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  1. World War I letter

    a friend of mine sent this to me. It was a letter her grandfather wrote to his dad. Thought it was neat. The following letter was written by Wyatt C. Jackson, 1891-1968, of Sycamore, Cheatham County to his father, Andrew Perry Jackson, 1856- 1929) France, November 24, 1918 My Dear, Dear Old Daddy; Well, I know you are writing me a good letter today, and I sure am looking forward to the time when it gets here, for my letters from home mean so much to me. Since the censorship has been practically lifted, we can write things of interest to you people. We left the U.S., August 5 on His Majesty’s ship, Acqutania, the second largest boat afloat. It was some boat and we had a grand and glorious trip. We sailed several days, without seeing land, were in one pretty bad storm (which made some of us pretty sick for a while and caused us to feed the fishes a few times) but sighted the Irish coast on the morning of the sixth day. On the night of August 15, we took a U.S. ship for LaHarve, France. We pulled out a little piece from the shore and stayed there till it got good and dark then started the perilous journey across the English channel, where the submarines did so much damage. We had about 10 little submarine chasers with us, and when we had gone about half way across away in the wee small hours of the night, the ‘subs’ got after us. There were three of them and you never saw such a sight. Our ship and everyone of the chasers began to throw their searchlights in every direction, and the chasers did some work, dropping depth bombs and we got by ok, and landed next morning after daylight. On the morning of the 17th, we left LeHarve for somewhere in France, and after riding 56 hours, packed like sardines in cattle cars and box cars, we landed in Homaire. It was a beautiful country through which we had passed, and in spite of our packed condition, we saw many pretty sights. When we got off at Tomaire about 50 of us were left to guard the trains that night. Next day we went out about 14 kilometers to Dye (no, don’t be distressed, it’s only the little village), where we billeted for a month in stables and attics and various places. I fixed myself a good bed in a stable loft and we enjoyed our stay in the loft and we enjoyed our stay in the quaint little town. Soon box cars carried us up into the Vosges Mountains. We detrained at Brugeres, hiked out a piece and billeted for the night. Next day we started on a big hike for the front with our full equipment, 90 pounds and all we possessed on our backs. All these hikes were made at night to escape observation by airplanes, and we lay around billets during the day. I shall never forget the first sight of this hike. We went along the road several miles then came to a beautiful little lake, where we halted, ate supper just at dark, then watched the moon creep over the mountain top. We soon reached Raon that night. This town was occupied by the Germans for 19 days in 1915, and was almost destroyed when they were driven. This is on the border of the Alsace sector. I crossed over into Alsace a tme or two. The next night we went up to the front in the so-called quiet sector, but it is where one of the hardest battles of the war was fought, lasting fourteen days in 1915. There are graves everywhere, both French and Germans. This was beautiful country, but is now so shell torn and riddled that it is horrible looking. The night we went in, Fritz shelled the road on which we were traveling but caused us no losses. I was in the front line trenches several days this time. Our front line trench was very close to the Germans, in some places, 60 yards, and at no point over 150 yards from them. At the 60 yard point they were above up on the hillside. This was a very particular point, and we were the first American company to relieve the French here. Part of the time our company was in this sector, I was in the reserve with my platoon on the next hill. We had a little shack here in the loveliest spot. We had dugouts, deep holes and pits dug out in the mountain side and the warfare was mostly between snipes but the Germans would turn their machine guns loose on us once in a while, and the artillery played on quite a bit. I tell you, Dad, it is a wonderful feeling, you have when those big ‘whiz-bang’ began coming over. The airplanes were pretty active too, and our anti-craft guns would bring one down once in a while. Dad, I wish you could see the roads here, they are the finest you ever saw, I wish we had such a system in the U.S.A., especially Cheatham County. A road here better then our Hyde’s Ferry Pike is called a ‘trail,’ the roads are splendid. You never see a bad one except a new one across country. They say Paris is lit up now and looks like the Paris of old. I hope to see it before I go, I only passed through the outskirts coming over. Give my dearest love to each member of the family. Your true and devoted son, Wyatt C. Jackson
  2. Funny of the day.

    this made my morning
  3. Random thought thread

    this is all good news. i'm an 83 baby...therefore you all owe me something now. time to pony up suckas!
  4. Random thought thread

    somebody is in trouuuuuuuuuuuubbbblllllleeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
  5. Random thought thread

    nah, the same applies. My girl did gymnastics up till this year and I loved going. I don't have a clue what any of the flips are called but just watching her grow and get excited to show me what she learned was like no other.
  6. Random thought thread

    clearly, I'm in the wrong line of work
  7. Detailing

    I had a handful on those threads copied. I pasted them here when the site first started. not sure where they are now. *edit -
  8. Random thought thread

    There's a lot going on in this picture.
  9. Random thought thread

    considering........ common for valve stem seals to fail <100k?
  10. Random thought thread

    rookie mistake I don't shoot anymore (kinda), but I still back everything up twice. every so often, Costco will run a portable Seagate 5TB for $99.
  11. Random thought thread

    fucking stupid
  12. 2010 Camaro SS

    i don't have to pass tags are $100 each though.
  13. 2010 Camaro SS

    that's probably the only safe thing I've done in my entire life insight - I'm 36 and have had 11 surgeries due to self inflicting injuries
  14. 2010 Camaro SS

    I like the blue. I'd say it depends on wheel color also.
  15. Silent but deadly

    yes that's how theyre supposed to work. the wired combo is around $65ish each at lowes. mine were originally just smoke. I changed to the combo without any issues. wires up the same.
  16. Silent but deadly

    Gather round kids, it's story time. This past summer, I decided to change out my smoke detectors for smoke & carbon monoxide combination detectors. It's a pricey move since mine are hard wired ($65ish each). I had a few old CM detectors laying around that I kept as a just in case. long story.....still long. I woke up to a beeping noise around 4 Monday morning. I went downstairs and reset the alarm thinking nothing of it. Went back to bed to read what the chirping meant. 3 or so min later, it went off again. it was detecting carbon m. So I loading up the family and dog and put everyone in a car outside. 15min later, the fire department showed up. At that point, the level was so high they had to wear oxygen to sweep the house looking for the source. Turned out to be one of my HVAC units. Early birthday present I guess. The point of this story is.... Not a single one of my old carbon monoxide detectors went off. They are right at 6 years old. Had I not replaced my smoke alarms, my family would probably be gone. SO, check your alarms and replace if need be. They're expensive and seem like a waste of money, but very necessary.
  17. Random thought thread

  18. Random thought thread

    yeah I need a car washer like that too.
  19. Random thought thread

    That mf'r would be stuffed hanging over my bed till the day I died
  20. Random thought thread

    I'm confused by all of this
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  22. Random thought thread

    but you can save up to 10%
  23. Random thought thread

    you would think so. I don't watch the news or have any social media so I'm out of the loop.