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  1. Random thought thread

    LOOKS short, but I wouldnt put much money on it from that angle. Matt
  2. Random thought thread

    Yeah man, same number and this weekend should be cool, Ill be around some so just let me know when and Ill see where Im at. Matt
  3. Random thought thread

    Any time man, gives me an excuse to check out the Comp Orange ride! Ill be in the garage most evenings working on the 66, just holler and swing out! Matt
  4. Random thought thread

    Im running Corsa axlebacks (used and nearly stolen) and the x pipe is of unknown origins...but...its PIPE. Paying a ton for some pipe is silly. Expensive headers I 100% understand, but X pipes and mufflers...cmon. I bought used and made everything work and have less than $500 in my setup. Yes, I spent quite some time on my back under the car, fitting, fabbing and tweaking it BUT It sounds great, doesnt drone and the car apparently likes it (or isnt held back by it at least) last I checked my time slips. If I had $3k to spend on exhaust, Ide have $2000 towards a blower setup and headers/exhaust! Im not poor, but I dont throw money away if I can help it and the prices of parts for these newer cars kills me. Luckily...there are PLENTY of people who buy new, get bored and sell cheap @Chris My setup isnt for sale, that was the Magnadrone axleback that came on the car. Its long gone and I now have Corsa Extreme mufflers, a generic X pipe and some Vibrant resonators to calm down the rasp. I was saying you could come hear it and know roughly what a Corsa Sport setup sounds like in person. Matt
  5. NICE!!!! I might try to head out there if the weather holds out. Ive been itchin to get out there to try and get some cooler weather times but it hasnt been in the cards. Matt
  6. Random thought thread

    Come check out my setup in person sometime. In person is better than videos all day long. You can piece together your own setup for much much much much cheaper than the stupid prices manufacturers are asking these days. Ide be happy to help if I can. Matt
  7. 2010 Camaro SS

    They only need to "see" the cats (hell on our GT's they cant even do that hardly) which is why I wouldnt fool with a seperate catless set of pipes and would hog out the high flows if he was dead set on going catless. If they plug in and the ECU says everything is happy then Marta is happy. Matt
  8. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    I need too many other things right now plus I kinda like the 3.55 and I liked that combo in the BlueCoupe. If I do anything to the rear anytime soon it will be taking an inch off each tube so I can run normal offset wheels again!!! Disney talked me into trying to keep the crank trigger wheel setup the Exploder motor came with but I had to figure out a couple issues along the way. Long story short, I decided to keep it simple and stick with the Exploder waterpump, timing cover and balancer and made them work. I drilled the front cover for my dipstick, made an alternator mount and am working on the idler pulley using part of the old driver's side accessory bracket. I was able to get the Alternator on and the belt on to make sure it would work...so far it looks like it might! I have plenty of adjustment to loosen or tighten the slack in the belt and everything appears to be relatively straight. I can shim the bracket or the Alt. if needed. I could have gone with Fox or similar balancer, crank pulley, clockwise rotation water pump and an off the shelf Alternator bracket kit but I would need to mount the crank trigger wheel and sensor and I was afraid I wouldnt have much room to play with up front. This is compact and simple, and hopefully with some time with the grinder and some paint, the idler bracket wont be as much of an eye sore. Might mount the coil packs to it to help hide it, who knows. Moving on! Matt
  9. 2010 Camaro SS

    AH...gotcha. Well, get out the screw driver and get to work! Then you dont have to deal with rolling around changing it out whenever you can or feel like it and you dont have to toss even more cash at the exhaust! Matt
  10. 2010 Camaro SS

    And I would leave those cats alone, they will flow just fine. Or go oldschool and get out the big screwdriver and go to town Matt
  11. 2010 Camaro SS

    You will gain what by ditching the high flow cats? Toss that $400 somewhere else man sheesh! OR, if your dead set on it, have someone make em for you, its just a coupe bends and could likely be done muuuuuuch cheaper! Matt
  12. Garage Purge

    Holy crap I woulda snatched this up in a heartbeat had I seen it before I bought all the stuff for the new motor. Was even hunting some GT500 mufflers down back before I found the Corsas cheap for the GT. Matt
  13. Your just a blower away...and with the $$$ you already spent on that exhaust you coulda probably been close!!! Matt
  14. Project #whitetrash

    ooooooooooooooooooooo that would be naughty!!! Would require quite a bit of "weight reduction" up front to fit too...but its ok because drag car! Matt