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  1. If I just would have bought when I first thought " I should buy this car" I would be WAAAAY Ahead. BUt no, I think they will always be there for the same money and then they skyrocket. It was not very long ago when I passed on a very very nice 66 Coupe 289 T5 car for 6500. I kick myself for that. Same car now would be 16500.

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  2. I had a similar situation, Mike. I gathered up all my spares and extras. Called the tool truck and he came right to my house. I swapped all my extras for a nice set of sockets and a 1/4 drive ratchet. I came out ahead I think.

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  3. 14 hours ago, KNIGHT347 said:

    Power probes can supply both 12v+ and 12v- depending which way the switch is pressed, I use one daily at work for various things including trouble shooting components or short circuits

    Exactly. It's not just a test light. I would say I use mine more to power or ground circuits than I just test for + or -. And the tool had a ground lead right off of it so you can ground something and power it right there. Makes testing motors and relays a breeze.

    The button on the tool is a momentary toggle switch. Push up to send 12v+ out the lead, push down to send 12v-. Has a built in circuit breaker also for when you power up those ground circuits. It works... Ask me how I know. 

  4. Somebody nearby and computer and photo savvy needs to get your butt put on the Garage Squad TV show. You aren't far off from a good running car. Like you said, you just need a kick start. And if it was running and driving, you'd probably enjoy the heck out of it and have even more family fun.

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