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  1. The virus

    HA. He will have to cut his teeth on my Colts or maybe my old Remington .22 before going down that road! Matt
  2. The virus

    At this very moment he has a Taurus and a Tbird Nascar Hot Wheel apart and he is, and very successfully mind you, putting them together and bringing them to me to see. Hes about a month shy of 3. I should tell him "ok now that you have those finished, come out to my work bench" And it will likely last about as long as the last one!!!!!!!! Matt
  3. The virus

    Yes sir its on my bench ready to rock! Now if I can just keep Luke busy ill have time to make it happen! Matt
  4. The virus

    Yeah all but one person we know personally that have gotten it have had it super super easy. 4 of those folks are people we woulda swore were bound to have a rough go of it due to age and such but nope, they had it easy and we are beyond thankful. The one person we know that got their butt whooped still never felt the need to go to the ER or anything like that. Kathleen is doing great and were hoping its more behind us than ahead and she keeps feeling better. Luke and I are both meh but not stopping long enough to know better. Gonna lock this place down tighter than JohnC's work for the next couple weeks either way tho! @JohnC being more tired than normal was something we all experienced but there are so many things out there that can cause that as well. Its also amazing how your head can get after you. Keep an eye on it either way. Matt
  5. The virus

    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllllp. It has invaded the household. Took a while but we finally started seeing positive cases getting closer and closer to us, folks we know, people from her work etc. Kathleen went today after having an off weekend (prego so not unusual) and then loosing her sense of taste and smell and brought home a positive test result. Weve all been kinda funky feeling last little bit but figured it was the typical "funk" and nothing much else. Heres to hoping that it takes it easy on her and Luke at least and we can get to the other side of this fun stuff in one piece and in time to detox everything before the new little one wants to join us!!! Matt
  6. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    The rod rattle is gone, but they can develop slop where the wastegate rod that holds the puck exits the exhaust housing wallows it out. Apparently its not an issue that later 2019 and 2020 models have encountered so its not a big deal. The 2018 Gen 2 3.5 gets the Raptor/Limited turbo so they are plenty good! There isnt anything mechanically wrong, its just annoying to listen to so its getting fixed. Had they shot me down like Columbia then it would just rattle on. Its an early first run of the Gen2 setup so its gonna have its wiggles. It still makes more power, torque, tows more and is WAY faster than anything else in its class while still getting decent mpg. The Coyote doesnt even come in 2nd in its own truck and its a good motor (tho apparently its NOT in the truck according to everyone I talk to). The 2.7 is very well built and beyond reliable in every way from what Ive seen. But then again, so is the 3.5. Im just making sure I get every little thing sorted before it hits 60k and Im on my own! The phasers were not broken when I replaced them, but if there are better replacements AND they will do it for free, Im in. The turbos work perfect, they just rattle. Fix it for free? Yes please! The 10 speed is a great trans but I didnt like how clumsy and clunky it was, flash to the latest trans logic and book, works great! The ONLY thing so far that this thing sucks at that just about every other V8 powered truck on the planet is WAY better at is...exhaust note. Bleh. But thats ok, Ill just keep this one quiet and be ok with it! Matt
  7. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    Columbia bailed on me on the wastegate rattle SO I got with a good friend of mine that I used to sell with who works with Newton in Shelbyville and she got me in with their Service Manager. He and his lead tech listened to it, took it around to his bay and then got to work ordering new turbos to solve the issue. THANK YOU! The last annoyance will soon be sorted and hopefully it will carry on its merry way from here. The PCM update that was done during the phaser swap has made the 10 speed WAY WAY better as well. It went through the adaptive learning much quicker and is 100x smoother than ever before. Intercooler and resonator delete are in the garage waiting for time to swap them in then itll be ready...for a long winter of DD duty and THEN Test n Tune when spring rolls back around YAY Matt
  8. Random thought thread

