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  1. This screams YOU, John C.!

    Kid in my old neighborhood got one and first time I saw it I immediately thought the same thing! JohnC would love it! Matt
  2. Random thought thread

    LOL Matt
  3. Random thought thread

    Ive only recently discovered those guys and honestly like em. Bringing back some oldschool sound never hurt nobody! Matt
  4. Random thought thread

    Only one way to find out!!!! Matt
  5. Q50 HSA

    Heck yeah man sucker is putting the power down! You should bring it to the Hill and ruin the bracket racing eliminations! Would love to see what kinda mph its got in it! Matt
  6. 2010 Camaro SS

    For real! Too bad itll be another couple weeks till the converter is in then who knows how long till it will be installed. Fingers crossed it all comes together quick...and correctly this go around. Matt
  7. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    Not bad for stock power and minor fidling out back!!! Itll have to stay this way for a bit but when some mod money frees up Ide like to give it a little more motorvation down the track. Im killing much faster cars out of the hole and barely getting caught at the stripe. Would like to kill em on both ends! Im having fun tho thats for sure and am already looking forward to next week. Matt
  8. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    Well...I couldnt wait any longer. Plan was to buy this sucker on my Bday (Oct 25) then hit the Blue Ridge Pkwy that weekend for a fun weekend trip. There was literally 1 optioned out perfectly the way I woulda ordered it from Ford and they were in a hurry to get rid of it meaning I got a half decent deal out of the mix. Friend of mine had it transfered to her dealership and the rest is history!!! Specs: 2013 Focus ST with ST2 package 2.0T (TINY K03 turbo) 6speed manual Tangerine Scream Charcoal/Smoke Partial leather Recaro seats Sunroof, MyFordTouch w/ Nav and Dualzone are added options Love this car to DEATH already. Managed to clock 33mpg on the way home taking it easy on her so she wont hurt the wallet too bad when in Eco-mode and when you smack the throttle this little suckers got some balls! Not entirely up to date on torquesteer and how to drive around it so Ill need to learn but otherwise Im diggin it. Smooth, rides nice, handles better than most cars on the road and is super economical when you want it to be. I like how you can drive around town and NEVER see and single psi of boost thanks to the torque and you never have to shift out of 6th when cruising to pass or get back to speed, just give it some throttle and the little turbo comes to life getting you where you need to be! Perfect blend of reliable/responsible/economical and FUN. Never in a million years would I ever imagine owning a yellow car but this color really stood out to me in person so no regrets there either! Look forward to seein how she does down the road! Matt
  9. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    Ah I see what your saying. I can try it next time out if I think about it! Im launching the same as I did on the 2015 GT and after looking at the runs I datalogged the last time I took it out I realized Im sitting at 5K but rpms spiked to close to 6500 rpm before the rpm dropped drastically (clutch engaging). Im sure Im doing what your saying without really thinking about it, just in the timing of it all. When I get to the point of getting a tuner for the car Ill datalog and see what is actually going on. Matt
  10. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    Nope, in fact it was fresh on my mind on the twisty backroads leading to the track. With 50psi in the front tires and the rear bars in the middle hole...it was...interesting. BUT I got used to it and on the way home with the fronts down to normal pressure it wasnt bad enough to cause any unwanted issues. The gear whine is obnoxiously loud so thats literally my only complaint now. If we take the car out to cruise backroads or do a road trip any time soon Ill likely put the stock lowers back in and itll be just fine and would take maybe an hour to do tops. For DD status its fine and the gear whine is only from 60-80mph so around town its not noticeable. As for a WOT dump, Im pretty danged close at 5K as 6200ish is limiter. Ill bump it up a little at a time next time out and see if it helps or hurts...or breaks LOL Matt
  11. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    Thanks guys! Felt GREAT! Car hasnt felt this sorted off the line since I started running it and I was extremely glad to see it not only reflected on the time slip but consistently as well! If it keeps up over the next couple weeks then Ill start looking at minor bolt-ons and see if I can whittle away at the ET's! Matt
  12. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    FINALLY some results! The cooler air and better DA (roughly 2295 according to airdensityonline at the time) brought a TON of people so by the time I made it thru the traffic at the gates and got the car set up I was at the back of a very long line in the lanes and had missed out on the first round of TNT runs. In the end I got three runs before I was eliminated and packed up to head home. Run 1: 7.50 at 93.75 with a 1.63 60ft. NEW PB (ever)! Tires were at 15psi cold, about 16.5 after the run, launched at 5K and it HOOKED. Run 2: 7.56 at 92.95 with a 1.67 60ft. Dropped the tires back down to about 15.5psi and launched between 4700-5000 and it spun out of the hole. Sun was in my eyes and I couldnt see the tach so I hit limiter on 2-3 shift and got beat by a heads cam auto 5th gen ZL1 that trapped 99 mph by .0522. Run 3: 7.59 at 93.35 with a 1.65 60ft. Tires at 15psi, launched at 5K again and it bogged ever so slightly. I would have liked to get a couple more runs but all 3 runs were in the 1.6x 60 and 7.5x range so Im not complaining at all! I checked the tires after and neither one moved even in the slightest! Between that and dropping the lowers to the middle hole, Im where I want to be on the launch FINALLY!!!! Matt
  13. Random thought thread

    Ill be there as well. Look forward to seeing what you think of the Mantic! Matt
  14. 2010 Camaro SS

