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  1. Ill buy your factory steps from you if you ever swap. I have some black tubular (ninja turtles popped into my head while typing that LOL) style and want the lower profile stockers with the chrome. As for filters, I removed mine entirely at the track last Tues and saw NO difference other than a tiny bit more turbo whistle down low. Stock airbox and filter seems to be really good as it is! Matt
  2. 1965 Mercury Comet

    HA! I actually love the over/under headlight cars! Good luck with it whatever you end up doing with it! Matt
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  4. Yeah I saw your 7.15 pass crazy. They sprayed before every elimination round as I was first in line each round and saw/heard it on my tires but it was minimal at best. I hooked great out there last season in the Shelby and this season I spun my ass off every pass but one...the one I chunked the rear on. Frustrating to say the least. Some cars are getting down it just fine but I wasnt thats for sure. Matt
  5. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    Got back out to the Hill last night hoping it would cool down some...never really did but I had some fun! DA started around 2802 and dropped to 2600ish. Run 1: 9.19 at 76.66 with 2.08 60ft. Straight off the highway log recorded 16.5psi boost Run 2: 9.20 at 76.77 with 2.09 60ft. 17.5psi. Hot Lapped Run 3: 9.08 at 77.21 with 2.02 60ft. 15.66psi. Short cool down. Called out by a newer 5.3 Silverado 4x4 (He ran a 10.3). Guy in a Titan was talking to the guy with the Silverado (both cool dudes) saying HE wanted to call out the Ford but since the Silverado got to me first he would race the Silverado and then race me. He got gapped by the Silverado and never came around for his race with me LOL Run 4: 9.13 at 77.34 with 2.08 60ft. 16.9psi Run 5: 9.15 at 76.94 with 2.07 60ft. Short cool down. 16.9psi Run 6: 9.21 at 77.19 with 2.12 60ft. 15.6psi Filter removed. Round 1 elim. Traction Control was on (my mistake, if you turn it off before selecting drive mode then it turns back on). Beat an Explorer ST who jumped the light. Run 7: 9.06 at 77.28 with 2.01 60ft. Filter removed. Round 2 elim. Short cool down Run 8: 9.09 at 77.21 with 2.04 60ft. Filter removed. Round 1 Super Street (lost) Run 9: 9.11 at 77.20 with 2.04 60ft. 15.95 psi. Filter removed. Round 3 elim. Hot lapped from Super Street pass. (lost) They started the Eliminations an hour early which ticked alot of folks off including myself, I like to get the passes in THEN run elims in the cool air after a good cool down BUT I made it a couple rounds so I was able to get more passes than normal so I got my $$$ worth in the end. I really thought 9.1's MAYBE high 9.0's would be the best it could do on a cool night with good air but now Im thinking it might be within sniffing distance of the 8's as it sits. Im still on 87 octane and bone stock. Gonna run this tank down and fill up on 93 (meant to do that this time and forgot) and see if it helps. I did have another issue on the way to the track. Running down I24 at 80-85 then hit traffic and on slowing down for it the truck started sputtering and shaking again. I shut it off in Neutral and restarted but it did not work. I then was able to come to a stop and put it in park to restart and it fired up happy as can be. This time the CEL is still on and the codes are stored according to my SCT tuner so I can get the dealership to check into it when they do the Sprocket TSB. Here are the codes. Same two as the road trip along with a handful of new ones. P0019 P0025 P0300 Multiple Misfires Detected P0304 Cylinder 4 Misfire P0305 Cylinder 5 Misfire P0306 Cylinder 6 Misfire The other two codes are cam timing related and I believe are on the same bank as the cylinder misfires so Im thinking its all related. Not sure if its an electrical gremlin, computer related (not smart enough to know) or if its the VVT and VCT sensors clogging up and clearing when shut down and restarted. It runs like a top once you restart and wont do this again for a while. It also ONLY does it if your hauling ass on the highway for a sustained amount of time and then have to slow down. I drove it home from the dealership in the same manner without issue so its intermittent at best. Either way the codes are now stored so when the parts are in for the sprocket job they have something to look at other than a picture on my phone. Matt
  6. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    Well...I couldnt wait any longer. Plan was to buy this sucker on my Bday (Oct 25) then hit the Blue Ridge Pkwy that weekend for a fun weekend trip. There was literally 1 optioned out perfectly the way I woulda ordered it from Ford and they were in a hurry to get rid of it meaning I got a half decent deal out of the mix. Friend of mine had it transfered to her dealership and the rest is history!!! Specs: 2013 Focus ST with ST2 package 2.0T (TINY K03 turbo) 6speed manual Tangerine Scream Charcoal/Smoke Partial leather Recaro seats Sunroof, MyFordTouch w/ Nav and Dualzone are added options Love this car to DEATH already. Managed to clock 33mpg on the way home taking it easy on her so she wont hurt the wallet too bad when in Eco-mode and when you smack the throttle this little suckers got some balls! Not entirely up to date on torquesteer and how to drive around it so Ill need to learn but otherwise Im diggin it. Smooth, rides nice, handles better than most cars on the road and is super economical when you want it to be. I like how you can drive around town and NEVER see and single psi of boost thanks to the torque and you never have to shift out of 6th when cruising to pass or get back to speed, just give it some throttle and the little turbo comes to life getting you where you need to be! Perfect blend of reliable/responsible/economical and FUN. Never in a million years would I ever imagine owning a yellow car but this color really stood out to me in person so no regrets there either! Look forward to seein how she does down the road! Matt
  7. What are your ET goals this year?

