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  1. Random thought thread

    It was 3 years ago, I don’t remember other than it was under $10 per quart. I've also put 135 passes on it so whatever it was has been good enough.
  2. Random thought thread

    On mine, used whatever dex 6 that was available at oreilley’s
  3. Plenty of people can tune them. It’s just not something that can be done in a few hours. Mine trans is doing fine with 120 passes on it. No, I’m not using his software. No matter who tunes it, if you want to go fast at the track, it needs to be tuned at the track.
  4. I’ve redone the majority of my tune in the last few months. That’s where I picked up from 6.6x to 6.4x. Turns out bluecats tuning wasn’t that great.
  5. I had too much free time to surf the CTSV classifieds while on vacation. I bought a Nick Williams 102mm throttle body and a used/refreshed Jokerz 102 ported blower. It better go 9's now with ease.
  6. Q50 HSA

    Dang, that’s more than a V makes stock and the q50 is probably much lighter. Sweet color too.
  7. 2010 Camaro SS

    The bellhousing is the front half of the pump. The converter will need to be cut open and cleaned regardless. All that broke pump debris went straight to the converter. I would ask Circle D to double check runout on the snout of the converter. This sucks because it’s easyfor the trans shop and converter shop to point the finger at each other. And leave you with a hefty bill.
  8. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    The fact that the two aren't evenly moved, would lead me to think you aren't putting weight on both tires evenly. That's not hard to imagine with a stock non adjustable sway bar. An air bag in the side that didn't move much (spun instead) might help plant it a little more. All this work you are doing, adding sway bar back, tire pressures, suspension geometry, the ultimate goal is to maximizing force on both tires and do it evenly. My car being IRS plants very equally. Driveshaft torque has almost no effect. My tires move together very consistently.
  9. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    I won't be there tonight. We're going on vacation this weekend and I have a lot of things to do to prepare. And I've been to the track 6 times in the last few weeks.
  10. I got put out first round by a procharged coyote running 6.60. He killed me on the tree. But I did run some more new bests.
  11. I got the car gutted this week. Drove up to Beech Bend last night. I hit rain about the first Bowling Green exit and got off. I was on my almost no tread drag radials and had my wipers removed, that was fun. When I got to the track, it had stopped raining and they were drying it. Got the car prepped. Checked DA and it was 1500'. After about 30 minutes they said over the PA that it was rained out. They couldn't get the shut down area dry. Oh well. I have a race in Clarksville today or I'd try BB again tonight. The good weather will have to wait until fall most likely.
  12. The DA on the 10.16 pass above was ~2800'. Last night I went the pass below at Union Hill in 3100' DA. So, .01 better in the 1/8th. If that stays through the 1/4 it should be at least a 10.15. I've been chasing little things in the tune to get more out of the car. Caution Fuzzy Math and Theory ahead: I looked back at my old passes, pretty consistently a 1000' change in DA changes my ET by .075s in the 1/8th. Friday night the DA at Beech Bend test and tune is looking to be around 1500'. So from 3100' last night to 1500' Friday is a 1600' change or .12 seconds in the 1/8th. It might not be quite that much, but close and it should equate to a little more in the 1/4. That should put me at a ~10.03. Removing my passenger seat (76lbs), rear seat (36lbs) and some other miscellaneous panels could drop 130lbs out of the car. I'll let you do that math. If anyone is free Friday night, come to the track and pray for a sticky track and good weather.
  13. Random thought thread

    Good to see you out there beating the car up Chad. Bleed your clutch. That’s usually what’s wrong when Marks car won’t shift. I got another new best by .01s. DA was 3000’
  14. World War I letter

    Very cool. Yes, that's the same person talked about in my Grandmothers notes.
  15. NewestER DD 2012 GT500

    We might put my hp tuners scanner on it Tuesday and see what it's doing for boost and rpm, tire speed etc. I glued my tires to the rims last night so I'll want to make a pass or two to see if they are still moving, then we can datalog your car.