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  1. Random thought thread

    ONLY...if I dont miss 3rd. Matt
  2. Random thought thread

    LOL my office chair has seen better days...but it does have a hurst shifter!!! Matt
  3. Random thought thread

    I dunno its odd, price gouging is pretty common for both motors when looking at bolt on mods BUT if you want to dig into the motor, cams, heads etc. then the Coyote continues into expensive territory AND doesnt have much in the way of gains (cams at least...dont even know of many heads out for it). Throw some cheap boost at either and they will wake up so its all null to me! Armchair racing is what makes the internet interesting most days. As for 5th gens, I havnt lost to one yet. Stock to mildly modded/bolt-on (which is what I am at the moment) I run off on them at the Hill. Ide LOVE to line up on a heads/cam/tune (coughdoitjohncough) car but would prefer to be on a tire during that race for sure. Boosted...I have no chance unless they have a pedal fest which most ZL1's ive seen at the Hill do and thats not fair. I havnt been able to line up with a 6th Gen car but Im betting I would have to be perfect in order to get ahead of it, especially if its an auto taking driver error nearly out of the picture. On the streets, I dunno cause I dont fool around out there much anymore. Most people leave me alone except 370Z's and g37s for some damned reason...Im like fly paper to this things! Matt
  4. Random thought thread

    Oh and I stumbled onto more about the Coyotemaro. Apparently its going twin turbo with a 6R80 but I cant find much else. Boost Works out of Tx has it but not sure how "real" it is. Matt
  5. Random thought thread

    Im not a fan of bastard/cross manufacturer swaps so Ide be more likely to want to see the same, new LT into an LS 5th gen car (opposite of the good ole days) but the Coyote cars are ahead of LS3s with ease and the LT had to pick up power AND go into a lighter package to get the edge. I wont talk any trash about the LS motors being good motors but the Coyote is no pup holding its own and being down 1.2 liters! Matt
  6. Random thought thread

    I too love simple but Ive gotten to enjoy having my newer cars for sure. Different beasts. I can work on my older ones and have to do so more often. Can only marginally work on the newer ones and dont have to do so ever. If/when things got tight again we would go back to simple and I would be in charge of keeping the wheels turning again. As for the P51 video...that...would be amazing! Matt
  7. Random thought thread

    Yep, Ive read all about the dual fuel system and am interested to see how it goes. I also know plenty of 5.4 AND 6.0 owners with relatively few issues. Quick is quick tho and the dual fuel system is tech and tech that works (to make power at least) apparently. We shall see how it works out in the long run tho. Im happy with my GT but I do like reading that the updates to the new one are more than just making it uglier, more expensive and adding 4 more gears to the auto. Im HOPING that my mind will eventually change like it did with the 2015+ cars and I will see one in person and it will grow on me but I dunno. Isnt that the way to advance technology tho...to "over-engineer" something that works just fine as is in order to try and make it work better? I wouldnt know cause Im only good at breaking stuff and not really fixing it very well. Matt
  8. Random thought thread

    But a nice gain over the L99 and LS3 in the 5th gen, which is what he said. Proooobably not as cost effective as a blower but seeing the price gouging of aftermarket parts these days, never know!!! LOL Ide like to know if that pic is real or not cause if its real I will agree that its NUTS but...if you have the money and love to hurt feelings, would be kinda funny. Show up to a Coyote drag day in that car and watch people scratch their heads or other way around, to an LS day. If I had stupid money...ide do stupid things so I wont judge. Matt
  9. Random thought thread

    LOL the swappyest group in the domestic field gettin sweaty off a swap? LOL I love you guys. On another note...looks like Ford's figured out how to make the 2018+ outrun the ugly. https://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/fna/us/en/news/2017/07/24/fastest-mustang-GT.html Technology is amazing. Driver mod not needed anymore but still impressive to see. Gonna be harder and harder for us neanderthals with 3 pedals to keep up off the line. Bias Ply's here I come! Matt
  10. Random thought thread

    I WISH!!! I need to find that magical junkyard and get to pulling em as quick as I can! Then Ide be able to join in the "swap the everything in your driveway" club!!! Matt
  11. 2010 Camaro SS L99 A6 Tuning with HP Tuners

    With good air and a decent track you would be in the high 12's on a good pass easy. Get that tune sorted out and you will pick up even more and then when the rest of the mods finally roll in and get put in place itll be great. Matt
  12. 2010 Camaro SS L99 A6 Tuning with HP Tuners

    Dang I wish I coulda made it, looks like we woulda had the track to ourselves LOL. Looks like your back where you were before you started making changes and tuning on the car so you gotta be headed in the right direction!!! Keep at it! Matt
  13. 2010 Camaro SS L99 A6 Tuning with HP Tuners

    Now go down it...quickly. Matt
  14. 2010 Camaro SS L99 A6 Tuning with HP Tuners

    Best of luck, wish I could join for sure! Matt
  15. 2010 Camaro SS L99 A6 Tuning with HP Tuners

    If you cant do BB tonight go to the Hill instead. I wanna see that sucker ironed out and if I had any way of helping I would do so BUUUUTTTT I cant tune anything ever...carb or EFI so Im worthless to you right now. Matt