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  1. Yes, she is almost too good at noticing small things like that.
  2. So far so good. I charged it Saturday afternoon. It blows 48* out the vents and was fine yesterday also. The hiss is gone in the rear, so that must have been the expansion valve.
  3. I woke up at 5:00 at usual, so I figured I might as well get to work. I double checked every visible a/c component and found nothing else. I put the condenser on it and the vacuum pump is running right now. We are going somewhere for a few hours today, so I'm going to let it sit with vacuum on it while we are gone. If it stays bottomed out, I'll assume the evaporators are good and charge it. It only holds 2.5lbs of r134a which I found for $5 per can (4 cans). So worst case I'll be out $20 for refrigerant.
  4. Yes, same oily spot is green. I pulled the bumper for a better look and it’s more noticeable under uv. Ichecked everywhere under the hood and nothing else. I’ll see what else can be seen on the rear lines. I don’t have a sniffer to check the evaporators, would oil make it into visible portions of the vents?
  5. @Ashley P @Disney My wife started complaining of a hissing from the rear of her 2013 Tahoe a couple weeks ago. I heard it tuesday coming from the rear a/c area. Today the a/c pretty much wasn't doing anything. Gauges read <30 low side and ~150 high side for the short amount of time the compressor is on. You can hear that hiss in the rear when it's on too, but a little google says that may be typical of the expansion valve when the charge is low. So I started looking for obvious leaks. Nothing under the hood was wet. The lines running to the back appear ok. Nothing is dripping from the rear a/c weep hole, so I assume it's probably fine. I looked at the condensor and saw a wet spot. To double check I figured I would throw a can of R134a with die in it. But I decided to put the UV light on it before that and I saw this on the same spot. Is this the typical amount of green you would expect from a slow leak? Or could this be something else. Now, at this point I haven't put die in it, so this is from GM or remnants of die from a previous repair. Would you call that a bullseye and put a condensor in it or keep looking?
  6. 68k, but I bet they were broke when I bought it at 59K
  7. Not really, but they were likely broke before I bought the car so I wouldn’t know what they felt like stock. I did hear a loud pop back in the spring. I gassed it from a slow roll and it sounded like I blew a tire. I didn’t know what it was, but I think I do now. Two other things clued me off to this. 1. My air intake tube pops off the throttle body a lot. 2. Even though my zl1 lid is clearanced, it still left bad gouge marks on my hood liner. I’ve also ordered a new hood liner.
  8. I suspected my motor mounts were busted, but I had no idea how bad they were.Drivers side first in the video, it's completely dry (oil filled from factory) and 100% separated. The passenger side still had oil, but it's mostly separated. Now it's got two new creative steel mounts and ready to rock.
  9. My initial goals were the above and to run 6's (1/8th mile). I went 6.9x first time out after all the mods. I drove it to Daytona in January, so the reliable part is there. I hit all my goals and now I'm trying to figure out where to go next. I've basically left it as is for the last year, just driving it to work now and then. It's been great, but that inevitable need for more is pulling at me again. I've been a 10.58@131. 9's aren't close, but I can see them from where I'm at. The expensive mods are done, ported heads, cam and ported blower. To run 9's I think all I need to do is add E85 and work on the tune at the track. E85 will require more fuel pump, bigger injectors and more tuning.
  10. The trunk mounted whirlpool is complete.
  11. Arbor PRess Plates

    I forwarded you the quote from Loftis to your gmail account.
  12. Arbor PRess Plates

    I can draw them up and get a price. I'll also check with KGS steel, this is more up their alley (big HD steel members and plates) I had a friend cut me a pair out of 1 1/4 on his plasma table and all the heat warped the support plates on his table. Loftis probably has a big track torch.
  13. 2010 Camaro SS

  14. Smokers

    What I gather from my YouTube training. You want hazy blue “smoke”. The thick white smoke gives that overpowering bitter taste.