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  1. What are your ET goals this year?

    I'm almost 18 months in to having a daughter and her being far higher priority than the car. I'll still put some time and money into the Nova , every now and then, but Magnolia Grace is WAY more fun. If I have a choice between having her in my lap reading a book or watching Doc McStuffins, or turning wrenches, you can put money that we'll be flipping pages or diagnosing the ailments of stuffed toys. My ET goal for this year: To drive the car down my 1/8th mile driveway and back up it without the car getting hot. LOL
  2. GT500 6R80 Swap

    Uh... surry!
  3. Random thought thread

    I thought this was an interesting article of about the Old Rough Spot In Paducah.
  4. https://www.dragzine.com/news/radial-tire-promoter-donald-long-and-sgmp-part-ways-where-to-next/
  5. Detailing

    Going back to the old Tennesspeed days, who was that dude from the Memphis area that was always posting detailing pics? I remember that he did it for a living and the pictures were phenomenal.
  6. Random thought thread

    A coworker lives just past our church, and had his wife drive by it. She reported back that we may need to repair some of the plastic playground "equipment" that were laying on their sides. I laughed and told him that that was their normal position. LOL
  7. Random thought thread

    I just spent a couple of days at the annual Johnstone corporate meetings. This year’s meetings were in Nashville, so my boss gave a lot of us the chance to attend for a day. I got to attend, yesterday so that I could accept an award for my store, last night. In addition, I got to go to the keynote speech. Come to find out, the speaker was Chris Kyle’s platoon commander. It was really cool to get to sit in the same room as him and to learn from his leadership experience.
  8. 25 cents worth of travel...

    Did you let them keep the quarter as your first payment on the bill? I activated the prayer chain as soon as I heard. You guys were prayed for all night long.
  9. home insulation

    Generally, air exchanges utilize a damper to allow fresh air to circulate at controlled amounts. There is no way to completely keep moisture out of a house. When you get even small amounts of moisture, while circulating the same air without exchanging it for fresh air, the house becomes a peachtree dish for mold. There are times in the summer when I think that my house might be just a tad too tight. As far as figuring it, that's not exactly my wheelhouse. It has to do with amount of cfm, square footage, etc.
  10. home insulation

    You will have to make sure that you have a proper amount of air exchange, with a really tight house, or else you will have major mold issues.

    Happy Thanksgiving! It's been a great one!
  12. Return of Raceall

    The more accurate hope is that the discretionary funding comes in frequently enough to keep the juices flowing. hahahaha
  13. Return of Raceall

    Cream Corn is ALIVE! I still have to adjust the valves, and a couple of other things, but it runs and moves under its own power. Lyndell (Ashley P's brother) would like to have it back for a couple of days to tie up a few loose ends, and to finish the exhaust, but this is a HUGE step forward. It has me excited again. 46544158_567130770392736_1164822644379149375_n.mp4
  14. Return of Raceall

    I talked to your little brother, yesterday. So much for the budget. hahahahaha
  15. Return of Raceall

    Those tires look pretty good for being over 20 years old. LOL