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  1. Happy Birthday To...

    all I can say is....NOPE I never knew the cost for trying to get a Chevrolet running was so high
  2. Happy Birthday to...

    Mike (OLD/42) Happy Birthday Mike!
  3. Happy Birthday To...

  4. Random thought thread

    Lincoln mkz. for the record, I didn't drive through the second one. way too deep and moving way too fast.
  5. Random thought thread

    was a fun drive home. I drove through the first river thinking I was home free. Then I crossed the rise that you see to find more..
  6. Random thought thread

    i need one of those
  7. Random thought thread

    1102 Grundy St Its on the Corner of Grundy St and 11th Ave N
  8. Random thought thread This place looks awesome!
  9. 1986 Ford Ranger

    good catch
  10. Good Weekend Deer Hunting

    true story, one rainy DARK night in a small town called Cumberland Furnace(no street lights), I hit two deer at the same time knocking out both headlights and rolling down both sides of my truck. Immediate darkness. Both of them ran off and I was left driving home like ace ventura with a flashlight.
  11. Random thought thread

    this is probably the route i'll take. I didn't realize crossover steering made that big of a difference.
  12. Random thought thread

    I hate to spend that kind of money on something I take the trash off in. And pull the occasional vine out of the ground with.
  13. Random thought thread

    can you spot the problem?
  14. Random thought thread

    where's the fun factor count at? honestly, if you had two identical muscle cars, one auto, one manual, would you really choose the auto?