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  1. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    PM sent, want to pick your brain about something strange going on :o/ Matt
  2. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    Well...I couldnt wait any longer. Plan was to buy this sucker on my Bday (Oct 25) then hit the Blue Ridge Pkwy that weekend for a fun weekend trip. There was literally 1 optioned out perfectly the way I woulda ordered it from Ford and they were in a hurry to get rid of it meaning I got a half decent deal out of the mix. Friend of mine had it transfered to her dealership and the rest is history!!! Specs: 2013 Focus ST with ST2 package 2.0T (TINY K03 turbo) 6speed manual Tangerine Scream Charcoal/Smoke Partial leather Recaro seats Sunroof, MyFordTouch w/ Nav and Dualzone are added options Love this car to DEATH already. Managed to clock 33mpg on the way home taking it easy on her so she wont hurt the wallet too bad when in Eco-mode and when you smack the throttle this little suckers got some balls! Not entirely up to date on torquesteer and how to drive around it so Ill need to learn but otherwise Im diggin it. Smooth, rides nice, handles better than most cars on the road and is super economical when you want it to be. I like how you can drive around town and NEVER see and single psi of boost thanks to the torque and you never have to shift out of 6th when cruising to pass or get back to speed, just give it some throttle and the little turbo comes to life getting you where you need to be! Perfect blend of reliable/responsible/economical and FUN. Never in a million years would I ever imagine owning a yellow car but this color really stood out to me in person so no regrets there either! Look forward to seein how she does down the road! Matt
  3. A few updates :)

    Heck yeah man gonna be sick!!! Matt
  4. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    Back to living that Daily Life. "Adult owned and driven" "Never seen rain or snow" "Never driven hard, raced or abused" Matt
  5. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    Anytime! Ive been wanting to see that thing at the track since two cars ago. Ive never been offended to see 700+ whp tailights either, and in the off chance you screw up...Ill happily show you mine I cant wait to get these break-in miles down and get out to a TNT, see if this thing has a TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENY bit more in it in better air and with the new clutch! Whats more likely to happen is Ill waste the good boost weather shaking the cobwebs off and be good to go as soon as the heat sets in. Matt
  6. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    Aaaaannnndddddd almost 5 months later, a short drive down the road and Disney putting in a couple tough tough days work, she's back on the road! Now starts the long slow process of breaking her in properly and avoiding the temptation to give it hell for the next 500 miles. Couple things... 1) I just couldnt psych myself up to get the job going so I finally said enough and called Disney. After hearing about how much of a bother the job was, I was further convinced that I made the right call as I wouldnt have had a fart in a whirlwind's chance of doing this on the ground. I cannot, CANNOT thank you enough Disney. 2) I read up everywhere I could about clutches and talked to quite a few people who know their stuff and have been there done that kinda deal before making my decision. I pulled the trigger on a very pricey (to me) yet best suited clutch to what I wanted to accomplish and could afford. If I had baller money I woulda gone Mantic BUT even the McLeod RXT was more than I wanted to cough up. I miss the cheap T5 clutch shopping days LOL. I got a wicked deal tho and ended up with money to spare in the end. ANYways, I also read about the issues these clutches can cause, chatter, hard to get the car rolling without bucking, vibrations, noises and the likes. I was a little concerned that I would hate the car after I got it back because of the nature of the new clutch but after picking it up from Disney's I realized that those "issues" are likely from either bad install or improper break in as I have NO noise or vibration or chatter that the stock clutch didnt already have and to be honest, other than it being very grabby when leaving in first and a bit of a chore in parking lots and very slow traffic, it is way better than the stock clutch ever was. Its going to take some getting used to rolling out from a dead stop without shuddering ever so slightly (no biggie) and Im almost there and Im HOPING the parking lot, slow traffic, backing out of the driveway shuddering will ease up during the break in and Ill be able to drive around it without much work. Im now about 60 miles in and driving it everywhere I can to try and stack the miles on so I can get back to being able to abuse the thing! Matt
  7. The Challenger is Home

    Happened to me last night leaving Chop House with Luke. We heard it (was white too) getting on it leaving the lot and when it shifted I explained to him that thats how you know someone bought the car to enjoy rather than just sit in and let it do all the work. His said "yeah" followed by "i wanna go fast BROOOM". -Side note, he has yet to see Talladega Nights so it especially makes me laugh when he says that. Matt
  8. Random thought thread

    Your car would look amazing on some of the 6th gen ZL1 wheels in black I even like the 5th gen wheels that look similar to what you posted but the "spokes" dont come back towards each other at the barrel, they are the same distance apart all the way. Matt
  9. Random thought thread

