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  1. Random thought thread

    Just a bad fuel pump. Happens.
  2. Random thought thread

    It's an open book! BBF? BBC? SBF? LSx?
  3. The Bootlegger

    I'm thinking this would work if you wanted to. If not you can borrow this from me.
  4. The Bootlegger

    Suggestion on the XFI wiring. Wire it up through a bulkhead connector. That ways you can do the mock up on the engine on a stand and then just plug in. Also helps for motor swap and if you change motors later you can make a new engine side of the harness. Got pics of the Vintage Air stuff?
  5. NewER DD 2015 Mustang GT

    If the GTR guy was a n00b or didn't use launch control, then yeah, I can see Matt whipping him. GTR using launch control is a beast.
  6. Stainless steel tube nuts for Saginaw lines?

    Hmmmm... I would *think* Classic Tube would have that. You called them?
  7. Stainless steel tube nuts for Saginaw lines?

    I would think you could find that fairly easily. Are you talkin 3/8 line?
  8. 2005 "GTO" driveshaft

    If it bothers you that much, return it to stock and give it back to him. Explain how the parts caused a bad vibration and you couldn't stand to send a GTO out like that. $1 says he will tell you to put the vibrating parts back on.
  9. 2005 "GTO" driveshaft

    Totally understand. But know the scope of your project.
  10. 2005 "GTO" driveshaft

    Send it. The guy paid you to put on stiff parts. You did it. He's not paying you to diagnose his POS is he?
  11. 2001 Ford Ranger

    Very similar to rhyming and stealing, but not as Beastie.
  12. Oh, sorry. Reread that and I see what you mean, but I certainly wasn't taking anything personally. I was just brainstorming, throwing out questions rapid fire. Wonder how the VVE tables got through untuned? I'm surprised it ran as well as it did. Hopefully that alone will help out a lot of this.