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  1. They only ran the quick 16 in eliminations. I didn't make that group. The silver crown vic above would have, but he didn't have a cage so they booted him out the group.
  2. It was hot. 99* when I got there at 4:30. DA was 3300-2700'. I ran a couple 11.1's and an 11.08. Not impressive. I'm not sure that's all due to the heat, but it's possible. I qualified 26 of 34 cars and ahead of Larry Dixon.
  3. Random thought thread

    The 4l80e would be fine with it up to about 800ftlb. You would need some type of stand alone controller though. Above that it would need an input shaft and a better direct drum/sprag.
  4. I think I'm leaving about 3:30. I'm trying to miss some of the heat.
  5. Finished. I had to let the silicon dry overnight, but I'll fill it up and try it out tonight.
  6. Ok, no excuses this time, my tank is done as soon as I weld on the drain tonight. I'm going to head up to Beech Bend Saturday afternoon for the Midnight drags. http://www.hotrod.com/events/summer-nationals/ I might not even qualify, but I doubt there will be 64 cars there faster than mid 10's. It will be a good late night test and tune regardless.
  7. The tank is mostly done. I'm waiting for the drain petcock to show up before I place the bung for it.
  8. No, the car is not moveable until I go buy some hose and silicone for the new tank.
  9. Didn't get much done yesterday. Just got the slots cut in the tubes.
  10. Beech Bend 7/18

    Well, I didn't get my tank finished last night. I might try to finish it up after work, but I doubt I'll try to head all the way to BG before getting some seat time on the tank to make sure there are no issues.
  11. Beech Bend 7/18

    I'm going to go to Beech Bend tomorrow night for their Tuesday night thing if anyone wants to go. I'm going to try to get my ice box finished up tonight so I can try it out tomorrow.
  12. Fabrication continues. I cut the box down 3/8" and it fits perfect. I welded up all the insides. I'm rusty but I can still do it. And I built the mount to bolt it to an existing tab near the fender. Then I cut the top for the deck plate. Next up the inlet and outlet tubes. I need to cut slots in them tomorrow.
  13. The expansion and pressure of the CO2 gas created would be too much and the water would freeze. It's been done with dry ice and alcohol, but that's just more complicated than I need.
  14. Lets see if I can turn this into something usefull.