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  1. Pulled the bed, switched fuel systems to a return style.

    re mounted the rear sway bar end top links,

    like this set up better, 1 inch ish thick wall sleeve and 7/16 grade 8 bolts.

    disreguard the weld splatter at the frame rail, cleaner set up should work better.


    getting closeimage.jpegimage.jpegimage.jpeg

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  2. IMG_0427.JPG

    These are the mounts that attach to the block and then you have to use 2wd 4.0 mounts that attach to the frame.

    I got these used off the interweb, blasted and sprayed silver so you can see the bolts when the engine is installed , again, it's tight and it makes that job a little easier if you can see what is going on

    Well the majority of the tough stuff is done

    engine is on new mounts and in

    the giant trans in a tiny truck is in and bolted up

    (that was NOT fun)

    and you have to do the 2 separate so ya big fun there.

    Have to pull the bed to change the fuel pump to a return style pump to match the donor system 

    any luck I can fire it up on Friday when we have the day off

  3. The progress continues 

    had to have a special power steering hose made 

    to Change the frame mounts on a front coil spring ranger you have to remove the f--n coil springs.

    on the 4x4 and torsion bar models there is room to get to the bolts with out taking stuff apart

    the engine is in the truck, but most likely will have to come back out for a mount adjustment.

    and yes putting a fully dressed v-8 into a a ranger is tiiiiiight.image.jpegimage.jpegimage.jpeg


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  4. Pulled the biohazard of the Mountianeer out of the mudhole spot next to the garage where it's been since Joey dropped it off

    started to pull it apart to get its V-8 goodness out

    well...... Again I have not really looked at this one except to make sure it started and ran before taking apart

    and here comes a surprise to keep in the course of this build

    this one that was thought and is badged all over as a all wheel drive is well in fact 2wd converted 

    and whoever did it left all the 4wd front axles etc... But not transfer case...

    So bonus to me I don't have convert the trans.


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  5.  I got from Joey is the white one that one actually runs it's just been hit by a tree the green one I bought off craigslist no title runs good the guy thought it was a 2 Wheel Dr. so I don't look at it it starts right up runs good I was good no engine noise back it up do a burn out OK it works great give the 500 Bucks Drive it home put it in the driveway

    started to take it apart  today and I started with saws all in the exhaust and I look at ,oh God damn this is a all wheel drive also the all-wheel-drive just doesn't work so I have two all-wheel-drive when I thought I had one all wheel drive and 1 2Wheel Dr. but oh well I have the parts for the conversion of the trans it'll just take another few days 

  6. Got the initial clean up done on the ranger , not bad for a $300.00 truck

    old block and trans ready to pull out

    In a rain delay at the minute 

    Joey dropped off the Mountaineer donor

    should go pretty quick if I get time to stay on it


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