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  1. 2010 Camaro SS

    Ha Im pretty sure his junk would still walk me even on its worst shake down pass! He's outta my league now and into Mike's. I might get there one day with my DD (and my budget lol) but not anytime soon (see budget again) Im just impatient for him is all. I wanna see it all come to fruition and be awesome finally. Matt
  2. 2010 Camaro SS

    Im like Varuca Salt in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...I WANT IT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!! Matt
  3. 2010 Camaro SS

    So what are we talking about here...weeks? Or maybe next week sometime? I wanna see it makes some passes man and I know your dying to get it back. Matt
  4. Good hardwood floor repair

    I've got a guy Brodie, holler at me tomorrow and I'll send you his info and you can see if he can do anything Matt
  5. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    The Wagon's raked look was a bit much for me so this weekend I took advantage of a free moment and dropped the rear ever so slightly. Odd how such a subtle/easy change can make such a difference but now it looks "right" when I look at it if that makes sense. The front is still a tad lower than the front but it looks good to me. Ive been driving the Wagon more now that the Shelby is down waiting for Lund to send in the base map for the new mods and its been great outside from Luke projectile vomiting all over it Fri evening. It cleaned up easy enough and has aired out well enough since then Matt
  6. Any Audio peeps in here?

    Man Im not much help to tell the truth but I wanted to add some sound to the Wagon here recently, just enough to be able to enjoy and hear while cruising with the windows down, nothing special or expensive. After looking at reviews on what I could find local and afford, I settled on Kicker speakers. 6.5 in the doors and 6x9's out back. Left the sub the PO installed and after some fiddling with the audio settings it sounds way better than I was expecting. Matt
  7. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    I appreciate it man, it wont be able to hold a candle to the SS when its back BUT it should pick up for sure and Im looking forward to it. I honestly dont know what to expect out of it at the Hill now but hopefully will know more next week! Matt
  8. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    Got a free moment to rest after the 4th and decided to work on the Shelby instead. Ive had this '13-'14 Clutch Master Cylinder and steel braided clutch hose laying around for a while now, time to finally get it in. First, out came the pedals. I swear, everyone on newer car forums complain about how hard some of these jobs are and then they dont really live up to the hype. I guess they dont have much experience working on older POS' that are rusted, dirty and not engineered as well...I dunno. Old master in black, new one in silver. Ford changed the masters in 2013 with one that has a slightly bigger bore, moves more fluid and is made from metal rather than plastic. Got the pedals back under the dash and then swapped the factory clutch line to the trans out with the braided piece. After quite a bit of bleeding and pumping the pedal shes rock solid and ready to go. I read that this master made the pedal feel a little stiffer than Ford liked so they added the helper spring that the V6'GT guys have to help out. Most '13-'14 guys ditch this spring (as do the V6/GT crowd) in order to get a more linear feel from the pedal. Its definitely stiffer but for the moment, Im ok with it. It actually kinda feels right compared to the stiffer/notchier shifter feel if that makes any sense. Ive read that the two aftermarket clutches Im considering (when needed) actually soften up the clutch effort and it should bring it back down to where it was before. THEN, a package showed up on Sat that tracking said wouldnt be here till Monday. I couldnt help myself and dove right in. Let the bolt-ons begin! Ended up getting a smoking deal on a 2.5" pulley with 90mm Idler pulley and VMP's pulley tool. Stock pulley on the left. Picture doesnt show the difference as well as in person. Should be good for 3-4 psi. The VMP tool made short work of removing the stock pulley and installing the smaller one. Idler in place to help keep belt slip in check. I also got a JLT 123 cold air for a song due to a wore out dirty filter and grungy looking tube. I got a cleaning and oiling kit from JLT and the filter came out perfect minus some small black marks where it rubbed on something before. The tube is plastic so no big deal. I barely even touched it as it will get dirty looking again in a week anyways. It was also missing the little vacuum fitting which I luckily was able to put together with crap I had laying around. I will likely end up doing what I did to the JLT airbox in the GT and add weatherstripping to help it seal around the tube and to the hood better but for now its good. Topped it all off with an SCT handheld tuner. I wanted to go with an NGauge from Lund this time around but the deal on the SCT was too good to pass up. Hopefully the tune will come in today or tomorrow and I can get to work datalogging and getting it dialed in. Outside of adding a bigger throttle body and deleting the cats/going to longtubes, this is pretty much the best I can do with the stock blower. There is maybe 50 whp let in it but at the expense of adding alot of heat. I will probably leave it like this for a while and then look as swapping blowers for the next power mod! Matt
  9. Random thought thread

