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  1. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    Illegal Immoral Not that either of those matter in this culture but THIS guy doesnt wanna go to hell Matt
  2. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    Extremely...but oddly enough it was easier than if we had been talking about a Fox Coupe or something like that. I guess its so common in the Fairmont/LTD world that its not as big of a deal to me. I wouldnt personally do it but ide likely drive/race it! Matt
  3. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    I have...and they are gooooooooooood. Its already really good as it sits and isnt far from being a quick little ride but LS swap would ensure it just the same. Matt
  4. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    The wagon is still available. Im going to put it out there once I get some good pics of it but Ill let you look it over before if you like! Matt
  5. Does the new seal do the trick or is it going to have the same issues as the factory seal? Hate to see all this but you will get it ironed out soon enough! Matt
  6. 2020 Ford Shelby GT500

    The future can kiss my ass. I went back in time and Im happy happy happy! I know Ill lose to newer auto cars but I race .5% of the miles I put on a car and enjoy being the reason its fast or slow each pass. Those other 99.5% you will see me smiling just the same as I row the gears. Yes...even in traffic. Well, most traffic lol. You will never hear me say that new autos are slower than manuals, and Ill even admit that they can be FUN, but not AS fun. I will also likely NEVER own a 2020 GT500, way above my pay grade but it is cool to see the automakers swingin for the fences! Matt
  7. 6th Gen 10.04 at 137 with bolt-ons!

    Yeah thats on street tires. I would love to see a drag radial on the Auto (best auto tire) vs a bias ply on the manual. Take traction out of it and let the launch RPM and shifting truly be the test. Would be awesome to see. Matt
  8. 6th Gen 10.04 at 137 with bolt-ons!

    Sucker FLIES for its power level. Any idea on what the fastest manual 6th gen is at? Matt
  9. Matt...anything you want to share?

    Ha shoot I never see it so I forget bout it! I got the avatar pic but forgot the sig. Matt
  10. Matt...anything you want to share?

    We've gone round and round on the auto vs manual deal it's all personal. Right now ide rather be slower than drive an auto for my fun car. Thats not to say that new autos aren't amazing! The 10 speed is really good stuff and if I was to get an 18-19 GT ide have to think hard about getting the 10 speed simply because the damned manuals have weak parts. I would love to have the Trinity 5.8 TVS setup the 13-14's have but like Brodie said, same money I spent on the GT's bolt-ons and tune will get me to the upper 600 wheel Mark and that should make for a really really fun daily ride. Then a bigger blower and some minor fuel mods and I can be up where your SS is playing at the moment and do so without stressing. Gonna start stock and enjoy it for what it is and move from there! Matt
  11. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    I like the nugget wagon alot but couldn't pass this up AND I had Kathleen on board which makes it feel a little better despite being a bit of an expense. Very thankful. Matt
  12. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    I've actually debated putting the race red with silver stripes that woulda come on it had it not had the delete kit but I like the subtle look. Might do just the rocker stripe who knows. Tailights can be done with a new filler panel that attaches to the bottom of the 13-14 tailight and looks decent but doing an entire bumper swap would look better...and then adding a quad tip setup yadda yadda. Ide only do it if I found some dirt cheap. To me, the grilles are the best part of the 13-14 so I will do that swap one day and MAYBE the headlights as well but they are too expensive as it sits. Tires are likely first. I saw one on some S550 PP wheels and it was dead sexy so I might try to trade for some (or buy some gloss black 13-14 wheels) and then put some DWS06's on them. The exhaust is near perfection but needs some volume so high flow catted x or h pipe is on the list. I'm excited about this car tho, it still doesn't seem real. Matt
  13. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    Kathleen, being sick of the wagon and all the work I have been doing to it lately came to me and said...for the second time in our marriage mind you..."You need to go buy another Mustang". For the second time in our marriage I said "Pffffffft, naaah its not in the cards right now" aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand for the second time in our marriage, I bought a Mustang shortly after that. This time I went for a dream car and after some stretching, number crunching and some back and forth, ended up with this thing. 2012 GT500 with the Performance Pack, Recaros, Nav and Stripe Delete. 28K miles, stock as the day it left the assembly line and clean as can be. TOTALLY different car from the S550 GT but still nice enough to not be a huge let down. Power is down low and instant where the Coyote wanted to breath. The ride is good enough for DD and outside of some terrible terrible, hard as a rock, noisy Summer only rubbers that have GOT to go, it handles really well and gets down the road nicely. I havnt been able to even see a lick of boost yet thanks to the cold wet weather and those terrible tires but Im hoping the sun will shine in the next couple days. This was a total splurge purchase and once again, I feel that I dont deserve this car but Ive always wanted one and here it is. Should make 15-30 rwhp more than my full bolt-on/E85 GT but will likely be a tad slower at the track due to some extra heft. Only one way to find out tho and I plan on doing so as soon as the season starts back up. This car will see mods, likely bolt-ons and some aesthetic mods early on and then eventually will see at the least a 13-14 TVS blower swap unless something else comes along. For now Ill get used to the 480-500whp range and go from there! Matt
  14. Matt...anything you want to share?

    Only comes in a MANual. Like Brodie said, that will likely change with the 2020. Ill run you any Tues night you wanna show up! Ill never (not anytime soon at least) be in the same league power wise as you, this is a Dream Car buy, not an all out hotrod really. I looked at a procharged Coyote car for much less than this thing but it didnt have the same draw to me for some reason. Im betting as it sits itll be within a few tenths of my GT plus or minus...Im betting minus. Some seat time and some small bolt-ons and Ill slowly get it quicker and quicker, same as I did with the GT except that I have the Mickey's from the very beginning Gonna have fun with this car I can already tell. Matt
  15. Matt...anything you want to share?

    Ha!!!! I had to go straight to work, then dinner and literally just now have a free moment what a hectic day! Had the opportunity to add a dream car to the driveway! I'll update my DD thread but let's just say the LTD is going up for sale shortly. Matt