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  1. For Sale: 1965 Mustang Fastback

    Yeah, why not?
  2. 2010 Camaro SS

    And while we are playiong WHAT IF... I think, cool down, ice down, sticky mickeys, good air, right time... I think 11.3, MAYBE.... Maybe 11.2. There. Bench race gauntlet laid down. Dare someone else to predict a better time!
  3. 2010 Camaro SS

    I say keep wondering. You seem intent on not running it to its full potential and instead like to know the REAL WORLD results. Nothing wrong with that! Plus, you get to bench race like a mofo after the fact. Yeah, I went 11.7 but car was HOT HOT HOT and I had skaterbacks and AC on and TC on and J.Lo's booty in the trunk. And less chance of breaking parts this way too.
  4. "Pretty decent". That's ridiculous. 1.3 stock converter. Putting Precision Industries out of business!
  5. So you are in agreement with me how ridic that 60' is. Stock gear, stock converter, no weight reduction. etc. etc. There were tubbed out 5K rpm converter cars back in the day that couldn't 60 like that!
  6. 2010 Camaro SS

    That's moving right along!!!
  7. 1.48 60 is just ridiculous. I mean.. Really... That's crazy. Stock converter???
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  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. When does property become "home"?

    I am near the opposite. I seem to always attach sentiment to things like cars and houses. Probably to a fault. I don't understand people that can buy a car, be 110% in love with it, then just sell it on the next day. One of my BFF does that and it drives me insane.
  11. NewEST DD 1985 LTD WagonTF????

    I've got toe plates that you're welcome to use.
  12. Q50 HSA

    only the 4cyl is Daimler. The v6 are Nissan. They are VR30's which is a derivative of the VR38 in the GT-R. They are different of course. Main thing being the DI. They also have the turbo foot cast into the head so there is no manifold, turbo bolts straight to head. Turbos are not variable. They are tiny.
  13. Q50 HSA

    Got some hot street action in my 2018 Q50 this week. Caught a 5th Gen Camaro SS with some big wing, and bunch of stickers on it. I dunno. Some prayer about keeping traction and not wrecking.. Either way, he saw Q50 tails. Caught a 370Z from work. That was unfair. Q50 dominated. Got a 2011-2014 (I think) Mustang 5.0 and we never could get a good hit together. I really want to try one with a clean hit. Should be close. I'm daily on the prowl for unsuspecting victims. Y'all look out for the White Q ball!
  14. Q50 HSA

    It would be a race from a roll. It's a Q50 Sport. Called a Silver Sport by some. 300hp version Those speccs are for the Red Sport 400hp version. I have the 300hp version.
  15. Smokers

    I've never tried that. I would thoink you'd want is basically in a salt crust. Then smoked for days, not hours.
  16. Q50 HSA

    99% stock. Just upped the boost a bit. I absolutely love the car. It does so many things so well. Stomps ass on the street, then when I want to road trip gets me 31mpg. I have a few complaints, but they are outweighed by the rwhp.
  17. Q50 HSA

    He did, but he could never enjoy boost weather with it soooooo........
  18. NewEST DD 1985 LTD WagonTF????

    Much improved.
  19. Q50 HSA

    I don't know the difference. It was one like yours.
  20. Q50 HSA

    Just before I left for Japan I caught a Yamaha 600 on I-24. I let him know my intentions and slowed back down, he shot past me and slowed down. He kept slowing down til about 50mph or so and started counting it off. We hit and stayed close for a couple seconds, then turbys turned on. Walked away, put several cars between. He waved, we friends now. Then... FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got a good race with a Coyote car! Saturday night after landing on return from Japan. I-24 see 5.0 getting on interstate just ahead of me. He mashes it to merge, I mashes it too to let him know I want some. He's got some loud exhaust on it, not sure what. I slow down, he comes along side and we slow down to 70mph or so. He just mashes it so we're off. It's about 50* outside and my junk was making some freakin power. We hit in a not great spot for me but it didn't matter. I pulled on him quick after the hit then grabbed another gear and let the turbys eat. Put probably 4-5 cars on him pretty quick. My car LOOOVES the cold weather. I am satisfied with it. I wanted the Coyote hit because I thought I could take one, glad to have been able to prove it.
  21. LS misfire only at idle

    Probably lifter collapsing at idle oil pressure.
  22. Happy Birthday to:

    YAAAAAY!!!!! Merry Birthday!!!!!!!!!
  23. Random thought thread

  24. Random thought thread