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  1. 2010 Camaro SS

    There are plenty plenty plenty plenty plenty of SS guys running sticky tires without having paid $4500 on a rear end upgrade. Get some tires, gradually get more aggressive with the launch until you feel like your walking the line between great 60's and rear end death and then go have fun. If you had a manual Ide say you might want to think a little harder about it but your in an auto. No clutch dump to worry about and nowhere near as much shock between shifts. I didnt upgrade half shafts before going with tires because they were too pricey, I grabbed some Bias Ply tires because they were more forgiving and then let it rip and rip it did. SO much fun. Quit riding the fence and making excuses, your only holding yourself back here. The ET Street R's were HAND DOWN the best mod I did to the GT as far as fun at the track was concerned. You got a nasty street machine for sure but if you wanna see what all that money you spent on it is worth, 2 tires are all thats holding you back. Matt
  2. For Sale: 1965 Mustang Fastback

    Damn Those already are my people... Matt
  3. For Sale: 1965 Mustang Fastback

    Can you introduce me to said people so I can have some people to talk to my people when I wanna buy higher dollar toys?????? Matt
  4. NewEST DD 1985 LTD WagonTF????

    The Coppers are here to stay, for a while at least! They were cheap, look good and work great. If I ever get to really liking the car and get the dings sorted MAYBE Ill do something different to make it stand out a bit more again and if that day comes its either gloss black or anthacite Bullits OR maybe the Torque Thrusts off the 66. I need to get the ugly bastard to ride a little better then go from there. She runs like a top tho and is super peppy around town which makes for a fun DD. Get it riding right and itll be alright!!! Matt
  5. Well...I couldnt wait any longer. Plan was to buy this sucker on my Bday (Oct 25) then hit the Blue Ridge Pkwy that weekend for a fun weekend trip. There was literally 1 optioned out perfectly the way I woulda ordered it from Ford and they were in a hurry to get rid of it meaning I got a half decent deal out of the mix. Friend of mine had it transfered to her dealership and the rest is history!!! Specs: 2013 Focus ST with ST2 package 2.0T (TINY K03 turbo) 6speed manual Tangerine Scream Charcoal/Smoke Partial leather Recaro seats Sunroof, MyFordTouch w/ Nav and Dualzone are added options Love this car to DEATH already. Managed to clock 33mpg on the way home taking it easy on her so she wont hurt the wallet too bad when in Eco-mode and when you smack the throttle this little suckers got some balls! Not entirely up to date on torquesteer and how to drive around it so Ill need to learn but otherwise Im diggin it. Smooth, rides nice, handles better than most cars on the road and is super economical when you want it to be. I like how you can drive around town and NEVER see and single psi of boost thanks to the torque and you never have to shift out of 6th when cruising to pass or get back to speed, just give it some throttle and the little turbo comes to life getting you where you need to be! Perfect blend of reliable/responsible/economical and FUN. Never in a million years would I ever imagine owning a yellow car but this color really stood out to me in person so no regrets there either! Look forward to seein how she does down the road! Matt
  6. NewEST DD 1985 LTD WagonTF????

    Got the front fenders 90% clearing the tires with very little work. There is a screw dead center of the arch holding the inner fenders in that barely rubs the driver's side tire when backing out of a driveway. The ride kinda sucks. When I had these springs under the Coupe I also had some Tokiko Blues and the ride was wonderful (at least I remember it being so). With the Monroe OE replacement struts and very likely the extra weight of the 4r70W this thing just doesnt take to cracks in the road very well. Bumps and such are no biggie but hard edges cracks and surface variations are loud and annoying as hell. I checked tire pressure and knocked it down to 32psi from 33-34 so I doubt thats it. I purposefully got the 16's in hopes that the extra sidewall height would comfy it up a bit. I already ditched the rusty V8 springs or else Ide slap them in to see if it is being caused by the car being too low for the struts to handle OR if the struts are just junk. I was going to buy good struts but figured the cheapo OE replacements would be good enough for this pile. Its getting to be annoying to drive. In every othe aspect its 100x better than before, much more stable, handles muuuuch better, steering is perfect and the ride anywhere else is really nice. Im either going to try to dig my V8 springs outta the scrap pile at my neighbors, try a coilover kit with light spring or bite the bullet and get some good struts and a good coilover setup. Matt
  7. 2010 Camaro SS

    He doesnt know how to launch or was being a pansy. I was well on my way to getting my stock suspension IRS manual car into the 1.5's without any issues on the Bias Plys on the Hill's "prep". You Auto helps a ton. I never got even close to 1.7 60's on the Continentals with the 6 speed! Matt
  8. 2010 Camaro SS

