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  1. 1979 Coupe roller Street or strip

    I'm sad to see it go. But, I lost the storage space where I was keeping it. My brother owns is and he is now 4 kids deep and has no space/desire to have it back. I can't keep it at my place, too many cars already. I was going to get it back running and take it down to him to enjoy, but he says he doesn't have room for it. So........ Price is OBO. I have no idea what it will bring, so I looked at the asking price of others and started there.
  2. You wanna take on the Champ?

    http://www.motorsportreg.com/events/rezoom-motorsports-barber-full-course-de-2-park-901129#.VJXtDAMPY Cheap, but epic, track day. It's hard to get on to this track, much less all day, much less this cheap. I don't care what you drive, you can run slicks and skinnies with a full spool, you need to get out to this event!!! I signed up for Saturday. I would encourage those of you with a need for speed to do the same. Post any questions here!!! picture for attention
  3. You wanna take on the Champ?

    You have never in your life had as much fun with your pants on as driving on a road course.
  4. Can we speed up the "New Tint" part of this project? Maybe start small by removing the current tint?
  5. You wanna take on the Champ?

    You need to bring that ST out to this track day!
  6. It will need a new transmission slip yoke but the same shaft can be used. Back in the day, Tremec used to ship the TKO with the new slip yoke, but they stopped at some point. Now you have to buy one. They are reasonable though, unlike the aluminum shafts these days.
  7. Mikes Mid-life Crisis Mustang

    Carb valve covers on an EFI engine. Sure sign of someone that got too excited on ebay.
  8. Pu them pics up! Mike get you headed down the righteous plug path!
  9. 92 LSx Mustang Build

  10. Random thought thread

    Prefer this one...
  11. You wanna take on the Champ?

    Gates are open!
  12. You wanna take on the Champ?

    I'll put one out!
  13. You wanna take on the Champ?

    No timeline. I'm trying to fund the dyno with work I do in the shop. I hope it's 5 years or less, but we're talking 15-20K so who knows...
  14. Where do you live?

    Can one of you computer literate guys put a map together that everyone can place their marker? I'm in M'boro, just south of town.
  15. Favorite Car Magazines

    You want him to read it to you at night also?
  16. You wanna take on the Champ?

    In the garage attached to the house.
  17. Eye Heart that Green GT!!! Love the wagon too! you'll fit right in with this group!
  18. Random thought thread

    Nom n nom
  19. You wanna take on the Champ?

  20. You wanna take on the Champ?

    Will it ever be truly "ready" Just run what ya brung!