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  1. Airplane stuff

    That sucks. 4 miles away from the airport?
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  3. The Challenger is Home

    Dude, ythat headlight shot is sick.
  4. The Challenger is Home

    LOVE that color and stripe combo! Man, that thing is beautiful!!!!!!
  5. Random thought thread

    Who is she?
  6. New to me truck

    Even as the weak link, it's still very strong. Seems most of them still go 200K+
  7. Q50 HSA

    On a side note, it's now just old hat beating up on Coyotes. None of them can hang. Except one.... I caught ahold of one that sounded pretty hot. Too hot for me! Turns out he also had boost. NOT FAIR!!!!!!! He smoked the **** outta me!!!!
  8. Q50 HSA

    Yes I do, and I know I do. I have it until December. I'm not getting another lease since i've built up this yukon to be my new DD. I still need to test fit my old mickeys to make sure they will clear the brakes and such.
  9. New to me truck

    How is that bed side not rusted out? Very clean truck indeed!
  10. your favorite restaurants

    Le Big Matt!
  11. your favorite restaurants

    New AND kick ass? Not in the Boro.
  12. 2014 Crew Cab Z71

  13. Random thought thread

    It may wander due to bad alignment. Could be bad control arm bushings, or ball joints. But that rag joint and rack doesn't look bad from that video.
  14. Random thought thread

    looks pretty normal.
  15. GT500 6R80 Swap

    Do the billet clutches and billet fluid too. Can't take a chance.