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  1. GT500 6R80 Swap

    Waiting on the ecm and abs module to get back from PBH. I bought a fore return system and lund tuned it. Id1300x injectors and e85 also i need to get a trans cooler and driveshaft and i should be ready to swap it
  2. New to me ride

    I tried the 2" seat track extenders and still didnt have enough room. I ended up making my own out of c channel, and a few minutes on the mill. Much stiffer than the aftermarket bar stock option and a moved the seat back a full 4"
  3. GT500 6R80 Swap

    Awesome! Quick6 or coyote ecm? any tips?
  4. New to me ride

    Rotating assembly, holley single plane, holley double pumper, 1974 block, 282xe hyd roller, edelbrock perf rpm alum heads Pretty standard old engine build it appears
  5. New to me ride

    Absolutely, these cars dont have a ton of room. Being 6’6 doesnt help me at all either lol
  6. New to me ride

    These are only 1/4" rise, however since on an angle thats higher in the front than the rear it actually doesnt add any height with seat in rearmost position
  7. New to me ride

    1966 GT350 clone Built 351W 5 speed etc Mods in progress: Seat track extenders joined_video_355ed187172249ba89061b420cff0e73.MP4
  8. For Sale: 1965 Mustang Fastback

    Not yet, its just outside of my current budget.
  9. GT500 6R80 Swap

    Make sure you are depressing the clutch enough to get full disengagement, Ive never lifted on the accelerator pedal when racing and not had an issue yet other than breaking rear ends, axles, diffs, etc. Some people claim the WOT box helps tremendously, luckily mine never has had an issue.
  10. GT500 6R80 Swap

    I remember that like it was yesterday LOL
  11. GT500 6R80 Swap

    Never had an issue with shifting, the oem clutch died, and i replaced it with a spec which i hate, its very off/on The car is pretty basic as far as mods go 2011 SVTPP 13 TVS 13 Injectors 2.4 Pulley JLT Carbon Fiber intake Ford Racing Dual TB KB BAP ARH Long Tubes and Off Road H Spec CLutch MGW Shifter BMR Suspension Moser M88 Rear Viking double adj rear shocks 3990Lbs Tuned by Alex Flores/YOLODouchbag
  12. GT500 6R80 Swap

    10.30s @ 136-137
  13. GT500 6R80 Swap

    Most people are picking up .5-1.0s in the 1/4. And to quit breaking everything behind the transmission.
  14. GT500 6R80 Swap

    Progress so far, lift installed in shop and shelby installed on lift... most likely start on it the week before NMRA as usual lol
  15. For Sale: 1965 Mustang Fastback

    PM sent