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  1. Bowling green Saturday June 13th

    Dang wish I could, building a playground and going to a Bday party. Would love to see the truck tho, hope it does well! Matt
  2. A few updates :)

    Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick Matt
  3. Random thought thread

    Depends on the hardness of the blade honestly. If its a super hard blade, it will hold an edge longer BUT itll take me longer to get it sharp especially if Im resetting the angle etc. Nice thing is itll hold longer AND my maintenance takes much less time. Sometimes a simple stropping will bring the edge back and thats a whole 2 minutes at best. Some of these stainless pocket knives sharped up super quick but dont hold an edge as long so I have to maintain it more often. I can shave with a knife by the time Im done but honestly I dont like them that sharp as the edge wears out super quick. I get them to slicing paper sharp now and leave it at that. Setting a new edge on a knife (if I dont like the factory or current edge) can take a while. sometimes up to 15 minutes but maintenance rarely takes more than a couple minutes. Im not slicing tomatoes razor thin, Im cutting open boxes, rope, hose, wire etc so Im not as anal about getting things spot on perfect. It takes time to get the hang of it tho I will say that and can be frustrating as hell early on but once you get it down its very rewarding and the results are much much better than the pull through sharpeners can offer. If you can get your knife sharp enough for what you do with a pull through then keep at it but I enjoy sitting down from time to time and bringing my blades back to life on the stones and strop. Matt
  4. Random thought thread

    I used to use a tool that had a long stone on a guide rod that then went into a hole on a stand that allowed you to keep a uniform angle but eventually started going old school with a stone and after a little work have come to really like the stones. I was having issued sharpening little blades and big kitchen blades on the other rig setup and with a stone I can do it all. Setting an inital edge takes the longest time but after that, maintenance sharpening and fixing damage takes no time at all. Matt
  5. 1986 Ford Ranger

    Looks awesome. You rattle canned it in the garage? Matt
  6. Random thought thread

    They ARE tools. I cant say I havnt done similar with some of my garage knives. My Peanut would make a terrible hammer tho. Strike that off the list of its capabilities Matt
  7. Random thought thread

    I do the same, all the current favorites move to the front of the drawer and the old ones that are no longer in favor go to the back to snooze till I potentially come back around to them. Matt
  8. Random thought thread

    YES there is a working edge thats best for each job, especially tough or abusive jobs and often its not a super duper sharp edge as it wont last or bites too hard etc. Matt
  9. Random thought thread

    No but they look speeeeensive! I spent a little time on Bladeforums when I was bigger into the knife kick and researching my first traditional folders but didnt spend much time in the Makers section. Matt
  10. Random thought thread

    I still drool over alot of modern knives but at the rate that I lose or abuse knives I cant stomach spending that much just yet. Its a miracle that Luke's knife isnt long gone but Im super anal about trying to keep track of it. Every year when we go to Shades of the Past we hit up the Smokey Mt Knife Works and I buy a couple of the EL CHEAPO Rough Ryder knives and abuse the hell out of them the following year with every intention of taking them up on the Craftsman style warranty...but Ive yet to really kill one so I just keep piling them up in the garage, glove box and knife drawer. They dont hold an edge as long as my carbon folders but they last as long as any flipper Ive ever had in the past (usually cheap Kershaws etc) and have a thinner blade which cuts better. I sharpen once every blue moon and they do the job. Matt
  11. Random thought thread

    I carry this every day now. I fiddle around with whatever is in my pocket, change, a stone, bottle cap, whatever may be there. When Im bored, worried, thinking, etc I like to have something on me that is...intriguing, has some texture, distracting, I can look at etc. I never thought that a knife could be useful in that fashion as well as for cutting tasks until I stumbled into the world of classic folding knives. I bought this when we were pregnant with Luke and started carrying it the day he was born. I read alot about folks really praising the "mighty" peanut and decided to snag one that was built the same year as Luke's birth in the hopes that if it makes it long enough that I would eventually give it to him as his first real knife. I laughed at it when I first got it. Its barely longer opened than most of my pocket flippers were at the time but tossed it in the pocket anyways. Since then my flippers all sit in a drawer and this sucker goes everywhere with me and has done some big jobs. When wearing jeans its rarely alone tho. I rotate between these and a couple others. Northfield medium Barlow clip point, saw cut bone handle. These are normal stupid expensive (maybe not to Benchmade folks) but this one was a factory reject with different colored scales. Dark on one side, light on the other. A nice guy tossed it my way cheap because he heard I liked to re-scale old knives but when I got it, I couldnt do it. Its too cool looking so I kept it that way Speaking of re-scale, I took this brand new Camillus Electricians knife, took the screw driver out and swapped the black plastic scales for some jigged bone. This is usually my go-to because the texture is amazing and its a super useful piece. Another that I dont carry often but love is my stag lock back clip point. Its something I take whenever outdoor adventures arise. I hope for it to see more action in the future and hold onto it for just such occasions. Whats really funny is now that Im used to using these daily, the modern flippers are GIANT and kinda obnoxious for me to use on 99% of daily knife use. Regardless of which you prefer tho, I believe everyone can find a use for a good knife in their EDC arsenal. Matt
  12. Disney's Auto Shop Top Tips

