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  1. ANOTHER UPDATE 2017: The Inline has been pulled and an Exploder 302 will take its place. The new direction starts on page 37 and carries on from there. As of 2017, The inline was pulled and sold locally to live on under the hood of another Mustang. The new setup consists of: Explorer 302 with P heads TFS Stage 1 Cam New springs and seals JBA mid length headers Megasquirt EFI done by Disney Thought Ide toss up the latest on the old 66. Ill dig up some older pics from the beginning for those who may not be familiar with the car, but heres the latest. UPDATED Summer 2015. Changes listed in red. 1966 Mustang Coupe "Sprint" package 200 ci inline six BONE stock pistons, rods and crank Now .040 bored stock block, custom RaceTech Pistons, stock rods and cranks 292 cam (oooold) Ed Curtis custom cam BIG log 250 head with valve springs for cam, milled for 2V carb direct mount Aussie 250-2V head and intake Holley 2300 500cfm carb by QuickFuel for blow thru Custom Header TE44 turbo Front mount intercooler 3" downpipe split to 2.5" pipes to Flowmaster 40s WorldClass T5 Custom steel driveshaft from Dave's 8.8 with 3.55 gears from Fox Grab a trac 4 lead, mid eye rear springs with 1" lowering blocks New stock front springs with 1.5 coils cut Shelby 1" UCA drop Unisteer Rack and Pinion 17x8 TT2 245 BFG Sports Im sure Im missing a bunch of stuff but you get the jist of it. The carb needs a TON of work and is about to be rebuilt, but she runs SUPER rich at the moment. I put it on Carma's dyno and initially put down an EARTH shattering 151 rwhp LOL. The A/F was off the chart rich (8:1ish) so they did a little tweaking, dropped the jets down to the lowest ones my Holley jet kit had which was only 2 sizes lower than what was already in it and gave it another go. This time the A/F was right around the 9:1 area and she picked up a TON, layin down 243 rwhp but the torque was in the low 300s. Ide love to find someone who can get this carb where it needs to be and see what she's capable of then!!! Oh, and all this was on 20psi with the old 2.5" crush bent downpipe and no mufflers, stock rear end with 2.73 gears. Now with the new exhaust and gears, 15psi feels stronger than 20 ever did!!! Back when I first put this setup together, on a different dyno (which may be where the difference in numbers truely lies) on the smaller stock turbo she put down more HP but less torque, would love to get this sucker tweaked and see what the new setup is worth. Took her to Gatlinburg this past weekend for Shade of the Past which was an adventure in itself. 4th year goin, but the old Mustang put up a fight. She has a bad vibration around 70mph and when you let off the gas it gets really bad which seems to point to a bad U-joint, and then after foolin around showin off a bit she ran like *** and almost made me think I wouldnt be gettin her home lol. She would idle fine, but if you tried to get rolling it wouldnt go, you had to floor the hell out of it and slip the clutch. Once you got movin she would run fine so long as I kept the vac around the 5in-0in area, and she ran awesome with a couple psi boost. I put some fresh gas in and she came back around on the way home but I suspect somethin else is up. ANYways, she at least looked and sounded pretty good! Here are a couple of the few shots I got. Crappy shot, but this was the first time these two cars have been together since highschool...FINALLY we were both able to get the old girls out for the weekend. In the morning after a bit of rain Notice anything similar between the two? Thats all I got, she did make it home and now its time to tear her apart and figure out whats up. New Ujoints are on the way along with a carb rebuild kit and a new balancer. After that I will see about gettin the carb tuned! Matt
  2. Dyno Day

    @JohnC can you make next Sat work? If so, lock it in with the dyno and lets make it official. Matt
  3. Dyno Day

    Yeah Im also already booked this Sat. Im free next Sat and possibly the Sat after as well tho I believe. Either of those work for yall? Matt
  4. Dyno Day

