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  1. Random thought thread

    Don't let @djoye see that. He'll get some craaaazy ideas.
  2. Disney's Auto Shop Top Tips

    Here’s a low buck tool that I use a lot. About $6 on Amazon.
  3. Disney's Auto Shop Top Tips

    It occurred to me the other day that i've accumulated a decent bit of auto and general garage knowledge. Some of those tid bits come to me naturally and I realized that they may not occur to other folks, or they have never heard of said tid bit. I thought it might be helpful to introduce some of those things here in case folks have never heard of them. So, feel free to participate and try out the tips I give. If you have a better way, please let me know!
  4. 65 Coupe to Fastback "Phoenix"

    If I just would have bought when I first thought " I should buy this car" I would be WAAAAY Ahead. BUt no, I think they will always be there for the same money and then they skyrocket. It was not very long ago when I passed on a very very nice 66 Coupe 289 T5 car for 6500. I kick myself for that. Same car now would be 16500.
  5. Ridgid pipe thread head

    That's a tool i'd like to have. But all the other tools that go along with it would break the bank. Thus, i'll continue to cobble crap together....
  6. 65 Coupe to Fastback "Phoenix"

    Lord knows I looked for a WHILE before finding mine.
  7. 2010 Camaro SS

    Dang, that aint much headroom.
  8. Random thought thread

    I had a similar situation, Mike. I gathered up all my spares and extras. Called the tool truck and he came right to my house. I swapped all my extras for a nice set of sockets and a 1/4 drive ratchet. I came out ahead I think.
  9. Random thought thread

    YOu mean like today?
  10. Disney's Auto Shop Top Tips

    I've bought a second one that I use for other chemicals/cleaners. I htink I can get different size nozzles for it if needed. So far, been fine as is.
  11. Disney's Auto Shop Top Tips

    If you don't mind an initial investment to save money in the long run, this is a sure fire way to do it! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0035FH906/ref=twister_B075FFMXGR?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 I have a 55gallon drum of brake parts cleaner and I just fill this little guy up when I need some. Beats the pants off of $5 every time you walk into the parts store.
  12. NewER DD 2015 Mustang GT

    I'd like to go too to see if we can squeak some more HP out of the 66 on that pump 87!.
  13. Disney's Auto Shop Top Tips

    That's #1 thing to do once the walls are up.
  14. Random thought thread

    If you have to ask, you can't powershift. #CALLEDOUT
  15. Be interesting to see how it does on straight pump 93
  16. I think he's well versed in big cam tuning. In case you didn't notice how smoothly you car idles.....
  17. Random thought thread

    Nailed it! I would even consider combining the best parts of the 66 Mustang and 5th Gen Camaro into one car!
  18. Random thought thread

    I would own one in a heartbeat... of America. Yeah, I like the 5th and 6th gens both. Its tough to say without looking at them side by side, but I think I prefer the 6th gen. Either one would be a dope hot rod.
  19. Disney's Auto Shop Top Tips

    Exactly. It's not just a test light. I would say I use mine more to power or ground circuits than I just test for + or -. And the tool had a ground lead right off of it so you can ground something and power it right there. Makes testing motors and relays a breeze. The button on the tool is a momentary toggle switch. Push up to send 12v+ out the lead, push down to send 12v-. Has a built in circuit breaker also for when you power up those ground circuits. It works... Ask me how I know.
  20. 2010 Camaro SS

    I drove it on the highway and didn't find the drone that offensive. I'm surprised it's that bad. I bet cats will tone it down.
  21. Random thought thread

    I've been loving some of these retro Chevy trucks. Some aren't so hot though...
  22. Return of Raceall

    Somebody nearby and computer and photo savvy needs to get your butt put on the Garage Squad TV show. You aren't far off from a good running car. Like you said, you just need a kick start. And if it was running and driving, you'd probably enjoy the heck out of it and have even more family fun.
  23. Disney's Auto Shop Top Tips

    Game changer for sure. I use mine very frequently. I have the PP 3 which isn't as nice as the new IV. I will probably upgrade mine to the IV this year.
  24. Random thought thread

  25. 2010 Camaro SS

    Surprising docile in the cabin. It is loud outside though.