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  1. Random thought thread

    We're pretty partial to it! LOL
  2. Little Miss Raceall

    Thankfully, she looks more like her momma. She's the prettiest flower in Ragland!
  3. Little Miss Raceall

    Finally got some pictures transferred to the computer, so here she is, as promised.
  4. Little Miss Raceall

    We finally got Ragland's Prettiest Little Flower to the farm. It is so good to be home.
  5. Little Miss Raceall

    Nothing could habe prepared me for the sound of that first cry. I LOST it! Then, again, when she was laying on my wife's chest, she reached out and grabbed my pinky finger. Then, I lost it again when she started clutching and going through the gears with my pinky.
  6. Little Miss Raceall

    Is a twin turbo efi big block too much for a junior dragster?
  7. Little Miss Raceall

    Man, I left the hospital, to check in at work and go home to get a shower, and before I could get to the truck, I missed her.
  8. Little Miss Raceall

    Last night, at 6:56, Mrs. Raceall and I welcomed our first child, a 7 lb, 14 oz, 20 inch long little girl, into the world. As soon as I get to my laptop, I will post a picture of Magnolia Grace Gibson.
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  10. Callouts and Trash Talking Thread

    It could be like Gas Monkey Internet Forum. hahahahaha
  11. Callouts and Trash Talking Thread

    I'm calling out anybody who thinks that they are man enough to come get my car running and resembling an actual car.
  12. Random thought thread

    Happy Birthday, Tino! I missed that somehow.
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  14. Happy Birthday To...

    Happy Birthday, dude!
  15. Random thought thread

    Is today Friday or Monday? It's kind of hard to tell.