    Drop that 60 to the 1.5x range and you will be running about where Disney says, 11.4's-11.5's. IF you are spinning down the track as well then you may pick up even more by getting it to hook there as well. Matt
  9. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    ME TOO!!!! And late night cruises to get random parts or advice will take a bit longer than before :o/ Matt
  10. ANOTHER UPDATE 2017: The Inline has been pulled and an Exploder 302 will take its place. The new direction starts on page 37 and carries on from there. As of 2017, The inline was pulled and sold locally to live on under the hood of another Mustang. The new setup consists of: Explorer 302 with P heads TFS Stage 1 Cam New springs and seals JBA mid length headers Megasquirt EFI done by Disney Thought Ide toss up the latest on the old 66. Ill dig up some older pics from the beginning for those who may not be familiar with the car, but heres the latest. UPDATED Summer 2015. Changes listed in red. 1966 Mustang Coupe "Sprint" package 200 ci inline six BONE stock pistons, rods and crank Now .040 bored stock block, custom RaceTech Pistons, stock rods and cranks 292 cam (oooold) Ed Curtis custom cam BIG log 250 head with valve springs for cam, milled for 2V carb direct mount Aussie 250-2V head and intake Holley 2300 500cfm carb by QuickFuel for blow thru Custom Header TE44 turbo Front mount intercooler 3" downpipe split to 2.5" pipes to Flowmaster 40s WorldClass T5 Custom steel driveshaft from Dave's 8.8 with 3.55 gears from Fox Grab a trac 4 lead, mid eye rear springs with 1" lowering blocks New stock front springs with 1.5 coils cut Shelby 1" UCA drop Unisteer Rack and Pinion 17x8 TT2 245 BFG Sports Im sure Im missing a bunch of stuff but you get the jist of it. The carb needs a TON of work and is about to be rebuilt, but she runs SUPER rich at the moment. I put it on Carma's dyno and initially put down an EARTH shattering 151 rwhp LOL. The A/F was off the chart rich (8:1ish) so they did a little tweaking, dropped the jets down to the lowest ones my Holley jet kit had which was only 2 sizes lower than what was already in it and gave it another go. This time the A/F was right around the 9:1 area and she picked up a TON, layin down 243 rwhp but the torque was in the low 300s. Ide love to find someone who can get this carb where it needs to be and see what she's capable of then!!! Oh, and all this was on 20psi with the old 2.5" crush bent downpipe and no mufflers, stock rear end with 2.73 gears. Now with the new exhaust and gears, 15psi feels stronger than 20 ever did!!! Back when I first put this setup together, on a different dyno (which may be where the difference in numbers truely lies) on the smaller stock turbo she put down more HP but less torque, would love to get this sucker tweaked and see what the new setup is worth. Took her to Gatlinburg this past weekend for Shade of the Past which was an adventure in itself. 4th year goin, but the old Mustang put up a fight. She has a bad vibration around 70mph and when you let off the gas it gets really bad which seems to point to a bad U-joint, and then after foolin around showin off a bit she ran like *** and almost made me think I wouldnt be gettin her home lol. She would idle fine, but if you tried to get rolling it wouldnt go, you had to floor the hell out of it and slip the clutch. Once you got movin she would run fine so long as I kept the vac around the 5in-0in area, and she ran awesome with a couple psi boost. I put some fresh gas in and she came back around on the way home but I suspect somethin else is up. ANYways, she at least looked and sounded pretty good! Here are a couple of the few shots I got. Crappy shot, but this was the first time these two cars have been together since highschool...FINALLY we were both able to get the old girls out for the weekend. In the morning after a bit of rain Notice anything similar between the two? Thats all I got, she did make it home and now its time to tear her apart and figure out whats up. New Ujoints are on the way along with a carb rebuild kit and a new balancer. After that I will see about gettin the carb tuned! Matt
  11. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    Nah man he knows his stuff sure but doesnt mean all hope is lost. Once we get moved in, the old house gone and things somewhat back to normal Im gonna start exploring my options for sure. I need a space to work. Speaking of which, the old garage is now cleared out and the walls blasted with white to try and cover up the filth I collected over the years. Bittersweet. Not so much the garage, packing, moving, cleaning and painting it up was as much a pain in the ass as the entire rest of the house. Im over it now BUT alot of good (and semi substandard) stuff went on in that garage...its got the stained floors to show. Once I figure out what Im doing at the new place and set up shop Ill be over it! Oh...hopefully it keeps raining and noone says anything about the stains on the asphalt in the driveway LOL Matt
  12. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    Yeah Im not sure whats going on. My Bro-inlaw who builds houses looked at it and didnt seem to think it would be a worth-while adventure to try and mess with but who knows. The "attic" is open above the car but to the left of it they put some plywood down. Hell theres a damned window up there too and a door. They must have had some future plans for it but Im scratching my head as to what those might have been and why they stopped where they did. Matt
  13. 2010 Camaro SS

