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  1. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    Interesting! Is it a Gen1 3.5? Have you cleaned both of the MAP sensors, the one in the intake tube and the one at the back of the upper intake? My Buddy has a 2011-2013 3.5 F150 that was having issues and we cleaned those sensors over a year ago and it runs like a champ. Was kinda shocked at how something so simple would have such an effect but they were both pretty gunked up when we pulled them. 5 Star tunes the 3.5 Exploders. To be honest, Im enjoying the tune they sent for the F150 so much that I cant recommend them enough. They are stupid busy so it takes a week or so to get your tunes and revisions if needed but they have been really good to work with so far. https://5startuning.com/product-category/2013-2019-explorer-3-5l-ecoboost/ Matt
  2. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    Well...I made mention that on the Base E30 map the truck was soft out of the hole THEN it would crank it down the track. Revision 1 is loaded up and now the truck is an ANIMAL out of the hole if I get the RPMs up. To the point where I have to back it down some or else it blows the tires off launching in 4hi. Thats a trip for sure!!! Weather was nice, low 60's and the DA was 1400 and fell through the night. Consistency was all over the place, she either spun out of the hole or came out soft. They were pretty much hot-lapping us so most passes were with no more than 10-12 minutes between but even after one good cool-down I wasnt able to get near the first pass which was a fantastic pass! Pass 1) 7.82 at 89.08 mph with a 1.76 60ft. 2700rpm launch Slight wheel hop out of the hole. Tires at 40psi Pass 2) 8.12 at 87.74 mph with a 1.89 60ft. Similar launch RPM but spun worse out of the hole then hopped. I lowered pressure in all 4 tires before this pass I believe. Pass 3) 7.95 at 88.20 mph with a 1.80 60ft. Pass 4) 7.98 at 87.49 mph with a 1.77 60ft. Pass 5) 7.98 at 88.56 mph with a 1.86 60ft. 45 minute cool down before this pass Pass 6) 7.93 at 88.27 mph with a 1.79 60ft Pass 7) 8.07 at 87.72 mph with a 1.87 60ft MAN that first pass was amazing and I chased after that 7.8 slip all night but the truck seemed to settle into the upper 7.9's and did NOT want to go any quicker. I was hoping to let things cool off and try to see if there was a 7.7x in it in the cooler air but nope. Oh well. Only 2 passes in the 8.0's (both quicker than previous PB) so it was a good night all around. Just gotta figure out the dance of getting this thing off the line quickly and consistently! Matt
  3. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    After I get the tune and driving dialed in this season I really kinda want to pull some weight out of it and see if it doesnt have that little bit more in it...see how close I can get to what the FBO/E85 GT on slicks was running BUT part of the fun is having those seats, diapers, wipes etc floating around the back. Ill pick a day where the temp and DA are on point and Ill trim a couple hunsky off the old pig and go there in racetruck mode but till then itll be in Dad-mobile mode handing out the butthurt. Matt
  4. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    Yeah the WS6 ran 8.77 at 80.31 with a 1.96 60 on the 20th 8.79 at 79.63 with a 1.92 60 on the 27th Matt
  5. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    Wasnt able to go last Tues due to the weather and I still hadnt heard back from 5 Star on a revision to the base tune but Friday's weather was looking way too good and I found myself in an empty house for the evening so off I went. Figured if nothing else Ide take advantage of the lower DA and see what she was made of despite not being able to get out of the hole. Ended up being a good time. 68* out and the DA was right at 1500 beginning of the night falling slightly from there. 1) 8.13 at 87.88mph with a 1.94 60. Straight off the street and into a new PB 2) 8.15 at 87.72mph with a 1.93 60 3) 8.16 at 87.71mph with a 1.94 60 4) 8.13 at 87.71mph with a 1.92 60 5) 8.16 at 87.69mph with a 1.93 60 6) 8.09 at 88.21mph with a 1.93 60. New PB again and highest MPH yet 7) 8.15 at 87.77mph with a 1.94 60 8) 8.11 at 88.58mph with a 1.94 60 8.16 seemed to be the limit of heat soak if I were hot-lapping which is actually not too terrible and it would quicken back up with very little cool-down time as well. The 8.09 was run after only a 20 minute shut down. Got the revision this morning AND the cool air looks to hold out tomorrow so Im hoping to get out there and see if 5 star was able to sort out what was holding me up off the line. Hoping to see some 1.7 60's again and see what that nets down the line. Matt
  6. New Shop goes up today

