great (worth disabling the ad blocker considering the quality of their content).
  19. Random thought thread

    I really like the STi, it just needs more power, so I've been putting together a list of parts and it looks like I need to start aggressively saving money. I figured you must get used to the visibility, the B pillar in the STi is a bid wider than the old WRX and the wing is basically a D pillar, so it's more difficult to use my peripheral vision when changing lanes. I didn't think about traction control in those vehicles. Every so often my traction control light flashes, I've never turned it off so I don't know how much it's helping. Does the Camaro still stay planted fairly well without traction control?
  20. Random thought thread

    I purchased the STi January of this year, since then I've thought about what other sports cars I could have bought for a similar price; the Camaro is powerful, but I hear that the visibilit is terrible, the Focus RS has a stupid dealer markup, then there's the Mustang GT base model, I could possibly go with that, but I would probably end up in a YouTube video driving it into a crowd. I finally tell myself that I'm better off with a lower-powered AWD vehicle to keep myself from doing anything too stupid.
  21. Bought a 2017 STi

    Had my WRX for sale for about 2.5 weeks before I started looking at new cars with no intention of having the WRX sold anytime soon; I started looking at new cars Wednesday of last week, decided what I wanted by Thursday night, had two serious buyers talking to me Friday afternoon, one of which drove a couple hundred miles to look and then purchase the car Saturday afternoon. Sunday afternoon I picked up a new 2017 STi. I was really thinking I was going to pick up another WRX until I drove one. I remember when my '03 WRX was stock, you could slightly hear the engine, the clutch felt good, the transmission was notchy, the suspension... left a bit to be desired... understeer was always a problem since I never replaced the sway bars, it was fast but the turbo ran out of steam in the upper RPMs. 2015-up WRXs use a newer 2.0L direct injection engine with a twin-scroll turbo, I go in thinking that a twin-scroll turbo should broaden the power band but I'm concerned about carbon buildup due to direct injection. This is what turned me off of a WRX: - Carbon buildup is a problem on these, I'd have to remove the EGR system to alleviate that (I'd rather not have to tamper with a new car) - Power band is narrow; sluggish throttle response at higher RPMs. You get this huge torque spike at 2-3k RPMs and it's all downhill from there. - Shifter felt too mushy - Clutch engaged too late although I think that can be adjusted - Absolutely too quiet, no engine/exhaust noise audible in the vehicle I didn't take the WRX far so I'm not sure about how well it handles, it didn't feel terribly soft or floaty but I didn't test it for understeer. The WRX is basically the car your mom buys because she wants something speedy but not noisy or rugged. After driving the '17 WRX, I drove home in my '03 WRX feeling confident that my engine was still very healthy and how nice it was to be able to have a decent throttle response well past 4k RPMs. When I got home, I called the my salesman and told him I was coming back the next day to drive an STi. Everything I liked about the STi is the opposite of what I wrote above about the WRX. - Same ol' 2.5L engine they've been using for years, but I don't need to worry about carbon buildup - Throttle feels responsive throughout the RPM range, enough so that there's no need to downshift while passing on the interstate - Shifter feels notchy enough to know where you're stickin' it - Clutch engages soon after releasing the pedal - Enough noise for what you would expect from a stock exhaust on a sports car I'm still getting used to the handling since it appears to be well-balanced; I've tested it for understeer and, while I'm turning the wheel and applying throttle, it seems to want to actually turn instead of go straight so that's a good sign. Overall, I'm very happy with the car and I'm very excited to be able to open the garage door using a button on the mirror. The wing is a bit extreme but I've gotten used to it.
  22. Bought a 2017 STi

    I'm more excited to run a WRX than a Camaro, that Camaro should be able to put up a good fight, I don't want a fight.
  23. Bought a 2017 STi

    Just curious, what is the cost and do they require helmets for everything? For some reason, I'm under the impression that some tracks have changed rules that require helmets for all runs now days.
  24. Bought a 2017 STi

    Don't know if I'll do it on the 3rd, but I've been thinking about it. This thing takes off so easily, if I can just make that 2-3 shift, I could probably get a decent time.