    Me either (looks around for others to agree) Matt
  13. Disney's Auto Shop Top Tips

    So you use it in place of Brake Cleaner etc on grimey parts? Hmmmmm. Might have to check it out. Matt
  14. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    Yeah I was happy to see that for sure. I wasnt the only one having issues. My 2nd race I busted a NASTY sounding (and super sexy looking) M4 that trapped 98mph but couldnt get off the line very well. He only ran an 8.0 to my 7.7 and never got near me. That was kinda fun tho because I knew a PB was out the window spinning so bad so I got into competitive mode and was pleased to see that pedaling really helped these tires get a grip AND the little bit of suspension work done last year kept the car going straight and gave me confidence that I could stay in it and no abort and get the W against another super nice car. When I get a moment to check codes I might also look over the bypass valve a little more thoroughly just in case it wasnt my fault on the last run. Ive read that they do, tho rarely, fail or more often that the vacuum lines going to it can have issues causing an instant lack of boost. Matt
  15. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    Last night was a bit of a cluster BUT I finally got to get out and beat on this thing again. Was hot and muggy, DA around 3300 and track management was an absolute mess and prep didnt seem like it was up to snuff. Run 1. 8.47 at 93.74mph with 2.35 60. Tires at 17.5psi cold, ended up at 19 hot. 4500rpm launch SPIIIIIIN CITY. I spun harder off the line than I did in the water box and thats not an exaggeration. I pedaled till it regained its composure and made the best of it. I wasnt even mad because it snatched 2nd spinning its brains out without fail which is a big win for this ole TR6060. Run 2. 7.74 at 94.34mph with a 1.88 60. Tires at 18psi, 3500rpm launch spun again and pedaled after the 60ft but not near as bad. Run 3. 7.55 at 95.10mph with a 1.80 60. 17.5psi, left between 3500 and 4k and spin but stayed in it and didnt feel the need to pedal this time. Rode the spin out and it dead hooked into 2nd. Run 4. 7.57 at 90.40mph with a 1.78 60. Had a nearly 2 hour cool down thanks to poor track management but wanted to go in for a glory run either way. Left around 3000-3500 and spun again but stayed in it like before, dead hooking in 2nd. She was screaming and felt like it was on a strong pass but when I shifted 3rd power knocked off and the blower scream went silent. I still had power but not like 3rd normally feels like. When I got to the turn around I blipped the throttle a couple times and couldnt hear the blower so I figured I tossed the belt or something. Popped the hood and its still there looking perfectly fine. Blipped the throttle in the pits and tho you could def hear the blower it didnt seam as loud. After packing up and leaving I gave it hell in 2nd and 3rd getting on the Interstate and all appeared to be as it always was, loud and plenty of boost. Now Im beginning to believe that I monkey fisted the 2-3 shift into 5th instead (rolls eyes). CEL never came on but Im gonna go check codes later to see if something popped up momentarily and was saved just in case but I do remember getting a little too into trying to get that 2-3 shift instead of letting the detent springs do the job for me. Was on a decent pass for the conditions if it werent for that! Im interested to see how much of the traction issue was track prep and how much was me needing to feel out the new clutch. I normally line up just left of the groove on launch per the burnout guys advice and it worked like magic last year. Last night I could SEE the trash in that area so I didnt dare try to launch out of it. That and the amount of street tire cars backing into the burnout box was astonishingly annoying. Oh well. Gimme a couple more weeks and Ill get back into fighting shape. Matt