    Disney, if you dont mind driving the GT (or the 66 I really dont care either way) out to the Dyno then Ill be golden! I already cant wait! Matt
  5. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    Exhaust is up, driveshaft in and little odds and ends sorted. Just some ATF and a shifter away. No reasom it wont be ready whenever it is we finally have the dyno day. Ill be shooting for #1 and #2...lowest rwhp #'s but ill be havin twice the fun as anyone else so its all good! Matt
  6. 65 Coupe to Fastback "Phoenix"

    HA! If you go get it let me know, I wanna see what its all about. Matt
  7. 2010 Camaro SS

    More pressure to blow that corn sensor off with! Matt
  8. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    Had a free moment last night before Kathleen and Luke got home so I got to work on getting the trans back under the car. Didnt think I would actually get as far as I did so Im pretty happy. Just need to put the driveshaft back in and fill with fluids and Ill be back to cruising! Matt
  9. Dyno Day

    You know Im down whether its you and me or a bunch of us. I dont care about the GT much but for $75 it would be fun to see what shes made of. Maybe I can even get a datalog or two in to send to Lund along the way. The GT will have live support via Disney if he can make it out which makes me even happier. That sucker is already dialed in, if theres anything left in it then itll be just that much better. Pick a weekend and lets do it. Matt
  10. 2010 Camaro SS

    Yeah Im interested to see what they say. Thats NO good and scares the **** outta me thinking bout what could happen on a hard pull or something, especially if it only takes mild pressure to pop it free. Hope they get your sorted out quickly. Matt
  11. Fox Mustang: Next Purchase

    HECK YEAH progress is progress! Matt
  12. Finally getting busy on Nathan's foxbody...

    Its not another kitty cat sayin SOON is it? Matt
  13. Union Hill 2018 thread

    Tues looks a little wet. Not that itll effect my traction issues, but I doubt they will be open LOL There is a track day at Buffalo Valley Sat for some of the members of the Bedford Co Fords group. Im signed up to go but not sure if Ill actually be able to make it yet or not. I hope so, especially seeing that Tues will be a rain out. Matt
  14. Union Hill 2018 thread

    Im thinkin about hitting up the Hill Tues 4/10 if the weather allows. Will be cold and slick but Ide like to knock the cobwebs off and get back into the swing of things! Thought maybe Ide start a 2018 Union Hill thread to keep up with this season's outings. Matt
  15. Fox Mustang: Next Purchase

    Yay...aaaaannnnnd boo. Sounds like the headache isnt quite done for you.
  16. 2010 Camaro SS

    Can you send it back and get another, under warranty or something? I dont like the thought of ANYTHING fuel related "popping off" potentially causing a leak...then a fire! If nothing else, its an inconvenience, especially seeing this isnt the first time its happened! Matt
  17. Finally getting busy on Nathan's foxbody...

    Ive never been a fan of aftermarket gauges in the Fox for some reason. I never even liked the white backgrounds people would put in back in the day. The factory gauges were good enough and that was always that. Your particular circumstances (and what wonderful circumstances indeed!!!) made the choice to go aftermarket MUCH easier to make and the setup you posted up looks RIGHT at home in the Fox cluster and itll be much more plug and play so its a win-win. He will be able to smoke me on DONUT spares. You on the other hand...better get something sticky Matt
  18. 2010 Camaro SS

    Facepalm Sunday edition Matt
  19. Finally getting busy on Nathan's foxbody...

    Thats actually better looking than I was expecting, fantastic! Matt
  20. Random thought thread

    Right under mine a Disney's noses! I wont need it for the GT since E85 does the trick but its good to know its available so close! Matt
  21. 2001 Ford Ranger

    NICE!!! Matt
  22. Dyno Day

    Me and you get us over half way there! Matt
  23. 65 Coupe to Fastback "Phoenix"

    You can do it either way, what your doing with this car is infinitely harder than dropping a motor and trans in! Matt
  24. 2010 Camaro SS

    When you gonna learn that auto how to shift so you can make a pass with all that power? Also, can you shift it yourself to get by till you get the tranny tune sorted and see what its got in it? Matt