    From what Ive read and experienced in test drives the 2.7 is WAY more aggressively tuned from the factory and quite a bit more fun to drive in many cases than the stock 3.5 which makes it PERFECT for those who dont want to get into tuning until the warranty is over. I also think the shift tuning is way better as well. For day to day driving I would have bought the 2.7 hands down (also have better incentives/rebates) but knowing the gains that the 3.5 has in the long run made it a no brainer for what I want out of the truck! Its amazing how you can buy the smaller brother motor and not have to live with the fact that you bought the weezy underpowered version. Sucker hauls ass, asses, payload and plenty of trailer weight to boot! Matt
  8. Random thought thread

    Bleh! Matt
  9. What are your ET goals this year?

    Well with the Shelby long gone my new ET goals are to break into the 7's by the time booooost weather comes around in the new Pig. She's knocking on 8's doors bone stock so I have a ways to go but I hear it doesnt take much to wake these things up (hence the reason I got it). Matt
  10. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    Got word yesterday that they WILL be doing the VCT TSB which is wonderful news. Took em a while just to get to diagnosing the truck but Im happy to hear they are going to replace the known weak parts and I wont have to worry about it down the road. Hoping they do a good job and I can get back to enjoying the thing. I been missin it! EDIT: Parts are on National back order for the next 20-30 days so I picked up the truck till they are in. Matt
  11. New purchase, a very smelly 1964 Falcon

    Yeah and alot of places overseas dig 4 doors so thats cool! Matt
  12. New purchase, a very smelly 1964 Falcon

