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  1. Random thought thread

    I'd have to calculate how much electricity it would be using at my home and factor that in as well. If it eats $300/mo in electricity, then you're not really any money ahead.
  2. LS3 advice.

    Tasty! I prefer an OMP, but Momo is dope too!
  3. Random thought thread

    What in the background peaked your interest? I see tons of cool stuff.
  4. Broke the hot side cherry today

    Can barely tell its been modified!
  5. A/C leak detectives give me advice

    Condenser needs replaced either way so I'd start with that. I'd make dang sure I cant find any dye anywhere else .
  6. Airplane stuff

    Have fun!!! Get some good hand drawn sketches for us!
  7. I've known some triflin bitches in my time. Bet they paint good too.
  8. Random thought thread

    Easy answer is to make it. Buy some rod and lathe it out. I have a little lathe I use to make crap like that on the daily.
  9. Cadillac CTSV Build

    I'd be interested in putting it back together. Would be fun.
  10. Smokers

    On my pulled pork I go to 200-205 depending on how it acts at it's plateau. If it plows right through, i'll go 205. If it camps out for a while, i'll stop at 200.
  11. Smokers

    What internal temp did you target?
  12. Q50 HSA

    Thinking it was black or dark grey color. Don't recall clear wing or not. Just remember the big writing on the passsenger side window about not totalling his ride.
  13. Q50 HSA

    300hp TT 3.0 V6
  14. Q50 HSA

    Really want some good clean hits with a coyotoe car. I think it should be good.