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  1. You just removed the primary cats. You are going to smell fuel now. You also haven't adjusted anything in the tune for the now more free flowing exhaust so expect the fuel trims to change.
  2. Fox Mustang: Next Purchase

    The shims might be different on each valve, so give them whatever they need to get the installed height right. Over the years, valve seat wear can make the valve move up, requiring more shim to get the right height. Just give it what it needs. Are the new valve stem seals just like the stockers? If so your probably ok if they aren't leaking. But if the new ones are smaller OD, you need to swap them. The unlabeled rocker is still probably a scorpion. There are lots of rebadged scorpion 1.72's out there.
  3. http://www.camaro5.com/forums/showthread.php?t=386467 Add the ZL1 fuel pump for $250. edit: Looks like they upped the price. It's $3800 without the blower. A used blower will cost you about $800. https://lsa-conversion-store.myshopify.com/collections/lsa-conversion-kits/products/adm-lsa-stage-1-supercharger-kit-for-2010-2012-ls3-l99-w-0-supercharger
  4. I don't want to add to your confusion anymore, but I'm going to anyway. You are looking at a cam ($1k), heads ($1.5k min), converter ($1k) and that will require another $500 in incidentals (oil pump, gaskets, timing chain etc). The cam and converter are going to have a negative impact on day to day driving. Sure you can get a small cam and converter and a great tune and you will hardly notice it, but in return you probably won't gain a ton of power. If you're going to spend $4k why not look into a blower. You get all the extra power with no loss of driveability. I'm not sure the total cost of an LSA blower swap, but it's got to be around that or maybe a little less.
  5. He would do engine tuning for that amount also. But some local shops can do trans tuning with the engine tune. You just need to discuss the tuning with the converter company. Some converters won't require it. I think it depends on the clutch material they use.
  6. Random thought thread

    ****, I can't even stay awake long enough to see any of the acts. I'm in bed when you kids are waking up for your hippy parties. Get off my lawn!
  7. Random thought thread

    Bonaroo makes me think of that emoji differently. That's a guy that's been rolling around in a green grassy field for a weekend, wearing some weird hipster hat and that aint no thermometer. + +
  8. Music city raceway Street night

    I'm not going to make it. I should have an inspection on my pool electric today. If it's good, I have to fill in the ditch tonight before the rain comes.
  9. Single disc is good if you want to retain a lockup converter, but don't necessarily care to lock it at the track. Triple disc is to lock under WOT with big power. That's sometimes worth a little MPH at the track. Single disc would be fine for you. Your stock converter is a single disc. You need to be careful with an aftermarket lockup converter for your car. Some can require tuning changes, some are drop in. I bought a one year membership to 6L80etuning.com and he has quite a bit of info there.
  10. Music city raceway Street night

    I should come see what mine will do on street tires.
  11. I think now that I've put a few miles on it, the valvetrain has gotten quieter. I went to "The Hill" Tuesday and made a few passes. 7.001@104.2 being the best. My 60's were slow by .1s than they were in February and the ET was off about the same. The air was 2000'. I might go a few more Tuesdays when the weather is decent, but for now I'm going to start daily driving it. Part of going back to DD is putting the stock wheels and tires back on. I'll put the full drag pack back on in the fall. I super cleaned the wheels. As I swapped them, I cleaned each caliper and inner fender also. Then gave the car a bath. This is the cleanest it's probably been since new. I love driving this car.
  12. What's in YOUR toolbox?

    Buy them used on ebay. Lots of plants use them and they will have regularly checked the calibration. They should be able to tell you if it's in spec or not. I have the 1/2" version of the snap on you linked. I still have my 20 year old 3/8" craftsman.
  13. Music city raceway Street night

    Really, the Z06 was only running mid 90's mph? It was supposed to be making 650rwhp and only weighs probably 3500 max. That should be ~110mph. I looked back at my old 1/8th mile passes at the hill. I had been running 102-103 on average at the Hill with one 105mph pass. The DA was 0 to slightly negative. Last night, other than the 99mph, I was running 104.2 and DA was around 2000. So, the pulley helped some, but I still think a tighter belt might help more. Doesn't matter because I'm ready to put the street tires back on it and daily drive it for a couple months. My 60's weren't that far off either. But come fall I'm going to start tweaking the tune and see if I can get it in the low 10's and maybe 6.6x.
  14. Music city raceway Street night

    Ok, I'll try to get it all together and head up there. I might have forgotten how to do a burnout by now. Looks like the weather might be realtively decent tonight. https://airdensityonline.com/track-forecast/Music_City_Raceway/
  15. Music city raceway Street night

    I'm thinking about it. I haven't checked my tune since the pulley swap, so I need to make some passes with good datalogs.