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  1. Random thought thread

    Angering other people that you don’t know or care about seems like the best way to spend $20k that I could possibly think of.
  2. 1980 Ford Fairmont Wagon Build

    Shaun got this car running last year and has been ironing out bugs and getting into magazines. https://www.hotrod.com/articles/flyin-fridge-10-second-turbo-ls-1980-ford-fairmont-wagon/?sm_id=organic_fb_social_HRN_181210_sf204011769&sf204011769=1
  3. I used black rtv on mine. Locktite might seal it, but I’d rather use silicone.
  4. Random thought thread

    My mortgage payment is barely more than that.
  5. Random thought thread

    The looks of new trucks don’t gross me out near as bad as the prices. What will an average 2020 chevy 2500 diesel cost? Probably over $60k. With a loaded version over $70k. That’s ridiculous for a truck.
  6. Random thought thread

    I'm sure it's got that massive grill for cooling, but good god man. I think they let the engineers have too much input on the outside design.
  7. Random thought thread

    Shelby GT500: Check Matching Shelby pullover: Check Weird rings on every finger: Check Male Pattern Baldness: Check Anger at young whipper snappers passing him: Check Crappy YouTube channel: Check
  8. ID850 injectors

  9. Random thought thread

    You will have to fix the trans issues and mostly likely get the tune very close before anyone seriously looks at the car. Your trade in value would be abysmal with codes and it running bad. Buy the trans sensors and a set of plugs and I'll help you put them in in my garage or a friends lift if it's available. We'll do a leakdown and give it a good once over looking for anything else that could be causing your knock issue. Then drop it and some cash off with Brian for however long he needs it. I will loan you my tires just so you can get a taste of a 1.5-6 60'. That will completely change your feelings on the car and you'll be ready to bolt on the blower.
  10. Random thought thread

    Fixed. Just like you should fix your car and put tires on it. Do you not have the jetta or dakota to daily while your car gets tuned?
  11. I don't see that on my car, but it's not a stock tune anymore. On my pcm, the main timing table is based on rpm and airflow. There are adders (subtractors) based on IAT and coolant temp, but I don't recall anything by gear. I will say that my car makes more boost (airflow) with each gear when the weather is really good, so that could potentially move it down a row on the main timing table, but it's such a small increase in air flow that I don't see an actual change.
  12. Yes, that's effectively what "torque management" does. I usually see it drop to 0 between shifts.
  13. No need for a driver. You would be bored anyway. I just stab the gas and keep the steering wheel straight. For data logging, I just hit the space bar after the burnout. I think I'll pick up 60-80 hp, but I should be able to hit it with 8-9 degrees more timing on the launch. I just hoping for one 9.99 or better time slip next year. It might take me all year tweaking the tune, but I think it's possible in good fall air.
  14. Time for e85. I put a flex fuel sensor on the car before I went to beech bend a couple weeks ago, to confirm all stayed good with the sensor reporting 10$% alcohol vs. how it was tuned. The following week I put a dsx auxiliary pump on the car (comes on under boost). Last night I put the ID1050x injectors in and loaded the injector data. It fired up with a miss that turned out to be an injector connector not seated perfectly. Fixed that and it idles just like it did with ID850's. I'm going to slowly work the tune over next year. It would be great to drop it off at the tuner, but if I want 100% from the car I'm going to have to tune it myself at the track. Just need some new rear tires and I'm ready to go as soon as the track opens.