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  1. Random thought thread

    I had a few days to kill while waiting on pushrods for my car. I figured I might as well put in a pool. Actually I had the pool installed by someone else. Me and my brother did the electrical. Hopefully we'll backfill around the pool tomorrow. I'll call in the inspections this week and I'll be swimming next weekend. It's going to take a couple more days to fill it and probably a week minimum for the temp to get up to swimmable.
  2. Daddy, whats.....? Yes, lots of questions. Grammi got her a set of plastic tools so she's quite interested in helping me. She knows what car it is, she says thank god it's not a junk old Pontiac. These new lifters are supposed to have .040" preload +/- .010". I used a length checker and checked every one to zero lash then added .040". If you see my numbers up above you'll see that I'm varying about .023". That's either from the cam grinding or valve stem height variation. Seems like the exhaust pushrods are about .010" longer, so I'm going to end up with two sizes 7.385" for the intakes and 7.395" for the exhausts. Once you buy custom you can get all 16 a different length, but this is easy to keep track of.
  3. It's getting close to being back together. I pulled the heads off saturday and had them back on the same day with some help from my mini me. A friend helped me put the blower back on yesterday and I got most of the other little bits back on. I had to order custom length pushrods, so that's the hold up for the next week.
  4. Music city raceway Street night

    I'm going to be a home buttoning up the Caddy. It might be at least another week for me. I still have to measure for pushrods then order them.
  5. Random thought thread

    In b4 ashley talks about EMP's
  6. 2010 Camaro SS

    Can get away with quite a bit of cam on the stock converter because the car has so much gear ratio in first. Proper VE table tuning is key though.
  7. 2010 Camaro SS

    Get something in between. BTR sells milder cams that have great driveability, but still have some lope and very close to the power of a big cam. For example, mine is in between a BTR 2 and 3. Probably more than I or my wife would want to daily, but I could. I think a BTR stage 2 would have been a perfect DD cam.
  8. 2010 Camaro SS

    I wished I had known you were buying from them. I will start out; you will eventually get the parts. But be prepared to wait and not get any customer service. I ordered injectors from them and after 3 weeks, I hadn't heard anything. I called and the girl that answered said they would ship in one more day. A week passed and nothing, I call again. She says a few more days. A few more days pass and nothing so I called again and got the run around. I filed a complaint through paypal. 20 minutes after that the owner calls and bitches me out for not calling and talking to him before filing a complaint. I told him I called three times already how much more did I need to call before I got to him. I gave him an ultimatum that either I have a tracking number that night or the money refunded. He admitted he gets at least one paypal complaint a week and he thinks it's ok. My injectors were on my porch the next day. They are a high volume low price seller. It's just a guy and his wife running the place from their house. Plenty of people have bought headers from them, just be prepared to wait. A friend has the same headers that he bought from them on his ZL1 and he likes them. Also know that the Kooks warranty is not going to be any good now that they are coated. He won't tell you that, but Kooks will.
  9. Newer LS cars run really hot for fuel efficiency. I'm running a 160 thermostat now, but the PCM doesn't have the ability to run the fans that low. Mine actually runs about 180-190. In reality, with the plastic intake, running hot does nor affect the power. But you need to be pulling in cool air.
  10. NewER DD 2015 Mustang GT

    No problem. I saw the 8.06 too, but didn't get a video. I knew you were going to be excited when I saw that 7.95. Just think what it might do with some better track prep and good air a bowling green. For comparison, I went a best of 7.76 with 91.66 mph and 7.64 with 92.4mph. I bet with great fall air and traction you could run a high 7.6 which is an 11.8x. That would be pretty spectacular for an NA basically stock car.
  11. Union Hill tonight?

    Getting in the 7's on street tires at Union Hill is quite a feat.
  12. Union Hill tonight?

    [Union Hill Announcer Voice] Matt Allen pulling up to the line in the red mustang [/Union Hill Announcer Voice] [Union Hill Announcer Voice] Matt Allen with the win, 7.95 @91 [/Union Hill Announcer Voice]
  13. I don't know much about their camaro stuff. It was always decent for mustangs.