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  1. Return of Raceall

    As soon as his schedule clears up, I'm loading the Nova up and taking it to Ashley's brother. Hopefully, he can get some progress done to it, for me. Also, I was able to score a set of Caltrac bars for the car. They had about 10 passes on them when the guy decided to change the car over to a ladder bar setup.
  2. 2005 "GTO" driveshaft

    You might actually ought to be worried considering who he works for. LOL
  3. 2005 "GTO" driveshaft

    The customer would normally do the work himself, but didn't have a way to press the bearing in. He's a pretty good dude to work with. I wouldn't worry about him screwing anybody over.
  4. Transmisson floor jacks

    If someone will give you money for it, take it. After thinking about it, I really don’t have a place to put it. That, and what you said about the snakes. Hahahaha
  5. Transmisson floor jacks

    I might be interested in the light duty one. What are you wanting for it?
  6. R.I.P. Mongoose

    R.I.P. Tom "The Mongoose" McEwen Tom McEwen Passed Away
  7. Return of Raceall

    The column shifter feels a little odd, so it could have to do with it. Off the top of my head, I don't remember where the neutral switch is. I can get the one for my new shifter, and hook it up in place, and I think that will cure the issue. I'm assuming you are speaking of LJ's 68 442. I had heard that he had picked it up from Rodney's.
  8. Return of Raceall

    Cam - tempting. I pulled the passenger side header off to mess with the starter. The solenoid won't do anything. I believe that, when Dad unhooked my B&M shifter and hooked the column shifter back up, he ended up with the trans in gear or something. So, I need to get the car up in the air, so I can get my fat self under it. LOL
  9. Return of Raceall

    I saw this one on a Nova Facebook group, of which I am a member. I was going to put Torq Thrusts on mine, and it's the same color mine was, so it gave me a good visual. I have actually messed around with mine a bit in the past couple of days.
  10. Return of Raceall

    So, I got motivated, this weekend.
  11. Random thought thread

    The other day, somebody told me that I was one of the old generation of "Behind the plant racers." I guess he's right, but at least I haven't stooped to having a "peppy" Corolla.
  12. Random thought thread

    We'll be praying for you, bud.
  13. Random thought thread

    Big 10 - LIKE 2019 Camaro - NO LIKE
  14. Return of Raceall

    For me, I remember how fun it was when we built the car, the first time, in 93/94. 20 years after I tore it apart, after wrecking it, it and I have changed. LOL
  15. Return of Raceall

    Except for the sheetrock, I might feel more competent with the house than the car, at this point. Hahahaha