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  1. You sent that blower off yet???
  2. 1980 Ford Fairmont Wagon Build

    Thanks. If I'm not mistaken, I think I heard your wagon did pretty well with the new set up .
  3. 1980 Ford Fairmont Wagon Build

    Still can't believe how it rides. It's so quiet and smooth. Then you hit the go pedal. Good Lord! The crazy thing is for once, I don't "need" to do anything to it. Just drive it. Weird.
  4. 1980 Ford Fairmont Wagon Build

  5. 1980 Ford Fairmont Wagon Build

    Well, this project has been put on hold for a while. the deck I'm building is consuming all of my spare time. The sad thing is all it needs (mechanically) is a driveshaft, the rear end installed and the brakes bled. It will happen this winter. But the bigger news is the new daily driver. I bought it locally and have zero plans to do anything with it. I've been talking about this or a Vette for a while, but didn't think it was something I could do. Well, as luck would have it, a couple things fell into place, including the car, and boom. I got a CTS-V. (Mike made me do it)
  6. moving sale

    Easy fix. Just takes time. Sucks it happened so soon. I find **** like that every time I buy pre-existing. Don't mind it though. Get to remind my better half of the reason why she keeps me around.
  7. Buick parts closout sale

    I have no idea what that's all about, but you got it. I'm just here. Oh, and that's a pool, wagon and a boxtop.
  8. Buick parts closout sale

    I dunno. My 30' above ground plays real nice right now.
  9. Buick parts closout sale

    What is this GN specific 3.5" cutout?
  10. 1980 Ford Fairmont Wagon Build

    I want gucci or tweet bird or something kewl.
  11. 1980 Ford Fairmont Wagon Build

    Right, but the colors are limited. Well, unless I go online, but then they're still not extensive. So if I buy a sheet at Wally world, could I just glue it to the backer board?
  12. 1980 Ford Fairmont Wagon Build

    I have the cardboard backing. But, that's all it is. The original material didn't have a foam backing like newer headliners has. Or, that's what all this crap is, plus the glue, that's left on this cardboard.
  13. 1980 Ford Fairmont Wagon Build

    Things I'm finding is that most of these guys are rewrapping existing headliners. I suppose I can glue 1/4" foam backing then whatever material I wanted on top of that.
  14. 1980 Ford Fairmont Wagon Build

    Hancock Fabrics is out of business as of July 2016!
  15. 1980 Ford Fairmont Wagon Build

    Good to know. Thanks guys. I didn't think Hobby Lobby would carry that kind of material. And, I forgot all about Hancock Fabrics.