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  1. Random thought thread

    It puts money into your wallet too. Make hay while the sun shines.
  2. Random thought thread

    I can't make it. I have no free time this week. In addition to finishing the roll bar and other bits on the crown vic, Boost Addicts has asked me to finish up some fab work on one of their projects. So, I work 8 at my day job, then go to Boost Addicts and work for a little while, then I go home and work some more, sleep and repeat.
  3. Crown Vic Roll Bar Build

    I let the go-pro take time lapse pictures as I welded the top of the rear bars to the main hoop.
  4. Crown Vic Roll Bar Build

    I got a lot done today. I fit the last bar, drivers door bar. If you use a harness that wraps around the roll bar (vs bolted), it needs a retainer. So I made that. The wrapped harness is a better choice also. Then I tore it all back apart to start welding. I drill a hole at every joint, so as the air in the tube gets hot and expands when welding, it has a place to go and doesn't blow out my welds. Then you clean and weld. I welded the harness bar to the main hoop on the welding bench. Then put the main hoop back in the car. Then after throughly tacking the rear bars, I tilted it all back. I had designed this into the cage, where the rear bars hit an existing bar, I made it so I could pick it all up and slide it back to drop the rear bars down some. Now I could weld the top of the rear bar to main hoop joint. Then roll it back into place and tack it all back down. Including the rear bars under the car behind the rearend. This is going to be fun to fully weld. The I tacked the door bars back in. Just 8 more joints to weld. Then close of the holes in the floor, fit the carpet and re-assemble the rest of the car.
  5. Crown Vic Roll Bar Build

    This is the most time I've spent in the back of a cop car.
  6. Crown Vic Roll Bar Build

    I got the door bar bent a little more and it fits great now. I also got the harness bar bent and fit. Just one more door bar remaining to fit then I get to weld for hours, updside down, standing on my head, balancing on one leg etc.
  7. Crown Vic Roll Bar Build

    I got one door bar fit, but it needs a bit more bend in it. I also threw the drivers seat back in the car to measure for the harness bar.
  8. Crown Vic Roll Bar Build

    He also wanted trim plates for the exhaust and a way to get more air to the intercooler.
  9. Current shop project for Cameron in Clarksville (LS turbo silver crown vic). I measured everything up and had the cage bent by Chris Coffee Fabrication and Race Prep. Then threw on my sandals and got to work. IMG_1708.MOV
  10. Random thought thread

    It's in the trunk on the drivers side in a mustang.
  11. Random thought thread

    Is it modded at all? It may not have the rear o2’s in it.
  12. Random thought thread

    It has a fuel pump driver module in between the fuse and the pump. I’ve never heard of them going bad, but I’ve tried to ignore 2v mustangs for 15 years.
  13. The Bootlegger

    You can buy them new too. Here's enough to do 2 XFI harnesses for about $25. https://turbobuick.com/attachments/img_1075-jpg.320672/
  14. Stainless steel tube nuts for Saginaw lines?

    I doubt you'll find anything from a factory car with a stainless nut. Too much money for an OE to use them. I used to have a pile of the factory zinc plated nuts from when I made some prototype PS hoses. I'm sure I junked them long ago. I would just go junkarding and find the newest car you can and ct them off. Even a new GM rack and pinion car should work, the nut sizes are almost always the same.
  15. 2010 Camaro SS

    Did texas speed give you a new valley cover plate for the afm delete? Do you or @Disney remember if it had the built in baffle or not? This one or this one