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  1. 65 Coupe to Fastback "Phoenix"

    Blah...I hate fitting body panels so I was hoping you werent going to have too much trouble! Matt
  2. Random thought thread

    Holy crap!!! The turd in my pants mighta kept me from fallin in sheesh!!! Matt
  3. 65 Coupe to Fastback "Phoenix"

    Cool! Get that door opening and closing right and keep chugging forward! Matt
  4. 65 Coupe to Fastback "Phoenix"

    Door appears to line up nicely with the fender, hows the gap at the rocker? Matt
  5. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    HA! Never know! Still have the intercooler and holes are there for piping. In all reality, a T trim or similar blower with the front mount would be my pick if I go forced induction. A bump in compression and some porting would likely be alot of fun too. As it sits, Im sure itll be a blast to drive, and if I were to start racing it, working on traction and driver mod would get me by for a while. If its half as fun as the BlueCoupe was with similar setup and is reliable to boot...Ill be beyond happy! Mat
  6. ANOTHER UPDATE 2017: The Inline has been pulled and an Exploder 302 will take its place. The new direction starts on page 37 and carries on from there. As of 2017, The inline was pulled and sold locally to live on under the hood of another Mustang. The new setup consists of: Explorer 302 with P heads TFS Stage 1 Cam New springs and seals JBA mid length headers Megasquirt EFI done by Disney Thought Ide toss up the latest on the old 66. Ill dig up some older pics from the beginning for those who may not be familiar with the car, but heres the latest. UPDATED Summer 2015. Changes listed in red. 1966 Mustang Coupe "Sprint" package 200 ci inline six BONE stock pistons, rods and crank Now .040 bored stock block, custom RaceTech Pistons, stock rods and cranks 292 cam (oooold) Ed Curtis custom cam BIG log 250 head with valve springs for cam, milled for 2V carb direct mount Aussie 250-2V head and intake Holley 2300 500cfm carb by QuickFuel for blow thru Custom Header TE44 turbo Front mount intercooler 3" downpipe split to 2.5" pipes to Flowmaster 40s WorldClass T5 Custom steel driveshaft from Dave's 8.8 with 3.55 gears from Fox Grab a trac 4 lead, mid eye rear springs with 1" lowering blocks New stock front springs with 1.5 coils cut Shelby 1" UCA drop Unisteer Rack and Pinion 17x8 TT2 245 BFG Sports Im sure Im missing a bunch of stuff but you get the jist of it. The carb needs a TON of work and is about to be rebuilt, but she runs SUPER rich at the moment. I put it on Carma's dyno and initially put down an EARTH shattering 151 rwhp LOL. The A/F was off the chart rich (8:1ish) so they did a little tweaking, dropped the jets down to the lowest ones my Holley jet kit had which was only 2 sizes lower than what was already in it and gave it another go. This time the A/F was right around the 9:1 area and she picked up a TON, layin down 243 rwhp but the torque was in the low 300s. Ide love to find someone who can get this carb where it needs to be and see what she's capable of then!!! Oh, and all this was on 20psi with the old 2.5" crush bent downpipe and no mufflers, stock rear end with 2.73 gears. Now with the new exhaust and gears, 15psi feels stronger than 20 ever did!!! Back when I first put this setup together, on a different dyno (which may be where the difference in numbers truely lies) on the smaller stock turbo she put down more HP but less torque, would love to get this sucker tweaked and see what the new setup is worth. Took her to Gatlinburg this past weekend for Shade of the Past which was an adventure in itself. 4th year goin, but the old Mustang put up a fight. She has a bad vibration around 70mph and when you let off the gas it gets really bad which seems to point to a bad U-joint, and then after foolin around showin off a bit she ran like *** and almost made me think I wouldnt be gettin her home lol. She would idle fine, but if you tried to get rolling it wouldnt go, you had to floor the hell out of it and slip the clutch. Once you got movin she would run fine so long as I kept the vac around the 5in-0in area, and she ran awesome with a couple psi boost. I put some fresh gas in and she came back around on the way home but I suspect somethin else is up. ANYways, she at least looked and sounded pretty good! Here are a couple of the few shots I got. Crappy shot, but this was the first time these two cars have been together since highschool...FINALLY we were both able to get the old girls out for the weekend. In the morning after a bit of rain Notice anything similar between the two? Thats all I got, she did make it home and now its time to tear her apart and figure out whats up. New Ujoints are on the way along with a carb rebuild kit and a new balancer. After that I will see about gettin the carb tuned! Matt
  7. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    Preliminary reports are that the garage floor rebuild is passing the early tests and the bottom end is playing nice! Cant wait to be able to put some decent miles on it and start enjoying/trusting it again!!! Matt
  8. Snow reports

