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  1. Is this anyone here? I was wondering why a vette would be filling up with E85 until I saw this popping out of the hood. He's from Woodbury, I talked to him about ethanol content at various stations and he correctly assumed that I was using a Cobb AccessPort to monitor mine.
  2. The virus

    That's funny. People forget how old they are and that there could be a legitimate, working-age person well into their 20's named "Tupac Shakur" because their momma loved Tupac.
  3. DDR3 RAM

    Bad news: It's 16GB (2×8GB) DDR4, two of these: I do have a 6GB (3×2GB) set of DDR3 designed for triple-channel boards but could probably be put in any board with 4 slots. Bummer.
  4. DDR3 RAM

    Alright, might have some by Monday if my co-worker remembered to grab it. Free for the takin'.
  5. DDR3 RAM

    Laptop or desktop? I have 4×2 PC3-10600 for a laptop at home, I have desktop RAM (pretty sure it's DDR3, probably 4×2) in my desk at work that I might be able to get by Monday.
  6. Any places around middle TN that you guys would recommend for ceramic coating exhaust manifolds?

    We'll certainly have to coordinate something. I'm not expecting anything spectacular but I'm wondering if a helmet is required now days. I remember 11's being helmet territory, but thought I heard about rules getting stricter.

    This is all I've got. Dyno Dynamics at 5th Gear Automotive in Hermitage, stock puts down ~220 for these cars. They're not comfortable going past this on the stock block and I'm fine with that. This is every bolt-on and running E85 (sensor was showing ~62% ethanol while tuning).

    I don't even know. I just want more power and more noise. Won't be going any faster than 12's.

    Going to get this thing rolling within the next two weeks, probably just a K&N air filter and a GM flex fuel sensor; all other mods are top secret. If I can put down at least 330 WHP I'll pee myself a little. +1000 street cred to Disney, who was able to accurately identify these clamps as Oetiker-brand clamps with only a crappy cell phone pic ('OET 19.5' stamped). This is the kind of stuff they put on PEX hoses, apparently they put 'em on Subarus as well. I imagine I'll be grinding at these with the Dremel to weaken them before I pop 'em loose since they're crimped on with no release mechanism.
  11. How much does your car weigh?

    I'm FAT! Finally stopped by the Murfreesboro co-op. My last WRX came in at 3080 on this scale; about 1/4 tank of gas on both vehicles at the time of weighing. Full tank would probably put it around the curb weight I've seen online (3390).
  12. Silent but deadly

    I finally replaced all of my smoke detectors in February because I'd get some false alarms on mine (a couple continued to beep without a battery while disconnected during replacement!), probably originals from 2004 when the house was built. I bought a 6-pack from Lowe's, it wasn't expensive because they're just smoke alarms. It sounds like each of yours also detect CO, which brings the price up significantly. I have gas heat, a ventless gas fireplace, and would like to eventually have a gas stove; I should probably find out if I can replace a couple of the smoke-only detectors with smoke+CO units. I imagine that, since they're wired together, if CO trips one unit, then all units would go off since the wiring is very simple.

    I reckon after I hook up the Bully Dog I'm gonna go with a 6" exhaust piping to a 12" tip. We'll sell watermelons out of it in the summer. Also, I never considered E85 as an additive, guess I'd have to log after tuning to determine if it would be effective, but I'm hoping that the tuner knows what is safe for 93. If lowering exhaust temps helps, I'm wondering if I should go with an external wastegate since that would likely flow more than the internal gate. I'm going with an Invidia catted DP, but the cat sits close up enough to the turbo that an EWG could probably be routed back into the piping after the cat to spare me the noise but retain most of the benefit.

    I want to believe the ringland failure is more of a user error type issue, but pretty much what Ashley P said. A catch can or air-oil separator is recommended to prevent blow-by oil from recirculating back into the intake and reducing the fuel octane, a custom tune is recommended and an equal-length exhaust manifold is suggested to keep all cylinder temps consistent since one side typically runs hotter on the unequal-length manifolds. I know very little about tuning, but I get the impression that if ringland failure occurs because of detonation or high temps, how 'bout not tuning it too aggressively for what it is? User error? Anyway, if mine goes, I'll just buy a basic short block with upgraded pistons and rings and then have it tuned more aggressively. It might've been dumb luck that my last WRX is still running, but I think if I heed the warnings, follow the advice, and keep my oil topped off, I'll be fine.

    I hate when someone creates a build thread that is rarely updated, so I'm making my own! Also, someone needs to fill the void in this sub-forum. I'm currently on track to install mundane mods on my STi so I feel more confident when passing left-lane lollygaggers (does that phrase mean something else?) on my daily work commute while maintaining speeds in which THP doesn't ticket (70-85 MPH). MODS PURCHASED: Blouch Dominator 1.5 XT-R turbo ETS top-mount intercooler To Be PURCHASED: Supporting mods (injectors, boost control, intake and exhaust stuff, etc.) Ringland failure prevention The plan is to buy all remaining parts this summer, install them, then have it tuned in middle-TN. I'll be happy if I can make 330 WHP on a Dyno Dynamics and we can laugh and joke about its imminent ringland failure. In an attempt to avoid ringland failure, I'm going by what I've found so far: Good-quality fuel--I typically stick to Shell or the top-tier brands (not ready to go E85 only) Install a catch can (air-oil separator) to prevent oil blow-by from recirculating and diluting the fuel mixture After-market exhaust manifolds apparently lower temps because they increase flow Proper tune (uhhh, duh?) Regular oil changes (check oil level every other week, don't let a modified Subaru go past 5k miles on oil) This is a picture of the car on the lift I'll be using: Insert this into your bay (it's not much, but it's all I've got): The site I've scoped to buy everything else from seems to have good holiday sales that result in significant savings for large orders; July 4th is probably the next major sale so I hope to be sweating my ass off in the garage some time between July and September 2019.