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  1. Setting up ring and pinion..

    Need pics.
  2. So I ended up getting Matt's Red Coupe he called Reba. I love the car as-is, but there's some things I'd like to do to it for my own satisfaction, plus I think they would make it more marketable when I sell it (hopefully back to Matt). Fist up was the paint. It's been forced to sit outside the last couple of years and the paint took a beating as a result. After seeing @66sprint6 polish work and I followed some link about single stage restoration I thought I'd give it a swirl myself. We'll call it Operation:Stage 1. So to that end I ordered up a bunch of crap to follow the steps that guy on autogeek took to bring back that single stage to a show car finish. a bunch of microfiber, Meguiars #7 and some carnuba wax. Also ordered today Operation: Stage 2, also known as Speedo cable. PATC has a sale right now and I got the cable for $45. Can't beat that!. Can't wait to see how fast i'm going!!!! Anyways, this post aint got much going on, but i'll get some pictures up when all this stuff comes in and I get to polishing the old girl up.
  3. And i'd want a 2800-3000 stall on your car. If you get those fancy heads, then the 2800 looks even better with all that low end grunt.
  4. WB after cat isn't a big deal at all. If it's different than pre-cat, its probably .1 or less. at cruise it should be dead on.
  5. Random thought thread

    Gotta have lights. I got stopped with a tow dolly with a SINGLE light out.
  6. NewER DD 2015 Mustang GT

    But about 1.5 seconds faster.
  7. WHAT?!!!! Bring that sucker to QuickTime Motorsports in the Boro for some realistic installation action! *Has lift and trans jack
  8. Music city raceway Street night

    I'm on Daddy Duty tonight.
  9. 61 f100/04 crown vic driver project

    Dang, Numbers AND letters.
  10. You don't need a multi disk until you have a bunch of HP. The HP or single disk would be fine. I'd pick up a phone and call them. I still like the Precision Industries converters too. http://converter.com/vigilante.htm
  11. Have you been in a car with a modern "GOOD" converter? I feel like you have an unfavorable view on them. You do know that a good 3000 stall will drive almost exactly like the stock converter, right? It' snot like you sit still til 3000rpm then start creeping. It starts rolling once you put it in gear just like stock. It takes off from alight just like stock, maybe a tad looser. The main difference is when you mat the pedal, it allows more RPM before locking up.
  12. Random thought thread

    Might as well be....
  13. Random thought thread

    DAAAAAAANG!!!!! 600 miles one way and only 1/2 tank! I need a Civic with a man pedal!
  14. What's that old saying? you can lead a horse, but you can't lead a blind horse to better times because of mad misconceptions? Literally, the first mod I would do if that car were mine would be a converter. One of the last would be a cam.
  15. Random thought thread

    You went out there and didn't grab that?!!!
  16. Doesn't want a converter. Calls his car "Street/Strip". Call it what it is. Your wife's car that you want to take to the track and hit with your purse.
  17. What's in YOUR toolbox?

    I have the 1/2" version: https://store.snapon.com/US-Torque-Instruments-ft-lb--1-2-Drive-Adjustable-Fixed-Ratchet-Click-Type-Torque-Wrench-50-ndash-250-ft-lb--P874542.aspx You won't miss spending the money on that. I got my off the tool truck for 275.
  18. http://www.tickperformance.com/tick-performance-stock-converter-camshaft-for-ls3-l99-engines/?mc_cid=91156c676a&mc_eid=bd4551e8ac
  19. What's in YOUR toolbox?

    The basic Snap On is a nice one at a decent price.
  20. Reba gets some makeup

    Weak. I remember when I was a bitch.
  21. Reba gets some makeup

    I'll lay it out there right now. $12,000 obo as-is. 1992 Coupe original paint and black interior L33 - Aluminum 5.3 (Like Barry ran last year) Big cam, Springs etc. Ported heads LT headers Build PG with TB Tubular k Tubular front arms, LCA and UCA's SN95 front and rear Superior axles, C-clim elims.
  22. Reba gets some makeup

    I do. That guy needs to buy it before I start sinking money into it and it goes up exponentially.