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  1. Random thought thread

    HAHAHAHAHAHA I had no idea anyone would see that. My buddy here at work (Ben Dizney) has a 66 GTO that he is restomodding. He got an LS for it that turned out to be a 4.8. So I said, no sweat, we'll just turbo it. With twins. He was hesitant about how much it would cost so I put a list together with links to show how we could do it on a budget and put this link in the mix. He lol'd.
  2. Troybilt Riding Mower

    I'll be gone, but you can still come get it!
  3. Troybilt Riding Mower

    Dang, I was. From 12-1 usually.
  4. FWIW, I'd likely just put MM poly bushings in the front arms. Couple hundo vs many hundo for tubular arms. I also noticed your front sway bar bushings are cracked/shot. Typical with that age. Easy/cheap to replace.
  5. Troybilt Riding Mower

    Shoot, come over and test drive it over to his house!
  6. Troybilt Riding Mower

    TTT $300 for S&T members.
  7. FWIW, they were 6mm. The upper arms had an extended fitting that couldn't be replaced, but they were still good, so I let it roll. I also learned that the arms I have with the self-removing bushings are also Hotchkis LCA's. FOR SELL!!! Give good price!
  8. Call outs! Place your bets now!

    Yeah, like you said, I can probably bring a Z or Gitter up there to make some laps.
  9. Call outs! Place your bets now!

    So it's May 29th at the Hill? Official? Anyone call the Hill to make sure they aren't having some special event?
  10. Fox Mustang: Next Purchase

    Look how far you've come in such a short amount of time!
  11. His West Coast Lowrider stance isn't good for drag racing either, but that doesn't stop him.
  12. Mikes Mid-life Crisis Mustang

    I'll walk to 40 yards to talk to you here in a minute. I'm in the middle of a youtube vortex right now.
  13. Mikes Mid-life Crisis Mustang

    Mike, you gotta talk to me before you go off buying stuff! I've got tons of these parts laying around.
  14. cigar smokers?

    I am a Cigar smoker. I usually enjoy 2-3 a day, sometimes more. Weekends... Might be 5 on a saturday? My daily go-to smoke is a Gispert Robusto. Buy them buy the box, 2 at a time. probably 3 boxes a month. I have tried many many MANY different sticks while trying to develop my flavor profile. Some hits, some misses. I do enjoy going to brick and mortar stores and trying new smokes. I am a frugal smoker though, so I don't smoke a lot of the $9-up sticks. I guess RyJ is fancy for me.
  15. No easy answer. A person can go all top notch and spend 6K, or go cheap route and spend 2K. All depends on what you want.
  16. Sweet!!! I thought the dish was shallow on those things.
  17. City or country/likes and dislikes

    Coal rollin 3/4 tons aint "Gangsta". Lebnun just don't know it yet.
  18. City or country/likes and dislikes

    That's gross.
  19. Mikes Mid-life Crisis Mustang

    Yes. They always seem to transfer off idle better too. Which you do a lot with an MT.