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  1. 17x8 Mustang wheels

    Matt, Are your's 17x8?
  2. LS engine oil/coolant loss

    Oil is going past the rings once it's watered down. Fix the heads and the oil issue will likely go away.
  3. 17x8 Mustang wheels

    Heck yeah!! I'd love to try those. Even better that they will be for sale!
  4. 17x8 Mustang wheels

  5. Smokers

    No way. I have a third heater, the same as the other two. I just never figured I would need it. When it was in the 20's I could keep the shop in the 60's no problem at all. Last night it had a hard time staying over 50. Maybe just sealing up the edges would help as it felt awfully drafty....
  6. Smokers

    House stayed warm, shop got kinda cold. I may have to hang that third heater if it's going to stay like this. I could barely get the shop over 50 last night.
  7. LS engine oil/coolant loss

    Earlier ones were prone to cracked heads pissing water into the oil.
  8. Disneyland: The Lincoln Lair

    I've tried three times. I haven't changed anything either... Before they were sideways, now nothing. I sent it up to photobucket and have to link from there.
  9. Disneyland: The Lincoln Lair

    Now it won't let me attach pictures at all...
  10. Disneyland: The Lincoln Lair

    Ahhh yes. It's a little thin currently but gets restocked regularly.
  11. Disneyland: The Lincoln Lair

    And to say the in floor light idea wrecked my electrician and concrete guys brains would be an understatement. I might as well been asking them to sandpaper a tiger's ***.
  12. Disneyland: The Lincoln Lair

    Thanks! I got the idea from a hotel entry. I saw a similar light that was used where you would drive your car around. Figured if it's good enough for the Marriott, it's good enough for me. I sourced the lights from Alibaba pretty cheap. I figured where I wanted my lift and laid the PVC pipe in place to mount them and ran the conduit to them. Definitely something you have to plan ahead for. I highly recommend it!! The Cougar belongs to my Dad. I'm doing a 5.0EFI and AOD set up in it.
  13. Happy Birthday To....

    Have a mill of a birthday!
  14. Disneyland: The Lincoln Lair

    And the building itself...
  15. Disneyland: The Lincoln Lair

    Some moar pixtyers HEAT!! I have two 100,000BTU infrared natural gas heaters hung. So far, no problems maintaining any temp. This week will be a great test. Tire rack/wheel rack Let there be floor.
  16. Disneyland: The Lincoln Lair

    No IDEA why the pictures turn out sideways on here. Curse of tungler?
  17. Disneyland: The Lincoln Lair

    Shop is up. Moved in back in August, been trying to get it into shape ever since. Getting there....
  18. 92 LSx Mustang Build

  19. Smokers

    Brisket, Pork Loin, and wings have all turned out fantastic so far. I'm a smoking machine!
  20. Your current profession.

  21. Smokers

    I also got my first smoker for Christmas. I smoked a small brisket and pork loin last night. My taste testest said it was amazing. I think I can do better. I need a better thermometer to measure smoker temps. Going to Academy Sports today to get one. Smoking another brisket tonight!
  22. Car Hackers Steeling Cars

    No... I really really doubt she had an I-key type of vehicle stolen. She got drunk, invited some homeless guy back to her house for a quick n dirty, and he took her car back to his bridge. She's in East Nasty for God's sake!
  23. Cable TV or stream?

    Some slut drove down from PA for me to rail her in her Celica. AOL RULES!!!!
  24. Weapons experts...

    Seems you need to train your barrel on the neighbor that dropped the dog off on the other side of the county.