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  2. This is as dirty as I've ever let it get because my yard it a big dust bowl right now. I guess it doesn't show the dirt in the picture much.
  3. 2010 Camaro SS

    One is a front, one is a rear.
  4. What's in YOUR toolbox?

    Here is current day after re-organizing 15 times.
  5. What's in YOUR toolbox?

    I need a place to dump pictures, so here goes. Last time I took pics of tools was 2009.
  6. Fabrication Pictures

    I'm not sure, but probably not actually fast enough to need it yet. It's got nitrous stickers, but no nitrous yet.
  7. Fabrication Pictures

    I finished up the chute Sunday and he came and got the car. He wanted to go to a CTSV TBSS meet at Beech Bend Saturday. Then it's coming back for the wing. I wasn't 100% happy with the lever mounting, there just isn't a good spot. Typically you would mount this to the main hoop on the roll bar or cage, but no cage in this car. The issue is you can't move the passenger seat too far forward.
  8. Tires !

    I have Michelin Pilot Sport 3's on the V. They hook surprisingly well when unless it's cold out. And for the minimal amount of tread, they do well in the rain. I drove 3 hours in a heavy downpour at 70mph and never had too much issue. The downside is they are expensive and don't last long. Next time I'm trying continentals.
  9. Fabrication Pictures

    It's not permanent. The majority of the parachute is easily removable. If you look at the above photos you'll see a slip joint in the tubes. This is the only part not removable. I still have to trim about 1" off it and drill a hole for a 1/2" bolt that holds the larger bracket, into this tube. The wing will be pretty permanent though. It will have probably 15 #10 screws holding it to the deck lid.
  10. Fabrication Pictures

    A CTSV I'm working on right now. He's getting a parachute and a drag style wing.
  11. Snap on Tool Box

    I bought this recently trying to consolidate tools, but I'm just not happy having two tool boxes. I want to sell this one and buy the top for my other box or just sell both and buy a new larger box. This one has all the original liners in it, there is pry bar and extension storage on the sides in the top under the liners. Gloss black, with black trim and rhino lined top. It's got huge casters so it rolls around easy. The pictures are misleading, it's huge. 24" deep, 36" wide, 46" tall. I could probably fit all my mechanics tools in it and I have a lot. It has typical wear and some paint scuffs on the handle side. It lists new for $2685 from snap on. https://store.snapon.com/KRSC246-Series-Roll-Carts-Roll-Cart-Heavy-Duty-Bed-Liner-Lid-6-drawers-Gloss-Black-P745967.aspx $1400 obo and I'll help deliver it.
  12. Auto trans...adapt values

    I can't tell specific on that year or model, but on my CTSV the engine tune is highly important for the transmission tune. The PCM calculates torque from a few things (I'm sure air flow is a big one) and tells the trans what pressure to use to hold that torque. So, the jasper guy might be right.
  13. NewER DD 2015 Mustang GT

    You don't understand union hill. I'm pretty sure they spray used oil instead of vht. My car would spin through the traps on drag radials at 105mph. It hooks on street tires on the street above 70.
  14. Random thought thread

    This is the end result of craftsman charging $5 for single replacement sockets and wrenches, but only $15 for complete sets. Eventually I bought all snap on wrenches and sockets, so all these are spares. Not shown are the 15 craftsman ratchets and 20 extensions. I pulled out the oldest as they are likely from my original set I got when I was 12. I still have my Craftsman 3 drawer Rally Box that I put them in. This set served me faithfully through my teenage years and college. I don't hang onto a lot of stuff as sentimental, but this is one thing that stays. Too bad I don't have a son to pass this and my snap on stuff down to. That left all these, which I made into a car set to keep in my truck. This would make the third set with a handful missing. I still have a cheap pitsburg metric set that stays in my V.
  15. Random thought thread

    I know nothing about vvt other than it’s just something else to go wrong.