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  1. Reba gets some makeup

    Technically...all you have to do with #7 is squirt it all over the car and walk away. Its kinda like special sauce. THEN you do kinda have to rub like hell to get it off ....Im gonna leave that one alone teheeteeheeheee Matt
  2. 61 f100/04 crown vic driver project

    Dont worry...I wont be doing much of anything to it anytime soon! Matt
  3. 61 f100/04 crown vic driver project

    Damn I still want that intake...just saw that you can cut the rear of the stock hood to clear it so all Ide have to lose is the strut brace. GRRRRRRRRR. No...money needs to go to other things, never mind SHHHHHHHHHHHH! Matt
  4. Reba gets some makeup

    Heck yeah! I havnt seen that car in a while, hope the #7 treats it as well as it did my truck! Matt
  5. NewER DD 2015 Mustang GT

    Thats another thing...clutches for these newer cars are priiiiceeeey BUT they have unbelievable holding power without the heavy pedal feel. I NEED that in the 66. If I had gone with a 250 inline I could have run a fox size flywheel, centerforce dual friction (one of my favorite clutches) or similar and a cable to make everything wonderful. Nope...now I need to find someone who can put something together that I can use OR take the risk of trying out the Fairmont pressure plate and seeing if itll hold with my custom dual friction disc. Matt
  6. NewER DD 2015 Mustang GT

    Yeah...seriously next time your in the Boro, come try out the 66's clutch. Itll make the King Cobra clutch feel like my 93 Escort's. Im not saying this to brag...more to...whine LOL. I hate it in traffic. Driving the GT last year in Shade's traffic was a DRREEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMM compared to the 66. Now with the little on on the way, unless Kathleen can ride with Spike's wife in a newer car, we might be taking the GT again and as much as it bums me out to think about that...the ole left leg is silently cheering. Im gonna talk to the guys at TN Clutch one day and see if they can help me source a lighter pressure plate that will still handle the power. I got to try out a couple of the other 6 banger cars clutches at the show, an original 3 finger and a newer multifinger like mine but for a Fairmont rather than performance minded and they both were smooth and light. Mine is very tough and has a very noticeable engagement "sweet spot". Anyways, that car makes me appreciate the creature comforts that my BASE GT has to offer!!!!! Matt
  7. NewER DD 2015 Mustang GT

    Drive my 66 and the 97 woulda felt like an automatic to the ole left leg! After driving it all day last Sat and hopping into the GT I nearly put the pedal thru the floor. I will agree tho, the GT is smooth, quiet (until you unleash hell) smells good, SAFE, handles great and performs great. None of which the 66 does at all LOL so Im ok with it being a porker but the Coyote + small/light car combo HAS to be a hell of a ride. OH, there was a NASTY purple SN95 at the Hill last night, figured you woulda loved it had you seen it! Matt
  8. NewER DD 2015 Mustang GT

    Its too bad they are pulling such a heavy cart!!!!!!!! Matt
  9. NewER DD 2015 Mustang GT

    Wheel hop city last night. Cooler air tho, but only managed an 8.09 @ 91.43 w/ 2.04 60ft and then followed it up with an 8.03 @ 91.80 w/ 1.97 60ft. Both runs I would spin right after the clutch was fully let out and I got the throttle to the floor and then the 1-2 shift was doomed every run. They said it had rained earlier and the track looked like a river so maybe that was part of it who knows. Matt
  10. Music city raceway Street night

    No pics or videos but there were some bad bad bad cars out. Unfortunately I didnt get to watch them because I was trying to get a couple runs in but between the decent turnout and a looong cleanup I was in my car most of the night. When I finally decided to take a break they started the bracket programs and I went home. It was wheel hop city for me all night. Ran my usual assortment of mid to low 8's while dialing in the launch and then ran an 8.09 and backed it up with an 8.03 before they closed the lanes. I made the quick 8 again but decided to head home rather than participate. It was a nice cool evening but I couldnt get as aggressive as before on the launch so my best 60ft was on that last pass and it was a 1.97. It would come out of the hole nice and then spin/hop at the top of first, hop the 1-2 shift worse than usual, even once at 6K rpm (normally around 7000-6500 depending on how it hooks). Still fun as always tho!!! Matt
  11. ITSASIX 1966 Mustang Turbo

    Yep! Its so so far away from where I hope to get it one day but I know what I need to start looking at to get it there. Matt
  12. 2010 Camaro SS

    I think I saw you sayin you wouldnt be free this evening...but new parts and the ability to do some real damage to getting that tune sorted out would be fun this evening!!! Just sayin. Matt
  13. Music city raceway Street night

    Glad to see your getting it sorted tho, loved the pics of the little one helping out! Matt
  14. Music city raceway Street night

    Weather looks like it might be a decently cool night at the Hill tomorrow evening and the rain might hold off. If so, Ill be heading out again, anyone else thinking bout goin? Matt