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  1. The Falcon got its hot side mostly fabbed in today the merge plate is a t4 divided flange (for the eventual turbo) with a t3 adaptor for the hx35 that is on it now, the turbo was free and new so...... shorty headers flipped forward and 2.5 inch mild steel piping. go ahead and let the beatings begin about whatever the big book of turbos says I did wrong , but for @200.00 bucks for the entire hot side including turbo I'll take it. and yes I still have to fab up the waste gate. thanks
  2. Broke the hot side cherry today

    New parts update ignore spark plug wire routing
  3. Broke the hot side cherry today

    Said F it and ordered the FITech blow thru today
  4. Broke the hot side cherry today

    It's welded up, just no pics mounted off the pass side pipe added cross over pipe between the to before the merge
  5. Broke the hot side cherry today

    Falcon update The original turbo I had gotten was just going to be too damn small, so being my own worst influence things got a little nuts. The new turbo on the left and the old one on the right. Excessive clearance was needed so out came the cutoff wheel and all his friends. Also welded up and installed the waste gate This turbo will make way more boost than this first motor can handle, Will be on the road later this summer
  6. ITSASIX 1966 Mustang Turbo

    nice work , I am having to do this in the Falcon soon. I will just be useing a cable instead of a z-bar
  7. Broke the hot side cherry today

    New gt45 turbo, on its way ! Chinas finest turbo ftw
  8. Broke the hot side cherry today

    giant 60mm gate , it's the Disney edition
  9. Broke the hot side cherry today

    no lap top needed
  10. Broke the hot side cherry today

    getting closer on this one. engine is in trans is in new fltywheel, clutch , lifters , measured -and installed the new pushrods, set the valves and timing have a crap ton of new parts in boxes waiting to be installed , including all new brake lines quickly realizing the fact that I have known, even that the turbo was free, it is going to be too damn small. so what I need to get ( or just order ) is a GT45 ish size turbo the T-3 flange on the holset is just going to choke the motor down too far and I can use it on an upcomming project anyway. SOOO..... I need a set of seats for the interior, cut and fit the roll bar, finish welding some chassis stuff and I need some kind of fuel pump have the regulator , just need the pump and some lines and wire the car
  11. Random thought thread

    I think they built this too
  12. 351 Windsor

    '72 351 windsor from Truck(Bronco) complete minus front cover turns over freely with Alum intake $350.00----
  13. 67 Mustang - Project Electra

    I just got metal blocked by Matt
  14. 67 Mustang - Project Electra

    Jeff how owe about a 65 Fairlane, make you a super deal
  15. 61 f100/04 crown vic driver project

    You have 2 gt45's China turbos that would do it
  16. 61 f100/04 crown vic driver project

    You would need 2 of those
  17. Broke the hot side cherry today

    hopefully, since this car new topped out at about 68 mph top speed hopeing to double that - in a 1/4 mile !
  18. 67 Mustang - Project Electra

    Let me know, I can bring it to work in Franklin if you want to pick it up and use it for the day.
  19. Broke the hot side cherry today

    It's a Holset HX 35 maybe a little small , but I wish not to knock the rods out of the motor right away. still should be good for 480-495 hp ish 10 psi @ 5500 rpm 2600 lb car , 8" tire until it's tubbed you can do the math from there
  20. 67 Mustang - Project Electra

    Do you have a dwell meter to set the points
  21. 67 Mustang - Project Electra

    Take it down to 30 or 35 45 is too much gap for a point type ign.
  22. 67 Mustang - Project Electra

    Do you still have points or do you have some kind of electronic ignition?
  23. Broke the hot side cherry today

    After being back burnered for a good 6 months the Turbo engine is in the 64 Falcon. set the valves,wire and plum it. and the see if I can go break something. with the small turbo if I can get to the low 11's and pull the front tires I would be happy.
  24. 67 Mustang - Project Electra

    Quit buying Oriley and auto zone starters