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  1. Ford Coyote Engine Swap Guide

    Haven't found one yet, but I am always looking. Been focused on winter upgrades for the '91 tho.
  2. 159 OLD HWY 7 SOUTH, HOLLY SPRINGS, MS. 38635 we are located off hwy 78 (future I - 22 ) at exit 30 3/4 mile south on old hwy 7 Weekdays Call TRACK MANAGER Terry 901-830-0179 Track phone 662-252-5600 E-MAILjabbo2622@hotmail.com
  3. We are racing. Just seeing whom might make it
  4. New best 1/8th mile......

    Unfortunately, no logging on backpressure :-( Just have an old school Classic FAST fuel injection. I believe we are seeing just at 29 pounds thru the lights @ 23 degrees total timing.
  5. New best 1/8th mile......

    Engine is 400 9.2 deck SBF. T6 flange turbo. The turbo is a large frame billet 85mm. Same with the 88mm, large frame billet turbo. I can agree with your rationale. But in running the 85 and 88, we have found that the BP is reasonable running a 1.3 AR. The smaller turbos allow for a little less HP at the same boost early in the run (60ft) so we dont blow the tires off and yet maintain the boost level at 100ft and out. With the 106, we have to leave at a much lower boost level because too much and it smokes the tires. And having to leave at such lower boost levels, it takes longer to get the 106 spun up to get it actually making the larger boost numbers further into the run. The 85 and 88 have no problems making the power, MPH, and steam on the back 330. We are focusing on the 60ft and front 330 now to lower the ET
  6. New best 1/8th mile......

    Yes. First 4 sec pass. 275 MT. 106 turbo. We are going to pull the 106 off and go with either the 85 or 88. The 106 is so lazy in 60ft it is hurting 1/8th mile times. The 106 would be more for 1/4
  7. New best 1/8th mile......

    Holly Springs this past Sunday.
  8. Ford Coyote Engine Swap Guide

    Yes sir. Going to do a complete TCI front and rear suspension change, coil overs in the front and rear, that eliminate the shock towers. Will allow for the Coyote to have clearance. It wont be anything but just the stock coyote horsepower, but it will be a **** nice, comfortable cruiser.
  9. Ford Coyote Engine Swap Guide

    I am looking to do a coyote in my '67 coupe. If anyone hears of a coyote that comes up for sale, the harness, and a AT that can go behind it.(Namely a wrecked or salvage mustang being parted out) let me know. Looking for a donor car. Thinking about doing the complete interior swap as well on it. Restomod on steroids. Complete S197 car in a '67 body
  10. Tennesspeed

    Wow. Glad I didn't warrant response on that post.
  11. What's up Phukers!!!!

    Wow Reef!!! Been a while!!!
  12. What's up Phukers!!!!

    We never could get a peak HP number due to it smoking the tires on the dyno once the boost came in. Highest we saw before spinning was just north of 2000. ET remains to be seen as we are dialing in the new coil over rear suspension.
  13. What's up Phukers!!!!

    It is a 400 CID. We have the option of running a 85mm, 88mm, and 106mm turbo depending on what we are racing.
  14. What's up Phukers!!!!

    Yes that is the correct picture. Thanks for posting my friend
  15. Good luck Mike. Be sure to post up some results, pics, videos!!!