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  1. Fabrication Pictures

    A CTSV I'm working on right now. He's getting a parachute and a drag style wing.
  2. If you guys are like me, you like to see pics of fabricated parts. Post up your fabricated parts. Here was this weekends project. Nick (nukeworker on Tennesspeed) is building an older fairlane with an austrailian ford inline 6 with a turbo and megasquirt. He needed a way to get a crank trigger wheel adapted to the balancer. The mustang I recently finished. I changed it from a single 88mm to twin 76's. It needed new headers, a custom radiator and fan shroud, a crankcase vent catch can and a few other odds and ends. Some buick stage 2 turbo headers I built for a guy in Canada earlier this year. A buick stage 2 tunnel ram intake I did some work on. It had already been converted to efi, but the throttlebody mount was way ugly. So I fixed that and made a new top for it. Another buick stage 2 intake. I converted it to efi and made an elbow for it to use the stock style throttlebody and other accessories.
  3. Snap on Tool Box

    I bought this recently trying to consolidate tools, but I'm just not happy having two tool boxes. I want to sell this one and buy the top for my other box or just sell both and buy a new larger box. This one has all the original liners in it, there is pry bar and extension storage on the sides in the top under the liners. Gloss black, with black trim and rhino lined top. It's got huge casters so it rolls around easy. The pictures are misleading, it's huge. 24" deep, 36" wide, 46" tall. I could probably fit all my mechanics tools in it and I have a lot. It has typical wear and some paint scuffs on the handle side. It lists new for $2685 from snap on. https://store.snapon.com/KRSC246-Series-Roll-Carts-Roll-Cart-Heavy-Duty-Bed-Liner-Lid-6-drawers-Gloss-Black-P745967.aspx $1400 obo and I'll help deliver it.
  4. Auto trans...adapt values

    I can't tell specific on that year or model, but on my CTSV the engine tune is highly important for the transmission tune. The PCM calculates torque from a few things (I'm sure air flow is a big one) and tells the trans what pressure to use to hold that torque. So, the jasper guy might be right.
  5. NewER DD 2015 Mustang GT

    You don't understand union hill. I'm pretty sure they spray used oil instead of vht. My car would spin through the traps on drag radials at 105mph. It hooks on street tires on the street above 70.
  6. Random thought thread

    This is the end result of craftsman charging $5 for single replacement sockets and wrenches, but only $15 for complete sets. Eventually I bought all snap on wrenches and sockets, so all these are spares. Not shown are the 15 craftsman ratchets and 20 extensions. I pulled out the oldest as they are likely from my original set I got when I was 12. I still have my Craftsman 3 drawer Rally Box that I put them in. This set served me faithfully through my teenage years and college. I don't hang onto a lot of stuff as sentimental, but this is one thing that stays. Too bad I don't have a son to pass this and my snap on stuff down to. That left all these, which I made into a car set to keep in my truck. This would make the third set with a handful missing. I still have a cheap pitsburg metric set that stays in my V.
  7. Random thought thread

    I know nothing about vvt other than it’s just something else to go wrong.
  8. Random thought thread

    I got almost 18 mpg on my trip to daytona and back on 93. My average economy readout on the dash is off a couple mpg. I'm sure changing injectors has some effect on it.
  9. Union Hill 2018 thread

    I’ll come up there tuesday. My exam is done, so I can have a normal life again
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  11. Disney's Auto Shop Top Tips

    I see lots of people love the power probe. I’m interested but other than a 12v supply what does it do that a test light and a meter doesn’t? My shop tip. Cap plugs, buy some. I saw a kit when I worked at Nissan and thought that was an awesome idea. Keep from spilling junk everywhere when you pull a motor or radiator. I think I bought this kit (middle) off ebay. The vacuum caps are even more useful. Tip 2. Buy toolbox organizers. It makes you quicker and you can tell what’s been left in the car when you finish a job. That hose clamp plier set with the long cable is awesome.
  12. Random thought thread

    Do you have any pictures of the c10? It’s a long bed isn’t it?
  13. Return of Raceall

    Assuming you don’t have more kids, the free time comes back slowly. It seems like there is a hump to cross around where you’re at.
  14. Random thought thread

    Two reasons. One because you are putting a round surface on a round surface, the contact patch is very small. This causes a lot of heat to build in the tire. Two, because the roller, bends the belts backwards. Normally rolling down a flat road, the section of tire touching the pavement doesn't go past flat. On the dyno, it goes from the normal bend inside the tire, to bent backwards and it does that once every revolution. Think about bending a paperclip back and forth. Do that a few hundred rotations on each dyno pull all while putting big hp to the tire. If you ever go to a chassis dyno, pay attention to how much rubber is slung off your tire. It's hard on tires. I've seen ridials and bias ply slick leave piles of rubber on the dyno just from a few pulls. M/T actually voids your tire warranty when you put any of their tires on a chassis dyno. http://www.yellowbullet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=506582
  15. Random thought thread

    It’s not a 15” conversion problem. It’s a drag radial problem. Don’t dyno on drag radials, they come apart.
  16. Random thought thread