    Hate to hear it man. Lost both my Grandfathers to it and its tough. Head up tho, they live on in our memories and we will see em all again one day! Matt
  10. TSS Meet & Music City Raceway 02-02-20

    Smallest you can fit out back would be a 17" right? Thats the way to go all day long over a 20" if you can! Matt
  11. Random thought thread

    I REEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLY like that color combo ALOT! Ide love to have a Grabber Blue with White stripe version one day, but would happily take that one in a heartbeat! There are days that I really love the clean...boring look of mine but just about every time I see one with stripes that make it stand out or POP I get a little jealous deep down. Matt
  12. Random thought thread

    Were in the same boat. My wife gets EXTRA mad if I dont warn her for some silly reason. I stole Peyton Manning's audible code and so she knows if I yell OMAHA to be prepared. What usually ends up happening is I scream OMAHA as Im dropping two gears and then floor it. She still gets mad AND she's even more startled that I screamed OMAHA out of nowhere. She agreed to it tho so not my problem! Matt
  13. The Challenger is Home

    For sure, would be awesome! If its any time soon...itll still be in the air in the garage. Time and motivation...(mostly time) is scarce these days BUT I plan on taking a day off at the end of the month if all goes well to get to work. Matt
  14. 2010 Camaro SS ProCharger D1X Tune

    Get some help. Another set of eyeballs, especially ones that know what to look for, PHYSICALLY looking your setup and tune over might be the ticket. You have waited so long to be able to enjoy the thing and dont have the time to become a pro at this at the moment so let someone take a crack at it and then once its all solid, go back and learn to dial it in further! PLEASE. You deserve to have it at its fullest. Make it happen. Or sell the POS and buy a nasty ZL1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Matt
  15. The Challenger is Home

    Yeah, there used to be this POS Tiburon on my way home that would rev at me every time he saw me in the GT. He caught me one evening after the longtube install and I lit his eardrums (and mine) up. Never heard a peep out of him after that so maybe he was trying to be tough I dunno. Often times if I "throw a rev" at someone I wave as well to say hey. Bout the only thing that messes with me now it seems are V6 EVERYTHINGs, Camaros, Challengers, Chargers, Mustangs etc. Not sure if they just wanna see the car take off or if they are all stupid or what but they pester me non-stop. The only car Ive encountered in the Shelby that would pose a threat was a nasty sounding ZL1 that got next to me at a light on the way to pick up Luke from daycare and all he wanted to do was talk bout the cars. We both rolled out like normal human beings and that was that. Kinda enjoy driving the wagon cause no-one ever notices it and if they do they give a thumbs up and move on. If I saw your car out and about Ide pay attention to it, especially once I heard it was a manual car. Always love seeing newer muscle with a manual these days. We are few and far between...a dying breed. Matt
  16. The Challenger is Home

    Easy. Ones behind you mowing lawns and the others in front of you mowing crowds. Any time Ive been revved at in the Shelby its been a "whats up" kinda deal so I dont mind it, or they wanna hear your exhaust which I also dont mind. Matt
  17. 1,000 rwhp roll racing

    GOOD! Cant wait to see it come together finally. I gotta get off my lazy...ok busy...well, also lazy butt and get the clutch swapped on the GT500. Its been in the air and the parts sitting next to it for way too long now. I honestly just need to psych myself up and get to work. Matt
  18. 1,000 rwhp roll racing

    At what, breaking trans parts? You gonna be doing any sticky tire racing this coming season or what????? Matt
  19. 1,000 rwhp roll racing

    Amen! 1000hp dig racing >>>> 1000hp roll racing all day long, for the racers AND spectators. Matt
  20. Stock 2020 GT500 Dyno

    Hes obnoxious thats for sure. He has a Super Snake as well and apparently has another new GT500 Carbon Package or whatever on order. Crazy. Matt
  21. Stock 2020 GT500 Dyno

    Yeah suckers no joke! Matt
  22. Random thought thread

    (Mental note: When asked what kind of car I own....tell them. And watch them roll eyes and find another victim with a better car)
  23. Thinking About Getting A New Car

    Heck yeah. Ive always loved the Challengers and with the right muffler setup they can sound better than any of the other offerings out there hands down. This is thanks to still being able to mount the mufflers old school in the middle of the car and have over the rear tail pipes unlike the rest. Whenever I hear a Challenger that sounds like crap it makes me shake my head. Nice exhaust note + manual trans always = good times! Matt
  24. Thinking About Getting A New Car

    Heck yeah man, thats great to hear. Hope you enjoy it!!! Matt
  25. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    If by light switch you mean the STUPID dimmer style switch found throughout our house...then yes. Hate those things but have been too lazy/busy/mostlylazy to swap them out. Matt