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  1. Random thought thread

    Over by World Outreach Church off Barfield Matt
  2. Random thought thread

    Didnt get it from the Boro did you? We just bought a house and didnt want the hot tub LOL Matt
  3. Back in the game I guess..

    Then there are folks like me that just dont care that they are slower so they row their own gears...and wouldnt you know it...didnt get beat all that often by similarly modded auto cars. New auto's are faster. But give me some seat time and let me hone in the driver mod and Ill make you have to work a little harder than just slappin it in D and letting off the brake at the right time Shift tuning, not yours per se JohnC, but in general is INCREDIBLE these days tho. Ive seen cars with a little magic in the shift toon snap shifts off so fast it spooks you every shift as a spectator. Really amazing tech and super efficient so you will never hear me argue that they arent amazing and even better in most cases. They just arent as fun to me and therefor not my preference. If the right deal on a 10 speed car came along, I wouldnt pass up considering it but if a manual was also in the cards it would be an easy pick for me. To each his own. Matt
  4. Union Hill 2018 thread

    Ok cool, Im gonna try to get back out there more regularly, even if just to spectate for a while. Matt
  5. Union Hill 2018 thread

    Always seems to be. Man Mike, I need to get out there next week if you go! I miss being out there! Matt
  6. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    Thanks!!! Im super super excited for whats next. Im also super excited because its sitting in the garage, and despite the weekend trip and despite the plans I have...its still RUNNING and I can take it anywhere, anytime and its only gonna get better from here. Fix the starting issue and itll be a reliable little car! Matt
  7. NewER DD 2015 Mustang GT

    HA what Im likely to get next will be far less awesome than a turbyvan! Matt
  8. NewER DD 2015 Mustang GT

    Pretty much! No clue whats next but check back in a couple weeks and we will see what happens Matt
  9. Q50 HSA

    I woulda enjoyed stretching the Coyote's legs on that car, the one night we coulda done it tho I was more worried about getting the 66 smoothed out. I thought about hitting you up after I put it completely back to stock but I actually only drove it to get gas and to drop it off, didnt want to talk myself out of selling it. Matt
  10. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    Yeah I always wish I had got more pics but in all honesty, the car sat in the parking lot the entire first day we were there due to the weather and us never leaving the area. We drove it all day Saturday and it did great other than the hot start issue which we worked around just fine and then it got us home perfectly fine in the not so great weather. During most of the stops where I had to let it idle while folks took a leak, bought drinks or we filled it up I was usually looking it over and checking fluids etc and didnt think to take any pictures. Hectic weekend that went by WAY too fast but it was a great time and the car didnt cause near as much stress as it used too! Matt
  11. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    Forgot to mention, Luke slept then ENTIRE way up there which was a blessing from God and he chilled for the most part heading home. Was glad that he enjoyed the ride or was at least comfortable enough to be able to join us and that I was comfortable enough with the car to want him there with me. He hitched a ride in my Friend's van for the initial part of the ride home due to the heat but we swapped him back during the storm in Cookeville and he watched the rain roll down the back glass the rest of the ride home. Matt
  12. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    Just got back from Shades, another successful weekend in the books. Stopped 5 minutes up the road for gas and realized that the car doesnt like to start when warm AT ALL now, where-as before it was hit or miss. It will crank a couple cranks then click click click click like a dead/dying battery. Turn the key enough times itll slooooow crank and then catch up and fire off. We just decided not to shut it down from then on if we didnt have to. Thanks to Disney's highway tuning she cruises like a CHAMP around 65-70 mph, passes like a modern car and the throttle feel is tame and smooth. Stop light to stop light is really nice and the idle is dead nuts solid and sounds amazing as it sits. Low throttle, low speed cruising (which is all you do in the traffic up there) was the only spot that we never addressed in the tune and it bucked and pulsed bad if you didnt drive around it. The weekend in the rain made me MUCH more confident in how composed the car is and even tho Im not fan of the brake pedal "feel", they stopped us perfect all weekend, two close call moments included and they kept us safe both times. Another thing Im now more confident in is the cooling system. Car never got hot despite the super hot conditions and the TONS of idling it did due to not wanting to shut it off. Couple bathroom/drink/snack breaks and fill ups along the way and it idled solid and never broke a sweat...even if I did. Even with the Cats, the exhaust got a couple compliments, especially at idle. Im back loving the car again and look forward to making it even better for future trips. Things to tackle next in order to do so...AC, Power Steering and fix a couple small things that have been neglected and no longer work properly lol. I now no longer, even in the SLIGHTEST, miss the turbo 6 banger. This is the best trip we have had and it will only get better as time goes on! Matt
  13. 2010 Camaro SS

    Your good at waiting tho... ...speaking of which...whats the ETA on tuning goodness??? Matt
  14. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    Got the fan on last night. Made some SUPER simple brackets out of some scrap aluminum. Did the usual and made it a couple hour deal but its on there. I took a look at the E-brake issue and found it but didnt have the time to sort it out. Will be an easy fix when I get home but I need to pull the driveshaft to have access. I started waxing it this morning since I was already up (Thank Luke) and will finish this afternoon after work and then we are on the road! Praying for a SAFE, uneventful drive to and from and alot of fun cruising around while there. Matt
  15. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    New starter removed, old dirty Exploder starter is in and working. I will be bringing the new POS just in case but I dont have any reason to believe I will need it. I was cleaning the wheels up a tad when I noticed that the driver's hub was showing signs of leaking grease. I have had issues with it in the past despite putting new bearings in and repacking them another time. I pulled the wheel to investigate and the hub nut was finger tight. Ends up the nut itself that was provided with the brake kit I bought years ago isnt thick enough to allow the castle nut to be captured by the cotter pin in the spindle. Bearings looked just fine so I repacked them again and put it all together. I ended up wedging a thinner cotter pin in along with the normal pin to make certain that it captured the castle nut and will stay put. Checked the other side while I was at it and it was perfectly fine. I pulled it apart and did the same anyways. Tonight I will be replacing the low profile electric fan that, like the starter, has given me fits since the first day I tried to use it. I will also finish up cleaning it up and should be good to go from there. I also need to flush Spike's radiator on his 67 but dont know where the hell Im gonna find the time...we will see what happens I guess. Matt