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  1. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    Around here? After the last two got ahold of the truck it was a nasty mess and I had to reposition a few hoses that werent done up properly. I know a couple good mechanic/shops (your on that very short list) that I would call on before any of the local Dealerships even if I knew of one that was worth a flip these days. Im gonna look and see if I have the cooler in the way of the trans pan like the Coyote trucks and some Ecoboosts have and if so, Ill likely let someone else do the trans flush/filter but the rest are simple drain and fill jobs. Matt
  2. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    Not yet but with the nice weather comes the itch to get it in there for sure. I've been too busy lately but want to get to it ASAP. I also need to do the 60k fluid swaps which will be a doozy of a job but I want to make sure it's taken care of properly. Then...I wanna see 7's. Oh...been digging the dirty look alot lately but almost forgot how good she looks cleaned up a bit. Love it. Matt
  3. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    Brrrr no thanks. Only the neighborhood road was anything worthy of slick and that didnt warrant 4x4 except where you crest the slight hill to the main road but I got lucky and noone was coming and just let my momentum do the job. We did see a Firetruck at the station down the road fail at leaving their drive due to it being on a hill. Crazy watching the back tires on one of those spin. They had to check up at the last second due to some cars coming and that was all it took to send him back down the drive. He backed up and gave it hell and was out the 2nd time around no problem. I slipped a handful of times but for the most part it was like @JohnC said, the snow/sleet fall on top of the ice gave it massive amounts of grip, even walking on it to a couple stores was no big deal. The floors of the stores were slicker once inside Matt
  4. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    Haaaaaaa I love it. The reactions from my passengers would likely be very similar! Everything is back to buried again as of right now. Can't get the littlest to go down so I been watching the snow pile up on the driveway. I'll be digging her out again to go get Luke from the Grandparents tomorrow. Also...don't mind the "projects" sitting around out there. They aren't even mine. My driveway seems to be where broken cars like to find refuge. That truck was my Bro in Laws, sold to me, I owned it for 4 hours and a friend bought it. He has a kid on the way so it was offered back to me but having my cash tied up in similar adventures I sent it down to the Bro in Law who snatched it back up. Sucker needs some love so it ended up in MY driveway rather than his after a fun evening and an eventual tow the last little bit from the '18. Kathleen shook her head and asked how long until it's back on our insurance. Smart woman! Matt
  5. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    Thats awesome. Im glad to hear the tires did well as well. These Open Country's are AT2 so not the most recent version which I believe are "ice rated" whereas these are not. They did fine. There were a couple times it got to spinning but nothing to get excited about even with the open rear and no locker option. Once day Ide love to put an Eaton Tru Trac or something similar to help on wet/slick days but putting around it did just fine. I didnt have anywhere to be so I stayed my happy ass in the house till today. I dont like cold so it was easy to do HA! I love driving around in the snow to be honest yet this time around it was just ice and I said nope. Matt
  6. EVENnewestER DD 2018 F150

    Roads were just fine today outside of the neighborhood. Snow/Wet mode was boring but boring was good today when needed. Didnt need 4x4 much like I likely would have yesterday. Another notch/check on the "glad to have this thing" box. Took a minute to break into it this morning and when the entire ice chunk came off the hood about 20 minutes down the road I had ptsd of my hood flying open (saw it happen a couple times during the trip too) but otherwise it was cozy and comfy as always. I didnt wash it before the "storm" hit because we were going back out the next day to get dirty again but the ide stopped us. Ill clean it one day when everything thaws. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Matt
  7. Manual trans failures

    Ive broken a bunch of both...(and still have less $$$ in all of them than @JohnC has in his spensive auto thats also blown up). sorry had to. They all break... Also...what Ive noticed personally is that Ive often been the culprit in the manuals breaking where as the Autos usually were just failures while cruising around normally. Old age, miles etc have been at fault. Ive actually never broken a Manual due to old age or random failure to date and have had QUITE a few around. To further split the penalties for each side...I currently have two 60's Mustangs sitting at my house, both with bum transmissions, both busted on the same trip, same weekend, nearly the same location as well. One is an auto, the other a manual. Penalties offset, 2nd down. Matt
  8. Dirt roads in Middle TN

    It's likely alot more solid today but we didn't bother going out today in the slick to find out. We broke through some thin ice at quite a few of the puddles while out Sat but it hasn't been cold enough long enough just yet. Matt
  9. Dirt roads in Middle TN

    Went out again with Luke today and remembered to take some pics of the rougher dirt/gravel road in the Park. Super easy, wide and no chance of damaging anything really if you stay on the main road. Most of the side trails are either closed or way too tight/muddy to mess with for us but we did get off onto a more narrower trail at one point with a couple big water holes. Water was JUST at the bottom of the door in the big hole and just under it in the smaller one. Originally I hit the smaller puddle and went down the trail a bit before I decided to turn back as the trail is SUPER narrow back in here and hit the bigger puddle on accident. I had to turn around after it and hit both again to come back out. Ill be buffing out small TN Pinstripes after that little side trip I wont be going back there again anytime soon LOL The rest of the main road gets a little worse as you go but we still did it in 2wd on slightly spinning a tire on one slicker spot of rusty colored mud. I tried not to tear up the road any more than it already was so we took it easy and enjoyed ourselves. All in all another successful trip off the pavement and another happy adventure with the Little Dude. Were lookin at hitting up some similar roads in the Bon Aqua area here next and then maybe a trip out to LBL for some trail riding. Matt
  10. 2021 Mach1

    Thats sharp! Ide be lookin for a yyyyuuuuuuuuuuuused one much cheaper LOL Matt
  11. 2021 Mach1

    Main thing that stands out to me is BETTER manual trans. Its the only thing missing from the current GT to make it the perfect pony car in my eyes. Latest gen Coyote, GREAT suspension and chassis, decent looks but the 2018+ MT82 has weak shift arms which is a no thanks for me. The Mach fixes that and has the best looking front end that uses the 18+ headlights. I agree all the other Mach1 stuff woulda been super cool but I dig this car as it is, subtle looks and all. Matt
  12. 2010 Camaro SS

    Yeah if Im gonna spend that much money on something ide appreciate it to be done right OR fixed accordingly. There will always be bugs on any build big or small but you would hope the expensive parts that were professionally done would work properly. Thats where I wish you luck and hope that its sorted this go around. Matt
  13. 2010 Camaro SS

    HA yeah you need luck Bud and I wish it to you GENEROUSLY and very very seriously. Im almost as sick and fed up as you have to be of seeing you throw big money at this thing for it to never act right. I really am hoping this is it and that you get it back in time to rock and roll this spring! Matt
  14. Dirt roads in Middle TN

    Unfortunately not of the Cedar's roads, they were great fun tho. Not well maintained so it was a fun ride. The powerline trail was basically just a slip and slide but we got off it quick. I want to verify that were not trespassing (despite a lack of any signs anywhere) or pissing anyone off before we go back on those again. I can see some fun to be had once they dry up just a smidge and if we have permission to ride them. Otherwise the dirt road sections were 100% what we were looking for in a quick adventure! I will try to get some pics and video next time out. Matt
  15. Dirt roads in Middle TN

    Damned if we didn't stumble across quite a few of those roads today! Found an old post on a motorcycle forum about it and went looking. Most of the roads were closed but two were open and one led to a power line trail that was sooooooupy so we didn't spend long on it being that we were alone. TONS of fun was had by all so we will be doing this more often! Matt