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  1. A few updates :)

    A big goofy looking hillbilly.
  2. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    that's per day for 4 days.
  3. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    That was 100x harder than I ever thought it would be. I mean, a really really tough job. If I ever do another one, the engine and trans will both drop out. They just never meant for the trans to come off of that engine in the car. Simple as that.
  4. Airplane stuff

    Wow. Long read that i'm not willing to do. IMHO the science behind flight is settled. If it wasn't well understood, we wouldn't be building planes that can carry 300 people at a time.
  5. 2014 explorer ecoboost code P0016

    And just like that one popped up today. This is what we see sometimes.
  6. 2014 explorer ecoboost code P0016

    Only place on earth i'd trust. http://www.crutchersautorepair.com/
  7. Random thought thread

    Oh man. So sorry to hear this. I know you two were very close. Praying for your family.
  8. 2014 explorer ecoboost code P0016

    camshaft timing is controlled by oil pressure. The pressure is fed to the actuators through the timing cover (in our case). If the gasket springs a small leak, the actuator doesn't have enough pressure to make the changes to the cam timing.
  9. 2014 explorer ecoboost code P0016

    We've seen this before and the culprit ended up being the timing cover gasket.
  10. Random thought thread

    What's funny is if I travel to Knoxville and try to buy a snickers, they call me. I travel a lot and they are always calling to check to see if I made the purchase. But apparently a Visa gift card in California isn't suspicious to them.
  11. Random thought thread

    Hell if I know. Got ahold of my debit card info somehow and used it to buy tome Visa Direct??? Supposedly like instant money from Visa? Either way, he's hood rich, i'm for real poor.
  12. Random thought thread

    Some garbage ass POS useless virus of a person that goes by Damon Weaver successfully looted my bank account for over $1500 yesterday. I sincerely hope you are bitten on the dick by a baby copperhead and while running for help you slip and fall and a porcupine rams up your ass. That is all for now.
  13. 2004 Mustang GT

    Congrats! You finding any time to work on the car?
  14. Random thought thread

    Worked fine. Since the water jet wasn't a pinpoint contact it would spread the pressure across a small area. It would still provide a resultant reading, but it was open to misinterpretation. Ultimately, that's what we ran into. The people who design the running board paint and such attempted to use the test against "us". It took some in depth logic and factual accounting to bring them around to my initial assessment; the paint is peeling off due to poor adhesion.
  15. 1986 Ford Ranger

    275/50 is the right look. 60s would have looked hokey pokey with that little front tire.