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  1. 25 cents worth of travel...

    Did you let them keep the quarter as your first payment on the bill? I activated the prayer chain as soon as I heard. You guys were prayed for all night long.
  2. home insulation

    Generally, air exchanges utilize a damper to allow fresh air to circulate at controlled amounts. There is no way to completely keep moisture out of a house. When you get even small amounts of moisture, while circulating the same air without exchanging it for fresh air, the house becomes a peachtree dish for mold. There are times in the summer when I think that my house might be just a tad too tight. As far as figuring it, that's not exactly my wheelhouse. It has to do with amount of cfm, square footage, etc.
  3. home insulation

    You will have to make sure that you have a proper amount of air exchange, with a really tight house, or else you will have major mold issues.

    Happy Thanksgiving! It's been a great one!
  5. Return of Raceall

    I've been buying some parts for a while, but last weekend, I finally got to start to work on the car Nova. After ordering leafsprings, shackles, body bushings, and a new gas tank, I had bought pretty well everything I needed to get the car back on the ground and get it moving under its own power. My plan, for last weekend, was to put the new springs under it and put the body bushings on, and hopefully put the new gas tank in. Then, this weekend, my plan was to start the car and let it run for a while. Unfortunately, as often happens, my plans were derailed a bit. I did not make near the progress, I had hoped for, last weekend. And, then today, I received my third backorder notice on the gas tank. Despite a scheduled ship date of 11-21, it is now scheduled to ship on 1-12-15. As soon as I get the car setting on the ground, instead of up on blocks, I'll post some pictures. Please keep in mind that this may be the interweb's slowest build thread (No comments, Ashley P!).
  6. Return of Raceall

    The more accurate hope is that the discretionary funding comes in frequently enough to keep the juices flowing. hahahaha
  7. Return of Raceall

    Cream Corn is ALIVE! I still have to adjust the valves, and a couple of other things, but it runs and moves under its own power. Lyndell (Ashley P's brother) would like to have it back for a couple of days to tie up a few loose ends, and to finish the exhaust, but this is a HUGE step forward. It has me excited again. 46544158_567130770392736_1164822644379149375_n.mp4
  8. Return of Raceall

    I talked to your little brother, yesterday. So much for the budget. hahahahaha
  9. Return of Raceall

    Those tires look pretty good for being over 20 years old. LOL
  10. Return of Raceall

    Cream Corn took a little field trip, today. Hopefully, it will be moving under its own power in the very near future.
  11. Random thought thread

    But, I always that they were an excellent source of protein. lol
  12. Random thought thread

    For some reason, all the illnesses that most people get when they are kids, I get as an adult. I got chicken pox at 21, and now, Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease at 40. I feel like a leper. LOL
  13. Random thought thread

    Adam, Congrats on the daughter. I REALLY wanted a boy, and was sure that ours was going to be a boy, but now that I have Magnolia Grace, I wouldn't have had it any other way. She is a blast!
  14. 2004 Mustang GT

    Mrs. Raceall and I bought a Honda Odyssey, this summer. I love it! It is my weekend cruiser. LOL
  15. Random thought thread

    I just threw up in my mouth.
  16. What kind of phone do car guys use?

    My last three phones were Samsungs, and I liked them. The phone I have now is an iPhone 8 Plus, and I love it.
  17. Happy Bday To...

    The Man Bobby Johnson!!! I was telling Rodney about this video, a few Sundays ago. You know, they are bringing NMCA back to Memphis, next year.
  18. Happy Bday To...

    Thanks, guys!!!
  19. Random thought thread

    Just being 9 months into parenthood, we're still undecided over whether or not we want to try for another child or if we want to adopt. Adoption came to be a topic very close to our heart, so it is a strong possibility, if we do decide for Mags to have a brother or sister. My step-sister and her husband are currently starting the adoption process. As a pastor, and a follower of CHRIST, I believe that all Christians should support adoption. It is such a strong part of the doctrine of salvation.
  20. Most domestic here....1923? Pierce-Arrow

    1923 Pierce-Arrow Straight 8
  21. Most domestic here....1923? Pierce-Arrow

    Talk to Mychal Rogers.
  22. Random thought thread

    Congratulations, Adam! We were at our last straw, dealing with infertility, and looking into starting the adoption process when we got pregnant with Magnolia Grace! Congrats, Disney!
  23. Random thought thread

    Before you do that, maybe trading labor for some pastoral marriage counseling. LOL
  24. Prayer Request

    My wife teaches 6th, 7th, and 8th grade English for a local private Christian school. A couple of weeks ago, she received an email that one of her girls had a spinal surgery (she has grown up with spinal issues and multiple surgeries), and due to complications is now paralyzed from the waist down. Doctors do say that there is a possibility of her recovering from the paralysis, but are not sure at this point if that will happen. Yesterday, we had the opportunity to visit this young lady and her family, at Vanderbilt. You will be hard-pressed to find as sweet a girl as this one. While very scared, she is still optimistic, laughing, and joking. Her parents, too, are very sweet people. Please be in prayer for Riley and think about what it must be like to be 12-13 years old and find out that you may never walk again.
  25. Return of Raceall

    As soon as his schedule clears up, I'm loading the Nova up and taking it to Ashley's brother. Hopefully, he can get some progress done to it, for me. Also, I was able to score a set of Caltrac bars for the car. They had about 10 passes on them when the guy decided to change the car over to a ladder bar setup.