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  1. NMCA is Back in Bowling Green in 2015

    You mean next year.. ba doom tsh
  2. Ken Block - 65 mustang 4x4

    It reminds me of driving the Suzuki Escudo in some video game 13 years ago.
  3. Ken Block - 65 mustang 4x4

    As much as I want to hate this garbage, I'm just jealous and would love to be able to drive all the toys he has access to.
  4. 2.0 Ecoboost Mustang: Project Ugly Horse

    A good friend of mine has an Ecoboost Cobra project. He's written a few SA books on fuel injection and has been part of our Power Tour group for the last few years if that helps with the credibility.
  5. Drove a 2015 GT

    I'm a fan. I'll hang on to my 2011 GT for a while, though. Not enough differences to justify the price increase. I'll be honest. At that price point, I'm looking at used C6 Z06s before I'm eyeballing Mustang GTs.
  6. Ye old penis wheels. The wheels on that GT500 look like garbage. Did they steal them from Memphis?
  7. Sn95 5.0 Build...aka best thread on the board

    My take on all this is that I bought what amounts to what's now called a "top end kit" before they were called top end kits. It consisted of TFS heads, TFS Track Heat intake, stage 1 cam, 24 lb injectors, new lifters, roller rockers, etc. When you realize how much those TFS intake choke an engine, you'll steer away from it. The Edelbrock RPM II intake makes a lot more power for almost the same money. If I knew then what I know now, and I had a stock 302 short block to work with, I'd step up to some AFR 185s, an RPM II intake, a custom cam (or research other combos with the same components as you want to use, and use the cam that makes the best power for your application), a Lightning MAF meter, custom tune, and go from there. Easy, fun 400 horsepower with zero drivability problems.
  8. Man. I know that's supposed to be impressive, but is it bad that I've gotten so used to newer cars making an easy 6-700 horsepower than anything less than a mid-10 at 130+ without smashing into the wall isn't impressive anymore? I think it's because it used to take effort to get there. Now any ******* with a credit card can bolt on a blower, slicks, a few other do-dads, pay some guy 1000 miles away to email a tune and it there's your 10 second ET. It does make me happy that speed is easy now, but as far as being impressed by a new car going fast, that's not going to happen. It's part of the reason I've kept my fox body and have my Fairlane. Do some real work to get to those quick ET's and fast times. That's what is impressive.
  9. Ford to move to 10 Speed Automatic Transmissions

    The primary goal with this many gears is fuel economy and efficiency. The more gears you have, the more you can keep the engine RPM in its most efficient area. There is more shifting, but the close ratios keep the engine from having large drops in rpm when upshifting, which with less gears causes more fuel to be burned to get the engine RPM up to the transmission's next shift point. I'd rather just have a manual.
  10. That price though - $50k 800hp Supra

    Perfect for 12.4s @ 130mph.
  11. Ford to move to 10 Speed Automatic Transmissions

    Aka the 10-assed Monkey.
  12. Body Shop

    DIP IT Y0!!!!!!!
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