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  1. 65 Coupe to Fastback "Phoenix"

    Im not sure...I like the old school scoops back in the day that were inside the "C" and allowed the factory lines to be seen, but with everything else you have done...it might be better to slick em out. Matt
  2. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    The one Ill hopefully be getting my hands on Friday is a couple hundred under that. He knocked off some cash for the Bellhousing and shifter that was on it since I dont need em. Ill be happy once I have it in my possession tho, till then it could disappear like a magical unicorn LOL Then I can make the swap and tear into the other trans and do some learnin. Matt
  3. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    It is brutal and its 2018 and performance cars still suffer from it. Gives the aftermarket and tuners something to do I guess. Matt
  4. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    RIDICULOUSLY expensive is right SHEESH, and not really worth it for a motor that MIGHT see 300whp one day...and could see those numbers with the cash I woulda spent on the swap. Wheel hop is definitely what killed it, she spun hard in 2nd the first pass I made up the road and spun, then got to hopping in 2nd when I shifted it and it went boom. Some traction bars will be ordered shortly and MAYBE swab the Grab-A-Trac springs for some Eatons or other reputable, yet affordable option. Ive got a line on a T5Z at the moment thats going for a song but I want to tear the current one down and learn a thing or two about it so I may end up putting some decent parts in it and then have a solid backup just in case. Matt
  5. Heck yeah it is, cant wait! Matt
  6. GOOD! Not to knock your abilities or how much fun it might be to try...but I dont think you ever got that sucker even close to running to its potential as it was. It will be an amazing thing to get it back and it run like a raped ape from the get go. Now I just want to see the update that you got drag radials for it and then itll be complete. Converter, check. Tune, check. Tires....tiiiireeees????? Matt
  7. The Bootlegger

    Very cool, man your awesome progress! Matt
  8. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    Ide love to do a TKO500 or 600 right now but man o man is it a spendy swap. Bell, fork, clutch, trans, shifter, crossmember, mount, driveshaft and I would have to raise the trans tunnel to allow it to clear (some crossmembers claim to lower the trans allowing room but there is debate on driveline angle issues) To do a 3550 would be slightly less expensive but still up there. Rebuilding the T5 will be cheap, but how long itll last till it goes again would be anyones guess. Building the T5 to hold to decent power is pricey but nowhere near as pricey as the other swaps so its likely that I will be looking at doing that or picking up a stronger T5. Ive got some time to look into it all and figure it out tho! Matt
  9. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    Cable swap is easy and very very worth it. The Z bar, as I found out too late, can be adjusted to be very good but the Cable swap is a pleasure to drive. Matt
  10. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    LOL while this smallblock may not make Earth shattering low end (Trans Shattering on the other hand) its enough to make this little car get outta shape the way it sits and that will need to be sorted out. There are "Non World Class (NWC) T5's and "World Class" T5's. WC T5's in the 90's V8 cars were a bit stronger than others ad thats what Ive got. Its also old and tho it doesnt have many miles, its been beat on. First T5 that Ive ever broken, likely wont be the last. Matt
  11. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    Got it all buttoned up and back on the ground this afternoon. She runs and rides GREAT now!!! She is as smooth as can be through every gear and tho it still hops pretty decent on a hard pull, its back to being much more predictable and appears to be less likely to get unsettled and switch lanes on you. She pulls really strong through 3rd gear too, which leads me to my next project. Finding a trans that has 3rd in it to replace the one I just destroyed Turned around on 70S out here to head home and got on it. 1-2 went off clean, back end out slightly with a little hop and then on the 2-3 the trans let out a nasty BANGbangbangbangbangbangbangbang. Pulled over thinkin maybe it was a driveshaft or even the motor but nothing hanging or dripping. I fired it back up and was able to drive it home without issue. Hats off once again to Disney for the super stout and solid tune. Allowed this Exploder motor to make enough power to break a Wold Class T5 on the street and yet driveable enough down low to allow me to lug it home shifting 1-2-4 (which is a big deal with a TFS1 cam according to most Forum complaints lol). Gonna track down another trans and get back to it!!! Matt
  12. 65 Coupe to Fastback "Phoenix"

    I was but wanted to cruise out in the 66 but its been havin issues! I will try to make it out one weekend soon if I can, I wanna see it in person for sure. Matt
  13. 65 Coupe to Fastback "Phoenix"

    Ha I hate when drying time forces you to end the day early! One step closer to seeing it all in one color tho! Matt
  14. 65 Coupe to Fastback "Phoenix"

    Heck yeah, that will look awesome! Matt