    We got about 6... flakes. Total. Matt
  9. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOO...this frozen day from hell is starting to warm up slightly!!! Matt
  10. Random thought thread

    My Wife works for Lifeway and was talking about the old building being demolished. Pretty cool video! Matt
  11. Happy New Year All!!!

    Happy New Year!!!! Matt
  12. Broke the hot side cherry today

    If I start racing the 66 more I'll likely try a 245 radial or slick before I hack the tubs and go wider. With the lower power level I'll be running, it should boogie just fine on a smaller tire. My GT likes the Nittos but they are too short and force me to shift 4th at the end of the 8th mile. A 28" tire will solve that and let me finish in 3rd like my street tires do. Matt
  13. Broke the hot side cherry today

    More sidewall!!!!! Then again, 17" radials are amazing these days! I have some 315/35/17 Nitto NT555R's ide sell, only about 8-10 1/8 mile passes and maybe 100 miles on em. Matt
  14. Random thought thread

    I have a couple heads, MAYBE a manifold or two, plenty of manifold gaskets and that alt. I can swing it all by one day this week and check it out!!! Matt
  15. What's your goals for 2018?

    Good list. I want to watch my little boy grow, watch my little family grow, watch my faith grow and spend more time in the now than looking back or forward. I wanna hit the Hill up as often as I can, maybe with multiple cars, do as much wrenching and cruising as I can afford $$$ and time wise and do all i can to keep learning, growing and moving forward in life. Merry Christmas all! Matt
  16. Random thought thread

    If you need a place to hide it for a couple days to truely surprise her, I got an empty spot in the garage. Move a bunch of boxes, some small furniture and haul a literal ton of garbage to the dump (it's been hectic lol) and it'll keep my 66's spot warm for a couple days lol Matt
  17. Random thought thread

    6 banger? Had those wheel covers on mine back when I got it. Gonna have to swing over sometime and check it out!!!! Matt
  18. Fun Times With Raceall

    Ouch that's no good!!! I read great things before I got them and they work great for me, hopefully they do the same for y'all! Matt
  19. Fun Times With Raceall

    Continental DWS06's. Love em. They don't hook up QUIIIITE as well as the summer only tires but they do in colder weather rain etc and I ran my personal best at the Hill on them amazingly enough. They last much much longer than summer only and ride better too. Love em and will very likely get them again when they wear out! Matt
  20. Random thought thread

    Nasty nasty nasty Matt
  21. Random thought thread

    I've got Continental DWS06's on the GT and they are really good all around. I ran some Hankooks on the ST and I liked them as well. For a more performance rated tire I like my BFG Sport Comp 2's but they get a little hard in the cold. Matt
  22. Fun Times With Raceall

    I too run Rotella especially in my older motors. Matt
  23. Hot Rod Power Tour 2018

    Heck yeah wouldn't have it any other way! He rode in the GT for the first time tonight! Fell right to sleep LOL Matt
  24. Hot Rod Power Tour 2018

    Hmmmmmm.... I've always wanted to tag along for at least one or two legs. Might have to see bout trying it this year! Matt