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  1. Random thought thread

    That car has had A LOT of work done to it. It's been at DBR a few times now, but I'm not sure who actually owns it.
  2. Outlaw Street Car Reunion 3

  3. Random thought thread

    **** how much did you let it go for?
  4. Random thought thread

    If you're asking me, I drove it to the gas station the other day lol. Even if I don't drive my shitbox much I still like to start it and let it run for a bit every once an a while.
  5. Random thought thread

    I'm amazed any of you even know the pos lol. Not going to lie,I've gotten to the point that I think if I blow the motor I'll put a ls in it.
  6. Random thought thread

    Yeah the Paseo is one of the cars my pos was always compared to. They look very similar. I still have my "econo sh@box."
  7. Random thought thread

    Yeah he's pretty happy.
  8. Random thought thread

    Good run! My buddy that bought the Regal I told you about took it to the track for the first time last night. 6.5@106mph lol.
  9. 010

    From the album Shitbox

  10. IMG 0681

    From the album Shitbox

  11. IMG 9951

    From the album Shitbox

  12. IMG 9826

    From the album Shitbox

  13. Random thought thread

    Jon Coleman bought a v6 mustang to lsx swap, and has been spraying the stock v6 motor for fun. So far it's best time is 8.1 lol.
  14. Random thought thread

    Sort of, the DBR meet is Friday night, and the actual street car takeover "event" is at the track all day Saturday.
  15. Random thought thread

    DBR is having a meet/dyno day Sept. 18 5-11 pm.
  16. Random thought thread

    EVERYONE on here should come down for the Street Car Takeover event. Friday night dyno event at DBR in Spring Hill, and all day Saturday racing at US43. No telling who all will show up for the big race Saturday night.
  17. Random thought thread

    I personally use an AEM unit, but if the Innovate option to have one gauge with wideband and nitrous pressure would have been available 10 years ago, that's what I'd have lol.
  18. Random thought thread

    Here's more. http://www.innovatemotorsports.com/products/psb1.php
  19. Random thought thread

  20. Powdercoating wheels

    Hit up Chris West, he's been doing it for a while now. Barn built performance aka Shake N Bake powder coating 615-804-6103 He might be a member here lol
  21. Hell I forgot that you didn't actually get the blazer from Kenny lol. It's been a while.
  22. Lol he had one out of my car in the blazer. I thought it went with it when you got it, but there's no **** telling knowing Kenny.
  23. Random thought thread

    Those pics look more like polaroids than HTC one. Sweet cars though.
  24. There it is lol. Was there still a red Kinetik 800 battery in the back when you go it?
  25. It's came a long **** way lol. Do you have any pics of when you first bought it from Kenny?