    Quit wondering and asking and find out!!!!! Get a set of 17's and meet me at Disneys and you will have plenty of traction to find out exactly what your car is made of (and how much fun traction is!!!!!!!!). I went from running 8.0-7.9's on Continentals spinnng off the line, short shifting 2nd, spinning then chirping 3rd to inconsistent 7.9's with the occasional 7.8 with slightly less spin on Nittos to back to back to back 7.5's with these ET Street R's. Being yours is an Auto Im betting these Nitto's would do the trick for you as well and you could run them on the streets, but Ide happily sell either one and let you taste traction. Oh and those 7.5's were in 90* weather, higher DA, hot lapping and sitting in the lanes idling tho never with the AC on thats a big no-no and sure to make you unpopular for dripping down the track. Im betting in cooler weather it woulda been in the 7.3's so even bigger gain over the Continentals. Ive got both tires sitting in the shed and either one would give you bigger gains than any other single mod. Traction is goooooooooooooooooooood. Dont blah blah blah about needing a new rear end first, get the grip, let it rip...if it breaks, THEN get a new rear end. Matt
  14. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    I don't know much bout buildings but they appear to be trusses. The car is back as far as I can get it to keep it out of the weather and the middle beam in about at the dash. If the poles weren't there dividing each bay you could MAYBE put a lift like Disney's in the back corner between the middle beam and back wall but nooooooo. Matt
  15. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    Its about 1.5 acre from the house. There isnt a path to it made out so its tearing up the yard to drive back and forth. No electricity anywhere near it and the way the poles are it splits it into 3 bays, no way to go between them with a vehicle so I would need 3 doors. Overhead doors would be tough but manageable, sliding barn doors would work. A lift would be the hardest part with that massive beam up the middle of it all. Its a nice large space tho so Im thinking about doing simple doors to seal it up, maybe run a generator and use it till we decide whether or not to build something right off the end of the driveway which we have plenty of room to do. Matt
  16. Post your best slips and video!

    Woulda liked to have gotten some cooler weather runs in the GT. Oh well. Glad to see your still at it. Matt
  17. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    Unfortunately itll be quite an undertaking to turn it into what I would want out of a "shop" but itll hold my truck, the 66 and anything else I might want to get out of the way for a bit. Ide love to be able to run electricity to it, put some doors up and put a lift in but it would be a major undertaking to do any of those, much less all of them due to how it was built and where it was built. Oh well. I have some ideas to toss around this winter and see what sticks. Matt
  18. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    Well, finally got the 66 moved over to its new (most likely temporary) home. The garage is still packed with our junk so I cant put MY junk in it just yet. IF I can get some doors on this building I might consider leaving it back here. Its not the worst place its been parked for a while! Matt
  19. 2010 Camaro SS

    I've got some bias plys I'll happily sell ya if you wanna finally see what that things capable of. Matt
  20. NewEST DD 1985 LTD WagonTF????

    No way I LOVE black steelies with those bullet lug caps and trim rings BUT these wheels dont seem to look as good as the old-school steelies with beauty rings. You can find them for these wheels pretty readily but Ive never been a fan. Im gonna go nuts out till I get the alignment sorted then run the early model Cop covers and maybe see if I can snag a set of the later model lower profile covers down the road to see if I like them better (Joey has some). Matt
  21. NewEST DD 1985 LTD WagonTF????

    She's back on the road again. Getting the toe set (close enough at least) was super simple with the bumpsteer kit. Got everything dialed in, back together and fired her up to try and bleed the system and had NO power assist what-so-ever. When I did the trucks entire system I had power assist immediately despite being new but I guess a power rack and a steering box respond different. I got to work steering it back and forth and finally started to get some assist. Dropped it on the ground, said a prayer and hey, it works! The steering is super stiff feeling compared to what came on the car. You could fart in the back seat and if there was even a whiff of stink it would be enough to steer you into the ditch with the old setup. Now, you have to make an effort. Im getting used to it tho and on twistier roads its really really nice. I now have lock to lock steering without rubbing the K member, frame, strut etc BUT I do have the inevitable tire rub on the fender during hard turns. The BlueCoupe was the same way on these springs so no shock there. Ill roll the fender lips and then go from there. The ride is MUCH improved and it no longer bottoms out the struts on large bumps. The pump is dead quiet so I no longer sound like an old-timey fire truck anymore but there is some belt chirp thanks to the AC compressor being a little too far forward. It appears that there is some adjustment left and it might be enough to get it in line. Im gonna drive it around as is now till the move is a little more sorted but then Ill tackle the rear suspension and see if that helps with some of the remaining harshness in the ride! Matt
  22. NewEST DD 1985 LTD WagonTF????

    Heck yeah if I have a hard time with my normal method Ill give you a holler and come snag em! I just wanna get it close enough to be able to drive for a bit before I get it aligned. Matt
  23. NewEST DD 1985 LTD WagonTF????

    House is going on the market so I have to get my JUNK outta there ASAP!!! Got Patco in the Boro to put together a custom power steering hose to link the Saginaw pump and new Mustang GT steering rack. Ended up being the same price as buying one new (if I could) and appears to be really nice quality. I got everything together and got the car running, checked for leaks and ready to go EXCEPT i left my measuring tape at the new house so I couldnt adjust the toe. Ill do that tonight and will hopefully be able to clear the driveway. The 66 will head over next and then I can get to work moving the garage. Matt
  24. Q50 HSA

    Ha threw away? Sold and funded is more like it. I love me some turbo action but rock solid efi small block action was better in this particular circumstance is all! Matt
  25. Q50 HSA

    Nice! Wish I had something that could enjoy boost weather. Right now the truck is getting a workout and a half. It is enjoying "pull lots of crap and not overheat" weather tho I guess! Matt