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  1. 2001 Ford Ranger

    Got the initial clean up done on the ranger , not bad for a $300.00 truck old block and trans ready to pull out In a rain delay at the minute Joey dropped off the Mountaineer donor should go pretty quick if I get time to stay on it
  2. 2001 Ford Ranger

    Na, the squirrels are way to small to spray, swap in the 5.0 and wait until the Falcon is at least running and drivable then do heads,cam and turbo
  3. 2001 Ford Ranger

    I got a nice slightly disassembled 3.0 ,trans and ecm just think of the power in that one
  4. 2001 Ford Ranger

    OK so found a 5.0 from a mountaineer complete wrecked vehicle so ..... 5.0 V-8 it is turbo later.. Woooop
  5. 2001 Ford Ranger

    the old 91 I had in Texas was a blast junk flat tappit 302 on a 150 shot tire smoke for days ran low 11's on a fat radial
  6. Blue 1966 mustang--withdrawn

    and it's gone .......................
  7. Blue 1966 mustang--withdrawn

  8. Hot Rod Power Tour 2018

    booked the rooms in for the entire week some spots seem to be filling up fast I have several friends from across the country coming to join in , should be fun
  9. The Falcon got its hot side mostly fabbed in today the merge plate is a t4 divided flange (for the eventual turbo) with a t3 adaptor for the hx35 that is on it now, the turbo was free and new so...... shorty headers flipped forward and 2.5 inch mild steel piping. go ahead and let the beatings begin about whatever the big book of turbos says I did wrong , but for @200.00 bucks for the entire hot side including turbo I'll take it. and yes I still have to fab up the waste gate. thanks
  10. What's your goals for 2018?

    this could go either way if our budget gets chopped ( and it may) travel will go way down . if I get the entire budget approved I will be adding 2 more field trainers to my staff and then getting them up to speed is more travel. let me know if and when you start to put the '79 together I dig that little car and could help out stuffing the turbo in that one
  11. What's your goals for 2018?

    travel less for work. finally finish fab work and welding on this F#@*#@@ Falcon
  12. Broke the hot side cherry today

    Let me see how these fit 315 might be asking too much with out moving frame rail if they would fit, you could just tub your red 66
  13. Broke the hot side cherry today

    Wheels should be here on Tue/Wed next week will see how it looks then decide if I would want 15 or 17" "drag" wheels and tires
  14. The Camino I had in the Air Force way back in about 86 of so i think at one time I had 3 of them on base, 2 64's and this one whats all in the barns? dont forget the camo hot rod 69-7287
  15. Broke the hot side cherry today

    Ordered 17x9 with 5.75 backspace also have 275/40/17's on the way
  16. Broke the hot side cherry today

    I have about 13" total space each side now
  17. Hot Rod Power Tour 2018

    Bring the baby let's go
  18. Hot Rod Power Tour 2018

    Are you going John