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  1. On 7/4/2018 at 6:52 AM, JohnC said:

    I've run 93 and E85 with the same results on KR.

    It's had spark knock since I got it back. It's false knock as I've confirmed that by running race fuel and all the timing I've pulled. 

    This thread is full of logs with spark knock retard. I'll post a couple more later for you running E85 + 64 ounces of Torco Race Fuel.

    As I said earlier in the thread, depending on the E85 octane, that is between 111 to 116 octane. With timing as low as I'm running it now, there is no damn way it's real knock.

    As Gammey explained, it's probably the untuned VVE tables and all causing the false knock.

    The car when you ran it wasn't even tuned as well as it is now since me and Gammey tweaked it. It's way stronger now.  So I don't know where you get the push it to work thing.

    Again, I had a tech at Texas Speed look at the tune file. He said there was a lot of work to do to fix that tune. Even the VVT tables were entered incorrect according to him. I fixed that, sent the tune back to him and he confirmed it is now correct.

    That all said...I'm not the one finding issues in the tune. it is folks who know what to look for like the Texas Speed tech, Gammey, etc. I've however been trying to fix the issues with help after logging knock and seeing the dyno hp curve dip out at 5,600 rpm's.

    Fwiw...  You did some good work. It's just the tune is not right and we're trying to fix it. That's it. So don't take all this personal. :up:


    Oh, sorry. Reread that and I see what you mean, but I certainly wasn't taking anything personally. I was just brainstorming, throwing out questions rapid fire. 

    Wonder how the VVE tables got through untuned? I'm surprised it ran as well as it did. Hopefully that alone will help out a lot of this.

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  2. So i'm thinking about this more. When did it start? When did you first notice the spark knock and such? IIRC, it ran pretty dang well at first. I recall doing some pulls in it all the way to 6800 and not having any dips or feeling of timing being pulled. Do you have any logs showing the KR? What fuel are you using now? Have you tried using 93 Octane? I just wonder if something else is wrong because it seems it used to run pretty damn good, now you're saying you about have to push it to work.

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  3. 12 minutes ago, Ashley P said:

    ^ Fixola!

    It's just perspective. If you understood the game, you'd be on the edge or your seat. But since there aren't any horseshoes or shotguns, you're lost on the whole thing.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Ashley P said:

    Yeah, that's why I want Stirling.  In the winter I'd love to use a wood fire to run a Stirling generator to make some of my electrical power.  All waste heat would heat the house/shop and water.   I put a few extra holes in my basement wall in case I ever get far enough ahead to tackle that. 

    Is there really any waste heat?