    In Sarasota FL they used to do a deal where the first time getting caught street racing you would receive a "ticket" which was a free pass to Bradenton Speedway (best 1/4 mile around) for their Street Drag nights and the cops would show up with everything from regular squad cars to drag cars and you could "Race the Cops". Second offense they would crush your car. I remember seeing it on the news down there, they crushed a handful of cars during the segment. Matt
  9. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    Got the truck back pretty quick from Surgery. Appears to have went well, runs great, shifts way better and so far doesnt appear to be leaking anything. Ill keep an eye on that for next couple days just to be sure. Pretty decent parts and materials list but she should be golden for some time. New timing chains were added while in there which Im happy for. They did not address the wastegate rattle and as I suspected, called me back this afternoon saying that since it didnt appear to be a mechanical issue nor would it cause any performance issues they likely would not be interested in doing anything about it. I let them know that many many many thousands of folks have been told different which is the only reason I brought it up and that its a known issue with Ford, hence the "band aide" fix and to please approach Ford on my behalf regardless of what THEY think and let me know what FORD says. They are gonna call back Monday. If they arent interested then I still have a contact at a more local dealership and will see if they can go to bat for me. Otherwise shes running top notch and will hopefully stay that way for a while! Matt
  10. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    Last TNT of the season last night saw mid to low 60* temps and the DA was around 1700 dropping to roughly 1500 by the end of the night. Was hoping it would be slightly lower, Monday night's DA was under 1000, but it was still better than last week. Pulled the engine cover (read some report lower IA temps with it off and unplugged the grill shutters again. Run 1: 8.17 at 84.77 mph with 1.78 60. They accidentally had the lights set to pro tree so I didnt have alot of time to get on the converter. Run 2: 8.25 at 84.42 mph with 1.82 60. Seemed to be having issues getting it up to 2500 rpm so I waited for the lights to start dropping and stepped on it then let off the brake letting the converter flash a bit before letting it loose. This pass I spun and hopped out of the hole bad. Run 3: 8.20 at 84.28 mph with 1.77 60. Flashed converter quick when lights started again to about 2500. Run 4: 8.27 at 84.43 mph with 1.84 60. Run 5: 8.20 at 84.90 mph with 1.81 60. Flashed converter quick when lights started to 2500 again. Run 6: 8.14 at 84.59 mph with 1.74 60. No knock on log. Flashed converter quick again but appears to be roughly 2800 rpm. Run 7: 8.36 at 83.51 mph with 1.88 60. Did the same as previous pass and it showed slight knock in every gear like when it had weak sauce 93 in it. Not entirely sure what the deal was with this pass but the truck did not like it. Not a bad way to end the season!!! Tune only with some octane thrown at it...yeah Im pleased. Its got more in it too with an intercooler worth a flip and some more time to figure out how to get her out of the hole consistently. She's going back to stock for now tho. FINALLY got word that the dealership has all the parts for the cam sprocket swap so itll be going in next Tues and will likely be down for a little bit. Ive got a laundry list of things they are going to look at before the warranty expires! Matt
  11. Positive Note for 2020

    Thats fantastic news congrats!!!! Matt
  12. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    Yeah thats some insaaaaane stuff right there. Hell his "slowest tesla available" is stupid fun to drive around town and light to light!!!! Instant go. Matt
  13. Random thought thread

    Good LORD how effortless it was to get to 180ish and I thought, man, that thing is quick THEN he appears to actually floor it and the speed starts POURING on. Ive never seen anything like that! Matt
  14. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    Got some fresh plugs in (Ford GT plugs no less) and sent some E30 logs out hoping to get a hotter revision back from Gearhead but instead got a message saying the stock intercooler cant keep up so it is what it is till I swap it. DANG. Two more track nights till the season is over, I just wanna let this big girl fly before then is all. I ran it as is last night and the Octane Adjust tune really liked the extra octane. It was warmer than last week and the DA was about 2157 so right at 1000 higher as well but she still picked up. I pulled the plug on the grill shutters for these passes to give the poor stock intercooler all the air it could get. Run 1: 8.33 at 83.13 mph with a 1.80 60ft. Ran in 4hi the entire pass Run 2: 8.24 at 84.11 mph with a 1.80 60ft. Literal hot lap, didnt ever stop long enough to shut the truck down in the staging lanes. Switched to 2hi immediately after launch. Run 3: 8.29 at 83.60 mph with a 1.80 60ft. Starting lights were delayed so I was on the converter for a while waiting. Wheel hopped out of the hole bad. Went to 2hi after it stopped hopping. Run 4: 8.33 at 83.35 mph with a 1.82 60ft. Swayed slightly on launch, went to 2hi after. Run 5: 8.31 at 83.76 mph with a 1.83 60ft. LONG cool down, 45 minutes or more, did nothing for the pass. My buddy Gus was out there in his Tesla model x (the slowest Tesla available right now, single motor, long range package) and he wanted to race but I ended up leaving before we could get together. He ran an 8.5 at 85 and an 8.7. Sucker MOVES and hes never raced before so it likely has more in it, his 60's were lame. If he can figure out how to get that thing to 60 it likely will be low 8's. Next week hes gonna come out along with my buddy with the Fusion Sport and were gonna see who's got the quicker low 8, 4 door, Dad mobile. I put low 8 there to keep Mike from spoiling our slow fun OH, got the wheels/tires re-balanced and they said they were all 4 definitely out and it now rides smoother than the day I bought it. Not sure what the heck they were doing the first day I got it but thats ok. Im just glad its smooth again, this sucker will be seeing plenty of open road this coming weekend. Matt
  15. LS3 advice.

    Well congrats, hate seeing the old girl sell BUT if you got what you wanted for it and can now spread the automotive wealth amongst your other rides GREAT!!! Matt