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  4. Random thought thread

    There was a sale on the restaurant grade tin foil last month.
  5. LSx Nova Build

    Even when others make the fitting you need, you should still make it yourself.
  6. Little Miss Raceall

  7. If you guys are like me, you like to see pics of fabricated parts. Post up your fabricated parts. Here was this weekends project. Nick (nukeworker on Tennesspeed) is building an older fairlane with an austrailian ford inline 6 with a turbo and megasquirt. He needed a way to get a crank trigger wheel adapted to the balancer. The mustang I recently finished. I changed it from a single 88mm to twin 76's. It needed new headers, a custom radiator and fan shroud, a crankcase vent catch can and a few other odds and ends. Some buick stage 2 turbo headers I built for a guy in Canada earlier this year. A buick stage 2 tunnel ram intake I did some work on. It had already been converted to efi, but the throttlebody mount was way ugly. So I fixed that and made a new top for it. Another buick stage 2 intake. I converted it to efi and made an elbow for it to use the stock style throttlebody and other accessories.
  8. Fabrication Pictures

    Some wood fabrication. I have enough plywood left over to make doors and I bought some 1" pine to make a face frame.
  9. Tuning LS3 for E85

    Did you buy your flex fuel kit directly from DSX? If so, email him your tune file and he will populate those tables. If you don't have the flex fuel air fuel ratios in there, I would not be running e85 yet. It will be lean if it's still on stock pump gas AFR's.
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  11. Callouts and Trash Talking Thread

    Only 2 out of the 3 US nitrous plants are operating right now. There's no way you'll be able to get enough to even see my tail lights.
  12. Callouts and Trash Talking Thread

    Sorry, I'm not real familiar with trash talking online. I'll just go gap your junk in person at the track.
  13. Callouts and Trash Talking Thread

    This argument about headers is retarded. Matt's car is fast because he's made 50+ passes in it at the track. I saw it when it was going mid to low 8's and he didn't change much of anything to get it into the 7's other than driving. It wasn't a set of headers or any other parts that did that for him. Having a pile of parts on your car (or on the floor) or having big dyno numbers is no guarantee of going fast. I took my V from 8.1 to 7.68 with tires, between round cooling and launch technique. It's easy to get false confidence by buying parts, but realize that the track is a reality check. Buying the parts is about 1/4 of the battle. Putting them on is another 1/4. Tuning and making it run the numbers is the other 1/2.
  14. Callouts and Trash Talking Thread

    You're going to pull out some torque management on the 3-4 shift.
  15. 2010 Camaro SS

    Wait until you get the heads on the car and measure for actual length. Custom length are $200 and you can't return them if they are wrong.
  16. So, lets say you had $50k cash to spend on a car and mods. Wants: Room for 2 adults and a kid No major builds. Buy a relatively new car and mod it Want a car that is moderately quick at the dragstrip, road course and autocross. I'm over having the fastest car. Must be a V8 and must sound good. No turbo, no nitrous. It should take a couple weeks to mod it. Reliable, daily driver No aftermarket ecu's. What would you buy and how would you mod it? I'm day dreaming while my Buick sits under the knife again. I'm tired of "building" this car but when it run's there is always something on it that bugs me. I've spent 98% of my time working on it and 2% enjoying it. I'm not selling it right now, but it's been on my mind a lot lately. And daydreaming and planning is fun.
  17. Project #whitetrash

    Me too. I want a Turkey, but have nowhere to go and no-one to go with.
  18. Project #whitetrash

    I'm waiting.
  19. Project #whitetrash

    When you guys finish your slap fight and get your cars running, you can take on the final boss.
  20. Project #whitetrash

    Why don't you guys race to see who can get their car done first? John get's his parts on vs. Joey get's his driving. That will be beneficial for both of you and a bigger feat than either of you are estimating.
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  22. The last of my reloading junk. ~100 x 223 55gr bullets. ~50 x 223 75gr hornady match bullets. some .308 BTHP bullets and ~400 9mm 115gr coated bullets. Roughly 1000 223 cases, a bunch of 9mm and some 308. Also included is my tumbler and media. $50 for all Come and get it @JohnC
  23. Reloading supplies and case tumbler

    Sunday is probably good. Monday, not sure yet. I have another funeral to go to soon