    I’ve been doing lots of “spring cleaning” in the garage. I bought a mower a month ago and with it in there, it’s just too cramped. I noticed I had 6 tool boxes. SIX! I had to fix that. I consolidated some tools and sold all but the red snap on. But that wasn’t completely enough to hold all my tools so I added the black roll cart. So from 6 to 2 boxes. Unfortunately the black cart is bigger than what it replaced so it’s even more crowded. Time for a shop. I’m also ready to fire back up the fabrication and shop work.
  17. 2010 Camaro SS

    That's the damper I put the part number of above. That's what's in mine now, but I also have a 3 bolt non vvt cam.
  18. 2010 Camaro SS

    That doesn't have the VVT upper gear I'm not doing the job, but if I were. I would assemble everything with your old gears and new chain, but no damper or tensioner. If the chain has minimal slack, use this GM part number damper. 12588670 If it has a lot of slop, I don't know what you would do other than put another spring loaded tensioner in it.
  19. 2010 Camaro SS

    Yes, it's used on the LSA also. Most everyone removes it and put's a dogbone in it's place when doing a cam swap. But for some reason, there issues with using the dogbone with the single bolt cam gears. Something about the chain being too loose. It's not a problem if you go to a 3 bolt (ls3) cam sprocket. Since that's what 95% of cam swaps are, you never hear about this issue. I'm not sure what you're using with his vvt stuff. http://www.ctsvowners.com/forum/4-engine-supercharger/134641-broken-chain-tensioner.html
  20. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    Agreed. With all the killer t-5 parts out there it’s really tough to do a tremec swap unless you get a smoking deal on one. And tremec parts are rediculously expensive.
  21. ITSnolongerASIX 1966 Mustang

    On the clutch are you worried it's done this? If so, just pull the trans and disassemble that weight junk. That will make it nearly identical to everything else on the market. Ram, TN Clutch etc. I doubt you need the extra ~5% holding power those weights provide anyway. I remember they have some retaining ring that comes off then you slide the weight out the center.
  22. So, lets say you had $50k cash to spend on a car and mods. Wants: Room for 2 adults and a kid No major builds. Buy a relatively new car and mod it Want a car that is moderately quick at the dragstrip, road course and autocross. I'm over having the fastest car. Must be a V8 and must sound good. No turbo, no nitrous. It should take a couple weeks to mod it. Reliable, daily driver No aftermarket ecu's. What would you buy and how would you mod it? I'm day dreaming while my Buick sits under the knife again. I'm tired of "building" this car but when it run's there is always something on it that bugs me. I've spent 98% of my time working on it and 2% enjoying it. I'm not selling it right now, but it's been on my mind a lot lately. And daydreaming and planning is fun.
  23. That's a great perk of it, but it's not a guarantee. Everyone thinks that's my only motivation, but I've been planning this since 2014, 2 years before I started here. I've still got the review books I bought in 2014 for it. Don't worry though, you wouldn't be the first person I'd fire. And Ashley, maybe you know, maybe not. PE is short for Professional Engineer. It's an exam to be a licensed Engineer. It's somewhat uncommon for Mechanical Engineers, but pretty much required for Civil Engineers. It mostly just makes me more liable for projects I work on, but I could also be called as a professional expert in a trial if needed.
  24. Funny of the day.

    A young man from Arkansas goes off to college. Half way through the semester, having foolishly squandered all of his money on his girlfriend, he calls home. "Dad," he says, "You won't believe what modern education is developing! They actually have a program here at Hendrix that will teach our dog, Ole' Blue how to talk!" "That's amazing," his Dad says. "How do I get Ole' Blue in that program?" "Just send him over here with $1,000" the young Arkie says "and I'll get him in the course." So, his Father sends the dog and $1,000. About two-thirds of the way through the semester, the money again runs out. The boy calls home. "So how's Ole' Blue doing son?" his Father asks. "Awesome, Dad, he's talking up a storm," he says, "but you just won't believe this -- they've had such good results they have started to teach the animals how to read!" "Read!?" says his Father, "No kidding! How do we get Blue in that program?" "Just send $2,500, I'll get him in the class." The money promptly arrives. The Arkie and his girlfriend are able to buy enough marijuana to last the whole semester. But our hero has a problem. At the end of the year, his Father will find out the dog can neither talk, nor read. Even though he was always pretty much able to lie his way out of trouble, the Arkie asked his girlfriend to help him think of a really good lie to tell his Dad. She very quickly came up with a plan for him. So she has him shoot the dog. When he arrives home at the end of the year, his Father is all excited. "Where's Ole' Blue? I just can't wait to see him read something and talk!" "Dad," the boy says, "I have some grim news. Yesterday morning, just before we left to drive home, Ole' Blue was in the living room, kicked back in the recliner, reading the Wall Street Journal, like he usually does". "Then Ole' Blue turned to me and asked, so, is your Daddy still messing around with that little redhead who lives down the street?" The Father went white and exclaimed, "I hope you shot that lying **** dog before he talks to your Mother!" "I sure did, Dad!" "That's my boy!" The kid married his girlfriend, they both went on to law school in Fayetteville , he became Governor of Arkansas and President of the United States , and you already know what a lying ***** his girlfriend turned out to be!
  25. I’m still cranking away studying for my PE exam, so the car sits a lot. I’m just gathering parts to be thrown on after. brake ducts and an air defecltor/isolator plate for my air intake. All the parts to build a diff cooler for my rearend. GM sold them as an option. An aftermarket shop makes a “kit” for $1300 that basically what I have below with a different pump. I’ve got $500 wrapped up in parts.