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  1. Any Audio peeps in here?

    Ah. It will be active.
  2. Any Audio peeps in here?

    Don't know what is active or passive. I ended up buying Alpines for the front and rear doors. I'll get a sub to replace the factory 8" in the rear. Got about $700 in dynamat today.
  3. Any Audio peeps in here?

    I got the 3" exhaust covered. Going to add a LOT of Dynamat to help offset that. Don't know about a blower, but a turby might make its way in there.
  4. Any Audio peeps in here?

    So i'm gearing up my new DD, a 2001 Yukon. I'm mapping out my audio gear and want to put in some new door speakers. Front are 6.5" with seperate tweeter, I can do coax though. Rear is 6.5" coax. It has the factory sub i'm thinking about replacing as well. I'm wondering what door speakers to use? I'm not a big time audiophile or anything. i listen to old country, bluegrass, and baseball. Just want some decent tunes. I'm going to use the Alpine ILX-W650 with the power pack. Should have plenty of power for some mid grade door speakers. What brands do you like in a 6.5"? I'm not looking for cheapest. Also not looking for $500 since I don't care about audio that much.
  5. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    I never thought that one would come back and be relevant. It still hasn't BTW.
  6. Random thought thread

  7. Random thought thread

    FREE SPEECH* *as long as you agree with us
  8. Red Baron

    Delivered the car to my brother last Friday. Took it to Montgomery track. 7.42 and 11.63 at 6.5# boost. We didnb't turn it up any since he's 12 years since his last pass or even being in a "fast" car. To say he wa rusty would be an understatement. But, made laps all night in 100 degree weahter and nothing broke. 100% success.
  9. Happy Birthday, Disney!

    Gracias, mi amigo!
  10. Happy Birthday, Disney!

    Thank you, sir! All I wanted for my birthday was for the Reds to win, and they did in walk off fashion! SWEEP SWEEP SWEEP!!!!!!
  11. Random thought thread

    we can dyno/internet race all daylong, or we can get our junk to the track. I thinl you'll run11.20
  12. Q50 HSA

    jkust a little plug in MAP sensor saignal fooler.
  13. Q50 HSA

  14. Q50 HSA

    Now I know why it does such sweet sweet burnouts.
  15. 1986 Ford Ranger