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  2. 351 Windsor

  3. 351 Windsor

    '72 351 windsor from Truck(Bronco) complete minus front cover turns over freely with Alum intake $350.00----
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  5. Callouts and Trash Talking Thread

    I will put up my junk in spring in Matt's place. I figure hell , my bone ass stock 14 mustang out ran your bone ass stock junk. I have less money in the falcon then you have invested in tire shine on your Camaro I don't even have luxury items like carpet or a back seat, I will have a skinny ass 235/15 radial, you can put on what ever tire you want should we go for time slips or who can carry the front tires further??????????????????? (end of smack rant)
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  7. Blue 66

    I could not let Matt be the only one with a first gen v-8 4 speed car more info on this one in a bit
  8. Broke the hot side cherry today

    Finishing up fab work on the rear end , got the Panhard bar installed. made some quick tabs to secure the rear brake lines. just have to install the 4pt roll bar and finish the exhaust and I can be done welding on the damn car.
  9. The Falcon got its hot side mostly fabbed in today the merge plate is a t4 divided flange (for the eventual turbo) with a t3 adaptor for the hx35 that is on it now, the turbo was free and new so...... shorty headers flipped forward and 2.5 inch mild steel piping. go ahead and let the beatings begin about whatever the big book of turbos says I did wrong , but for @200.00 bucks for the entire hot side including turbo I'll take it. and yes I still have to fab up the waste gate. thanks
  10. Blue 66

    interior is cleaned out fixed 1/2 dozen small problems plates , registered, new tail lights and trunk latch wheels and tires still suck
  11. 1965 Ford Fairlane

  12. 1965 Ford Fairlane

    So ugly it's cool clean and clear TN title 2900.00 or make offer or trade , please no motorcycles
  13. 65 Coupe to Fastback "Phoenix"

    Both Jeff and Matt got new CB's today good buddy , 10-4 over and out.
  14. Project #whitetrash

    Side bets!!! John have you got that one into the 12's yet ?
  15. Blue 66

    Stay tuned , I may be having a Clear the Inventory Sale here real soon , Cars , extra engines , extra turbos- parts - intercoolers etc etc etc.... Need to buy Drag Radials and a tow vehicle
  16. ‘all-electric future’ ----- subject to change at will. there will be more electric cars in the future, but they will not become extinct for a very long time.
  17. Blue 66

    for an extra 2500.00 I throw in the Fairlane
  18. Blue 66

  19. Project #whitetrash

    I may be delusional but am also making the effort to get the Falcon at least able to make it to the track for Mikes track day. if I can cut down the travel for work and it's not 90+ degrees every damn day, I may have a chance.