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  1. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    Ive quickly looked over each bearing on the cluster, main and input shafts and they all APPEAR to be minty still and were pressed on new by yours truly when I redid it all. Im going to go over them with a fine toothed comb later on, not only to see if that was the cause for my noise but also to see what needs to be replaced and what can be reused. The races all looked and felt perfect in the case. Matt
  2. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    Looking at the parts and thinking back to when it happened gives me some thoughts. The gear on the cluster is damaged every tooth but only just a bit in the front edge of the gear. Wonder if whatever caused that caused the initial whine. Then something bigger gave and caused the LOUD whine that got us to pull over. I actually shifted down into 4th at that point and rode it out to the exit. Everything sounded ok downshifting to slow at the end of the off ramp so I figured 5th was dead and since its isolated in the tail shaft, we will just back road it using 1-4 and be good. When starting from that stop sign is where the nasty noise started so that's likely when the inputs gear fragged. I had just put all new bearings all around so I dunno. Hell I even had the billet cluster support to help stiffen things up so I'm leaning towards random failure as well. I look forward to putting it all back together tho and seeing how it goes. Matt
  3. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    Yeah I counted teeth when I pulled the rest of the trans apart and have the parts I need sorted out. Once a little extra cash frees up Ill be placing an order. Everything else cleaned up super nice and looks like the major fragments made it to the magnet at the bottom of the case before getting eaten up by the rest of the gears. My only wonder now is if it was a fluke, used parts that were junk or if something was off somewhere to cause the input and cluster to bind and become unhappy and if so, will it inevitably munch the new parts up as well? I mean, I was cruising in 5th super easy for HOURS and then it decided to go. Ide like to believe it was just a weak part and since I got it used, I have no idea how badly abused it was but you know how it is, I rebuilt it myself and checked everything best I could so its always on the back of my mind...what did I goof up? When new parts show Ill do like last time and triple check everything to make sure its in spec and see how it goes. If it happens again Ill have my answer LOL Matt
  4. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    This car used to be a C4 car, not going back. Till my knees say otherwise I wanna shift this one on my own thanks LOL WOW your not kidding they are priced WAY WAY lower than what I was seeing before. I believe ive heard that Astro is good too. Now to research the correct gearing this Z trans had in it and see if they got it! Thanks. Matt
  5. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    Yeah if she comes apart I will likely replace the bearings or clean em spotless and check em over. I just wonder how that happened cruising down the road. Makes me wonder what else was off to cause that or if it was just flawed/weak in the first place being that I did buy it all used. Input and clusters arent cheap from what I remember back when I was putting this together. I paid roughly the same for this T5Z as I would have an input and cluster to fix the old WCT5. First one grenaded due to wheel hop. 100% on me. This one...only God knows right now. Surely a decent T5Z can put up with 272 of Disney's finest trained horse ponies right!?!?!?!? Matt
  6. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    FINALLY decided to move the 66 into the garage and see whats what. Nothing funky on the outside, input and output shafts solid, no wiggle or play out of the norm. If you spin the input its smooth and then clunk, then smooth, clunk, smooth clunk. Further teardown shows the culprit...and honestly, not one of the many theories i concocted since the moment in went grrrrRRRRRRRRRRRCRUNCHCRUNCHCRUNCH back in Sept was even remotely close. I was cruising in 5th gear doing roughly 70 or so and had been for many leisurely hours. The trans developed some whine that was only really noticeable when passing a large vehicle maybe 2 hours prior if even but it never got worse and wasnt noticeable inside the car at all. Then instantly the whine got piercingly loud and high pitched and I thought it was my radio going bonkers as its done it before and made the same noise but turning it down did nothing lol. The whine was quickly replaced by a loud GRRRRR. It kinda went away when I shifted down to 4th making me think it was 5th that had scattered but when we were trying to go through the gears again to get into the parking lot it was evident that it wasnt 5th that was destroyed. Fast forward to it being home, I would fire it up to let it warm up and keep it happy from sitting so long and so long as I have my foot on the clutch pedal everything sounds great. Let the clutch out and the CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH starts banging away. Well heres the final verdict... Im going to dig a little deeper and look a little closer but it appears that the 1:1 (4th) gear is the only obvious damage that I can find. Everything else is happy as can be. Im confused as can be. Dont think Ive ever seen a mangled main gear like that. So now the question thats been mulling through my head this time. 1) Was something broken or weak all along? It was a used trans so anythings possible OR 2) What did I screw up when putting it all back together? Everything checked out perfect as far as measurements, tolerances, end play etc and acted like it was supposed to up to that point. Plenty of proper fluid, no bad noises, shifted great yadda yadda. Not sure where I want go from here. Cut my loses and try to source something done by a Pro, swap to a better trans all together or order up what I broke and try again. Its all spensive but I wanna get this thing back to where I can rely on it again and not stress that shes gonna strand us again down the road. Matt
  7. Random thought thread

