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  1. The ball joint press or the slug he is using to press them out?
  2. Disney's Auto Shop Top Tips

    Non-cloro brake cleaner here. Nothing like hooking up a hose to flush your eyes when you can't see anything and doing everything by feel and memory.
  3. Disney's Auto Shop Top Tips

    And your sepsis will be minty fresh.
  4. Random thought thread

    Is there a site you can view how long a vehicle has been on a dealer's lot?
  5. Random thought thread

    For the local talking head politician.....
  6. LSx Nova Build

    Put a bump in it and make it a Dan Gurney hood.
  7. 2019 50th Anniversary Bullitt

  8. 2019 50th Anniversary Bullitt

    Would be nice to see them replicate that scene with the new one and I guess a new Challenger since there is no 2 door Charger. I wonder how far they would get before the suspension collapsed, airbags deployed, or something else broke.
  9. Random thought thread

    Yeah but with the Buick you were even doing "Handy Js" on the corner to get the money for it. I think that makes up for it.............

    I don't think I could be a politician.

    Not really. They will throw up all kinds of marketing BS. Going back to the hybrid thing, x vehicle is 10K, x vehicle hybrid is 20K gets x many more MPH........10K buys a lot of fuel. Now diesel 1/2 ton, base truck is 35K, diesel base is 45K+, 10K still buys a lot of fuel. Real world is going to probably be around 24-26mpg vs standard v8 is around 20-22mpg, With current fuel prices 2.30 gas vs 2.70 diesel it still doesn't really save you money plus the additional upkeep of a diesel. I don't think people figure in twice the cost in oil changes, twice the cost in fuel filters, plus the cost of DEF and having to crawl under the truck and drain the separator..........

    Guessing it is also the same price as a HD pickup.

    30mpg except in real world conditions. Now remove all the emission bullshit and it would do it, maybe more.
  14. HELP! On 2nd Starter, spins but won't engage...

    Old hammer trick?
  15. Fox Mustang: Next Purchase

    Note: Needed without a CD box.
  16. Fox Mustang: Next Purchase

    I'm unsure of my next big step on my Fox and would like a little input. I'm looking at replacing the stock 302 with something a little more power. As I'm looking at it now I have 3 options: BOSS 302 crate engine, SysteMax intake --Not real crazy about the GT-40 heads it includes but one phone call gets it all Built Dart 302/331/347 with TFS 170 or 190 heads, SysteMax intake, cam up in the air-- unsure of a builder Spare Porno block, maybe 306, with TFS heads, SysteMax intake, cam up in the air-- unsure of a builder and the weak block but cheapest option What are some thoughts?
  17. Mikes Mid-life Crisis Mustang

    I thought the BBK kit was neat, buttloads of torque and wasn't tied to a few lower intakes like the KBs were. They were expensive though.
  18. 2019 Shelby GT500 700-plus horsepower supercharged V8

    Like the Hellcat.
  19. Random thought thread

    Ouch. Note to self, vacuum a fiberglass bodied car after every pass. Were the cars setup with delay boxes and throttle stops? I read that the engines are basically stock crate GMPP ZZ572s, not meaning they are just weak prius motors.
  20. Random thought thread

    And all of the safety gear, sa rated helmet, firesuit, arm restraints, neck collar, shoes, etc.... I guess you could borrow most of it.
  21. Random thought thread

    If you have access to a car that runs 6.30s/9.90s or faster.
  22. Random thought thread

    Thought about it for years, to drive anything faster than 6.40/eighth technically requires a comp license if the track adheres to NHRA rules even during non-NHRA events, ie NMRA. Hawley's school looks to be the easiest way to get a license. Scotty Richardson use to do some type of school at Beech Bend but I think all his stuff is just online videos now.
  23. Random thought thread

    Did you have to progress through the license classes or could you jump straight in to say S/G or S/C?
  24. Random thought thread

    Anyone tried getting a NHRA or IHRA competition license?