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  1. Blue 1966 mustang--withdrawn

  2. Snow reports

    That's nuts. I'd thought the duece would billy goat over anything snow covered or not.
  3. Happy Birthday To...

    BOOM. Happy birthday, broseffy.
  4. HP if fine and all, but I want to know how much it weighs. 700hp in 7,000lb don't matter.
  5. Random thought thread

    Careful.... You're floating a line awfully close to being one of those loathsome BLUE COLLAR people.
  6. Random thought thread

    Powered by a Chevy motor.... With an automatic......
  7. Random thought thread

    Figures... The only time you've gone fast on track was with a powerglide, transbrake, and a torque converter. What a hypocrite!!!!
  8. Random thought thread

    Love that 360 camera, but mounted on yuour head it SUCKS. Took me 10 minutes of playing with the angles to see him hit the rock. Loved the foot drag too.
  9. What's your goals for 2018?

    Yes, i'm well trained on the correct terminology to keep lawyers happy. I've seen some interesting stuff this last year. One truck went up while in 30-35mph winds and the owner got it on video. Blamed the truck. It was obliterated.... Except where it started. Dried stalks of sugar cane at the Cat.... He is a worker at the sugar cane fields in S. FL. Saw one where the owner claims spontaneous combustion. 6K miles. FWD Sedan,CVT. Firs thing I noticed was front tires completely bald. 0 tread left. Then notice about 8 different areas of high temp. Obvious case of pouring gas over the car. One car the door panel went up randomly. Owner is PISSED. Blames us. I get to digging... Thermal started low on the door, no wiring down there... I dig.. Notice lots of empty packs of gun on passenger compartment. AS i'm digging I find the gum wrappers. And straw wrappers.... Customer says he had just parked at friends house where he went inside to play XBOX. That explains the AA batteries in the door pocket surrounded by aluminum gum wrappers and paper straw wrappers. Makes for a great ignition source! Ended up looking at two cars this year that went up due to AA batteries. Pretty neat stuff.
  10. What's your goals for 2018?

    Most of my training on this has been through my employer (Nissan). I did attend a live burn seminar in Michigan a couple months ago. It really helped to put two and 2 together. I've been to cars where I knew it was arson, but I didn't see it happen. Going to the live burns and seeing the guy pour gas over a car and light it helped tremendously. Several "AH HA!" moments that day. The Nissan training was much more in depth and advanced. It would apply to any thermal event (fire), but focused solely on cars for obvious reasons. It's funny now that I know what I know and I look at some cars where arson is the obvious (to me) cause, that the arsonists ever thought they would get away with their story. But they don't see it from my eyes, they think a torched car is a torched car and whatever story they tell will be the end of it. Fortunately for us, that's not the case.
  11. What's your goals for 2018?

    Good luck with that one! I'm about to start a new role here so my travel should cut down quite a bit. I had cut down a lot until I got trained at doing Thermal (fire) investigations, that's what has kept me on the road this year. I'm supposed to suspend that while in this new role (temporary).
  12. What's your goals for 2018?

    Thinking about cutting the front half of the cage out to make it more street and family friendly for him. What i've got to go back in it: 306 with ported GT40P heads, TFS stage 1 cam, HP turbo kit with TC78 turbo, MS2 ecu. Just need some time......
  13. Happy New Year All!!!

    Spent NYE in the shop, just how I like it. Except the neighbors dogs got out, I corralled one in the shop with me to keep her warm while we waited on the owner to get home. Then the owner got home and went inside and to sleep and didn't come get his dog..... so I turned her loose. BUT.. I got a lot of work done on Matt's 66 and it's looking great so far. With any kind of luck i'll be firing it up later this week. Heck of a way to ring in the new year!!!
  14. What's your goals for 2018?

    1. Get to know Jesus better. 2. Get my Spec E30 race car done and RACE this year. 3. Get my brother's 79 Mustang running and out of my shop.
  15. Granny

    Prayers for the whole family. Makes it tough losing someone so close to a holiday like this.
  16. Random thought thread

    At first, just fix a couple minor things so she can cruise it around. Alt seems bad, has a draw on the battery. Going to do a 3G alternator conversion and be done with it. This car is a California car so it's got a smog pump and smog ports on the head. Going to remove that stuff and plug the holes. Fix a small exhaust leak that sounds like its' either one of those port, or the manifold gasket. Then go thru the brakes, make sure they are all 100% (as 100% as drums can get) and probably some new tires. These tires still look "new" but the receipt says 2001. That stuff should keep her happy for a while until i'm ready to tear into it. Then..... Who knows.
  17. Random thought thread

    GOT ONE! Just in time to be a Christmas present for the wifey.
  18. Random thought thread

    Gay ****. Come to a stop you sissys.
  19. Fun Times With Raceall

    I run Rotella in just about everything.
  20. 65 Coupe to Fastback "Phoenix"

    A whole door?!! Ballsy! Let us know how it fits.
  21. Fun Times With Raceall

    I blame the oils.
  22. Fun Times With Raceall

    CAn't you see? This is how the Gov't is forcing you to pay for the whole Global Warming agenda. They MANDATE fuel efficiency standards along with emissions requirements that are nearly impossible to comply with both. The OEMs have to come up with stupid crap like this to meet those targets. When stupid **** breaks, you have to pay. They just did an end around to our pocketbooks. FYI. Good MPG and low emissions aren't tied together for the same common goal. Generally speaking, we can get better MPG if we ignore the EPA.