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  1. Random thought thread

    Baseball is back. Street n Track is back. Shadys back. Backstreets back, alright!!!
  2. Random thought thread

    yeah! Me neither!!! lol
  3. Random thought thread

    I usually carry a CRKT Ignitor T. About once a week I carry my Microtech. It's been a awesome blade. Funny that i'm down to those two basically but own probably 50 different pocket knives. I sometimes chuckle when I turn up one and i'm like.. Man, i used to carry this all the time! Back in the drawer with you!
  4. Random thought thread

    Ever since Ashley ditched his cell phone he's hired a retired court room artist to follow him around. If he sees something he wants to capture he just points, clicks, and nods and the old feller whips out an easel and some lead and gets to work.
  5. The virus

    I don't have to go into the office, other than that I never stopped getting out. I take my girls to daycare every day just like before. One thing I noticed is nobody has had a cold, runny nose, sniffles, couch, or anything since this started. It seems like before this one or both of the girls always had something going on and it drove us nuts cause half the time we would end up getting it too. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this has been the longest healthy stretch for my family since the birth of my oldest.
  6. Disney's Auto Shop Top Tips

    I fell like Spray 9 has been overlooked. I've been using it for a long time. I buy gallon jugs and refill my sprayer. That said, there are things Brake parts cleaner does that Spray 9 just can't. And for that, I have a 55 gallon drum of BPC and use the Hot Shot cans that I charge with shop air pressure.
  7. 2010 Camaro SS

    I mean bad as in dirty. not low E content.
  8. 2010 Camaro SS

    That wholly depends on where you get it from. I've seen some bad bad corn fuel out there. https://www.picuki.com/media/2209603533422930537
  9. Nashville Riots

    Holy crap. You've got your finger on the pulse of this matter! I had suspected it was mostly "Antifa" types that were taking a protest and turning it into a riot. The standard all black outfit, black face mask, possibly fancy gas mask, and the BLACK BACKPACK basically says, i'm here to break **** and set **** on fire and do not care about your protest. And skateboards... We got like 3 skateboarders in Murfreesboro, but the other night when the protest came here, magically there were about 100 of them, and all violent.
  10. Random thought thread

    I have a Spyderco also. Agree, clip isn't the best. I've not lost any screws though. In my experience, pretty much any knife can be sharpened to razor levels, but they won't all keep it. That's the mark.
  11. Nashville Riots

    And I hear "they" are coming to Murfreesboro tonight to protest. Not sure what they are protesting here, this town is a wonderfully integrated place and generally very peaceful, aside from all the low income crime by the university.
  12. Nashville Riots

    I expect most here won't agree with what happened downtown tonight and in other cities. That said, I want to hear your opinions on it. The catalyst, who's behind it, what is the message, and what is the expected outcome.
  13. Random thought thread

    I'm about half CG and half Adams. I have several other for specific needs as well. I got some of that dura coat "blue premium" metal polish and man... That crap is insane. Amazing aluminum polish. The Adams glass cleaner is the best i've ever used.
  14. Jamtoy is heading home. Need Location Help

    Glad I've pretty much always had competent bosses in my professional career.
  15. Drill press

    Mine's 7" Seems i'm always coming up a couple inches short....