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  1. I don’t need it any time soon, but I’ll get it out of your way whenever if needed.
  2. No updates lately. I finished the phone holder and tested on a 1400 mile trip to Daytona Beach, FL for the 24@daytona. My front wheels came in. 18x7’s so I can run a more streetable front tire and tpms sensors. I also bought a cheap windows tablet to use for logging at the track. I got a small Bluetooth keyboard to go with it. I’m going to make a mount for where my phone is now. I’ll probably upgrade my hp tuners to the mpvi2 so I can log over Bluetooth.
  3. 2010 Camaro SS

    I know nothing about them. The only shops I hear about for 6L90’s are Circle D or Tim King in Ohio.
  4. 2010 Camaro SS

    No idea how to ID it. I’d like first dibs on the converter if you get rid of it.
  5. I don't know if I needed a phone holder in my car or if I need another project. Probably both. My car has the faux carbon trim in the dash. This section is very short. Trim removed. Trim piece that normally goes there. I modeled it up with an added "gopro" type mount. Printed. Holy crap it snaps into place just like the trim. I need to rotate the gopro part about 9 degrees. Now I need a dock for the phone. It's setup so the charging cable locks into it and fits with my case on the phone. It's printing now.
  6. I'm using a Creality Ender 3. It's about $192 shipped to your door.
  7. Half the time they won’t upload here. Here’s a shot of the finished part.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. Version 3 was closer, but a bit small inside the opening. https://www.ctsvowners.com/forum/attachments/133058-2009-gray-v-sedan-img_3585.jpg https://www.ctsvowners.com/forum/attachments/133060-2009-gray-v-sedan-img_3588.jpg I made a version 4 and it was even better, but ended up sticking out of the dash by .135". I don't have a picture of it installed. So, that led to version 5. To this point I had been printing with PLA plastic. It's the basic stuff that's easy to print, but it can get soft on a hot day inside a car. So I knew I was going to need something better. I printed the 5th part out of PTEG which apparently is similar to water bottle and can withstand 185F before it gets soft. This was my first print in PETG. It printed decent, but a little stringy. If it doesn't show up in pics, it's got some plastic hair all over that is easily removed. Overall I like the fit and it should be a good material. This one is going in the car as a working part. I just have to wire everything up this weekend. https://www.ctsvowners.com/forum/attachments/133066-2009-gray-v-sedan-img_3596.jpg https://www.ctsvowners.com/forum/attachments/133068-2009-gray-v-sedan-img_3597.jpg 5 times the charm? https://www.ctsvowners.com/forum/attachments/133070-2009-gray-v-sedan-img_3598.jpg
  10. 65-6800 1-4. I've never let it wide open shift to 5 or 6, that would be 140+ mph,
  11. The LSA has the supercharger after where that blue line hooks to it.
  12. I guess have to see how it’s hooked up in person. The blue line will have boost on it on your car.
  13. Mine is supercharged from the factory and the it goes: Air intake tube>both valve covers/crankcase/valley cover >supercharger snout. The suction side is pre supercharger, but post throttle body. I put a catch can in the valley cover to supercharger snout line. But lots of people don’t bother. It just keeps the intercooler brick cleaner.
  14. Blowby is not the biggest problem if there’s no check valve between the intake and crank case.