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  1. Any Audio peeps in here?

    So i'm gearing up my new DD, a 2001 Yukon. I'm mapping out my audio gear and want to put in some new door speakers. Front are 6.5" with seperate tweeter, I can do coax though. Rear is 6.5" coax. It has the factory sub i'm thinking about replacing as well. I'm wondering what door speakers to use? I'm not a big time audiophile or anything. i listen to old country, bluegrass, and baseball. Just want some decent tunes. I'm going to use the Alpine ILX-W650 with the power pack. Should have plenty of power for some mid grade door speakers. What brands do you like in a 6.5"? I'm not looking for cheapest. Also not looking for $500 since I don't care about audio that much.
  2. Any Audio peeps in here?

    Ah. It will be active.
  3. Any Audio peeps in here?

    Don't know what is active or passive. I ended up buying Alpines for the front and rear doors. I'll get a sub to replace the factory 8" in the rear. Got about $700 in dynamat today.
  4. Any Audio peeps in here?

    I got the 3" exhaust covered. Going to add a LOT of Dynamat to help offset that. Don't know about a blower, but a turby might make its way in there.
  5. Disney's Auto Shop Top Tips

    It occurred to me the other day that i've accumulated a decent bit of auto and general garage knowledge. Some of those tid bits come to me naturally and I realized that they may not occur to other folks, or they have never heard of said tid bit. I thought it might be helpful to introduce some of those things here in case folks have never heard of them. So, feel free to participate and try out the tips I give. If you have a better way, please let me know!
  6. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    I never thought that one would come back and be relevant. It still hasn't BTW.
  7. Random thought thread

  8. Random thought thread

    FREE SPEECH* *as long as you agree with us
  9. Red Baron

    Finally. FINALLY! I got a chance to work on the Red Baron. Its mu brothers 1979 Coupe project. Started life as a 2.8l 6cyl c4 auto car. It had dual glass packs when we got it and when doing donuts one night we noticed it sounded like an old bi-plane, hence the name. My brother and I built it in the 90s with a stock 460 out of a 73 Lincoln. Put some PAW dome pistons and a small solid in it. Ran it for years in the FFW and NMRA doing True Street. It ran very consistent 11.00. One day for no reason at all, it chucked a rod out coming off the trailer. That was 2008-2009. Been sitting since. I traded off all the bbf stuff for a sbf turbo setup. I sold the turbo off and it sat on the shelf ever since. Recently I noticed I had an engine, a turbo, and turbo kit. I bought some parts for it over the last year or two as they came available. So I finally dug it out and started tinkering on it. Took it out of the garage under it's own power today. Setup: 306 GT40P TFS 1 cam 80# inj. MS2 v3 C4 8.8 3.73 33spl spool All the chassis stuff Currently on gate pressure and messing around a little today saw 6psi so that's a good starting point. Got to tune it and then haul it down to AL where it can rot into the ground in his yard.
  10. Red Baron

    Delivered the car to my brother last Friday. Took it to Montgomery track. 7.42 and 11.63 at 6.5# boost. We didnb't turn it up any since he's 12 years since his last pass or even being in a "fast" car. To say he wa rusty would be an understatement. But, made laps all night in 100 degree weahter and nothing broke. 100% success.
  11. Happy Birthday, Disney!

    Gracias, mi amigo!
  12. Happy Birthday, Disney!

    Thank you, sir! All I wanted for my birthday was for the Reds to win, and they did in walk off fashion! SWEEP SWEEP SWEEP!!!!!!
  13. Random thought thread

    we can dyno/internet race all daylong, or we can get our junk to the track. I thinl you'll run11.20
  14. Q50 HSA

    jkust a little plug in MAP sensor saignal fooler.
  15. Q50 HSA

    Got some hot street action in my 2018 Q50 this week. Caught a 5th Gen Camaro SS with some big wing, and bunch of stickers on it. I dunno. Some prayer about keeping traction and not wrecking.. Either way, he saw Q50 tails. Caught a 370Z from work. That was unfair. Q50 dominated. Got a 2011-2014 (I think) Mustang 5.0 and we never could get a good hit together. I really want to try one with a clean hit. Should be close. I'm daily on the prowl for unsuspecting victims. Y'all look out for the White Q ball!
  16. Q50 HSA

  17. Q50 HSA

    Now I know why it does such sweet sweet burnouts.
  18. 1986 Ford Ranger

  19. 2010 Camaro SS

    Jasper Schmaster. I'd flush it and never think about it again.
  20. For Sale: 1965 Mustang Fastback

    I just need to come look at it.
  21. For Sale: 1965 Mustang Fastback

    Any pics of the floor pan situation? Think it's an immediate need?
  22. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    Is the car lowered?
  23. 2010 Camaro SS

    I'm with Tim King from what i've seen. Looks like converter wasn't seated in the pump and the trans was bolted up anyways.
  24. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    Can't hurt. Won't "fix" anything.
  25. Buying real estate at auction

    THat was without. Buyers paid 10%, 20K, to auctioneers. Owners got 200.