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    Well, got the exhaust on and the clutch has been in for a few weeks now. It feels like a completely different car now. So looking forward to get more mods done this winter! Also, Several guys from the Cookeville area are going to be heading to Nashville Cars and Coffee on August 6th. Anyone here going?

    Crossville Dragway will be opening soon, They are hosting the RTDS July 29th and 30th. The 29th will have an exhibition race and the diesel shootout will be on Saturday the 30th Go to the Facebook page for further information. Should be a good time!!
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    Let's do it, I'm down like four flat tires!
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    I am game for just about whatever, the best thing would be Facebook to promote it. Or any other social media.
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    Put the new exhaust on finally, clutch goes in tomorrow. IMG_0190.MOV
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    Yeah I'm ready to get some more done to mine, just order the bigger clutch and axle back today. Soon it wil be time for a bigger charger for the V6
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    I enjoy both, I live in Cookeville.
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    I lived in the St.pete/Clearwater area, grew up in north Florida. My family has property outside of Gainsville. It is far more laid back here, we had something going on nearly every night.
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    I haven't run it on the track yet, hopefully soon though.
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    Yeah, it's time to go bigger. Stock clutch is weak and no Bueno for more power.
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    Hopefully I will change my clutch out soon and go out there and run it a few times.
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    I've been over there a few times, seems like an OK track. Haven't been for any larger events.
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    Thank you, You too. I had a notch that was the same color. I miss that car sometimes.
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    My boss is one of the owners, They were hoping to have it ready by july. Looks like it will be a little bit later than that. No official time frame.
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    Gotcha, I moved up here from Florida 3 years ago. I like the area, I'm just use to the car scene back home. It was pretty active with cruises almost every night and the track was only 10 mins away. So far in the cookeville area there isn't much going on, A few young guys get together and stare at each other or their phones. That's pretty much it.