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  1. Crown Vic Roll Bar Build

    Heck yeah roll bar looks great, looks like it fits really nice. Matt
  2. 65 Coupe to Fastback "Phoenix"

    It looks alot better than I expected honestly! Almost like modern textured plastic trim! Matt
  3. Absolutely nothing wrong with goin with what you know! When you making the trip?!?!?!?!?! Matt
  4. There are a bunch of local folks who do good work. We dynod at one, DBR is another and those are only two of the many! Either way you go I hope it's soon so you can get back to racing and having fun like you should!!!! Matt
  5. Making any headway? Matt
  6. Random thought thread

    If your gonna do a bastard swap, my vote would be a 6.2L with a 6.2L catch can Matt
  7. Random thought thread

    Ha congrats. Little bit of work and itll be a good little car im sure. Matt
  8. 65 Coupe to Fastback "Phoenix"

    If you look in the build section on Vintage Mustang there is a guy who picked up rough (tho I think its in great shape personally) little coupe and set it up to run the Gambler 500 which is an off-road rally kinda deal like the Gumball but on dirt/trail. Theres one coming up around here in Sept I believe. Matt
  9. 65 Coupe to Fastback "Phoenix"

    Cool cool...after seeing that 65-66 Coupe on Vintage Mustangs do the Oregon Gambler on all terrains you had me thinkin you were following suit. Looked like a blast! Matt
  10. 65 Coupe to Fastback "Phoenix"

    Raptor lined? What you doin, Gambler Rally or something? Matt
  11. NewER DD 2015 Mustang GT

    I gave him my all expecting him to be out on me early and that Ide be watching his entire run. I even treed his ass figuring the ONLY chance I had if even that. After that a bunch of people were talkin next to the cars and sayin he spun like crazy off the line . I hope to see him again out there working on it. If he gets his stuff together Ide like to run him again but he told me he had turbos on the way and was gonna go E85 soon. Either way, faster car doesnt always win. Matt
  12. NewER DD 2015 Mustang GT

    I guess I suck at driving slightly less than them is all I can figure It was crowded, but there were lots of really nice street cars out there to line up with and see what happens! Track was slicker than usual, at least at first BUT I was running on the same prep so Ill take it! If the prep woulda been better they woulda all been faster...and so would I. I was nearly half a second off my best till the last run. The GTR guy was green but I still dont get it, those suckers are so tech advanced, I thought they drove themselves. I talked to him for a while and he was really cool. He was up there with the 392 car, a couple Vette's and a Camaro I believe as well. You need to come out and let the SS show off. There was another gorgeous black 5th gen ZL1 out there that you woulda murdered, the slower Hellcat on a tire didnt show but the faster one who's always out there did...no touching him but hes part of only a very very few street cars that you wouldnt be able to handle. Matt
  13. NewER DD 2015 Mustang GT

    Bit of an off night at the Hill. For everyone it seems, not just me. Rick didnt show up till an hour after the lanes are usually opened and the track is running so we did alot of standing around early on. It was hot hot hot when we finally got going. Off the bat, I was having issues with the line lock so I went back to foot braking the burnout which was no biggie. First run was against a C7 Stingray on a tire. Tried my usual 5K launch and BLEW the tires clean off and had to pedal quite a bit. I kept with it and outran him pretty handily despite the lack of grip. Next run I switched to the right lane and he went to the left. I abandoned the line lock all together just to speed things up and then tried another 5k launch. Spin city again, pedaled a bit but he was nowhere to be found at the end of the run. Apparently the left lane was slicker than the right and he had some issues. Third run I line up against a GTR with exhaust and a tune. Launch was a tad better, 1.74 60ft and I was out on him by a BUNCH. Which was good...cause I missed 3rd. Only slightly, I was ahead and he was charging pretty quick and I wanted to stay there so I found 3rd and hammered down and he started going backwards again and I kept him behind me. Fourth run was against a 392 Charger. I went to footbrake the burnout and she bogged hard and I had to bail. He was already staging so I did my best to spin em to the line and called it good enough. I launched real easy, 1.9 60ft and once again...missed 3rd...badly. Like it felt like DECADES before I found it again and pretty much coasted to my slowest run of the night...and I was still out almost half a second on the Charger. I realized that my hands were sweaty and so was the shift knob so I wiped both religiously before my last run of the evening (against a dodge dakota on a tire thats always out there) to see if maybe it would help and I got my whits about me. Just for snicks I went back to the line lock and got a rowdy burnout in. Said hell with it, loaded it to 5500rpm and dumped the clutch. BOOM, she hooked and I was off. I was so excited about finally hooking up (so damned much fun) that I short shifted the 1-2 shift at 7K but nailed the 2-3 shift no problem. Best run of the night time wise, tho no personal best. 7.65 at 92.04mph with a 1.64 60ft. Ill take it considering the slick track, 90* and 2934 DA. If it were just time slips I was after it would be a bit of a bummer of a night BUT to knock off a Stingray, GTR and the 392 Charger felt good. There was a 6th gen SS auto out there with longtubes and a tire that I wanted to run but we never could make it happen. There was also a GT350 but he was spinning his way to low 9's but sounded amazing doing so. There was also a super quick C5 Z06 rowing the gears to 7.0's! @goattdogg was aiming to crack into the 8's with his new mods and ran an 8.5 on his first pass with a 1.8 60 on street tires!!! He ran a bunch of 9.1's after that but apparently he used up all the grip early LOL. Fun night even if it was hot and slick! Im hoping the track prep was subpar because Rick wasnt there and this isnt a sign of how things will be from here on out. Matt
  14. Random thought thread

    Yall should!!!!!!!! Gonna be a hot one but if the rain holds off itll be a good time. Matt
  15. Union Hill 2018 thread

    Every Tues night for the last couple weeks has had some sort of rain issue apparently but hopefully tonight will be better. Im gonna keep an eye on the weather but if it stays dry, @goattdogg and I will be out as usual. Just got done doing intercooler, downpipe and tune on his Eco so were hoping to get more than a couple runs in tonight if all goes well. Its gonna be hot hot hot BUT were gonna try to get him into the 8's finally! @JohnC you gonna try to sneak in unannounced or do you have to work again? Matt