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  1. The Bootlegger

    I blasted and applied to bare metal. I also drove on salted roads in IL with it..... It is a GM stamped gearset so I would ASSUME it is not some goofy 2.41 carrier swap set.....but you never know Found out 12 bolt axles are a drop in with a 30 spline carrier (just order the length needed) so they are an off the self item.
  2. The Bootlegger

    Pulled gears out. It has GM 3.42 gears in it. Would that mean my posi is a 3 series then? The ring gear looks pretty thick.
  3. The Bootlegger

    Did it in my fairlane and it rotted eventually. Maybe thin glass veiling and por15?
  4. The Bootlegger

    pulled rear glass this morning. Drivers window channel had holes through the top layer (quarter being replaced) and was solid below that. Been looking at my current floor panels and I think I might just use them and have to patch a little spot on each toeboard instead of the Goodmark floors that would have to come freight. I managed to crack the windshield trying to get the cold knife under the glass so I guess I am buying a new windshield once I get the car painted. Dash, heater box, and all wiring is out now too. Need to get some parts stashed away this weekend and get her parking spot opened back up in the garage.
  5. The Bootlegger

    Well I found the source of the rot in the car....the rear window is only bonded along the roof line. the sides and rear of it lost their bond to the glass. Will make it alot easier to remove the glass this weekend.
  6. The Bootlegger

    pics from today.... it started with seeing what was under this primer. it was cracked in a couple spots and kinda wavy... down near the wheel opening it looked more like this... Stitched every inch or so and covered in bondo. not pictured but the trunk gutters (channel for gasket) is rotted on this side. Since new quarters come with gutters and I had a repair to do at the roof seam I figured what the hell. wheel house is solid all around. only real rust issues are the floor to tail panel seam. The car looks to have been tapped in back at some point but not real hard. frame rails are fine but I think it was enough to wrinkle the quarter when the bumper pushed on the quarters. This side was patched and the passenger side is OE (just needs alot of dolly work still) Where they welded this in at the tail panel they never really prepped it or painted it. car was last tagged in 2003 time frame so I am guessing it was repaired before that even. Sadly the window channels are in great shape (was scared as the moldings were PACKED full of debris) needed some cleaning. There was about 2" of funk in the bottom of the quarters. was just fine dust as is common around vac got it all out ok. Looks solid inside. the rear portion of the drop panel is a little folded up and crusty so I think I will just patch it. Same goes for the outer couple inches of the tail panel. it is mostly flat so should be pretty easy to splice in a new edge on to use this time to get the car stripped down and figure out what I need to repair/build it so I can place an order once I start work again. I am hoping to drop off some parts for more media blasting this week (bumper rebars, axle housing, some brackets) so I can have more parts to stash away in the attic. I took a new job out here and start in a couple weeks so trying to use this time to get the car stripped down and figure out what I need to repair/build it so I can place an order once I start work again (I am also traveling back to TN to pick up my Fairlane and get all moved out of my house in Dayton so I can list it for sale).
  7. The Bootlegger

    so the quarter is mostly cut off the car. I still need to get the rear glass out so those spot welds need drilled out still and the taillight panel welds. Looks like I need a drop panel also. (looks like the corner had been hit years ago). Between being folded up and the resulting missing paint causing some cancer I think a new panel will be in order. I could patch just the rear section but the front of the drops are a little sketchy too. I also have a feeling this might snowball into trunk floor replacement. I only want to do this once and have it all be good for the long term. So far I am looking at $1500 in sheetmetal to order.
  8. The Bootlegger

    I pulled window moldings today. other than a TON of dirt/debris they are all solid. Downside was taking a stripper wheel to the patch of primer/bondo on the drivers quarter. yup....1/4" bondo over a poorly welded patch (one stitch every inch and then covered in bondo) not a total big deal as the trunk gutter on that side is pretty much missing (rotted away) and there is some rot in the jamb up by the roof seam. At least this way I can fix all those issues in one fell swoop. I might have to get to work with the new spotweld drill now since I am not odering sheetmetal for a couple weeks until after I get back from TN and start my new job.
  9. The Bootlegger

    not sure on ratio as of yet...just was wanting to get the backing plates off and swap on the disc ones so I could try and clean out all the old suspension and brake stuff. I do know 4.10's are going back in it.
  10. The Bootlegger

    got the crosspin out after some grinding on the end then beating it through. turns out the bolt broke in the threads so it wouldn't push out. Funny thing the car still had the "speed nuts" on the passenger drum holding it to the axle.
  11. The Bootlegger

    well time to spend the big bucks I guess. The car came with some basic "full floor" pans. Toe board have some rot and so do the rear seat pans. Looks like I am ordering some Goodmark half floors and some AMD rear seat pans. I was really hoping to have floors in already but I think the money will be worth it verses trying to fab up the toeboards and tie together where my current pans end and the rear seat pans begin (would leave a 3" or so strip of old floor that is also a little rough in some areas) I think this car must have sat out where it got rain or snowed on (area it came from gets heavy snow) that collected in the floors. lowest section of floors have heavy rust but the rest of the car did ok (IE rear wheel wells)
  12. The Bootlegger

    still doing some teardown on the car. Got everything but the dash out of the interior and removed the door opening trim. Pulled the booster and steering column out. tried to pull axle shafts to get the drums off the car (wanted to bolt up the disc brakes so they take up less space) found that the bolt on the diff center pin is broken in the hole. Said eff it and cleaned up a bit and pulled out old fuel lines and brake lines. Found some rot in the roof/b pillar area. Other than that I am hoping to get the dash out soon so I don't mess it up cutting/grinding on the floors.
  13. The Bootlegger

    I am more of an Iron Maiden fan. Up the Irons!! Might have to have her do up a jacket/vest for me!
  14. The Bootlegger

    as far as I can tell mine is solid in those areas.
  15. The Bootlegger

    I have stripped the passenger side down most of the way working on a small hickey around the taillight. Then again the spots on the fenders didn't show until media blasting was done.