    Shooooooey! Actually I really dig it! Whats the plan???? Matt
  13. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    They call it a "spring" since its bent in the middle so it can take up any slack in the arm. Came with all new hardware for the arms as well. Itll be more of a pain in the butt to reach everything than to complete the job. Matt
  14. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    We get Lifetime Warranties on any new Fords we buy but the last couple used cars Ive gotten have only had whatever was left on the factory warranty if anything. Jury is still out on the truck as of this morning on whether or not they will do the "preventative" timing TSB for me. Fingers crossed tho Im not one to hold my breath when it comes to Dealership service depts. We shall see. When it comes back Ill have the TSB parts to fix the wastegate rattles (you will likely need these one day as well and if so Ill keep the part numbers handy). Most guys do something dubbed the "BMW Fix" using a spring to put lateral tension on the wastegate arm to keep it from rattling around but Ford has a small dogbone looking washer that takes up the slack so Im going to go that route. Springs would be way way cheaper and easier but not a permanent fix apparently. Honestly Im just doing fiddly little things because I can and like doing so Matt
  15. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    Yep I knows it. Im not fixing that on my own, thats what its in for now and Im hoping they will sort out. Its not technically making the couple second noise that most do on cold start but it does put up a hell of a racket on cold start which quiets down and goes away when warm. What Im hoping the advisors dont bother to notice is that all 18+ Gen2 Ecoboosts do this and If I remember right it has something to do with the dual injection on cold starts. My truck WAS made in the timeline of the TSB so Im not scamming them for some fresher chains or guides but mine technically isnt making the bad noises they look for in order to do the swap so Im hoping they will just do the job, swap the (potentially) defective parts out for the new part number and then Ill have the peace of mind of knowing itll be ok down the road. Fingers crossed. I meant that if they dont fix the VVT/VCT solenoids then Ill do it down the road easily enough. Its at the dealership as we speak. I set up the appt before we left for the trip and dumped it there on the way home from FL. The service provider has been super cool and understood that I wanted to get it looked over due to only having 10k left on the powertrain warranty. Yours will have the newer parts as it was early 18's that were effected. Matt
  16. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    Just got back from a quick trip to Florida and the truck proved itself (for the most part) to be one of the best vehicles I could own in this stage of life at least. Interior room for days. We all piled in comfortably for the 8 hour drive. Plenty of storage in the bed for all the crap Kathleen thought we might need for the week and the cover was very helpful. The sand/shell/dirt road my Parent's place was on was a pond that would have drowned the Mustang or ST had it been that way when we drove those down but the truck didnt care (or at least I didnt lol) By the end of the week, between hitting that mess and the wet weather we had a couple of the days she was quite nasty (pic doesnt even come close to doing the grime justice). A couple hours in the rain on the way home and a couple passes through the bottom blaster rinse at the car wash when we got home got the sand and salt out. When I get it back from the dealership Ill get the sand out of the interior (bleh I hate sand). I always calculate MPG at gas stops on trips (gives me something to do I guess) and this trip was no different. We averaged 80-85 on the first leg of the trip down 65 South and I was pleased to see 17-18mpg on the first fill up. The 2nd leg of the trip is on back highways and through numerous towns so you go from 30mph-70mph and back again. We were able to do this portion of the drive down and the entire week of driving around while there on one tank (so happy to have a bigger tank again!) and averaged 21mpg! This is all hand calculated as the dash readout is notoriously wrong (2mpg off consistently in my case). Im super happy with that ESPECIALLY out of a full size Super Crew 4x4 loaded down with crap. The trip wasnt 100% without issue tho. About an hour after the first fillup we were entering a town after about an hour stretch of 55-70 mph highway. While slowing down the truck seemed to downshift funny and I had very little power. It wasnt limp mode, I was fully able to get around the town but it wouldnt shift higher than 8th at higher speeds which was odd and it honestly felt like what a V6 SHOULD feel like in a heavy fullsize...gutless. I pulled over and it idled super low and choppy. No CEL or lights but I used my SCT to see what was up and pulled up P0019 and P0025 codes. Shut off the truck and started it right back up and the codes went away and the truck idled and ran spot on. Did it again on the way home in similar circumstances with the same result, shut it down, started right back up and it drove great the rest of the way. Little bit of research shows that the VVT and VCT sensors have screens that can get clogged (mostly on Coyote trucks but Ecoboosts do it too) but unclog easily enough and can do so back and forth over time. They dont appear to be too hard of a swap if deemed necessary. The truck is currently at the dealer as we speak HOPEFULLY to have a Timing chain TSB sorted out before the warranty expires and I told them about the codes so maybe they can look at the sensors while in there. OR they will tell me that "everything is normal" and Ill have to do it all myself. Either way. Great trip, really like this truck more and more and now its time to get back to work...boo. Matt.
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  18. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    After about 10k miles ill be my own unlimited mile power train warranty so yeah...pretty much cluck cluck Matt
  19. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    Not sure...says to stay below 15 lol. Matt
  20. 1 year, 1 month and 9 days later its home..

    Wooooooah sweeeeet!!!! Matt
  21. 2010 Camaro SS

    Your broken parts list is plenty to know how hard you drive it...or how bad your luck is buying stuff that doesn't work or both. Bummer. When you get it ironed out itll be nice to see you flog on it where its meant to be flogged...at the track!!!! Matt
  22. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    Shhhhhh no, BAD!!!! Its already as quick as any stock Raptor has been and its not even in good air. The Gen2 3.5 has the same turbos as the Raptor/Limited "HO" 3.5 it just doesn't have as hot of a tune apparently. The Limited is a fast dude stock thats for sure. Im sure if I had been able to get a truck with 3.55s and a locking rear it would help down the road when making more power but for now this thing is scooting well into its full potential according to everything I'm seeing!!! Tune will not be far off. I cannot stand the way this thing shifts 1st-5th and how it shudders in 9th and 10th and a tune will sort that out so that alone is worth it to me...the extra horsies will be appreciated as well. Matt
  23. 2010 Camaro SS

    Get some seat time in before that call out, Mike has that sucker dialed in and knows how to get the best out of it!!! Once you quit breaking it on the way to work and home, get a couple (hundred) passes in the get it ironed out and you will be like him...hard to beat!!! Matt
  24. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    Heck no. I dont want to find out how bad things would go if I didnt click it over in time. All the quick passes on these trucks is done in 4 high initially and thats working for me. Little more power to get this pig moving a little quicker out of the hole and itll be better. Matt
  25. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    Crazy what these boats can do now with a little boost I was having fun. Its not anywhere near slicks and a manual fun but its a far cry from dump the clutch and go boom as well. Speaking of which I forgot to mention that it ended up being a laaaate night after my buddy with the Fusion Sport broke an axle on the way home testing his tunes ability to build boost on launch. Itll do it now...until you launch OR the front axle pops whichever comes first. Matt