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  1. Fox Mustang: Next Purchase

    That sucks. I've use a LOT of Fragola over the years. Only had a couple NG fittings ever.
  2. 2010 Camaro SS

    They make some really nice stuff.
  3. Photobucket Fix

    Due to Photobucket disabling hot linking, many of the pictures on forums have been "lost." Much content and context is doomed. I'd fair to say that a great majority of pictures on the automotive sites, including a self-estimated 90% of the pictures in peoples build threads have fallen victim to Photobucket's rightful undermining. However, a developer has made an add-on for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that negates Photobucket's efforts. I found this information on Facebook and use Chrome myself. I've added the extension and can report that things are back to normal. Click the link and add the extension to your browser: Chrome: https://chrome.google.com/…/naolkcpnnlofnnghnmfegnfnflicjjgj Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/…/addon/photobucket-embedded-fix/
  4. 2010 Camaro SS

    Oh, much fancier than the OEM ones I have.
  5. Funny of the day.

    I tihnk that video gave me BALLS FUCKING tourettes.
  6. Happy Bday to..

    I am. Terrible joke.
  7. 2010 Camaro SS

    Dang, I have some SS bungs here.
  8. Fox Mustang: Next Purchase

    I've had a Fragola with a raised burr/dent on the sealing face. Disassemble, double check.
  9. Fox Mustang: Next Purchase

    You lubing the Orings and the mating surfaces?
  10. Random thought thread

    Just needs the hydraulics fixed?
  11. Project #whitetrash

  12. Happy Bday to..

    I hthink he's dead.
  13. Love those. I've been buying them from Rockauto in bulk in various sizes. Yes, one use, but it's a nice looking use.
  14. Fox Mustang: Next Purchase

    Leaky or need more?
  15. LS7 Lifters, lifter trays and misc. gaskets

    He probably brings his pipes in to work every day for vocational training. They will put out a record number of polishers here in the next few decades.
  16. Random thought thread

    Looks long to me. A lot of sellers will take long bed angles at funny angles so you can't tell but will take a short bed picture normal to the truck you there's no doubt it's a SB.
  17. Random thought thread

    Borla so loud....
  18. Happy Birthday To...

    He's probably still recovering from like 2 weeks straight of autoX events across the country.
  19. Ls fest 2017

    Unfortunately, texting is probably the way to get announcements out to the racers these days.
  20. Random thought thread

    I just don't think it's viable in large scale just yet. It requires so much power to drive a compressor. You can't get around that. You can do it efficiant, but it's still going to require at least X Amount of power to move Y amount of air. I don't see electricity doing that unless you have a 25hp motor attached to it.
  21. Random thought thread

    pics of belt routing?
  22. 2010 Camaro SS

    I'd do it for $11,001.
  23. 65 Coupe to Fastback "Phoenix"

    Been seeing those wheels recently. I'm in lust....