    Start simple and pull the cap on the radiator when cool, let the car warm up and see if your getting any coolant flow. If not, problem found, replace the tstat. If you think its a bubble, do the same but lift the side of the car the rad cap is on so its higher than the heater core so any air in the system will head towards the cap and burp itself. If those simple to do tasks dont clear it up then I say sell it and buy a ZL1...I mean, wait for someone who knows more to chime in! Matt
  8. Random thought thread

    Family Foxbody FTW! Social Distancing Picnic at its finest. Ide love a 60's big Ford Wagon but till then this sucker gets the job done just fine. Its silly but the amount of fun I have cruising this thing around with the Family vs Kathleen's Edge or even my Shelby is 10x more. Matt
  9. Random thought thread

    Its in the Mustang and Camaro side as well and its eeeeeeverywhere. Im all for modding for performance and making the car look how you want but MOST of the junk people spend BIG money on these things is not for me. Most of the cars I see around have enough in 3m tape alone that I could get a used blower upgrade and 100 more whp. So far so good here. Honestly...at first it was super annoying and a little stressful but now were kinda getting the swing of things and Im loving the extra time with Luke and Kathleen. Ill miss that most of all when this BS is over and things go back to normal. I really really hope everyone comes out of it ok tho, thats my biggest anxiety at the moment. Matt
  10. LS3 advice.

    Man I like the color it is BUT either option you listed sounds sick. I LOVE the light metalflake blue that came on some of the Vettes and if I were after one it would have to be that color. I didnt get the color I wanted when I got the GT500 and have often thought about a full color change wrap but Im just not sure. Im super interested in seeing how yours turns out if you go that route! Matt
  11. LS3 advice.

    Color change wrap huh...gonna attempt yourself or send it out? Matt
  12. The virus

    Ive got a bottle or two I use around the garage if you need some. Hate to hear the little ones are sick :o/ Matt
  13. The virus

    Yep you nailed it as far as I understand. Slow it down so health care can keep up and help those in dire need better, not just from the sickness but in general. If it spreads quick like elsewhere then folks having other emergencies will be in trouble as well as those with the virus and many will suffer. Here's to hoping we can ease that and slow it down. Matt
  14. The virus

    Working from home as is Kathleen. She works downstairs and Im in the Bonus Room with Luke. I work from 9am till I go to bed due to the fact that sometimes Ide rather play with Luke than work...or hes being a bit of a bugger. I go to the office once a day to pick up anything thats been dropped off and hope/pray its clean. Its not very productive BUT Im soaking up the time with Luke and enjoying being able to do lunch with Kathleen. Ready for this BS to move on and get back to living our lives but were making the best of it and honestly...we will be just fine! Hope all is well for everyone else. Matt
  15. Random thought thread

    Yeah thats not her fault at all. Your head will bob around as it is under such loads AND not knowing when its going to happen as a passenger, put a heavy helmet on and it gets worse. Ive never road raced but I can only imagine it would take some getting used to with my limited straight line experience with a helmet. Matt