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  1. Random thought thread

    I have my rubber ducky in the truck, so I think I can make it.
  2. Random thought thread

    Now, boys! Don't make me pull this van over!
  3. So whats new?

    Hey man, good to see you.
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  6. School Shooting

    The count is now 2 dead with 19 wounded, 14 by gunshot.
  7. School Shooting

    Mrs. Raceall just texted me that they are on high alert at her school, as a precaution. She teaches at a private Christian school, just outside of Paducah.
  8. School Shooting

    So far, they have released that one is dead and seven are injured. A shooter is in custody, and they are working to determine if there were more.
  9. School Shooting

    Pray for Marshall Cty. High School, here in Western KY, where another school shooting just occurred.
  10. Snow reports

    That sounds like a topic of conversation for the next business meeting. We had about 6" at Gibson Farms. While heading to work, the truck slid off of the driveway and into the field. Fortunately, we have access to tractors that our bigger than my house. LOL After that, I went into town. About three miles from the house, I ran into pretty good snow drifts. I ended up pushing snow with my front bumper. Friday night/Saturday morning, the roads were tough. After that, though, they aren't bad as long as you use your head.
  11. Random thought thread

    All the small churches, that they've gotten too expensive for, banded together. (just a little soapbox) LOL
  12. Happy Birthday To...

    Happy Birthday, Mike!
  13. Happy New Year All!!!

    Happy and Blessed New Year!
  14. What's your goals for 2018?

    Automotively: I had set the goal of driving the Nova on our anniversary, last year, but that didn't get done. This year, even if I don't drive it, I want to at least fire it. Careerly: Church: I have the blessing of pastoring a church that has grown from 18 to averaging about 30, including 2 of my best friends and their families. This year, I want to see 40-45, consistently, in attendance. Full-time: I want to do everything I possibly can to make it possible for my wife to be able to stay home with the baby. Also, unless things drastically change and improve, I want to change jobs. I'm a little tired of working 50-55 hours per week at one of my jobs, and being on call 24/7 for both. Personally: After losing Granny, last week, I want to be more intentional about family time and get-togethers. I also want to spend more time with friends. I want to get my yard in order, and both garages in better shape. I want to actually have time to relax and have fun, from time to time.
  15. I miss my 83 Z28, 84 2wd SWB Chevy, and my 66 Plymouth Satellite.