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  1. Sounds like his PCV is a sealing style that acts as a check valve. That works pretty good IMO.
  2. You basically don't want any line hooked up to the intake after the S/C. If one is, then it needs to have a check valve in place to prevent positive pressure from coming out of that line. If you have something hooked up to the port after the TB, then it's getting boost pressure and needs a check valve, or leave it plugged off until you get one.
  3. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    I can't LS swap that, stupid.
  4. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    Yeah, I want to check it out. Might be my next project! Ever seen an LS swapped WAGON?!!! Yes.. yes you have, but not a BLUE LTD!!!
  5. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    Got a buyer for the wagon? If not, bring it by and let me check it out sometime.
  6. 2004 rcsb lq9 build

    a 255 in tank would be plenty for that.
  7. 25 cents worth of travel...

    Sure sounds easy to say. I think if my mind was clear enough to realize what was happening I could do it. Now I need to go through my knives and make sure they are all sharp enough. I know my daily carry knife wouldn't do it.
  8. 25 cents worth of travel...

    You mean cutting the throat to the kid can breath? Never thought about it. Not sure I could do it. I do have a large O2 tank though!
  9. Random thought thread

    Well, a stock 5.3 is faster than a built 2V sooooooo.........
  10. 2010 Camaro SS

    That is ridiculous. Holy Mother of Tire Smoke that bitch is gonna fly!
  11. Random thought thread

    4v, no doubt.
  12. Disney's Auto Shop Top Tips

    I took a length of PVC pipe and capped the ends. Then drilled holes in the top and mounted to the wall. I filled it with oil up to the holes. When i'm done using the silicone I squirt a small amount out the end then put that end down into the oil. It won't keep it from hardening (Room Temperature Vulcanization and all), but it keeps it good longer than anything else i've tried to date.
  13. 65 Coupe to Fastback "Phoenix"

    That just sounds like a bad battery.
  14. Camaro SS Dragstrip Logs

    And do it with a new plug.
  15. Wiring Diagrams

    Corrosion on connector I guess. Unplugged and plugged back and it started working. Cleaned contacts and it's working 100% now. Still haven't fixed trans concern. Need to drop trans and check for poring on input shaft. Trans builder swears he put it on, but I should verify. Then maybe put a new converter in while it's out