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  1. Tennessee Driving points laws

    I have found that it's really unclear how TN works their points system. We are only 5 of 50+1 states that do not participate in the Driver License Compact (DLC). This means that we do not share ticket information with other states. Does that mean they do not share it with ours? Doubtful... Reason I ask is... I got a ticket a couple weeks ago in FL. I got a bunch of mailers today promising to take care of my ticket with some traffic school.. no points or anything. Even on the FL site they have an option to pay the fine and do a 4hour online traffic school and you won't get points. But, do the insurance companies still see the ticket? That's my only concern. I don't want insurance to see it because thosewienerburping bandits will jack my *** for 5 freakin years over one fuckingticket. If I can keep them from seeing the ticket, i'll do whatever it takes. I have a feeling doing the traffic school and paying the fine will do it, but I want to be fairly certain before I pull the trigger.
  2. Tennessee Driving points laws

    GET IN HERE COZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Wife had a wreck last Monday

    before you try doing that just know that you really can't get any blood out of a turnip
  4. Work Thread....What do you do?

    See above.... Same as 2000AtlanticGT as he brought me into this gig. I used to be his partner in Drivetrain crime, I am now in charge of our export market.
  5. Tennesspeed

    Well, I lose again. I'm not funny. Sorry guys.
  6. Get your StreetnTrack.net Decals Here!

    You have to come up with a Blue Collar sticker. Fuq... We need to start up a new domain... BlueCollarCars.net
  7. Tennesspeed

    Ouch... You may or may not have just got super trolled. I rofl'd though!
  8. Tennesspeed

    Unfriended me too. He beat me to the punch!
  9. Tennesspeed

    From what litte research I did.... http://webdesign.about.com/od/domains/fl/domain-lapsed.htm Now, I my just be an insignificant blue collar type, but from my experience with the multiple domains that I currently own.... I don't think I could let one expire IF I FREAKIN TRIED!!!! They harass the crap out of you to renew those things! How could you possibly forget? You can't. You have to NOT CARE. Which is exactly what he did until John C. bought it, then all the sudden he cares. I gots no sympathy AT ALL. He can say what he wants, but he's being a childish little *****. The community never changed, He did. He sold all his cool cars, bought a matching pair of FJ's, and didn't have a need to talk speed or racing anymore because he was wheeling on the roads of America. Then blames us all for it?????
  10. Cummins 5.0L V8 Turbo Diesel

    Final numbers aren't out yet, but we're expecting this engine to be able to get 30mpg when driven easy around town.
  11. Welcome to the NEW forum!!!!

    Fast and sharp! I like it!
  12. Calling all members!

    How about I just send invites to people on Facebook? Wait... No.... I don't want to be crass.
  13. New from south of Nashville

    Welcome Bro-hamm!
  14. Crazy Camry Driver Brake Checks Mini

    Uhhhh...... Middle eastern driver for sure.
  15. NOT add more weight? you can forget about that!! The Fed Gov't will never let that happen!
  16. Gun hysteria

    WTF is going on? I have been talking to some guys here at work and it seems like the country has gone nuts about guns, especially EBR's. I didn't have any problem finding ammo over the holiday break, but many people have said I was just incredibly lucky. I bought .223, 9mm, .45ACP, and 12ga all at Walmart over two visits. They tell me that now there is none of that stuff at ANY walmart except the 12ga. They were showing me some online sale ads from DPMS and Bushmaster ARs for like 3x normal prices?!! WTF? Anyone else seeing this stuff? Are you all freaking out and buying everything you can as well? Be honest you nut cases!! Who bought some EBR or .223 lately because you were afraid it was going away?
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  18. Ford FL820S Filters Suck!

    Skip the dumb **** and get you a pile of NAPA Gold filters.
  19. Buick Build

    I still have the factory cable, but i've cut the end off of one end to make an adjustable cable out of the most recent part I bought (that was too short). I want to make a Morse cable for it, but I haven't taken the time to get the parts together for it yet. I had envisioned using a stainless sheath like the Lokar stuff. Right now, the car will go into OD, but that's as far as the cable will let me go before it bottoms out. I'm just happy that it will go into any gear and park!!
  20. Buick Build

    Nice work!!! I don't suppose you have the factory shifter cable out of your car do you? Willing to sell???
  21. Cops v/s Street Racers

    Man, those guys are really stupid!!! Amazing how much dumber this new breed of street racers are.
  22. Drag vids...

    Kut da Check!!!!
  23. Is Windows 8 going to be a flop?

    Anyone play with this any more? Stupid thoughts in my head about trying it out on my home machine....