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  1. Fox Mustang: Next Purchase

    Just line the gasket up so the bolt holes in the middle are right. If it has the option to plug the egr (steel piece in the gasket), do that. You don't need an adjustable fuel pressure regulator. That was a bandaid for not being able to tune cars with a stock ecu. You don't have that problem.
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  3. 2010 Camaro SS

    I sent you a PM with my number and a text. 2:30 at my work or somewhere between there and Hendersonville after 3
  4. 2010 Camaro SS

    I'm sure they would be fine. Plenty of V owners put 1000's in their cars that only make 500 rwhp.
  5. 2010 Camaro SS

    I have 850's in my V making mid to high 6xx rwhp. I would probably be limited to low 600's on e85, but my car has more fuel pressure under boost than a camaro is setup for. I would also probably reccomend 850's. If you ever plan to boost it, you'll want 1000's.
  6. 2010 Camaro SS

    No, that’s fine.
  7. 2010 Camaro SS

    Friday works. I'm out of here by 3:00. I'm usually here at work by 6:10 in the morning if you want to stop by on your way out of work any morning.
  8. 2010 Camaro SS

    Do you have any idea what day you want to come by? I've got it in my truck, but I might drive my Caddy tomorrow or Friday and need to know if I need to bring the tool with me.
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  10. 2010 Camaro SS

    I’ll put it in my truck. Just holler at me whenever you want to come get it.
  11. 2010 Camaro SS

    You'll have .657 intake lift with those rockers. The trick flow are only good to .650, so you need to swap to the pacs. I have this valve spring tool. It worked great. I'll sell it to you if you want it for $50. https://www.ebay.com/itm/GM-Engine-LSX-4-8-5-3-5-7-6-0-6-2-LS-LS1-LS2-LS3-Valve-Spring-Compressor-Tool/253040040744?hash=item3aea5c9b28:g:hmAAAOSwNnRYkrKm
  12. No, but I wish I had a smaller one
  13. Not really. I had a freshmen level college textbook that had some, but I'm sure I burned it.
  14. There is a lot of sheetmetal work going on in here, so I figured I would throw this out there. I'm certainly not a sheetmetal expert, but I think I can do a fair job when needed. This is one of the books I read when I was learning how to do some of it. This is probably the best book I've read on the subject. I still look back for ideas from time to time. It's not exactly related to replacing pre-stamped car panels, but the ideas will give you something to think about and make your work more precise or easier to do. I've got a copy if someone wants to check it out, but it's one of my few prized books, so I'm not big on loaning it out. https://www.amazon.com/Metal-Fabricators-Handbook-Ron-Fournier/dp/0895868709/ref=pd_bxgy_14_img_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=4R3NBBCPS9SMDK9YB99K
  15. Broke the hot side cherry today

    You put a cage in the car, so obviously you have serious intentions for the car. Do the tubs. It's not as bad as you might think if you keep the outer wheel house and only widen or extend the inner. And, my opinion on plasma cutters is that nobody really needs one for car work. They are nice to have, but they are only for quick rough work. You can cut the majority of the tub out with it, but you'll need to fine tune the cuts with spot weld drills and cut off wheels to do a nice mini tub job. I've worked at shops that had them and never used them. I've never owned one and probably never will.