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  1. Street Car Takeover Bowling Green

    great to meet u too @Tino. Hopefully we can hang out next time. Thanks. I wanted to play some but with how busy the interstate was i figured i better not. Im down to meet at the hill, havent been in a long time. good thing i didnt try to keep right up with the pack or u might have had to stop for gas lol. Man it was so hot that day, i think i nearly had a heat stroke. that morning and the evening before i had been helping my dad cut up a tree that fell across his driveway from the storm friday and got a little to hot but i thought i was ok. about midday i was standing at the dyno and almost blacked out. going to the pool was probably the better idea in that heat. I hope that guy we saw crashed on the motorcycle when we first got off the interstate is ok. looked like a bad crash. the event wasnt as good as i was hoping for but there were some nice cars there. hopefully the promoters will have all the wrinkles ironed out by the next one. im wondering how it went later on in the evening.
  2. Street Car Takeover Bowling Green

    looks like a plan to me. speed sport saturday morning ready to roll. i'll be in a dark blue 01 camaro with zr1 wheels.
  3. Random thought thread

    its not showing the page for me but i dont have facebook. does it say where they're meeting?

    i hope they do covered stands like it shows in the rendering. hope they get some good racing going. havent been out that way in almost a decade. will have to come check it out.
  5. Street Car Takeover Bowling Green

    anyone else going saturday? wanna meetup and roll out together or need a ride?
  6. Friday night track meets

    Its looking like not many can make it to the track this Friday. I'm going to concentrate on getting some sort of flyer together and go out to some of the cruise ins and spread the word.
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  8. Friday night track meets

    Thanks, that would be awesome. I'm gonna try to make up some flyers soon to pass out at some of the cruise ins and what not.
  9. July 22-23rd Street Car Takeover in Bowling Green. Heard there's possibly a meet in Nashville.
  10. Looking to set a date for a meetup at music city raceway. Friday nights is heads up grudge racing. Would be a great venue for everyone to meet at. There's plenty of parking, can legally race, do burnouts, rev motors etc. Talking to a few friends about meeting next Friday July 8th. If you know anyone who you think would be interested, please spread the word.
  11. Duramax LLY head gaskets?

    its an 04 or 05 i think. i want to say he said the head gasket is blown and leaking coolant.
  12. Duramax LLY head gaskets?

    My father in law is about to have to do this to his duramax. I have the Ford 6.0 and i heard its just as bad. Thankfully mine is running fine, knock on wood. The price for parts is definitely outrageous, almost feels like being robbed.
  13. New to the forum

    Im not on facebook but ill spread the word as best i can. I looked on the schedule and fridays are already grudge racing at the hill. $10 admission $5 to race i think it said. We should plan to meet one friday soon.
  14. New to the forum

    a meetup at the hill would be the perfect place besides having an admission fee, which i have no problem with. there is plenty of parking, people can race, do burnouts, rev motors etc without worrying about getting in trouble. friday night street fights maybe? anyone have experience promoting and putting on events that would have any input? how can we get something going?
  15. New to the forum

    welcome to the site. thats a good looking ride u have. there needs to be more meets happening. ive been on the hunt myself.