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  3. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    17x8 Torque Thrust II's with BFG Sport Comp 2's, 245 rear 225 front ( I can get the entire size if you want after work) The fronts are the standard offset for most 60's mustangs (4.5?) and the rears are either 5.5 or 5.75 to accommodate for the stock width Fox 8.8. Im going to cut it down the the correct width one day, sell the rears and buy a set of 17x7's in the correct backspacing, put them on the front and the ones currently on the front in the rear and learn my lesson about getting in a hurry and not cutting down the rear to fit in the first damned place LOL Matt
  4. ANOTHER UPDATE 2017: The Inline has been pulled and an Exploder 302 will take its place. The new direction starts on page 37 and carries on from there. As of 2017, The inline was pulled and sold locally to live on under the hood of another Mustang. The new setup consists of: Explorer 302 with P heads TFS Stage 1 Cam New springs and seals JBA mid length headers Megasquirt EFI done by Disney Thought Ide toss up the latest on the old 66. Ill dig up some older pics from the beginning for those who may not be familiar with the car, but heres the latest. UPDATED Summer 2015. Changes listed in red. 1966 Mustang Coupe "Sprint" package 200 ci inline six BONE stock pistons, rods and crank Now .040 bored stock block, custom RaceTech Pistons, stock rods and cranks 292 cam (oooold) Ed Curtis custom cam BIG log 250 head with valve springs for cam, milled for 2V carb direct mount Aussie 250-2V head and intake Holley 2300 500cfm carb by QuickFuel for blow thru Custom Header TE44 turbo Front mount intercooler 3" downpipe split to 2.5" pipes to Flowmaster 40s WorldClass T5 Custom steel driveshaft from Dave's 8.8 with 3.55 gears from Fox Grab a trac 4 lead, mid eye rear springs with 1" lowering blocks New stock front springs with 1.5 coils cut Shelby 1" UCA drop Unisteer Rack and Pinion 17x8 TT2 245 BFG Sports Im sure Im missing a bunch of stuff but you get the jist of it. The carb needs a TON of work and is about to be rebuilt, but she runs SUPER rich at the moment. I put it on Carma's dyno and initially put down an EARTH shattering 151 rwhp LOL. The A/F was off the chart rich (8:1ish) so they did a little tweaking, dropped the jets down to the lowest ones my Holley jet kit had which was only 2 sizes lower than what was already in it and gave it another go. This time the A/F was right around the 9:1 area and she picked up a TON, layin down 243 rwhp but the torque was in the low 300s. Ide love to find someone who can get this carb where it needs to be and see what she's capable of then!!! Oh, and all this was on 20psi with the old 2.5" crush bent downpipe and no mufflers, stock rear end with 2.73 gears. Now with the new exhaust and gears, 15psi feels stronger than 20 ever did!!! Back when I first put this setup together, on a different dyno (which may be where the difference in numbers truely lies) on the smaller stock turbo she put down more HP but less torque, would love to get this sucker tweaked and see what the new setup is worth. Took her to Gatlinburg this past weekend for Shade of the Past which was an adventure in itself. 4th year goin, but the old Mustang put up a fight. She has a bad vibration around 70mph and when you let off the gas it gets really bad which seems to point to a bad U-joint, and then after foolin around showin off a bit she ran like *** and almost made me think I wouldnt be gettin her home lol. She would idle fine, but if you tried to get rolling it wouldnt go, you had to floor the hell out of it and slip the clutch. Once you got movin she would run fine so long as I kept the vac around the 5in-0in area, and she ran awesome with a couple psi boost. I put some fresh gas in and she came back around on the way home but I suspect somethin else is up. ANYways, she at least looked and sounded pretty good! Here are a couple of the few shots I got. Crappy shot, but this was the first time these two cars have been together since highschool...FINALLY we were both able to get the old girls out for the weekend. In the morning after a bit of rain Notice anything similar between the two? Thats all I got, she did make it home and now its time to tear her apart and figure out whats up. New Ujoints are on the way along with a carb rebuild kit and a new balancer. After that I will see about gettin the carb tuned! Matt
  5. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    Meant to do this a while back but then the Photobucket BS went down. Here are some other shots from the Mustang 6 Association's 6 banger show. This show somewhat solidified the gut feeling that it was time to move on from the little six. Like posted before, she ran great all the way there, looked great while there and attracted a ton of attention. The ride home wasnt so hot but thats ok, its in the past. Anyways, on to the pics. This picture was posted in the M6A's monthly news letter and was the only pic they got of my car at the show if I remember correct. Then a buddy of mine followed us up there and snapped these shots before he (wisely) ditched us to go to the BIG show going on downtown. Had I known what I know now, we woulda bolted shortly after them and joined them. Thats ok tho, we made the best of it! Then, quite some time later, someone pointed out to me that Ford Performance had posted an article on their website about the show and the little six was mentioned and had a couple pictures included! Link to the article: http://performance.ford.com/enthusiasts/quick-look/2017/09/mustang-6-association-hosts-six-banger-party-.html Cool way to end an era tho. I wont get any notice with the new setup BUT I will (hopefully) be driving the SNOT out of it as often as possible and Ide much rather that than some small time attention here and there whenever I happen to feel like getting it running right enough to take out again. Moving on! Matt
  6. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    Both sides are done, pain in the rear! I dont envy 351/stock shock tower guys AT ALL!!! @JRANGER you should come see what I mean (forget...are you modding/removing the shock towers?) There is room, but barely and the driver side header makes getting to the rear 2 plugs a massive pain. The two straight plug wire boots ended up being a shade too deep/long before they "clicked" on the plug. Cut them down slightly when adding the heat covers and they are much less of a pain. The entire passenger side is super close to the tower and it makes getting the plug wire on the plug a bit of a pain as well. I would love to update the suspension down the road for better ride quality and safety...but the thought of shaving (or at least modding) the towers to allow more room add to the appeal. Shes as together as I can get it at this stage and cleaned up from all the dust/grime/hand prints etc and ready to go to the next and final stage of the swap. Wired up, fired up and tuned to perfection...cant wait! Matt
  7. 65 Coupe to Fastback "Phoenix"

