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  1. Random thought thread

    It's on that evil soul stealing facebook.
  2. I can come by tomorrow or Thursday after work ~3:30. PM me your phone number.
  3. You can send me paypal or cash in person. I can deliver it one day after work. paypal is edwardsmt@gmail.com
  4. Random thought thread

    Dang, that's old ****. That blower is probably so tired, it's costing it hp by now.
  5. It's looking like it's going to be hot tomorrow and one of the Street Outlaws guys will be there, so I'm guessing it will be crowded. I'm probably going to wait another week. I'm going to try to buy a new intercooler lid for my car too so another short setback.
  6. I was hanging onto these for my wifes Tahoe, but I want to upgrade the intercooler lid on my car so this all needs to go. LS7 lifters. These are the GM performance version (normally $185). They were in my V for ~500 miles. I didn't like the lifter noise and replaced them with Johnsons, but the johnsons aren't any different. $100 Will come with low mile lifter trays if needed for you dod swap @JohnC GM performance LS exhaust gaskets $25 for the pair LS water pump gaskets $8
  7. Sanding rolls. I have two grits. I think I started with 80 and finished with 120.
  8. World War I letter

    Looks like the picture above dissapeared. But here it is again. My grandmothers health is declining and we have had to move her in to an alzheimers care facility. Yesterday we were cleaning out her house and I found this jacket. It's the same style and I would have to assume it's the same one he was wearing in the picture above. I'm going to be the caretaker of it now. I need to figure out the proper way to store something like this. That picture was taken in 1918, so this is got to be 100 years old or very close.
  9. All done. I have to add some larger fittings on my intercooler tank and lid tomorrow night then I'm ready to see what it does Tuesday.
  10. No, you need the line pressure. That helps longevity. You also need to keep some torque management. Just don't take it down to zero. The more you leave, the longer it last. But you don't get lightning quick shifts with 100% tq managment. Mine is still pretty high, but I get a quick shift, just not violent.
  11. The transmissions in these (6L90E) are pretty bulletproof. It's the same trans as a 3/4 ton gas truck. Guys run low 9's with them in stock form. It requires very little tuning to them to keep it alive there as long as you leave torque managment active.
  12. Oh, I know... 1500' of air, low timing, extra fuel. The blower might be on my work bench next to my die grinder too.
  13. Random thought thread

    Drag racing on Saturday wasn't a whole lot better. As a racer, it sucked. They have speakers to broadcast the announcements all the way up to the end of the big parking area. Nothing past that in the grass. This year they set up vendors in that area and all the racers in the grass. Nobody in the racer area could hear announcements. The FM station they use doesn't make it out into the grass area. They handed out schedules and then didn't follow them. So you never knew when to go up there. When you did hear the call, you drove up then waited 30 minutes for your class to more forward. Then wait another 30-45 minutes to make a pass. Then you had to fight crowds and other cars to get back to your pit. Twice I had to have cars move out of my pit spot. I should have just entered test and tune because the index racing was meh. I didn't even hang out for eliminations Sunday. I probably won't go race LS fest next year. It's more fun as a spectator and a whole lot cheaper. Saturday night Grudge/ Test and Tune was probably the best thing to watch.