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  1. 2001 Ford Ranger

    Buffing and cleaning
  2. 2001 Ford Ranger

    e-bay 135.00 shipped , I believe it was AC Carpets. I have used them before in 5 or 6 cars always decent stuff
  3. 2001 Ford Ranger

    Front upper and lower control arms, paint restoration, possibly some actual paint work on the passenger side and rear roll pan
  4. 2001 Ford Ranger

    Inside is done ether than new, added bolster support foam wile the seats were stripped drivers seat is very comfortable now.
  5. 1992 Mustang Coupe

    no fear, I just did not want to end up buying it.
  6. 1992 Mustang Coupe

    Now its safe to back to Disney's house
  7. 2001 Ford Ranger

    had to strip the seat covers , the passenger side cleaned up in the (Laundry Mat) washing machine and is reinstalled. the drivers seat was sooo nasty had to strip it and it is currently at the upholstery shop getting the seating areas repaneled. also ordered new cruise control clusters for the steering wheel and new visors.
  8. 2001 Ford Ranger

    New carpets and suchv
  9. power tour

    14:20 mark
  10. To punish and enslave

    02 p71 Crown Vic because everyone needs a old cop car for the hell of it. picked it up today, actually the wife wanted it so she could use the spot light to look for Bigfoot.
  11. 2001 Ford Ranger

    Got to drive this one around today, car wash etc.. drove nice no issues, tons of fun loud on the outside, quiet on the inside even with the windows down. has 0 traction off the line. Skinny old cheap tires have no chance. Engine is strong but stock so the party is pretty much over by 4800 rpm but tons of fun for cheap.v
  12. 2001 Ford Ranger

    Worked on repairing the floorboards from the relief sections I had to make to fit the trans. turned out better than expected. will finish the drivers side tomorrow. added a layer of boom mat ish insulation to the trans hump and parts of the floor. carpet kit on order. ( if this seems like a lot of work on a $300.00 truck, your right.)
  13. 2001 Ford Ranger

    new trans dipstick, weld up floor --- no rain needed __________
  14. 2001 Ford Ranger

    Finally got the front lowered to match the back getting closer to the finish on this one
  15. Here is the almost done hot rod little truck with all the others in the background the 5.0 w/aode, 3:73 4 wheel disc brake ranger made from 2 Junkers finally got the front lowered to match the back