    Heck no you dont. Maybe whenever you get the 66 from me Ill come over and paint some stuff...you know...take advantage of your well ventilated, spacious work place! Matt
  8. 65 Coupe to Fastback "Phoenix"

    Yeah I hear ya! My smaller 2 car gets smelly quick with the door closed. It gets that way with the door and windows open lol. Keep the updates coming! Matt
  9. Random thought thread

    Yep, similar findings back when I did the maths. I dropped down to the 13ish mpg range vs 17-19 with 93 so I would have to fill up quite a bit more often but it was worth it to me, especially when the track was open. Im back on 93 now just so I dont have to make the trip out of my way to get gas with it being as hectic as it is, but when things calm down a tad and especially when the warmer weather comes back Ill be back on the corn for sure! Matt
  10. 2010 Camaro SS

    GET ON IT! Matt
  11. 65 Coupe to Fastback "Phoenix"

    Im extremely interested to see how it all looks in primer and then paint. Ive never seen that kit on a 65/66 in person. Matt
  12. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    Ok, now I dont have to worry bout whether the plug boots/wires are gonna flop over and burn up. Im going over the top and booting up all 8 while Im at it, tho truthfully the only 2 that I was worried about were the rear driver side. Gonna do the other side tomorrow, put the intake back on and then give it one more once over. Might try to clean it up a bit while waiting for a spot to clear up in Disney's shop. Matt
  13. 65 Coupe to Fastback "Phoenix"

    Heck yeah! Would love to see more progress on it! Matt
  14. Tuning LS3 for E85

    OH, one other thing. Once you go full E85 you may notice the motor takes longer to fire up on cold starts. Not sure if you will or wont but on the Coyote that is the case for anyone running E, especially in colder months. Im back on 93 for the cold months and it fires up instantly again but I remember wondering what was wrong the first real cool morning that mine took a couple more turns to fire. Dont panic, its normal. Matt
  15. Tuning LS3 for E85

    Lund Racing did my flex fuel and E85 only tunes. My first experience with tuning over email etc and they have been great. On the ST I just ran the latest updates to Cobb's canned tunes and they were ok but I knew it was a couple revisions from being just right but didnt want to pay for it. Knowing what I know now, I woulda done it in a heartbeat. Matt
  16. Tuning LS3 for E85

    You are not crazy at least about it running quieter and possibly smoother. There is a noticeable difference for me when I switch between 93 and E85 in the exhaust itself. On 93 it crackles and pops between shifts and on decel alot more and it sounds louder in general. E85 is almost like stealth mode. It will let out a bang between shifts from time to time on E but its nowhere near as often as on 93. Also, the GT may not may much more power WOT on E85 but I can definitely feel it driving around town, stop light to stop light and in the middle of the power band for sure. Matt
  17. Little Miss Raceall

    WOOHOOO!!! Congrats! Matt
  18. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    Truth! Ive learned my lesson and this car deserves some time and attention. I want this to go together nice, look nice, run nice and be nice to work on down the road when it's time for maintenance or a road side fix. Then maybe I can move my attention elsewhere and fix some of the shoddy "quick fixes" I've done in the past. Matt
  19. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    Plug wires are finished up. Ended up making them out of the left over ends from a universal kit that I bought for the 66 a while back. Bought some LS ends for the coils and 45* ends for the plugs. Because of the header design on the driver side I ended up keeping the straight ends on the 2 wires I didnt touch from the kit. I will be adding some plug boot protectors to keep them alive just in case. Nothing too exciting, but looks good for what it is. Matt
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  21. 2010 Camaro SS

    Whenever I switch to E85 from 93 I can tell it is making its way to the engine finally by watching the AFR. On E it drops to around 10:1 and then when I switch back it pops back up to the 14's. I usually fill up at the same place and hit the highway home and its kinda fun to watch it slowly start dropping or raising the AFR while cruising along. You will LOVE E85 once you get the car really dialed in to take full advantage of it! Matt
  22. Random thought thread

    Yep. Its the way it goes...or as Mastodon says "the curl of the burl" Im not in a stage of my life to have the cash to keep trading up in order to keep up just yet and Im having a ton of fun with about the same power from a bolt-on/tune car so Ill have to watch them all go by me as the years go on and power increases. One day maybe Ill be able to get the GT500 Ive always wanted and not care what either do...or maybe Ill supercharge this car and do the same. I dunno. Fun to see tho for sure! Matt
  23. Project *Name My Project*

    Im ready tonight. See you around 6? 7? Holler for my address. Matt
  24. Project *Name My Project*

    LOL Matt
  25. Random thought thread

    So ugly...but damn thats good stuff. Thats bolt-on/tune territory for the 15+ guys!!! Ive not seen one in person, and thats how the 15+ grew on me but I did see some modded 18's (at SEMA maybe?) that looked alot better than I expected. Simple drop and some wheels might be all they need to look ok. Matt