    GOOD! Matt
  10. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    I would be so happy if that ends up being the case! Thanks for confirming that suspicion, we will see what happens here soon! Matt
  11. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    That's fantastic to hear! It'll be taken care of shortly then!!! Matt
  12. Random thought thread

    Sales are the reason the Camaro is going bye bye...again. (Also, Camaro isnt even a word according to spell check so theres that. ) Sales are the reason the Camaro was born in the first place. So Sales do matter. You and I dont. We buy used and not very often, but the masses do and the masses have been buying Mustangs over the others for some time now. There is no doubt that the Camaro was a step ahead of the Mustang for a long time, namely because it always came out after the newest Mustang was released. This is good tho, forced Ford to step it up which then forced Chevy to do the same. The Coyote finally made things more even and even then there has been 3 versions of it in order to continue doing so. You would have been correct if you would have said "Stock vs stock doesnt matter to us" because that would be more like it. Who cares which is quicker stock? Magazines and bench racers. The GT500 is leaps and bounds ahead of the ZL1 in every way yet I had one back half me in the 1/8 mile two weekends ago running 99 mph!!!! He had a ton done to it and it was awesome in every way...down the the custom license plate. Your LS took heads, a cam swap, E85 and some trans massaging to try and post similar times to my bolt-on E85 Coyote. THAT is what matters and you nailed it at the end, the aftermarket is what matters. How can me make them quicker, more fun, better looking etc. Matt
  13. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    As the 1st yellow lit I went WOT which bounced it off the limiter right before I let out the clutch and it did the same as 5K and 5500 launches. It bit hard, felt like it was going to roll out like a monster then neutered itself in a long bog. Ide say your right for sure except that Ive had many solid 1.6 60's that felt good and didnt take any extra work to manage. Ill get it dialed in eventually! Matt
  14. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    Got some baseline #'s on 5th Gear's dyno yesterday. Did 3 pulls and put down 464, 464 and then 466. Right on par for what it should do stock and it definitely showed the effectiveness of the VMP Heat Exchanger as the pulls were done back to back to back without any cool down period. At this point I already figured it was running up to snuff but it was good to confirm it. Then went up to the Hill for the hottest night Ive been up there (DA was around 3500) and laid down some super slow runs. Ended up getting 8 runs in before the end of the night, and I was able to get 2nd on every single run so Ill take that as a win. Otherwise it was a mess. The guy who runs the burnout box has always been super cool about offering advice and helping me get things ironed out at the line. A couple trips ago he told me to start lining up just to the right or left of the groove as the street tire guys murder it throughout the night. I started doing so and it hooks so danged hard that I now cant get off the line without a massive BOG! 5K launch, BOG. 5500rpm launch BOOOOG. At that point, I decided to hell with it... @Ashley P I figured Ide make you proud and I left last night bouncing off the limiter and it did the same thing. Dump the clutch, it hooks hard and then BOOOooooooooOOOOOOOGGGgggguuuuuuuhhhhhh and then goes. Im cutting 1.75 fairly consistently doing this but it kills my momentum down the track and the ET suffers. At one point I said screw it, got back in the groove and dumped it at 5K and it spun hard to a 1.75 60 BUT it didnt kill my momentum and I was able to run 2 tenths faster with a 7.75. Initially I was running 16psi cold and decided to let it build up with each run rather than lower it, hoping maybe I could get some spin back but nope, it got as high as 18.5psi and still bogged bad. Its not a normal bog either, where you dump the clutch and the front end drops due to too much grip and then it bounces back to life. Its alot like what I wrote above. You dump and the front rises. Then the bog takes over and it takes nearly to the top of 1st to get out of it. If I didnt know better, and I dont, Ide swear it feels exactly how the GT used to feel when Clutch Protection was kicking in, tho I cant prove this car has it. 2012 GT's have it and there is word of it in the 2013+ GT500 literature but nothing in mine. IF it does happen to be an ECU related deal and not just a reaction to too much grip then itll be fixed soon enough when I get a tune. If it it grip related and the tune doesnt eliminate it, then I will likely move the lowers up one hole and try a little more pressure in the tires. I hate it cause I had ONE good night of consistent 1.6 60's and was hoping I was all over it but nope. I need to keep working on it and my driving to try and get back down there again and stay there. Matt
  15. Random thought thread

    Within the same market Matt