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  1. Music City Raceway Street Night

    Next Tuesday, it's on at the Hill. The weather is looking cool again, high of 78. It's showing a low chance of rain, but that will change 28 times between now and then. I'll be mounting my drag tires back on this weekend and they won't come off till November. I'm excited that fall is almost here and it's time to destroy a set of drag radials.
  2. Eclipse

    The pictures are great, but will never compare to seeing it in person. It was so quiet and peaceful while it was dark. No mowers or cars etc. I saw something on the weather channel last night where they did a time lapse in a place that was cloudy. The clouds completely dissipated during the darkness and immediately reappeared when the light came back out. Something to do with the radiant energy of the sun causing the clouds to form. My dog was acting really weird and freaked out last night. I'm assuming because of the light.
  3. Tino's 1500HD

    BTR. That's why you should just call them and get a whole kit. He will set you up with everything you need.
  4. Tino's 1500HD

    You'll probably end up with a dual spring setup if you go with a cam that makes any big power gain.s
  5. Tino's 1500HD

    I agree. That's probably what you should have installed from the beginning with that cam. They will be a drop in replacement for what you have. Good for 600 lift I think.
  6. Tino's 1500HD

    I have a friend that broke one of those on a stock ls3 camaro. Replace them with the pac springs gammy has.
  7. Eclipse

    Facebook is going to drown in eclipse selfies. After our trip to the aquarium last weekend, i could strangle the next moron I see taking a selfie
  8. Eclipse

    I took the day off. I'm betting Nashville traffic will be more of a nightmare thsn usual. Welding helmets ready
  9. ITSASIX 1966 Mustang Turbo

    Do you already have a bellhousing, harness and accesories for the 5.0? If not, what are you going to do for that stuff? I assume you can re-use your radiator. That MSD box will be nice to keep with the 5.0.
  10. Random thought thread

    Cameron is the second best thing to having Jake install it himself. They share a love child.
  11. Random thought thread

    What brand brake? Cameron with the Crown Vic can. I'll get him to stop by here. @CameronVic
  12. Random thought thread

    Yes, they say you need a 13 shade (stick welding mask).
  13. They put on facebook yesterday, that last nights program was the last Tuesday night of the year. So, don't go on the 29th, you'll be greeted by a closed gate. https://www.beechbend.com/dragstrip/racing-schedule/