    You will still have plenty of time to hotlap it during the slower (attendance wise) hotter nights and have enough seat time to be able to click off a hero pass when the air gets cooler and the DA gets lower! Oh wait...its an auto duh. Seat time wont be as helpful as a nice set of sticky tires! Matt
  15. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    No its stock height. It just squats so danged hard that I was hoping that maybe adjusting the rear arm angle would help. If not, I can move them back up and go back to dialing in my launch to get it consistent and then have fun from there. Matt
  16. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    Lowers are now in the middle hole and ready to go. On the test drive it felt like it had more forward bite for sure and adversely handles like complete ass in the turns as to be expected. If this works I'll keep it this way till the season is over OR I decide to take it to the Dragon or Blue ridge and I'll switch it back. Was really quick to do. Hopefully the weather holds out for Tues and it's a dry, slightly cooler evening! Matt
  17. 2010 Camaro SS

    So how the frick did that happen? What's he think? Matt
  18. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    Took a moment this evening and took the air out of both tires and got the beads freed up from the wheels. I then scuffed up the wheel lips with some course sand paper, cleaned them up and coated them and the tire beads themselves with some Permatex High Tack. What a mess. Took some doing but was able to get the beads to seat again and cleaned up my mess. We'll see what happens there. I'm going to drop the lowers one more hole next and then see if it helps. Looking back at my slips shows no noticeable change in 60's from the first day out with no rear sway bar till today tho there were some nights a couple times back that I was stuck in the 1.8's all night. I could be chasing my own ass just to find out alot of it has to do with track prep. I dunno tho, others are hooking so I should to. In time! Matt
  19. Random thought thread

    Aftermarket control arm with rubber bushings and likely a healthy dose of use an abuse. Glad you found that, nothing better than finding something THAT destroyed when looking for an issue. Makes it pretty obvious that your on the right track. Love it. Matt
  20. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    3.73 being a performance pack car. I agree, I'm close and I'm not asking for much. 1.6's should be easy enough eventually with what I have. I started one hole south of the factory hole and will lower another hole if I find time. Worth a shot for sure! Matt
  21. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    For sure, the tire slip isnt a major issue but its something. Getting it, and numerous other things sorted (myself especially) will help! Trying to keep it budget and still enjoyable/comfortable for the 99% of the driving it enjoys makes it a little more of a challenge, but Ill get it. I could throw the BMR or Steeda/UPR/TeamZ catalog at the suspension and be set Im sure but I dont want to spend that kind of money and make the car a headache to drive around town. Ill get it tho and keep having fun doing so. It makes me laugh cause Im frustrated that I cant get it off the line very well and yet its still running consistent mid to upper 7's with very little more than some tires and seat time. Its as fun as it is frustrating, especially when I can go a handful of runs without getting locked out of 2nd. Ill keep at it and itll come around! Matt
  22. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    Launching by holding 4-5K and then dump the clutch while going WOT from there. Ive debated trying an airbag (or Jr football LOL) in the Passenger spring for some time now to try and limit the squat on that side. Might just have to make it happen. Im going to glue the beads if I have time before Tues but I very well might have to chase down an airbag solution to try out as well. Matt
  23. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    I wish! Last night I got a handful of passes in but never could get out of the 1.7's. Despite that I had fun, couple off runs but was able to beat some decent cars and got a couple passes that were quicker than I expected with the heat and DA. First passes with the new lowers and adjustable mount. Pulled rear bump stops and drivers side sway bar end link again. Pass 1: 8.43 at 87.88 with a 1.79 60. 16 psi in tires cold, 4k dump. Bogged hard and got locked out of 2nd. Pass 2: 7.63 at 92.58 with a 1.73 60. 16 psi hot, 4500 launch spun, got 2nd. Pass 3: 7.74 at 91.62 with a 1.75 60. 15.5 psi, 4500 launch spun again, got 2nd. Pass 4: 7.66 at 93.59 with a 1.73 60. 15 psi, 4500 launch with slight clutch slip (very very slight) spun harder than usual but still moved out. Pass 5: 7.74 at 92.20 with a 1.73 60. 14.5 psi. 5k launch with more deliberate clutch slip. Pass 6: 10.9 at 48.64 with a 1.72 60. 14.5 psi, 5k launch, spun and then got locked out of 2nd worse than ever. Aborted run. It seems that, despite all that I tweaked as far as tire pressure and launch rpm/technique, the car remained fairly consistent off the line. Not a terrible thing, but I really would like to consistently see mid to low 1.6's. When I got home I noticed something that might be a slight factor after all. I have been running my tires on the same side all along with my passenger tire marked with a P on the inside wall. I swapped sides this time around, if nothing else than for wear really. When I got home I remembered to look at the tire slip marks. The now passenger side tire had its mark move back almost lined up perfect with the original mark on the wheel lip. The Driver's side however... Im pointing where tire mark started the night. It moved well over 9 inches overall. After talking to Mike, Im going to try to glue the bead and see if keeping the tire in place might help slightly. Wont be the end all be all fix but it cant hurt! Then itll be back to the drawing board and back to the track for more! Matt
  24. 2010 Camaro SS

    I was just hoping he has let you know what to expect on his end is all. Matt
  25. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    No worries man, you been making me jealous with all the track time! Have fun on Vacation! Shoot, theres this one grungy older dude thats always wearing a Pontiac shirt...well most of one at least. Should I ask him??? Actually last time I saw him he was in a Chevy shirt tellin my buddy with the EcoBoost Mustang about his 73 Mustang that had a Clevor in it and how hes launch it at 6K RPM and never let out till the run was over yadda yadda. I cleaned it up some as every other word was an expletive. Matt