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  1. 2013 SS L99 Tuning

    I made quite a few changes, but haven't fully dialed it in yet. I made changes to the following areas Shift Speed Shift Time Line Pressure Torque Management Torque Converter
  2. Project *Name My Project*

    Posting an update to this build. I’ve finnally started installing my exhaust. I went with Texas Speed & Performance 1 7/8” headers and their 3” X-Pipe and catback system. I’ve also installed my AEM Wideband O2 sensor / gauge. Texas Speed shorted me two clamps so I’m waiting on those and I’ll be able to wrap up the exhaust and then start tuning it.
  3. 2013 SS L99 Tuning

    Sorr for the delay! I’ve finally ordered and am in the process of installing my Texas speed exhaust system. I’ve also been working on the transmission tune and it feels 100% better. I’ll update the project build with pictures.
  4. 2013 SS L99 Tuning

    I appreciate the info. I'm not able to open the tune file, it's causing my HP Tuners to crash. I'm on 3.4.46 and have tried on two computers. Which version was it saved on?
  5. 2013 SS L99 Tuning

    I've not started logging fuel pump duty cycle. I did come across your thread about it on HP Tuner though. Did you ever get that resolved? I'm not able to locate that specific thread about trans tuning, could you PM me the link?
  6. Project *Name My Project*

    Very nice! That should wake it up a good bit for sure. Did you do your cam install? I'm thinking about tackling my own this go around and had some questions.
  7. Project *Name My Project*

    Yes, he was on Mickey Thompson ET Street R's.
  8. Project *Name My Project*

    I'm always down to race some moostangs. I'll need to put some Long Tube headers, gears, and converter on order now though After I finish the engine and transmission tune, I hope to be in the low 8's with just a CAI. A buddy of mine with his 2010 5th Gen ran 7.41 N/A (Tune, Gears, Exhaust, CAI) stock internals.
  9. Project *Name My Project*

    I'm always down for some fun competition! I'm debating on going the full exhaust cam route. Or saving up and doing turbos (would be a while). I appreciate the welcomes. I'm glad I stumbled across this forum.
  10. Hey everyone, Here's my current build. I purchased this car a little over 2 months ago. It's a Ashen Gray Metallic 2013 Camaro L99 2SS, that had 19,500 miles on it. I was able to get this car for $21k and couldn't pass up the deal. I'd like your ideas on the project name for this by the way. I was thinking Project Nighthawk, but I'm not 100% on it. Post your suggestions. With my previous Camaro I got big into tuning and ended up purchasing HP Tuners as well ass tuning books specifically for Gen III and Gen V platforms. I plan on tuning this car from start to finish and post the results as I progress the build. I hope to share the knowledge I've learned as well as learn from other more experienced tuners, or even avid learners like myself. I took it out for the first time completely stock and ran 8.66 in the 1/8th (we don't have a 1/4 track close by). I've so far removed the torque management, and adjusted the throttle tables. I just installed my intake today and will start getting the MAF dialed in properly for idle and part throttle. From there I plan on ordering a wide band O2 so I can start doing WOT fueling. Once that is all dialed in I plan on working on the spark table to see what I can get out of the car with no knock. Future plans will be some FI route. I really like the ideas of turbos as my previous car was N/A with a cam. Current Mods: Cold Air Inductions intake Air Scope Catch Can BMR Sturt Bar Blacked out taillight bezels Tune
  11. 2013 SS L99 Tuning

    Hey everyone, This is my first post on these forums. I've been getting into tuning the GM Gen V based platform motors. I currently own a 2013 Camaro L99. I've also previously owned a 2015 Camaro SS 1LE that had headers, intake, cam, and 4.11 gears. I really got interested in tuning and purchased HP Tuners and also books on tuning this platform specifically. I'm hoping to help share the knowledge I've learned over the past year with some and learn from those that are far more knowledgeable than myself to further my knowledge. I've installed a CAI intake, and an air scope so far on this new build. In the tune I've disabled all torque management as well as lowered the delay and ramp rate of the Power Enrichment tables. I've not yet dived into the transmission tune. I was wondering if anyone could share some tips on shift pressures, etc. I'll post something more specific in the proper forums after the introduction post. Here's some pictures of my current build: Good to meet you all and I'll see you in the tuning section