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  1. Blewhair

    Nah, I'm down for the winter.
  2. Blewhair

    I may know this guy..... >
  3. Mikes Mid-life Crisis Mustang

    Pretty uneventful compared to this. I may try a different converter. Im in for the longhaul watching yours!
  4. 2006 mustang gt wheels

    17in gt wheels. Tires low on tread but still have some life left. $450obo picked up around pleasant view, tn.
  5. Mikes Mid-life Crisis Mustang

    Tn clutch is awesome. Old school dudes who give a ****. Nice build mike.
  6. Mikes Mid-life Crisis Mustang

    Mike, doubt this is up to snuff but I've driven by it.
  7. on3 7096 turbos

    model number o3p-7096 Two on3 turbos, 64mm exhaust turbines, t4 divided housing, 1.00 exhaust housing. $300 if you only want one of them or $450 for the pair picked up. If shipped buyer pays actual shipping and paypal fees. Located in Hopkinsville, Ky 42240. One of them is barely used and the other is brand new.
  8. Slow Car and Slow Build

    I like the 450 walbro. -8 feed and return will be plenty. I hung mine from a bulkhead above the sump in my plastic fuel cell. I don't foresee and starvation issues as the pickup filter is level with the capped dual outlets in the sump.
  9. Tennessee Real Street!

    I didn't say the hotside crossover wouldn't have to be moved and maybe frame notched:)
  10. Tennessee Real Street!

    Na, just because of a bunch of people get away with it doesn't mean its accepted as "street legal". There is nothing keeping anyone from running the exhaust past the firewall as is typically the case with any "street" classes. I actually went out of my way to get a quieter set of mufflers since ditching the school bus exhaust. I've seen plenty of cars fly having the exhaust to the back bumper with a real muffler. The worst thing I'd have to put effort into for the above rules is the stupid door panels. Electric windows still function just aluminum door panels covered in wrinkle finish paint were the plan for doors.
  11. Tennessee Real Street!

    How is it for NA and nitrous cars? This class doesn't determine whether his truck is a street automobile, the rules for the class determine what kind of vehicles someone wants in the class. I'll just set the rules in stone now. If its faster than me, its a race car, if its slower than me, its a street car. My rules that suit me.
  12. Tennessee Real Street!

    None of that matters. Rear seats and all factory interior there? Mufflers? What constitutes a muffler? Dynomax bullets? Burns? Vibrant? A daily driver class wouldn't allow forward facing scoops.
  13. Tennessee Real Street!

    Well you already had the hole in the bumper to fill and wanted the exhaust in the front. Easiest route would have been straight back and out. I wouldn't go changing it up for this class. I understand they want to keep big boys out. So far my only issue is two peices of foam and cutting a piece of door panel to fit around the cage to show up and not get the boot.