    I like it alot! Went up quick too which is great. Cant wait to see it all lit up and functional! Matt
  7. New Shop goes up today

    Fantastic! Matt
  8. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    Here is a quick comparison between the way the truck was acting last week and this week on the new tune. Same WS6 different nights. He got the jump on me in the first video slightly but I also was able to cut a MUCH better 60ft on that tune and in the 2nd video he slept on the light but I was .13 slower out of the hole and he was actually quicker. Either way you can see and hear how much the truck picked up. Old tune. In fairness, this pass was first of the night and the OAR numbers were happy as could be. This was the quickest pass of the night as well running 8.21 at 85.40mph with a 1.82 60ft. It went downhill from here tho. New E30 tune. Also first pass of the night, went 8.17 at 87.90mph with a 1.95 60ft. Matt
  9. "Beyond 660"

    If I get a free moment Ill def check it out. I run the same whether prepped, asphalt, concrete, gravel, wet you name it. Not fast enough to win it all but the chance to knock off quicker cars or at least make them chase me is always good by me. Matt
  10. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    I typed up a post last week about yet another DISMAL night at the track and yet it appears to not have been posted whoops. Weather was there, DA was amazing, temps dropped to frickin 38* before the night was up but the truck was less than happy. I thought I had "knocked off" the knock when initially loading the converter but nope, it was still there and every time it would go above +4 it would change the Octane Adjust tables for the worse. They take time to recover so every pass was getting slower and slower. Im not going to post the times but I went from running 8.21 at 85.40 to a 9.28 at 74.74 over the course of 5 passes. I sent the logs to the tuner and asked for advice/guidance expecting to hear back that the fuel might be suspect or that they can work around that instance of knock in the tune but nothing came of it. I called around to some other tuning companies in an attempt to try something new and all but one said the same thing, the new EPA nonsense had them out of the game for Ethanol tuning until they could get them cleared. My last call was with 5 Star Tuning and they laughed and said they were still going strong and had all their paperwork in order from the get-go. Week later I had 2 tunes, a Base E30 tune and a pump gas OAR tune (for the same price I paid for my last tune) and was off to the races...literally actually. Initial impressions are beyond good with this tune. Its a base map and it was explained that it might take a handful of revisions to get dialed in and I told them I loved hearing that. I went with the other company over 5 Star in the first place because EVERYONE in the EcoF150 world swore up down and around that GearHead was the go-to if you want a truck that shifts like it should. BS. This 5 Star tune shifts so damned nice it takes away every complaint Ive had. The other tune literally used the factory strategy with some minor tweaks here and there but it still behaved 100% like factory which is annoying on these Fords. Also, its very smooth and makes the truck feel much much lighter. Its also really aggressive if you get after it a little too much cruising around compared to factory and the other tune. I like it alot so far but how it acts at the track was my main focus and last night I got a chance to get to it. 85* out, DA just north of 2500 so not the best weather but not terrible either as it cooled down a tad as the night went on. Pass 1) 8.17 at 87.90mph 1.95 60ft Pass 2) 8.16 at 87.73mph 1.93 60ft Pass 3) 8.19 at 87.34mph 1.94 60ft Pass 4) 8.95 at 81.49mph 1.90 60ft (disregard, tried to manual shift this pass) Pass 5) 8.15 at 87.86mph 1.92 60ft Pass 6) 8.15 at 87.90mph 1.95 60ft Pass 7) 8.14 at 87.74mph 1.91 60ft Not bad!!! The consistency ive been chasing is there now and it didnt matter if I hot lapped it or let it chill out for a bit. Only issue is that it would come out of the hole super super lazy (as seen by the 60's) but right about the 60ft mark it would wake up and roll out really really well. Picked up some mph and ran in the teens all night where on the other tune I would likely be in the .30's with maybe one .2x pass in similar weather. Ive sent the logs to 5 Star and hope they can help get it off the line better and see where she stands!!! Matt
  11. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

