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  1. From Lebanon

    ah. if i go le2 package, would i need a massive cam for that 400whp?
  2. From Lebanon

    Just curious, how long do you think my tranny and rear would last with 400 whp lol?
  3. From Lebanon

    As far as i know, iron block with aluminum heads. and yeah, that would be pretty nice lol.
  4. From Lebanon

    Sure does.
  5. From Lebanon

    Thanks guys! Like i said, eventually i will, but right now i'm a bit of a tight wad lol. I have been doing some research on the le2 head and cam package lately though, and it seems promising. I still have to get opinions and info from folks that have had experience with it first though.
  6. From Lebanon

    Hey guys. I was on Tnrace but i didnt post much at all. I used to have a v6 '94 camaro convertible. It was a beater and got old fast, so i sold it and bought a 1997 z28. I purchased it from the original owner and its got 112k miles on it. It's in good shape except the roof and the front bumper where the bra was. Sometime i would like to get a new set of wheels for it and eventually mods, but i'm a tight wad so we'll see how that goes.