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  1. The CTSV converter is I think an 1800rpm stall speed. Which is a couple hundred higher than a stock camaro or G8 converter in the 6L80e. The big helper is that 1st gear is 4.027:1. That combined with the big torque of at PD blower is what gets these 4500lb barges moving.
  2. It will go faster with e85. I can’t hit it with much timing down low on 93. The guys that have tried aftermarket converters usually break everything behind the trans. The fastest 6L90 car runs an 8.97@155 with a 1.37 60’ still full weight and still with a stock converter. It's pretty decent.
  3. Post your best slips and video!

    I don't think my slicks will do you any good at this point.
  4. Another new set of bests today. Best ET 6.60 1/8th, 10.27 1/4. Best MPH 134 Best 60' 1.48
  5. Random thought thread

    Someone ran into the general lee one time some years ago. They were there as far back as 2011 because I used to drive through there a lot for work. Google 2014, the only other picture from google maps was 2007 and they weren't' there then.
  6. When does property become "home"?

    It probably became home after I put the second $5k hvac unit on it.
  7. When does property become "home"?

    I'm very attached to cars. /sarcasm No idea when a house becomes a home for me. I've been in mine for 10 years, so I guess at some point in there it has become home.
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  9. It's open this Saturday also. I think I'm going to try to go.
  10. Q50 HSA

    I'm not sure, but it might be a variable geometry turbo. These new infinity direct injection engines are from Mercedes and have quite a bit of R&D and money behind them. I heard some info on them when I worked at Nissan and they were apparently some very robust engines. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/infiniti-debuts-three-all-new-engines-for-q50-we-snag-details
  11. Smokers

    A couple 1/2" thick slices of home made bacon completely change a BLT. The store bought stuff is cured with sugar, nitrates and other preservatives. This is cured with just pink Himalayan sea salt and hickory smoke.
  12. Smokers

    I have a friend that does the bacon regularly. https://www.thehogcompany.com/ I bought the pork belly from him. He gave me some advice for doing it, but he isn't going to give away all his secrets. He said it's pretty easy to over salt it, so I stayed pretty conservative. My wife and daughter don't like it overly salty. I did about as much salt as I would a hunk of meat to bbq, but apparently it does need to be closer to a crust. The smoke depends on how smokey you want it. 4 hours was plenty of smoke for me. Overall the flavor is great and I don't miss any salt in it. The only thing different is the meat portion is just a little less tender than what I get from my friend (above). The test pieces I fried up. Here's the 13lb pork belly I started with. I've still got 2/3 left in the freezer so i can try something different next time.
  13. Smokers

    I smoked some bacon Sunday. I cured it for 6 days, but I don't think I used enough salt. 4 hours of low temperature smoke, then brought up the temp in the smoker and finished the bacon up to 150 internal temp. It tastes like good bacon, just not the internal consistency I'm used to.
  14. NewEST DD 1985 LTD WagonTF????

    I like that look way more than the previous wheels.