  12. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    Ha at the rate Luke is growing he will be able to reach the pedals in NO time and then ill have to start hiding the keys for sure. Its good to get em going younger tho, less chance of them being intimidated by it when the time comes to start learning. Matt
  13. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    HA!!! Thats right! Heck yeah man Luke asked me while down in Florida if he could drive the truck and seeing that there was a couple hundred yards of nothing around I said why not and let him go wherever he pleased for a bit. Love it. Matt
  14. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    Forgot to post up times from last Tues night but it was a dismal performance at best. I couldnt find any consistency to save my life and was seeing the typical positive knock when loading the converter at the line but that never killed my times more than a tenth or so in the past. I ran all over from 8.60's down to a damned near PB 8.15 with a PB 85.42mph. Oddly enough looking at the logs and past logs, this stupid thing will knock on initialy tip in on every pass EXCEPT the third pass just about every time out and that usually will be my best pass of the night. Anyways, the OAR numbers were acting super super strange that night so I topped off with a fresh E30 mix from a known good source and over the life of this tank and several tests in the driveway, the OAR numbers are rock solid where they should be and knock is significantly reduced when loading the converter. Ive also found that if I lean into the throttle a little more patiently rather than just stabbing it there will be little to no knock present at all so Im gonna try that this coming Tues. My tuner has decided not to give me any good advice or help what-so-ever despite all the logging Ive been doing so I have a strict E30 tune coming from 5 Star tuning at some point this week in hopes that they will be more inclined to help me fine tune it as we go. For future sake the passes are as follows: 1) 8.30 at 85.24mph with a 1.85 60. 2) 8.50 at 82.32mph with a 1.84 60. 3) 8.15 at 85.42mph with a 1.78 60. 4) 8.33 at 84.23mph with a 1.82 60. 5) 8.68 at 80.53mph with a 1.87 60. Not sure wtf was up but it was ticking me off but Im hoping it was just meh gas and that I can at least get back into a more consistent range tomorrow. Yesterday we changed the pace a little and took advantage of the amazing weather to go check out a section of dirt roads and creek crossings near Bon Aqua TN. Ive heard alot about this area and boy did it deliver. 2wd 99% of the time, roads were wide and smooth for the most parts but we found quite a few areas that were a little more beat up due to some recent weather. The creek crossings ranged from water trickling over a concrete slab to full on up to the running boards deep. There were a couple sections that the creek WAS the road for 50-100 yards or so and one in particular (only time 4x4 was used) was composed of loose river rock that made you feel like you were sinking at all times and the exit back onto the road was washed out/eroded making it super interesting for sure (for a stock full size at least). My GoPro died RIGHT before this creek/obstacle so I only got footage of the part where I scratched the truck. Ill try to post some of that later, its alooooooooot of video to glean through. Luckily Johnathan got some pics of the truck going through this section. The pictures make the washed out bank look flat and simple but in person it was alot more interesting for sure. I thought if nothing else Ill be using the steps to flatten it out some but it went right up and wasnt as soft as I feared. Super shallow but long creek section we stopped to take pics in. I didnt get a picture in the deepest creek but it was just barely deep enough for my front splitter and maybe bumper to make a small bow wave with. I got it on video somewhere. Stopped down the back highway and Luke helped me air back up a bit for the drive home (he mostly ate a snacky and talked about how we got the truck dirty LOL) Picked up a pretty gnarly pinstripe on one washed out area that was either lean into the brush or risk tipping it over (pucker moment) but wet sand and polish mostly out. The fun had and memories with Luke are WELL worth it and we will be going back as soon as we can for sure. Now to clean it all up and make sure I dont shake anything off on the track tomorrow night!!! Matt
  15. Random thought thread

    Damn. glad your still around and able to be pissed about the bike being messed up...coulda been muuuuuch worse!!! Matt