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  1. On 11/10/2017 at 9:52 AM, Ashley P said:

    I recently put a 24"  1/2" ratchet in my box, it's wonderful for LS head bolts.

    Hopefully you can find other uses for it too. Maybe Pontiac Balancer bolts? I hear you have to remove them shorty after dropping engines on the ground.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Tino said:

    Damn. What are you recording with? That video was very clean and clear

    I thought the exact same thing. I wish stores getting robbed had such clear video. Like all these guns shops that are gettin smashed these days.....

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  3. They called the Fox 5.0 headers too. And to be fair, there's been a lot of tests that show the factory LS manifolds to be really good compared against headers. But you sissys are argueing tiny points here. How about how much bigger JohnC's engine is? Or about how many more shifts Matt gets to make? Or about how slow you both are compared to my old Lincoln??? Oh Waa waaa waa... He's got a blower... That motor aint stock. WHO CARES!!!  Y'all race your slow ass junk and shut up before I shut you up!

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  4. 59 minutes ago, Ashley P said:

    Happy birthday to Tino! 

    Speaking of birthdays, P #6 landed yesterday.   Healthy girl.  It took two hospital admissions, two epidurals, and three doctors were involved.   I bet I'm in debt now. :barf:

    Holy Cow!!!!  I didn't know your farm hands were increasing! Congrats on the new little one!!!!!


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  5. 36 minutes ago, 66sprint6 said:



    Cmon man, put half the effort your putting into asking questions about parts, ordering parts, waiting for parts, **** talking about parts, drooling over parts, not installing parts, **** talking more about what still uninstalled parts will do, still not installing parts AND INSTALL THE PARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LETS DO THIS!! 

    Starting to remember the 5.4 DOHC build for the purple people eater. Parts parts parts parts parts SOLD SOLD SOLD!!!!!! Stock car for years... :(

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  6. On 10/28/2017 at 8:15 PM, KNIGHT347 said:

    which route are you going on the EDIS?


    On 10/28/2017 at 6:24 PM, higherpowerracing said:

    Awesome! He using micro squirt?

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    Soooo... The plan today is to do an MS3X using the 36-1 wheel, Explorer cam sensor, and LS coils. I wanted to keep it sequential and leave room for future upgrades. MS3X will do that. I have thought a lot about going MS3Pro, but I don't think there's any value added over the MS3X in this car with its intended use. 

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